Top 7 Best Anime Like Akame Ga Kill (Super Similar)

BEST anime like akame ga kill

Are you looking for the best anime like Akame Ga Kill?

Well, you’ve come to the right place because we’ll be going over the top shows similar to Akame Ga Kill.

These are some really good shows that you’ll definitely enjoy.

1. Attack on Titan

post apocalyptic world

If you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t seen Attack on Titan, let me tell you what it’s all about…

What’s it about?

You’re living in a post apocalyptic world where humanity has been driven to the brink of extinction. 

Humans are forced to live within giant walls because of giant creatures named Titans.

Titans have been eating humans as long as the human race can remember.

In fact, humanity doesn’t remember much about being outside the wall, if anything. 

It’s actually illegal for people to talk about life outside of the walls.

One mundane evening, a humongous Titan appears above the wall and smashes it to pieces. 

Suddenly hoards of Titans rush inside of the walls and start devouring every human insight.

You follow a young boy named Eren along with his 2 friends, Mikasa and Armin. 

The day the giant Titan appeared above the wall is the day Eren lost his mother. In fact, he watched a Titan devour his mother right in front of him.

Eren vowed to rid the world of Titans…

…however, these Titans don’t go down easily. 

Bullets have no effect on them and slashing them doesn’t do much. Titans have a regenerative ability.

There’s only one way to kill a Titan and that’s to slice into the back of their neck.

It’s a sick anime, literally… you see some messed up stuff. 

The Titans can’t even consume humans, they just spit them back up like a furball.

How’s it like Akame Ga Kill?

Akame Ga Kill is known for not having a very happy ending and takes place in a brutal world. 

Attack on Titan also takes place in a brutal world. 

When sh*t hits the fan and a Titan starts running around, it’s every man for himself. 

Even the soldiers, the people who are supposed to be fighting the Titans… 

…when they see one, they just freeze and typically just get eaten because they’re in so much shock.

This isn’t an anime with lots of jokes.

2. The Seven Deadly Sin

Ah, the Seven Deadly Sins, it’s been rising so much in popularity…

What’s it about?

The Seven Deadly Sins takes place in a Medieval Europe setting. 

The Holy Knights have overthrown their own kingdom. Its people are oppressed and famine is on the rise. 

And the blame for all this is put on the Seven Deadly Sins, a group of the Kingdom’s strongest warriors.

The King of Britannia (name of the Empire) and one of his daughters have been locked-up. 

But one of the King’s daughters, Elizabeth, manages to escape in search of the Sins.

She believes the Sins are innocent and are the only ones who can restore order to the Kingdom.

Very early into the show (basically the first episode) she manages to find Meliodas, the leader. 

They then both go on a quest to find the rest of the Sins.

Did that sound boring? Trust me, you’ll have a good time.

What’s unique about this show is the main character, Meliodas. 

He’s already super strong and you don’t see any training montages of him trying to get stronger.

In fact, his weakness is seeing the one he loves constantly die over and over again. 

He’s not strong enough to break that cycle. To protect them from the truth…

…if you had no idea about what I meant by the top part, don’t worry, just watch the show.

How’s it similar?

What we really enjoyed about Akame Ga Kill was the imperial arms. 

Incredibly unique weapons that made for interesting battles. The same goes for this show… 

…The Holy Knights and many other characters have weapons that are unique to them. 

Some can control lightning, some can deflect all physical attacks, some can create an unbreakable shield, and the list goes on.

3. Future Diary Mirai Nikki

Future Diary

This show is a love or hate for many…

What’s it about?

You follow a high school student named Yuki, an average schoolboy. He’s shy and a bit of a loner.

And of course, he suddenly gets thrown into a brutal world where everybody wants to kill him. 

Yuki manages to gain an ability called the future diary, the ability to see into the future.

So how did he manage to get himself into this mess?

Well the God of the universe forced Yuki to play this brutal game.  

He has to assassinate others in order to become the new God of the universe. 

Because the new God of the universe should be a psychopathic murderer (sarcasm).

Yuki has a sidekick named Yuno. And for some reason Yuno really loves Yuki. 

And I mean REALLY loves Yuki. She’s the type of girl who would kill your mother if she doesn’t approve of you.

How’s it similar?

Both Akame Ga Kill and Future Diary are assassinations types of anime. 

Sure Akame Ga Kill has full-on battles that aren’t very assassin-like but still… it shares that similarity.

And some of the characters have really broken pasts. And in Future Diary they want to become God and fix that broken past.

Overall, it’s a hit or miss show. Some will love it and some will find it annoying. But nevertheless, it’s super fun to watch.

4. Basilisk


I have to say, this is one of the most underrated anime out there…

So what’s it all about?

Two rival ninja clans, the Iga and Kouga clan have been engaged in a bloody feud for centuries.

Years later, there’s finally a cease-fire and the fighting stops but there’s still bad blood between the two clans.

The pact ends and the bloody war starts again. However, it’s more of a team death match this time. 

As each clan sends 10 of their best warriors to see which clan is the strongest.

It’s incredibly fun watching the 10 strongest fighters fight each other. 

Each warrior has a unique skill to them. One girl can seduce you and then kill you when you touch her skin. 

Another warrior is able to hide inside of objects.

How’s it similar?

Basilisk takes place in a brutal world in the time of the samurai. 

Fights between each warrior is unique and it’s incredibly interesting seeing who comes out on top. 

Often victories are obtained in the weirdest of ways.

5. Claymore


Ah, one of the shortest but best anime I’ve watched…

What’s it about?

Claymore is just about battles, blades, and babes… just kidding. But that stuff is in there.

This show takes place in medieval Europe. 

Humans aren’t on top of the food chain, heck they’re not even 2nd on the food chain. Maybe not even third.

Humans are living in fear due to Yoma, demonic-like creatures that feed on humans. 

Yoma especially like to hide amongst humans when they want to feed. Unfortunately, humans can’t detect them.

So instead, they hire Claymores or a silver eyed witch as they’re often referred to. 

They’re infused with the flesh of Yoma, giving them incredible strength, speed, and recovery abilities.

These Claymores are produced by a mysterious group known as the organization.

You follow a young Claymore named Clare. Clare was called into a village being terrorized by Yoma.

Clare kills the Yoma hiding in the village. Unfortunately, this Yoma hiding in the village was a relative of a young boy named Raki. 

Leaving him all alone.

Clare decides to take in Raki and they both travel, killing powerful Yoma.

How’s it similar?

Both Akame Ga Kill and Claymore take place in a brutal world.

Their weapons are pretty much just swords and weapons from that time period.

You’ve got female badasses in both shows that wield a lot of power.

6. Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul

Ah, another classic dark anime…

What’s it about?

Tokyo Ghoul takes place in modern and normal society, except for one part that’s not normal… 

…there are ghouls running around all over the place and devouring humans.

You follow a high schooler named Kaneki. He’s an introvert that lives alone and only has one friend.

His world was flipped upside down one day when he decided to date. 

Yup, it all goes downhill when you try dating…

…Kaneki manages to finally score himself a date with a super pretty girl. 

He takes her out and decides to walk her home… awww, isn’t that nice?

1000 minus 7

What Kaneki doesn’t realize is she’s a Ghoul and tries to kill him. 

He manages to survive and has a piece of her inside his body, transforming him into a ghoul.

Suddenly his life is flipped upside down. Ghouls can’t do some basic things like eat normal food. 

So instead, they need human flesh or else their body will automatically take over.

There’s an organization that was designed to hunt down these ghouls. Its entire aim is to totally annihilate all the ghouls in Tokyo.

Kaneki suddenly finds himself and the new ghoul friends he’s made being hunted down. 

Unfortunately, whenever Kaneki makes a friend, they end up dying.

How’s it similar?

Both of these shows are pretty sad. Both Kaneki and Akame end up losing a lot of loved ones.

They were both brought into a brutal world. One with a tyrant as the ruler and the other with ghouls killing-off society.

7. Overlord


Have you ever wanted to watch an anime where the main protagonist is a villain? Well, here you go…

What’s it about?

Our main character is enjoying playing his favorite RPG game. It’s a virtual reality type of game so you’re basically engrossed into the world. 

You can touch, feel, see, and smell it.

He’s enjoying the game just before the servers shut down forever. 

Unfortunately, when the servers shut down, he finds himself unable to log out and he’s now trapped. 

I probably shouldn’t say, unfortunately, wouldn’t you love to be trapped in a game where you can rule?

His name in the game is Ains. Ains is the strongest in all the land, lives in a giant castle, and controls the strongest creatures. 

It seems like he’s having a good time.

What’s interesting is Ains still has his own limits. 

He could easily get all the hot girls in the world but he decides that would be wrong to do.

Ains is a traditional fantasy villain, he doesn’t have much mercy on people.

What’s interesting is he’s a villain that’s destroying the humans. Even though he’s a human in real life.

How’s it similar?

OK, so there’s not a direct similarity between the shows, that’s why it’s on the bottom of the list. 

Akame Ga kill is a super fun show to watch and so is this. That’s why it’s been recommended to you on this list.

If you haven’t seen it, give it a try. And if you’re getting sick of the otaku being transported into a video game genre, I still think you’ll enjoy this show.


So those were the best anime like Akame Ga kill.

Top shows that we believed to be similar and other shows that we thought you’d enjoy watching.

Now there are most likely things on this list that you both agree and disagree with. 

However, there are a couple that we think you’ll definitely enjoy if you like Akame Ga Kill.


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