Best Anime Japanese Hotels (2023)

The country of Japan is a favorite vacation spot for many individuals, particularly anime aficionados. Several renowned anime programs and films have been produced in the nation, and a number of hotels with an anime theme provide unique experiences for anime enthusiasts. In this blog post, we’ll look at some of the top hotels for anime fans traveling to Japan in 2023.

Tokyo’s The Gundam Base

One of the most well-known anime series in Japan, Gundam, has a world that guests may explore at The Gundam Base Tokyo, a distinctive hotel. The hotel has a Gundam museum, a Gundam cafe, and rooms with Gundam decor. At the hotel’s gift shop, guests may also purchase unique Gundam items. The hotel is situated in Tokyo’s prominent tourist district of Odaiba, which features a number of attractions, including the well-known Odaiba Gundam statue.

Japan’s Hotel Gracery Shinjuku

In the center of Shinjuku, Tokyo, you’ll find the well-known anime-themed Gracery Shinjuku hotel. Fans of he well-known movie monster can enjoy a distinctive experience in the hotel’s rooms that are decorated in a Godzilla motif. In addition, the hotel has a Godzilla head on its roof, which is visible from several locations in Shinjuku. Visitors can also go to the hotel’s Godzilla shop, which offers only Godzilla memorabilia.

Tokyo’s Keio Plaza Hotel Tama

In Tama, Tokyo, there is a family-friendly hotel called the Keio Plaza Hotel Tama. Fans of the well-known Sanrio mascot will love the hotel’s rooms that are decorated in a Hello Kitty style. Hello Kitty-themed decorations and amenities, such as a Hello Kitty kettle and Hello Kitty soaps, are present in the rooms. Also, the hotel offers a Hello Kitty cafe and gift shop where visitors may get unique Hello Kitty goods.

Kobe’s Snoopy Hotel

In Kobe, Japan, there is a hotel called The Snoopy Hotel with an anime theme. The hotel offers Snoopy-themed accommodations that are ideal for followers of the well-known Peanuts comic strip. Snoopy-themed furnishings and services, such as bedding and shampoos, are present in the rooms. Guests can buy exclusive Snoopy products in the hotel’s Snoopy cafe and gift store.

Kyoto’s Anime Resort at Fushimi Inari

In Kyoto, Japan, there is a hotel with an anime motif called the Anime Resort Kyoto Fushimi Inari. Fans of well-known anime series like Naruto, One Piece, and Attack on Titan will love the hotel’s anime-themed rooms. The furnishings and amenities in the rooms are anime-themed, and the toiletries and linen are also anime-themed. Also, the hotel features a gift shop with unique anime products.

Nagasaki’s Robot Hotel Henn na

In Nagasaki, Japan, there is a distinctive hotel called The Robot Hotel Henn na. Robot employees at the hotel welcome visitors and carry out a variety of duties, such as room service and check-in. Moreover, the hotel’s lobby features robotic dinosaurs that welcome visitors. Those staying at the hotel who are intrigued by robotics and technology are treated to a special experience.

Tokyo’s Asakusa Tobu Hotel

In Asakusa, Tokyo, there is a well-known hotel with an anime theme called the Asakusa Tobu Hotel. Fans of well-known anime programs like Sailor Moon and Evangelion will love the hotel’s rooms with anime decor. The furnishings and amenities in the rooms are anime-themed, and the toiletries and linen are also anime-themed. Also, the hotel features a gift shop with unique anime products.

The Park Front Hotel at Osaka’s Universal Studios

A family-friendly hotel in Osaka, Japan is called The Park Front Hotel at Universal Studios Japan. Fans of well-known films and television programs, such as Harry Potter and Minions, will love the hotel’s rooms with Universal Studios themes.


In conclusion, Japan has a large selection of hotels with anime themes that offer distinctive experiences to fans of anime and popular culture. These hotels, which range from the Robot Hotel Henn na to the Gundam Base Tokyo, provide a variety of lodging options to suit various tastes and interests.

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