Anime VS Real Life – Which One is Better?

anime vs real life

So the world we live in has so many beautiful spots, views and hidden treasures.

We can go to a place in Japan and be completely gob-smacked by the awe and beauty.


…anime can take these places (beautiful or not) to new levels of beauty. And you may be thinking why that is.

Well, it’s because of the art style and of course the graphics being rendered. Anime worlds can be so much brighter and vivid or if you like a more dark and murky tone, anime can do that too.

anime vs real life

Over time whether we like it or not everything in our world ages and will eventually look terrible (through rusting, decay etc.)

But with anime, developers have the option whether they want to do that or not.

We can often chip off paint on our walls and objects can dent but in the anime world, these things aren’t very apparent and obvious.

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anime art

Anime VS Real Life Day-to-Day

Interactions and the way people behave are very different like we don’t get a nosebleed every time we see a hot girl or boy…

Thank God!anime nose bleed

It’s really funny when you think about it, we don’t scoff down piles of food down our throat like Goku does.

We will break our face if we fall on it, not miraculously have a bandage over it.

eating in anime

Would you rather live in real life or in an anime world of your choice and which anime world would that be?

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