5 BEST Anime Like Demon Slayer {Very Similar}

Are you looking for anime like Demon Slayer?

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Demon Slayer or Kimetsu No Yaiba is such an epic anime. Season 1 just finished and you’re itching to find an anime similar to Demon Slayer.

Well in this post, I’m going to be revealing shows comparable to Demon Slayer.

(In no particular order)

1. Seraph of the End

Seraph of the End

Seraph of the End takes place in a post apocalyptic world where a virus wiped out all humans over the age of 13.

Suddenly, vampires appeared and became the new rulers of the Earth. You follow 2 boys, Yuichiro and Mikaela.

They live in an orphan family in a city ruled by vampires. One day, they all try to sneak out but are caught by a vampire.

All of the orphans are killed except Yuichiro. He manages to escape because Mikaela holds back a vampire.

Yuichiro then finds Gurren, a general in the Japanese army. Yuichiro is sent to a high school a few years later and starts to settle. He even makes friends, replacing his old family.

Oh, and by the way, Mikaela is still alive. Now, you’re probably thinking, “you just spoiled it for me!” Don’t worry…

…I didn’t spoil it for you. You get to see an older version of Mikaela in the second episode of the show in the opening song.

It’s a great show where Mikaela is trying to find his family again.

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2. Claymore


Some people have described Claymore as the female version of Bleach. I think it’s much better than that.

Claymore was released in 2011 and it’s a show that leaves you begging for more. Unfortunately, there’s no season 2 (the manga is pretty epic).

This show takes place in a world which resembles medieval Europe. The humans of the world are having a massive problem and that’s the Yoma.

Yoma are human eating monsters that live amongst the humans.

They disguise themselves as humans by killing a human and taking its form.

The only way a Yoma can be sniffed out is if it decides to reveal itself or because a Claymore has tracked it down. Claymores are known as silver eyed witches.

They’re half human, half Yoma.

These silver eyed witches don’t have a crooked nose or carry a wand. In fact, they’re stunning women who carry giant swords.

You follow a Claymore named Clare. Clare is summoned by a town which needs her to find the Yoma amongst them and kill it.

Whilst Clare was in the town, a young boy decides to follow her and ask her questions.

Clare manages to kill the Yoma in the town, however, that Yoma was Raki’s brother. Left with absolutely no family, Raki decides to tag along with Clare (even though she didn’t care for Raki)

It’s a great anime for any fan of Demon Slayer. You get to see how Clare goes from a cold blooded killer to someone who starts to feel human again.

3. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

edward emotional face

This isn’t just a show for Demon Slayer fans but something for everyone. Full Metal Alchemist is a deep and meaningful show.

In the world of Full Metal Alchemist, the universe is governed by alchemy, the law of equivalent exchange.

Alchemy allows you to break down the matter of an object and enables you to manipulate the matter into something of equal mass.

Let’s say you have a hunk of metal, with the powers of alchemy, you could turn that hunk of metal into a sword.

Alchemy can be used to do many things, however, it cannot be used to create life. If you want to create life, you need a soul.

However, what can you give in exchange for a soul? This is a deep philosophical question. And if you’re into philosophy, you’ll love this show.

The power of alchemy can’t create life and that’s something the Elric brothers learnt the hard way.

In this show, you follow Edward and Alphonse Elric. They lost their mother and tried to bring her back.

Unfortunately, the ritual to bring their mother back backfired. In the process, Edward lost his arm and leg, and Alphonse lost his entire body. 

Alphonse had to be placed in a huge piece of armor.

Oh and by the way, this all happened when they were just kids.

The brothers decide to join the military which allows them access to different types of resources like people and books.

They need these resources in order to pursue the philosopher’s stone. An object which allows alchemists to manipulate matter without restriction.

Join the brothers on their crazy adventures. They have to fight murderers, terrorists, and monsters of all sorts.

4. Black Clover

Fullmetal Alchemist

Black Clover is one of those super cliche anime where you start off as super weak and become insanely strong. But it’s still good…

…Black Clover takes place in a fairy tale world where magic rules. If your magic powers are weak, you are forced to live in the outskirts of the kingdom.

If your magical powers are strong, you get to live it up in the capital. Again, magic rules this world.

You follow a young orphan boy named Asta. And guess what? Asta is the only human in the world we know of that has no magical powers. He can’t do a thing magic related.

With that said, Asta his big aspirations, he wants to become the Wizard King and rule the Clover Kingdom.

Whenever he says this to someone, they just laugh and say, “how can someone with no magical powers even hope to become the Wizard King”.

Asta has one thing on his side. HARD WORK. Asta is the hardest working individual in the show. He’s always training and eating, that’s all he does.

His rival, on the other hand, Yuno, doesn’t have to do much. Yuno is incredibly talented and he also wants to become the Wizard King.

In this world, everyone has a grimoire. A grimoire is one of the primary sources of magic.

They magically rain down from the sky when someone is in their teenage years. Your grimoire shows how much potential you have.

One day, everyone received their grimoire, Yuno gets the 4 leafed grimoire which is one of the strongest.

The 4 leaf grimoire is also something that a former Wizard King had. However, Asta doesn’t even get one…

…until later.

Asta receives a grimoire that no one has ever seen before. The power of this grimoire is anti magic. With this power, he gets easily nullify or deflect magic that’s shot at him.

Black Clover is a generic anime done really well.

5. Akame Ga Kill

akame crying

To be honest, Akame Ga Kill is the anime that left me feeling empty when it ended, I won’t tell you why because it would include spoilers.

“This incredible show focuses on a young boy named Tatsumi.

You see, Tatsumi comes from a poor village and he needs to earn money for his people.

So what does he do?

He goes into the capital of the empire to see if he can use his sword skills to earn gold. On his journey to the capital, Tatsumi has this image of the capital being this beautiful, prosperous, and fruitful place.

Unfortunately, he gets a major dose of shock when he finds out it’s nothing like he imagined. Tatsumi shocked 

The capital is filled with people in authority who completely abuse their power.

This is due to the emperor being a child. He’s easily manipulated by officials and has no idea what’s going on in his empire.

He just sits in his palace and thinks that his people are happy, and this is where an organization of assassins recruit Tatsumi.

He’s transformed from this local village boy to a ruthless killing machine. Akame Ga Kill is the anime which will feel you feeling empty like no other.” More emotional anime


So those were anime like Demon Slayer.

Which one will you be watching first?


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