Top 18 Best Cool Gaming Desk Accessories (Extra Additions)

Are you looking for the best gaming desk accessories?

Well you’ve come to the right place, because that’s exactly what I’ll be covering in this post.

LED Lighting
  • Bring your setup to life
  • Reduces eye strain
  • Inexpensive
Gaming Chair
  • Super comfortable for long playing hours
  • Stunning design
  • 90 degree recline
Triple Gaming Monitors
  • Stunning 1440p IPS display
  • 1ms response time
  • 144Hz refresh rate
  • Add more USB ports
  • On/off LED switch
  • Compact design
Wire organizer
  • Quick and easy cable management
  • Discreet
  • Quality material
Big Mouse Pad
  • Big
  • Smooth surface
  • Non slip
Desk air purifier
  • Purifies your stinky room
  • Silent
  • Easy installation
Wireless charger
  • No more messy wires
  • Case friendly
  • Compatible with many phones
Wireless gaming headset
  • Super comfortable
  • Precise sound
  • 30 hour battery life
Dust Manager
  • Quickly and thoroughly cleans
  • Durable and safe
  • Saves money

1. LED Lighting

Check Price of the LED Lighting

It’s no secret, LED lights make for a cool gaming experience.

Up to 158 inches

gaming setup led

You have plenty of product with this strip. You can cover a lot of your items like monitors, big TVs, shelves, beds and more. 

You have 3 strip sizes to choose from. The 39 inch strip, 78 inch strip, and 158 inch strip.

USB enabled

With this strip, you don’t have to mess around with a socket. Instead, you can easily plug this into a USB slot and have the strip up and running.

Reduce eye strain

When adults or children spend long periods of time looking at a screen, it can cause headaches and eye strain. 

You see, when you’re looking at a bright screen and then look at the surrounding area, this can cause eye strain. 

This can be fixed by reducing the contrast between the brightness of the screen and the surrounding room.


There’s no need to spend a chunk of cash on a high quality lighting strip. You’ll be pleased to know this lighting strip comes in at an inexpensive price.

12 month warranty

If you find any defaults with this, no problem. Just email support and get it fixed.

If you would like a cool gaming experience, then pick this up. You won’t be disappointed.

2. Gaming Chair

Check Price of the Gaming Chair

Super comfortable

The number one thing which will ruin your gaming setup is an uncomfortable chair. And I speak from experience. 

I’ve tried multiple chairs which made my butt and back really hurt. A comfortable chair is also good for your health. 

You’ll be sitting down for hours and this can cause serious back damage. This chair was designed to resemble your spine and designed to support it. 

Keep your back healthy and yourself comfortable with this gaming chair.

Nice design

This chair with its sleek design is stunning. It comes in 4 colors:

  1. Black and white
  2. Black and blue
  3. Black and red
  4. All black

90 degree recline

If you feeling like kicking back and taking a little shut-eye, this chair has a recline feature. You can easily recline backwards and lay down. 

Even put your feet up if you want to relax some more.

Rolls quietly

The last thing you want is a chair the squeaks every time you move it. This chair has been tested 1,000 miles rolling and it was still a silent roll.

1 year warranty

If this chair has any damage or missing parts, you can easily return it within a year.

3. Triple Gaming Monitors

LG 27gl83a-b 27
Check Price of the Gaming Monitor

No desk is complete without 3 monitors.

More real estate

Triple monitors means more real estate and more real estate means you can do more.

I remember when I got my second monitor, it made a drastic change in how I game and work. I could play video games whilst browsing the web, look for tutorials. 

If you want a more immersive gaming session, a triple monitor set up is a must. If you also, work on the same desk, your productivity will go through the roof. It’s a struggle to go back down to one monitor.


When you have a triple monitor set up, the last thing you want are some ugly bezels getting in your way. You’ll be pleased to know that this monitor has frameless bezels.

 It will cause minimal to no distractions whilst you’re gaming.

1ms response time

Why is having a 1ms response time important? Generally, if you have a monitor which is above 5ms in response time, you’re going to notice ghosting whilst you play. 

This means that when you play a game and start to move, the monitor will blur the after image. This will of course, break your gaming session. 

1ms response time is important if you’re playing competitive online games like fist person shooters such as Fortnite, Battlefield, COD, Overwatch etc.

144hz G-sync

First of all, what is hertz (hz) and why is it important for a gaming desk monitor? Hertz is a unit of frequency which defines the number of cycles per second. 

When applied to monitors, it basically means that 1 hertz = 1 frame per second. The higher the Hz, the more frames your monitor can display per second. 

Having a high amount of hertz is important if you’re playing fast reactions games like first person shooters. 

You’ll be able to see people on your screen faster and react faster. SOURCE

Even when you move your mouse curer, you’ll notice it’s a smoother experience.


It’s no secret, we all love beautiful looking games. A high resolution monitor will allow you to experience the full graphical capability of a game. 

This monitor comes in at 2560×1440 resolution or 2K/QHD. I believe this is the sweet spot for the resolution of a monitor. 


Because you’ll notice a giant increase in the graphics when you go from 1080p to 1440p. Also, this resolution won’t kill your graphics card or may not force you to upgrade. 

You’ll still be able to play video games at a very high resolution with a reasonable frame rate

4. USB Hub

Check Price of the USB Monitor

Up to 10 USB ports

Probably the most popular of gaming desk accessories…

Do you find yourself struggling at the back of your computer, trying to put in some USB cables? Well that’s no longer going to be an issue. 

With this hub, you have up to 10 USB slots. You can place this hub in an easy to reach location for easy access.

USB 3.0

Nobody likes to wait for files to load and transfer. You’ll be pleased to know this USB hub has 3.0 technology. Allowing for lighting speed file transfers.

LED display

When you insert your USB, there will be a button you can press to allow it to connect. You know it’s connected when the light turns on.

Easy setup

It’s super easy to setup, simply plug the USB port into a socket and it’s ready to go. There’s no software or installation process. 

Just plug in and play.

Compact design

This hub wastes no space. It’s easy for you to place out of the way and you can even take it on the road if you need to.

5. Wire organizer

Check Price of the Wire Organiser


One thing that will ruin your setup is having an ugly cable system that sticks out. This wire organizer is black in color and does not stand out. 

It won’t stand out in your setup or ruin the aesthetics.

Sleeve zipper

You can easily get in and out of this wire organizer with its sleeve zipper. The zip also ensures a firm and perfect fit.

Quality material

This wire organizer is made from durable & flexible neoprene. It’s dust proof, waterproof, washable and won’t tear from heavy cables. 

It was also designed to protect from pets like cats when they decide to scratch things.

Easy to use

There’s no rocket science here. Simply tie the cable together, put it into the sleeve, and zip it up.

1 year money back guaranty warranty

The people who designer this cable management system are so confident that they’re willing to give you a 100% money back guarantee for 1 year. You can’t go wrong.

6 Big Mouse Pad

Check Price of the Mouse Pad

RGB lighting

mouse mat colors

Ah, there’s nothing like well lit gaming mouse mat which proves you’re a serious gamer. The RGB lighting is soft so it won’t be destroying your eyes.

Choose from multiple lighting modes:

  1. Rainbow breathing
  2. Red
  3. Purple
  4. Blue
  5. Cyan
  6. Green 
  7. Yellow 
  8. Flowing Circling Motion 
  9. Colorful Circling Motion


The mouse mat is thick, 4mm to be exact. You can comfortably rest your hand on there without straining it.

Non slip

The last thing you want is for your mouse mat to bunch up or go off the desk. This moust mat has a non slip surface below so it’s going to stay still. 

Even if you’re vigorously moving your mouse.

Perfect size (31.5×11.8in)

This mouse mat won’t completely cover your desk and it’s not too small. It’s the perfect size for your hand not to go off the edge.

Smooth surface

This mouse mat allows for your mouse to glide across it smoothly. And it won’t be too smooth to the point where you lose control.

7. Desk air purifier

Check Price of the Desk Air Purifier

Purifies your environment

desk spa

There are 3 stages this air purifier will clean your environment:

Stage 1 It neutralizes airborne bacteria, pat dander, mold, and fungi.
Stage 2 Traps large particles and pollen
Stage 3 Neutralizes various household odors such as cooking smells, cigarette smoke, and pet odor.

It delivers a consistent breeze, and negative oxygen to your breathing area. This helps relieve symptoms of rhinitis, dry eyes and asthma and beautify your skin.


If you check out the Amazon reviews, you won’t find any sound coming from this desk air purifier. 

That’s great because the last thing you want is an annoying, constant bugging sound.

Easy installation

It’s super easy to install. Simply plug it in and you’re all good to go.

Looks stunning

This air purifier has a very minimalist, modern kind of look. It looks elegant and is will be a great new edition to your setup.


This device is small and compact, allowing you to take it on your journeys.

8. Wireless charger

Check Price of the Wireless Charger

No more messy wires

If you’re like me, you’re sick of wires and would like to reduce the amount you have. You can replace a lot of your wires simply with a wireless charger. 

You just have to plug in the wireless charger into a power source and from there you can charge multiple devices only using the one wire.

Since you don’t have to plug your phone in, you can easily pick your phone up and down. 

This may seem like a minor adjustment but you’ll realize how big of a difference a wireless charger will make to your life after you’ve had it for a week. 

You’ll find it difficult to downgrade to the usual plug-in charger.

Case friendly

case friendly charger

No one wants to take their phone case off and put it back on every time they want to charge it. That would completely kill the point of a wireless charger. 

You’ll be pleased to know you can leave your case on when you want to charge your phone.

Super slim

This wireless charger is super slim and light weight. It’s easy to take with you in and out of the office.

Stands vertically and horizontally

If you want to watch some videos or surf the web whilst your phone is on charge, you can do exactly that. 

With the design of this wireless charger, you won’t have an issue watching cooking videos whilst you prepare dinner. 

You can go ahead and face time your loved one without having the phone flat on the table.

Compatible with many phones

This wireless charger is compatible with multiple phones like the iPhone, Galaxy note and more.

Temperature control

It will automatically stop charging when your phone is full to stop heat from increasing and damaging your phone or the charger.

9. Wireless gaming headset

Check Price of the Gaming Headset

Super comfortable

HyperX is known for making super comfortable headphones and there’s no exception with this product. 

You can wear these headphones for hours without hurting your ears or getting a headache.

Compatible with PC and PS4

There are 2 major gaming systems out there. The PC and PlayStation for, this headset is compatible with both.

Detachable noise cancelling microphone

You want to be communicating to your team mates with as much clarity possible. This gaming headset comes with a noise cancelling mic. 

This simply means there will be less noise coming from you in the background and your voice will be heard with clarity.

Precise sound

These headphones give you a full 360 degrees of sound. You’ll be able to hear from every angle in the game. 

Allowing for a more enjoyable and immersive gaming experience.

30 hour battery life

These headphones can go all day and more. It will take 30 hours for you to use a full charge. And you won’t be gaming for more than 30 hours at a time… unless you’re sick.

10. Dust Manager

Check Price of the Dust Manager

You won’t know that you need a dust blower until you finally get one. As time goes on, your devices are going to get clogged with dust and gunk.

It doesn’t matter how much you vacuum, you sometimes need a more precise device to get the cleaning done.

You paid a lot for your electronics, so why not keep them in tip-top condition?

Powerful, energy efficient, and lightweight

This dust blower packs plenty of power to get the job done. It’s go into those little crevices and gets all the dust out. Leaving your electronics looking brand new. 

You don’t want to be lugging around a heavy machine, trying to clean. That’s why this blower is lightweight and you won’t be straining your hands. 

This device is energy efficient and won’t be increasing your electric bills.

Durable and safe

Don’t worry, this device won’t be blowing up in your hands. In fact, if anything happens, it got a one year guarantee. You can easily get your money back or get it replaced.

Built in speed control

If you need a more powerful setting to get the dust and grime off your stuff, this device can do exactly that. Simply bump-up the speed setting. If you don’t want to be blowing away your stuff, no worries, simply turn down the speed.

Save money

Overtime, you’re going to be spending a lot of money on air dusters. Why not just get it over with and get this blower? It’s going to save you from constantly going out and purchasing new dust blowers. Sure, you might think they’re cheaper, but in the long term, the money will add up.

Multi purpose

This doesn’t just have to be used on your gaming setup. You can also use it for your car interiors, simple house items, and even pets.

11. Microphone and stand

Check Price of the Microphone and stand

Excellent sound quality

The number one thing customers are mentioning in their Amazon reviews is how incredible the sound quality is. This microphone is not cheap or a top of the line mic, it falls right in the middle.

One reviewer said he talks quietly to his friends when gaming and this mic is very sensitive so it picks up his voice easily. There’s no need to shout to effectively communicate.

Plug-in and play

Amazon worked with Microsoft and Apple to improve this mic. All you have to do is plug the USB cable into your computer and you’re good to go.

There’s no need to download any drivers or install software with a CD like it’s 2003. This microphone is truly plug-in and play.

Compatible with many OS

This microphone is compatible with Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, Mac, and Linux. 

True value for money

When Amazon were designing this mic, they made sure it wasn’t an expensive mic but also not a cheap mic.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a solid microphone and Amazon has proved that over and over with their Basics line of product and this is no exception.

1 year warranty

If this microphone stops working, no worries, you have a 1 year warranty. You can go ahead and get a replacement.

12. Gaming keyboard and mouse

Check Price of the Gaming keyboard and mouse

High accuracy gaming mouse

If you’re serious about gaming, you need a great gaming mouse. One of the things which could be holding you back from being a great gamer is your mouse.

You need one that’s accurate, comfortable, and glides smoothly across the surface. You’ll be pleased to know that’s exactly what this mouse does.

It has a 6000 DPI optical gaming mouse sensor with advanced tracking. The mouse fits comfortably in your hand and smoothly glides across the surface.

Tactile keys

This keyboard is not mechanical, however, it still gives a good amount of feedback when the keys are pressed.

The keys aren’t stiff but they’re not super easy to press. It’s in between. Corsair are well known for their gaming keyboards and they’ve managed to find the sweet spot for the key feedback.

It’s satisfying and will make your gaming experience and joy.

Highly customizable RGB lights

Both the mouse and keyboard are customizable. With the keyboard, there’s 10+ preconfigured vivid RGB lighting modes, allowing you to choose immersive lighting effects.

The mouse color is also customizable, allowing you to choose any color you want to match the keyboard.

Detachable armrest

I remember when I started to get aches in my hand and arms whilst gaming. This completely ruined my experience and I couldn’t game anymore.

When I got an arm rest, the aches went away and could keep on gaming. You’ll be pleased to know the keyboard comes with a detachable arm rest so you can comfortably game.

The arm rest is made of a soft rubber, designed to provide comfortable positioning for your wrist.

6 programmable macro keys

There are 6 programmable keys with this keyboard. You can easily use these keys to assist you in game or whilst you’re in your operation system.

Now, you’re probably thinking what on Earth does this item do?

Well it’s pretty straightforward… it stops your mouse cord from dragging. Just hear me out…

13. Mouse Bungee

Check Price of the Mouse Bungee

Drag free cord

A lot of the time you’re not just pulling the weight of your mouse but also the mouse wire. It tends to overlap and you have to drag it. This happens to me all the time and I guarantee you it happens to you.

A lot of the time you’ll feel yourself having to drag the cord and sometimes you won’t realize. Either way, it’s interfering with your games.

That’s why when you attach the wire to the bungee, it will prevent any dragging. This way you’ll be fighting your enemies and not your mouse.

Weighted base

Once you put this down on your desk, it’s not going anywhere. You can’t just drag it unless you’re trying to.

If you want to replace it, you’ll need to correctly pick it up. This way, it won’t fall with any sudden movements and will still keep feeding you as much cord as you need.

It also has a rust resistant spring arm, preventing any rusting and damage. So this will last you for many years to come.

14. Desk cup holder

Check Price of the Desk Cup Holder

If you’re anything like me, you’re clumsy and end up spilling drinks everywhere. The last thing you want is to spill drinks all over your expensive electronics.

I don’t know about you but I don’t have money coming out of my butt to afford new stuff

This will help prevent any spilling on your electronics by clamping to the side. You can then place your drink in there.

It doesn’t matter what temperature your drink is at, hot or cold. It holds the temperature.

It will fit most cups and drinks out there.

You can also place other items in there such as your phone or small items like USBs and memory cards.

So do yourself a favor and get one of these.

15. Footrest

Check Price of the Footrest

If you’re not using a footrest, you’re really missing out. It’s such a minor thing that can drastically change the feel of your setup.

Why are the feet always neglected when it comes to comfortability? Afterall, they hold us up so it should be the first thing to consider.

Memory foam

This is made from memory foam that adjusts to the shape of your feet. Allowing it to stay at the most comfortable position at all times. Cradelling the feet and allowing them to rest. 


The bottom is made from a non-slip material that prevents the footrest from slipping. Once it’s in place, it’s in place.

A footrest can also help improve the posture of your spine. This is critical since you’ll be sitting down a lot of the time. So why not look after your back?

I don’t know about you but healthy is a major concern for me. And I’m doing everything within my power to keep a healthy spine. Even going to the chiropractor.

Lifetime guarantee

There’s also a lifetime replacement guarantee. So if anything goes wrong, you can just get it fixed.

Is today a good time to improve your comfortability?

16. Headset stand

Check Price of the Headset Stand

RGB premium stand

This isn’t a regular stand, it’s a premium one because of all the features, including the lighting. The base lights ups 9 colors with many effects.

It’s a real “wow” factor and conversation starter. It’s nice looking at your desk and seeing the disco on there.

Aluminium construction

Carrying on with the premium theme, this is made from aluminium. A solid material that’s durable and lite in weight. 

7.1 surround sound speakers

Even though you’re storing your headset on here. This features a high quality speaker of its own. WHY? Because it can… I guess. It’s a luxury type of feature.

And these speakers are just some cheap knock-off. They’re 7.1 surround sound speakers that you can do some serious gaming with.

2 USB ports

This also gives you 2 convenient USB 3 type ports. Allowing you to transfer data at fast speeds.

Non slip base

The base is made from a non slip material. So it’s not going to budge after a slight nudge. 

17. Keyboard Tray

Check Price of the Keyboard Tray

Are you looking for a keyboard tray? Do you have a standing desk and want to have a more comfortable experience? Then look no further.


This is big enough to fit your full sized keyboard and there’s enough space to maneuver your mouse. So you can rest easy knowing that you’ll have plenty of space to move around.

Comes with mouse pad

This comes with a mouse pad that covers it all. It’s smooth and glides effortlessly without losing control. If you want to remove the mouse pad, you can easily take it off.

Wrist rest

There’s a long wrist wrest built in to increase comfortability and prevent any fatigue or soreness. It’s plush but firm.


You install this by screwing it into your desk. This way you know it’s fully attached and not going anywhere. It’s very simple and straightforward to do. It has a solid build quality and won’t collapse due to weight

If you don’t like it, you can return it within 30 days and get your money back. That’s plenty of time to play with this.

18. Monitor mount

Check Price of the Monitor Mount

If you’ve got more than one monitor, it’s worth getting a monitor mount. Let’s face it, a multi monitor mount looks pretty ugly and doesn’t function that well

With a mount, you can adjust the height to find the right viewing angles for you. It also makes everything more streamline.

For example, you might have multiple monitors that are different models. This can be off putting if you’re gaming with them. A monitor stand helps align everything correctly.

It’s worth getting a mount that can fully be adjusted. You can maneuver it in any way you like. I’ve personally had a monitor mount that didn’t align my monitors.

This is because they were different monitors even though they had the same screen size. So make sure you get an arm that can fully be adjusted.


So those were the best gaming desk accessories.

I hope you found exactly what you were looking for to spice up your desk setup.

The best gaming desk accessories include:

  • LED Lighting
  • Gaming Chair
  • Triple Gaming Monitors
  • USB Hub
  • Wire organizer
  • Big Mouse Pad
  • Desk air purifier
  • Wireless charger
  • Wireless gaming headset
  • Dust Manager