8 Best Anime Gaming Accessories [Epic Extras]

must have best anime gaming accessories

Looking for the best anime gaming accessories?

Well you’ve come to the right place because that’s exactly what we’ll be going over in this post.

We’ve researched some epic anime additions for your setup which will help add some character and functionality.

By the end of this post, you’ll have a list of epic anime accessory ideas to choose from.

Let’s get into this!

Anime characters mouse pad
    Anime mouse pad with wrist support
      Panel Screen Room Divider
        Pink cat gaming headset
          One Piece keycaps
            Miku Snowman space cap
              Rabbit gaming mouse
                Sailor Moon gaming mouse

                  Mouse pad

                  1. All anime characters mouse pad

                  Check Price of the Anime characters mouse pad

                  This is probably my favorite anime mouse pad of all time because it has all of the classic anime characters. 

                  Like Gon from Hunter X Hunter, Goku from Dragon Ball Z, Ryuk from Death Note, Lelouch from Code Geass, and the list goes on.

                  It’s an XXL mouse pad measuring in at 35.4 inches wide and 15.7 inches long. 

                  So it will easily cover your keyboard and leave plenty of room for your mouse to glide around.

                  The surface is silky smooth and allows you to easily maneuver your mouse around and pick up your mouse better. 

                  All whilst maintaining a good amount of control. The bottom is made from rubber and won’t be sliding around or scrunching up. Once it’s set, it’s set.

                  It’s waterproof and will prevent drinks from damaging it. You can easily put this in the washing machine and it will come out as good as new. No damage whatsoever.

                  2. Anime mouse pad with wrist support

                  Check Price of the Mouse pad with wrist support

                  This mouse pad comes with wrist support for your mouse and keyboard. 

                  This is great if you end-up wresting with your wrists on the side of your desk. This can impact your nerves and cause aches

                  I’ve personally experienced this and it’s not fun. You can easily fix this issue with some simple wrist wrests.

                  In case you’re not a fan of the anime character faces, this is just simple anime art. And it looks stunning. There’s just something so peaceful about the waves.

                  There’s also a 1 year warranty in case anything goes wrong. You can just get a replacement.

                  Room divider

                  3. Panel Screen Room Divider

                  Check Price of the Panel Screen Room Divider

                  Do you have separate parts in your gaming room? Maybe you have a console section and a PC section? 

                  Maybe you have a gaming section and studying section? Do you just want more privacy while gaming?

                  Then this Japanese blossom panel screen room divider will do the trick perfectly.

                  It’s surprisingly long. It has 4 panels and covers 71 inches wide in total. It’s 71 inches tall which is slightly above the average height of a male in the US. 

                  So if you’re getting changed, you know no-one can see you.

                  The design is inspired by Japan with the beautiful red blossom trees. 

                  The frame is stable and won’t collapse. Its panels are made from rice paper, giving it a real Japanese feel.

                  When it first arrives, there’s no setup. Just pull it out and off you go. And after you’re done, you can simply put it aside because it folds flat. 

                  It’s lightweight, stable, looks good, and does its job.

                  It will be a great addition to your anime gaming setup.

                  Anime style gaming headset

                  4. Pink cat gaming headset

                  SOMIC G951s Pink Stereo Gaming Headset with Mic
                  Check Price of the Pink cat gaming headset

                  First of all, this headset is super-duper cute. I mean, just look at them, any girl gamer would love them. Or maybe guy gamer if he’s into it. 

                  The cat ears just take the cuteness to a totally different level. They also light up.

                  And they don’t just look good but perform well. These are a 7.1 surround sound. Meaning you’ll be able to hear things from all angles. 

                  This is a great feature especially when you’re playing first person shooters. You need to be able to hear the enemy coming before they hear you.

                  There’s even a vibration system that gives you a 4D experience. Taking immersion to a different level. You can switch the vibration feature off if you don’t want it.

                  It’s comfortable and will allow you to game for long periods of time without it getting uncomfortable. 

                  The ear cups are a big enough size to fit snuggly and allow your skin to breathe. There’s also a soft adjustable band that cradles your head and provides for any head size.

                  There’s a built-in mic which is great if you’re gaming with friends. The mic projects your sound crystal clear to the others.

                  It also has a mic switch button as well as the volume control.

                  Custom anime keycaps

                  5. One Piece keycaps

                  Check Price of the One Piece keycaps

                  Are you a fan of One Piece? Then you need to check out these custom One Piece keycaps. 

                  The keycaps look stunning. They’re hand designed and have a premium feel. It will fit most gaming keyboards out there, even mechanical keyboards. 

                  You get a free keycap puller to help with the installation process.

                  6. Miku Snowman space cap

                  Check Price of the Miku Snowman space cap

                  Did you enjoy Project Diva? Then you will like this Miku Snowman space cap replacement. 

                  It’s a great gift for any fan of the series. It works with most keyboards and easy to install. Literally takes a few seconds. 

                  The print is scratchproof so you don’t have to worry about leaving marks. You’ll be pleased to know this comes in at a very low price.

                  Anime gaming mouse

                  7. Rabbit gaming mouse

                  Check Price of the Rabbit gaming mouse

                  Are you looking for an anime styled gaming mouse? Then look no further. This gaming mouse is super kawaii and will melt your heart. 

                  It’s got a nice pink and blue color theme going on. The mouse also lights up pink. It has natural curves to fit your hand nicely and snug. 

                  So your hand will never get fatigued whilst playing those intense games for long periods of time. 

                  It has a DPI of 2,400 so you’ll be able to get those precise shots you’ve been looking for. It’s not only beautiful but deadly.

                  8. Sailor Moon gaming mouse

                  Check Price of the Sailor Moon gaming mouse

                  Are you a fan of Sailor Moon? Then you’ll love this gaming mouse. This gaming mouse is 100% pink except for the black Sailor Moon outline. 

                  So if you like pink, this is a great gaming mouse. It cradles your hand well and prevents fatigue when gaming for hours. 

                  There are 5 buttons in total which is plenty. It goes up to 2,400 dpi which is plenty if you’re looking for pinpoint accuracy.


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