Most Common Things In Anime (Anime Cliches)

eating in anime

Anime cliches are abundant but these are the most common ones.

Nose Bleeds

anime nose bleed

See a hot girl? NOSEBLEED… see a hot guy? NOSEBLEED…

…notorious in anime like High school DXD and High school of the dead.

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Hot Springs

anime hot spring

The hot springs and hot chicks are always a great combination, the writers love giving fan service and the fans sure do enjoy receiving it.

The Boob Fal

anime boob fall

Ahh… the classic boob fall. It’s always interesting to watch and see how different characters react.

I guess we can call the boob fall a happy accident or a perk for being clumsy. Seems like no anime that includes a bunch of girls can break this habit.

I’m So Hungary

anime characters eating

Eating gigantic meals is familiar to anyone who’s watched anime.

Common among super-familiar characters like Goku and Naruto, I guess they need their calories for saving the world.

It’s a mystery how they can cram in piles of food that’s bigger than them.

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