AOC I2267FW Review: (Best Budget Gaming Monitor?)

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If you’re like me then you know it’s a bug pain in the butt researching monitors. Trying to find the right one to buy and keeping costs down.

Today, I’ll be sharing with you a golden little monitor I found that’s worth much more than its asking price. This monitor does a lot and asks for very little.

Here is my AOC I2267FW Review.

Who Is this Monitor for?AOC I2267FW review

  1. Gamersrefresh rate of 5ms, no need to worry about input lag. I’ve had monitors under 5ms but can’t tell the difference, higher than 5ms may cost you a game. The screen is not too small or big, no squinting or turning your head. 22-inch is what a lot of gamers call the sweet spot for screen size.
  2. Video/Photo editors-beautiful and crisp is the display of this monitor. Boasting an IPS panel it makes it a lot easier for photo/video editors to get the true picture quality that is required.
  3. Multi-taskers– can be viewed from any angle, really cheap and easy to get 3 of them, and having thin bezels will make a smoother transition between monitors.
  4. Budget buyers– definitely the best bang for your buck.


Design and features

The AOC I2267FW is rocking a beautiful 1920x1080p IPS panel, the whites look whiter and blacks look blacker.

A superb, crisp screen. Gaming, movies, content creating or just browsing the web has never looked so great.

The 5ms response time is definitely a must-have for gamers. No ghosting or input lag is present when in use.

So many IPS monitors fail to provide this kind of response time, especially at this price!

Thin bezels are a great aesthetic for any monitors. This budget-minded monitor also includes that design, the aesthetics of the monitor look so much cleaner and nicer than your average monitor at this price.

Multiple monitors have never looked cleaner and more satisfying, not to mention the huge productivity boost.

gaming monitor multi display setup


A standard variety of ports are available such as DVI-D, VGA, and headphone jack but no HDMI port.

The no HDMI port issue can easily be fixed with an inexpensive…

==> HDMI to DVI-D adapter.

monitor ports


  • Crisp display
  • Low response time
  • Thin bezels
  • Price



Although this monitor doesn’t come with the latest technology advancements in monitors. And doesn’t come with fancy bells and whistles.

The bottom line is this monitor caters to most people’s needs and at a very affordable price.

So, is this worth it?

Yes, this monitor will serve you well and save so much money.

AOC I2267FW Review F.A.Q

Q: Where to buy AOC 12267FW?

A: You can get it directly from Amazon through this link.

Q: Can this be used as a gaming desktop?

A: Yes, this will suit most of your gaming needs

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