Top 10 Best Anime Like My Hero Academia (Super Similar)

Are you looking for the best anime like My Hero Academia?

Well you’ve come to the right place because we’ll be going over the top anime similar to Boku No Hero Academia. 

Shows that will satisfy your craving for more MHA.

We believe these shows share the most in common to My Hero and are a great watch if you enjoyed MHA.

You may agree or disagree with some of the shows we’ve listed. However, we believe there are a few shows you’ll really enjoy in this list.

Let’s get straight into it…

1. One Punch Man

one punch man

One Punch Man is like My Hero Academia on steroids.

What’s it about?

You follow a man named Saitama. Saitama is a super ordinary person, except that he’s not. Saitama is a hero for fun that can kill anything with one punch.

He feels empty in life because he can’t find a challenge. 

There’s not an opponent he cannot beat. It’s all too easy for him. Just one punch and the job is finished.

What’s incredible about this anime is you know Saitama is extremely strong. However, when a new foe is introduced, you don’t know if he’s going to win with one punch. 

Maybe it’s going to be a challenge for him? You think to yourself.

You can tell that each character in the show had a lot of time and effort put into them. 

They’ve got their own unique personality. Sure, some may be considered cliche but they’re still unique.

Saitama has a student named Genos, funny enough Genos is at a higher rank than Saitama…

…and this is where the show gets super interesting. Even though Saitama is going around saving people, he doesn’t get any credit for it.

In fact, people really hate Saitama because they think he’s just stealing glory from the other heroes. They don’t actually realise he’s just insanely strong.

How’s it similar to MHA?

One Punch Man also takes place in a superhero world. 

Heroes are ranked from C class to S class. C class heroes are those “Please save my kitten” type of heroes. 

S class on the other hand are the strongest the planet has to offer (except Saitama isn’t in it).

They’re both superhero types of shows.

2. Black Clover

Fullmetal Alchemist

This anime is… interesting I guess you could say

What’s it about?

Black Clover takes place in a fantasy world where magic is everything. If you don’t have strong magical abilities, you’re going to be poor.

What’s interesting, the main character, Asta, has no magical power whatsoever.

In fact, the only thing he does have is hard work. Asta is the type of guy to destroy everyone in work ethic.

Asta grew up in an orphanage in a church, along with other orphaned kids. Yuno is an orphan who grew up with Asta. They’re both the same age.

In fact, Yuno is Asta’a rival. Their goal is to become the Wizard King and rule the Clover Kingdom.

Yuno and Asta both end up joining the magic knights in their pursuit to become the Wizard King. They find themselves levelling up and constantly fighting stronger foes.

How’s this similar?

These anime are similar in the sense that both characters are born without powers. 

In the world of My Hero Academia, quirks are everything and Izuku was born quirkless. 

And in the world of Black Clover, where magic is everything, Asta was born without any magic power.

Both characters have to supplement this with hard work. They both have to outwork their rivals in order to reach their dreams.

3. Naruto


Ah, this is a classic…

What’s Naruto about?

So if you’ve been living under a rock and don’t know what this show is about, let me tell you…

Naruto is one of the most popular anime of all time. It takes place in a ninja world where people also have supernatural abilities. 

Wars are constantly breaking out and there’s death everywhere.

You follow a young boy named Naruto. His parents are dead and he’s pretty much on his own. 

No one in the village accepts him or even cares about him. 

That’s why he’s constantly getting into trouble, he wants the attention and to be noticed.

So in order to be accepted and make his village a better place, he decides he wants to become Hokage. The Hokage is the leader of his village.

This is easier said than done. There are lots of insanely strong ninjas out there with so many different types of abilities.

So Naturo has to learn so many different ninja skills and constantly on the lookout for ways to progress.

How’s it similar?

Both Naruto and Izuku are the same age. They both have a dream and it’s a big one that’s going to take a lot of time and work.

Both shows are filled with action and lots of emotional moments.

4. Hunter X Hunter

Hunter X Hunter is not a short or long anime. It has a decent amount of length to constantly keep you interested…

What’s it about? 

In this show, you follow a young boy named Gon. Gon wants to become a hunter and find his father.

You see, Gon’s father left him when he was just a baby.


Because Gon’s father wanted to pursue his own career in being a hunter.

So what’s a hunter? And no, it’s not someone who goes around hunting animals.

A hunter is almost like a policeman in many ways. You solve crime, get rid of criminals, and protect wildlife.

So what does it take to become a hunter?

First, you have to pass an exam. Oh, and it’s not simply an easy written exam. No, that would be too easy.

Instead, your life is put on the line and tested in so many ways. Your stamina is tested, fighting skills, heck, even your cooking skills are put to the test.

During the exam arc of the series, Gon ends up making really 3 close friends. And it’s super fun to watch them go on adventures together.

This show has so much variety. One moment it’s a lighthearted adventure anime, the next, it’s a fighting tournament. And the next thing you know, it’s a crime thriller.

This show is one Hell of a roller coaster and I’d highly recommend everyone give it a go.

How’s it similar?

Both shows are an incredible adventure with so much variety. 

Asta and Gon start off from square one and it’s fun seeing them grow. (Although, Gon isn’t as weak as Asta when it comes to the world of Hunter X Hunter)

Both shows are an incredible roller coaster ride.

5. Tiger & Bunny

Tiger & Bunny is an incredibly unique twist in the hero anime shows.

What’s it about?

The world of Tiger and bunny is all normal except from one part, NEXT. NEXT is a name given to people with special abilities.

At first, these superhumans are considered outcasts until they join a TV show where they have to chase down evildoers. 

This show was created to get as many people watching as possible and having the heroes advertise companies by wearing a logo.

Yup, the reason why superheroes in this world were created was so corporations could make more money.

You follow a young man named Kotetsu who’s hero name is Wild Tiger. 

Lately, he’s been performing really bad as a hero and isn’t earning many points. So he pairs up with a new hero named Barnaby Brooks Jr.

The problem is, the 2 of them are the complete opposites. They must work together for the sake of their career and looming threats.

How’s it similar?

My Hero and this show are similar in the sense that they’re both superhero anime. You have to impress the public to keep your job.

In My Hero Academia, people have quirks and in this show, it’s called NEXT. 

Some people use their quirk/NEXT for good and others for evil. 

The people with special abilities who fight for good are considered heroes and have to fight villains.

6. Fire Force

A relatively new show but well worth a watch.

So what’s it all about?

In the world of Fire Force, there is a phenomenon where humans are randomly caught on fire and become demons.

So who goes to take care of these demons? Surely it can’t be regular police?

Of course not, the people who handle these demons are called the Fire Force. In fact, the Fire Force treats them in a humane way.

They bring along a priest to say a little prayer and then they slaughter the demon. Humane, right?

The Fire Force are made up of humans with special abilities. Abilities that allow them to manipulate fire in a unique manner.

Some people can control the fire, some can harness it into a sword and others can use fire to help them move around.

The show is about solving the mystery of figuring out where these infernos come from and fighting some epic foes. 

There’s also a lot of conspiracy going on in the world of Fire Force.

You follow a young boy named Shinra or devil feet. 

Why’s he called devil feet? Because he can literally shoot fire from his feet. Allowing him to be super fast and kick insanely hard.

Shinra’s younger brother and mother died in a fire and some people think Shinra did it.


Because Shinra constantly smiled when his family was killed. Why on Earth is he smiling about it?

You see, Shinra has a nervous tic and that’s his smile. Whenever he gets nervous, he ends up smiling even though he doesn’t mean it. This gets him into a lot of trouble.

There’s a lot of mystery in this show…

How’s it like MHA

Both protagonists are pretty much the same age and they’re always getting into fights… a lot of fights.

And these action scenes are just fantastic, some may even say overkill.

So if you’re looking for an anime with over the top fights like My Hero then give this show a try.

7. The Seven Deadly Sins

Taking place in a fantasy medieval Europe, the holy empire of Britannia has been taken over by their own soldiers. 

The Holy Knights. Because of this, a lot of chaos ensues and the blame was put on the 7 Deadly sins. The Empire’s strongest knights.

As a result, the Sins had to go into hiding. Since the holy knights took over, the king and one of his daughters had been imprisoned.

One of the King’s daughters, Elizabeth escaped in search of the 7 Deadly Sins. Hoping to bring peace back to the kingdom.

Eventually, Elizabeth finds the leader of the Sins, Meliodas. But she doesn’t realise it’s Meliodas until later on when he finally tells her.

Oh, and Meliodas is a huge perv. Like… insanely pervy. But only towards Elizabeth, it’s a bit unnecessary I think but I guess it helps the creators sell more merch.

What’s interesting is Elizabeth doesn’t even tell Meliodas off for doing that pervy stuff. The only one who does is Dianne, another member of the 7 Deadly Sins.

She only reprimands Meliodas because she wants to be groped by him. Really weird, I know.

What really separates Meliodas from the other shonen main characters is…

…Meliodas is already really strong. He’s not out in the wilderness trying to get stronger. He’s already really strong.

What’s interesting is the way he fights, he let’s people attack him and doesn’t hurt them back all that much.

Again… It’s a weird anime but worth a watch.

What’s funny is my Mum caught my 9 year old brother watching this. And she won’t let him watch it. (Plot twist, he watches when she’s not around)

How’s it similar to Boku No Hero Academia?

The main characters are not similar in the sense of power. Izuku is working really hard to get stronger while Meliodas is busy running his Pub.

However, the 2 characters are still struggling. Struggling to fight for what they want to protect and it’s insanely hard. Especially on Meliodas.

8. Demon Slayer

Demon Slayer

This show is a breath of fresh air in the shonen category…

What’s it about?

You follow a boy named Tanjiro. He’s on his way to sell some charcoal in the nearby town to help support his family. 

Tanjiro returns home late and ends up finding his family brutally murdered by a demon. 

This includes his mother and younger brother and sisters. He finds that his sister is still alive and attempts to find help for her. 

Only to realise she’s also a demon that tries to kill him.

Eventually, Tanjiro manages to get through to his sister, Nezuko and stop her from trying to kill. 

Tanjiro vows to turn his sister back into a human and decides to become a demon slayer.

What I really love about this is Tanjiro is beyond your stale shannon protagonist. 

Usually, the protagonist goes through some intense training. And in the process, end up losing a part of their humanity. 

A portion of them becomes a little cold. But Tanjiro refuses to give up any part of himself in the pursuit of getting stronger.

Tanjiro doesn’t go on a killing spree just to satisfy his anger towards demons and get revenge. No.

Instead, he feels sympathy for these demons. Tanjiro is motivated by his desire to protect his sister and find a cure for her.

He shows a lot of optimism and is incredibly kind towards people. Even though he’s a demon slayer and really strong, he doesn’t give people the cold shoulder.

How’s this like My Hero

Izuku is kind hearted by nature. He doesn’t like seeing people get hurt or unnecessarily inflicting more damage than he needs to when fighting a foe. 

And the same goes for Tanjiro. He’s incredibly kind hearted by nature.

Sure, Demon Slayer takes place in a darker, colder world but the main characters share a surprising amount of similarities.

9. Gurren Lagann

What’s it about?

Humans are living under the surface, they’re a small species. In fact, there’s not even a million humans in the entire world.

They don’t want to go to the world above because they believe it’s too dangerous. It’s just a wasteland. 

In fact, the surface is not even a place remembered by the majority of humanity. It’s just a memory to a handful of humans.

The surface is ruled by beastmen. Humans are afraid of them because the beatmen control gunmen. Giant mechs that could easily crush any human. 

You follow Kamina and Simon. A guy and boy who have battled to the surface of the Earth. 

In the hopes of obtaining the long forgotten freedom of living above the surface.

Kamina and Simon manage to find a mech deep underground and steal one from the beastmen. 

They both combine these gunmen to create the Gurren Lagann and decide to fight their way to the ruler of the beastmen, Earth, the Spiral King. 

And obtain that freedom they’ve always dreamed of.

What makes this anime so unique is the grand scale of the fights. Because if you thought Dragon Ball Z and One Punch Man had fights on a big scale…

…then the fights in Gurren Lagann will make those fights seem insignificantly small. These fights take place during the later arcs of the series.

It’s actually a pretty simple premise… 

determine the goal of human humanity and beat the crap out of anyone who gets in the way of that goal. 

And then have another goal and then beat the crap out of anyone who gets in the way of that goal…

…incredibly simple and maybe even childish. But that’s what makes this anime so great. It’s not a show to take super seriously. Just kick-back and enjoy the ride.

How’s this similar?

So even though we’ve established this is a show not to take super seriously…

…there are some incredibly serious and sad moments in the show. I’m talking really sad and heartbreaking here.

Not everything is fun and games. The risks are high in this show and as a result, there are some incredibly sad losses.

You could interpret the ending as both sad and happy. Not sure what I mean? Then check this show out!

My Hero has some emotionally filled moments with epic fights and that’s exactly what this anime brings to the table.

10. Mob Psycho 100

Mob Psycho

What’s it about?

This show takes place in a normal world except there are 2 major differences. There exists spirits and psychics. 

Spirits cause trouble and psychics have the mental superpower to get rid of spirits. 

You follow a bland looking boy named Shigeo. Shigeo became an apprentice to the self proclaimed psychic Arataka.

Arataka is basically a con artist who talks a bunch of nonsense to Shigeo.

The only time Arataka calls up Shigeo to do some “apprentice work” is when he receives a high paying exorcism job. 

And Shigeo does all the actual work while Arataka does nothing…. The vast majority of the time.

Why does Arataka make Shigeo do all the work? Because it’s part of Shiegeo’s “training”. 

It’s either he does know but doesn’t care. Or he doesn’t know and he’s too stupid to figure it out.

How’s it similar?

Shigeo just like Izuku has a ton of power he can’t control. In fact, he tries his best to avoid using it because he might hurt others.

But when he does unleash his power, it’s on a massive scale.
Overall, it’s a solid show that doesn’t take itself too seriously.


So those were the best anime like My Hero Academia. 

It took us a while to compile this list. We tried to figure out which shows shared the most similarities to My Hero.

Now I’m sure there are some that disagree with some things on this list and maybe we didn’t include a show that you thought should be on here.

But nevertheless, we believe these shows share the most similarities and are a good substitute if you’re waiting for more episodes.


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