Best Anime for Beginners {Top 5 to Watch}

bleach sword

This list is about introducing new people to anime and the anime culture around it.

This list is about showing anime quirks and its nature.

5. Bleach

bleach sword

Action, adventure, and death everywhere! That is what Bleach is all about.

A battle takes place and you and your family are in the middle of it. The main character Ichigo takes action by becoming a soul reaper (like a Grim Reaper) and defends his family from danger.

After gaining this power, Ichigo takes on the duties of a soul reaper. Helping souls find peace and protecting humans from evil spirits.

An interesting anime which has twists and turns everywhere, people constantly being stabbed in the back, and it just keeps getting better.

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4. Psycho-Pass

psycho pass gun

A cyberpunk, action, criminal minds, and thrill ride anime. A very interesting and engaging anime which allows the police to arrest people based on their personality.

A person can become a criminal if he is stressed out or even sad, and this can all be measured with a gun named the psycho-pass.

3. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

edward emotional face

2 brothers tried to bring their mother back from the dead with alchemy, and they messed up badly in the process.

After this attempt, 1 brother lost an arm and leg, the other lost his entire body and had to be sealed inside some armor.

This story follows the brothers in their attempt to restore their bodies and to find the fabled philosopher’s stone.

The brothers steal the show with their heartfelt and dynamic relationship, traveling from location to location. Fighting bad guys, making friends and having fun.

2. Sword Art Online


Like gaming? Well, this anime is for you. You follow a character named Kirito, a character that you will love!

He finds himself trapped in a video game, as-well-as other players too.

You guys are trying to get out of there, and on the way out you make friends, fall in love, adventure everywhere and indulge in insane action sequences.

Even if your not a gamer, I would highly recommend you give this anime a go.

1. Attack On Titan

get attack on titan

A brutal, post-apocalyptic but very addictive anime, after watching the first episode we were HOOKED!

Humans live behind a giant wall, but one day that wall is broken by huge, human-eating giants and humans are left with their back against the wall.

A brutal, human survival anime.

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