8 Best Anime Like Attack on Titan (Super Similar)


Are you looking for the best anime like Attack on Titan?

Well you’ve come to the right place because that’s exactly what we’ll be covering in this post.

AOT was an epic show and it only left us wanting more.

So in order to fill that void, we’ve collected only the top anime that resembles Shingeki no Kyojin.

1. Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress

anime zombies

If you’re looking for an anime exactly like AOT, then you need to check out Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress.

What’s it about?

Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress takes place in a steampunk post apocalyptic Japan where Kabane have taken over.

The Kabane are what we call zombies. If they bite you, you’ll turn into one and they’re not easy to kill.

If you want to kill them, it’s not as easy as taking their head off. You need to pierce their heart.

Oh, and piercing their heart is incredibly tough because it’s covered in metal. Also, they come at you in hoards.

Jeez, I think these might be worse than titans.

Humans have been forced to live within large walls. In order to transport things, they’ve built massive railways to collect and drop-off supplies.

These trains are fully covered in armor. When they go out, there’s basically a small army in them to protect the train from the Kabane.

You follow a young boy named Ikoma, a masterful engineer. Unfortunately, he gets bit by a Kabane.

So does he turn? Kinda…ish

Instead of turning into a Kabane, Ikoma gains superhuman abilities. This is not unheard of as there are a few humans like this.

So how’s this like AOT?

Weren’t you reading the above?

This is a post apocalyptic anime where humans are forced to live within giant walls because they’re being chased by monsters that are really hard to kill.

This show just screams Attack on Titan. Monsters that have a taste for human flesh and only live outside the walls.

Even some of the fighting seems like some characters are wearing ODM gear because of the way they’re moving around.

This is basically Attack on Titan but with zombies.

2. Claymore


Do you like battles, blades, and babes? Then you need to watch this.

What’s it about?

This show takes place in medieval Europe with a fantasy twist. Humans are living in fear due to Yoma.

Yoma are demonic creatures that disguise themselves as humans. They often live in human towns in order to feed.

One day a village is being terrorized by Yoma, only they don’t know who the Yoma is. So they decide to hire a Claymore.

Claymores are known as silver eyed witches that are tasked with killing Yoma.

Claymores have been infused with the flesh of Yoma, giving them super abilities.


These Claymores are manufactured by a mysterious group known as the organization.

The organization decided to send in a Claymore named Clare to get rid of the Yoma terrorizing the village.

Clare ends up killing the Yoma and saving this young boy named Raki. Long story short, Raki decides to tag along with Clare. 

So Clare and Raki end up traveling together and killing powerful Yoma. Well just Clare kills the Yoma, Raki is a Bi*tch that can’t do much.

But who can blame him? He’s just a little boy that faces monsters far stronger than him.

As this show goes on, Clare is fighting the Yoma whilst trying to control her Yoma that gets out of control when she faces powerful foes.

How’s it like AOT

This is a lot like Attack on Titan because it’s a full-on action oriented show. There’s blood and guts being spread all the time.

There aren’t any modern guns, just pure blades and brute force are needed to dispatch foes.

3. Akame Ga Kill

Akame Ga Kill is one of those anime that leaves you completely empty inside after you’ve finished with it.

What’s it all about?

This show is set in an absolutely brutal world. You follow a young boy named Tatsumi who’s an excellent swordsman.

His village is struggling and he wants to help them.

So him and his 2 friends decide to go to the capital in order to make some money to send back to the village.

Not long into the show, Tatsumi gets separated from his 2 friends, oh, and someone robs all of his money.

So Tatsumi decides to sleep outside when suddenly, he’s invited to stay at this rich young girl’s house.

Deep into the night, a group of assassins known as Knightraid shows up.

Tatsumi decides to stay and fight these intruders to show his gratitude to the people who have allowed him to stay in their house.

Not long later, Tatsumi realizes that the capital wasn’t as it seemed.

It’s a brutal place and he knows he’s also going to have to be brutal if he wants to make any money.

Tatsumi decides to join Knightraid and help them go around murdering people.

Now, you probably think Tatsumi is an ass. But like I said, things aren’t always as they appear in the universe of Akame Ga Kill. 

How’s it like Attack on Titan?

I remember when the first season of AOT titan came out.

A few episodes in and I realized the creators never held back on how brutal they could make the show. And the same goes for Akame Ga Kill.

You’re put in a cold and harsh environment right from the very beginning. And happy endings aren’t always a thing. 

4. Berserk 1997

berserk and the band of the hawk

If you want a show that’s as cold as it gets in the anime industry, then look no further…

What’s Berserk about?

You follow a man named Guts. He’s had a harsh beginning and “harsh” is putting it lightly.

Guts was born from a corpse, he suddenly plopped out you could say.

A group was passing by and from this group, a woman named Shisu adopted Guts. At a tender age of 3, Guts watched Shizu die a grueling death.

Guts was then under the wing of Gambino, Shisu’s husband. He blamed Guts for the death of his wife.

Gambino was merciless on Guts, he put him on the battlefield from a very young age. He even allowed a man from his army to have Guts for a night.

Of course, Guts was surprised by this and couldn’t believe Gambino would do this.

Years later, Guts ended-up as a commander of a mercenary army named The Band of the Hawk.

The leader of that group was Griffith, an incredibly strong and cunning man.

Griffith had the dream of one day becoming a King and having his own Kingdom.

And Griffith would stop at nothing for this dream to be realized. Even if he had to go through a mountain of corpses.

Guts and Griffith go through a lot together and become really good friends.

How’s it similar?

If you thought Eren had it hard seeing his mother get eaten, then watch what Guts had to go through.

Both anime are cold and dark and there aren’t really any jokes. Even the art style gives a real cold vibe to it.

5. God Eater

God eater

What is God Eater?

Monsters known as Orogami have taken over the surface.

Humanity has been driven to the brink of extinction and forced to live within walls. (sound familiar?) 

Modern human weapons had no effects on these creatures.

Humans eventually made a breakthrough and finally found something that could kill them. This weapon was named God Arks.

You follow a young boy named Lenka who discovers a new type of God Ark.

He goes around the world fighting the Orogami and is trying to save humanity from extinction.

How’s it similar?

Just like Attack on Titan, this is a post apocalyptic anime. Humans are forced to live within walls from monsters that want to kill them.

Conventional weapons are useless so humanity needed a special type of weapon to kill these creatures.

It’s a great anime and something you will definitely enjoy if you liked Attack on Titan.

6. Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul

Yet another dark anime on the list…

What’s it about?

You follow a normal school boy named Kaneki. He’s super shy and hates confrontation.

When suddenly he finds himself a ghoul because there was a piece of ghoul flesh transplanted in him to save his life.

Kaneki’s world was just flipped upside down. He absolutely refuses to consume human flesh. 


…if Kaneki refuses to eat, his body will take over and he won’t have any control over himself.

kaneki being tortured

Because Kaneki is so introverted, he’s only managed to ever make one friend.

Unfortunately, he has to distance himself from his friend because of his blood lust.

There’s an organization specially created to hunt down these ghouls. This organization vows to get rid of every ghoul in Tokyo.

They hadn’t ever considered there being any good ghouls out there.

You get a variety of ghouls in this show such as street ghouls that eat to survive. Higher class ghouls that eat to taste different flavors.

The psychopathic murder kinds who kill just for fun. And ghouls that refuse to kill anyone.

How’s it similar?

With both shows the main characters are thrown into a brutal world.

Eren’s world is suddenly turned upside down by titans destroying his home and forced to become a refugee.

With Kaneki, he had no choice in becoming a ghoul.

7. Hellsing Ultimate

If you’re looking for a full-on blood bath, you’re not going to find a better show than Hellsing Ultimate.

What’s it about?

You follow a vampire named Alucard and he kills anything and everything for one reason. Because the crown told him so.

This series takes place in England and whoever doesn’t agree with England gets straight-up murdered. Doesn’t matter if it’s morally just or not.

Alucard is the strongest being in this show. In fact, the world is barely a threat to him.

Whenever you see Alucard, you know something is about to go down.

Alucard fights vampires… lots and LOT’S of them. There are scenes where entire armies are charging at him.

So what does he do?

He uses his dual wielded pistols to get rid of them. Kinda like Dante from Devil May Cry except much stronger.

There are different types of vampires.

Vampires as weak as humans, super strong vampires, and artificially created vampires which come at you in hoards.

There’s also another type of enemy… cathedral warriors that are human but incredibly strong.

How’s this like AOT?

Hellsing Ultimate is basically a blood bath. It’s by far the bloodiest anime out there, even surpassing Berserk which says a lot.

Sure, the main character isn’t helpless but it’s still a dark and sinister show.

8. Neon Genesis Evangelion

Neon Genesis Evangelion

What’s it about?

This show takes place in a post apocalyptic world where the Earth is under constant attack by angels.

And no, they’re not really angels I guess. They look more like giant hollows from Bleach.

Whenever they show up they’re just trying to rip apart the world. In order to fight them, humans have created mechs known as Evangelions. 

You follow a young boy named Shinji. He lost his mother at a young age and is heavily neglected by his father.

He then finally sees his father one day and decides he wants Shinji to fight in a mech. Yup, worst father ever.

Oh, and Shinji is a super introvert which makes it incredibly hard for him to finally muster the courage to get inside a mech.

How’s it similar?

There’s a cast of unique characters in both shows, maybe some that you can relate to or even feel for.

They’re both post apocalyptic worlds and the main characters have lost both their parents… pretty much.

Shinji’s father doesn’t give a damn about him (trust me, that’s no spoiler).


So those were the best anime like Attack on Titan. 

We did our best to pick out shows that resembled AOT as much as we could. Something as similar as possible.


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