6 Best Gaming Desks With LED Lights

Are you looking for the best gaming desks with LED lights?

Well you’ve come to the right place because that’s exactly what we’ll be going over in this post.

We’ll be covering desks that will bring your setup to life and give it that “WOW” factor. A talking point for your setup.

Let’s get straight into this…

Eureka Ergonomic Z1-S
        Eureka Ergonomic Z1S Pro
            Eureka Ergonomic Z2

              1. Eureka Ergonomic Z1-S

              EUREKA ERGONOMIC
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              LED lighting

              There are LED lights on here that lights up with a cool blue color. It looks sleek and futuristic. Something that will add some spice to your setup.

              Large surface

              This desk is 44 inches long. Giving you plenty of space for multi monitor setup. A place where you can comfortably store all your items without having to cramp things in.

              Stable Z shaped design

              The legs are made in a Z shape design. This prevents any wobbling and increases stability. Its frame is sturdy and the board is dense. Allowing for lots of weight to be placed on it.

              You can place your monitors on here without the desk denting or collapsing. The surface is made from carbon fiber, making it touch friendly and easy to clean.

              Headphone and cup holder

              If you’re like me, you’re clumsy and end up spilling drinks all over the place. And the last thing you want is for your expensive items to be ruined by a spill. That’s why there’s a cup holder on the side.

              For some reason, after someone has done using their headset, they tend to put it on their monitor. This can actually damage your monitor. So there’s a headphone hook for you to place your headset.

              How your headset is no longer in no man’s land.

              Controller stand

              If you play on console, there’s a controller stand for you to use. It’s an easy way to store and display them on your desk without taking up much room.

              Large mouse pad

              This desk comes with a free large mouse pad. It is smooth and your mouse will glide effortlessly whilst maintaining control.

              2. Merax Gaming Desk

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              6 color LED

              This desk has lights on the side of the desk, behind it, and along the legs. You can adjust the colors via a remote they provide you. It’s a great way to take your entire setup to the next level.

              47 inches long

              This desk is 47 inches long so you can comfortably place multiple monitors and lots of accessories on here.

              Supports 80kg

              This desk is made to support a whopping 80kg of weight! That’s more than enough for multiple monitors and desk items. It won’t be collapsing on you or easy to dent. It was made to last for many years to come.

              The legs are Z shaped which helps with stability and prevents wobble. This in turn will help you spill drinks when raging.

              Easy to assemble

              This desk is easy to assemble as instructions are easy to follow. And the pieces are easy to put together.

              3. AuAg Gaming Desk

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              6 color RGB lighting

              There are RGB lights that run across the side of this desk. You’re able to adjust them to 6 colors:

              • Red
              • Green
              • Blue
              • Pink
              • Yellow
              • Light blue

              These have multiple lighting modes such as a solid color, flash, and breathing modes. Something for everyone. It gives a cool atmosphere to your room and makes you feel like you’ve got a real battle station.


              This desk is 47 inches long. Allowing for plenty of room for a dual setup or even triple monitors. You’ll comfortably be able to place your accessories on the desk without worrying about space.

              Y shaped frame

              The is a Y framed desk that makes the desk much more stable and prevents any wobbling. The top board is waterproof and easy to clean. It’s made from a dense material and helps prevent scratches or dents.

              The legs are made from steel which increases the durability of the desk. It can hold up to 330lbs which is plenty of weight to carry all your items.


              Let’s face it, we’re all pretty clumsy and spill drinks more times than we’d like to admit. That’s why there’s a cupholder that will prevent any spills over your expensive electronics.

              Cable management

              There’s a little basket beneath this desk where you can store your power brick and wires. Making it quick and easy to manage your cables.

              There are 2 cable management grommets and each side of the desk. So you can easily route cables through.

              Large waterproof mousepad

              This comes with a free large mouse mat. Something that’s able to smoothly glide your mouse whilst maintaining control.

              Are you ready for an epic gaming desk?

              4. Eureka Ergonomic Z1S Pro

              Check Price of the Eureka Ergonomic Z1S Pro

              RGB LED Lighting

              The lighting runs on the side of the desk and all the way down. There are 6 colors to choose from and multiple lighting modes. Giving off a real gaming vibe. It’s a great way to relax after a long day of work.

              Build quality

              This desk was built to last for many years. The surface of the board is made from sleek carbon fiber. Making it hard to damage and easy to clean. The legs are made to resemble a Z to keep the desk stable and prevent wobble.


              You get 44.5 inches of desk space. It’s not massive but not small. You’ll be able to fit all the items you want on here and not have to pay much attention to space.


              This desk comes with multiple accessories that are super helpful. You get a storage box at the box for you to hide your cables and power brick.

              There’s a cup and headphone holder at your convenience. A controller stand and cable grommets.

              Protected edges

              If you have kids running around the house, then slipping and falling on something could be fatal. Especially something sharp like a corner.

              You’ll be pleased to know that the corners of this desk are protected. Helping to keep your family safe.

              5. Bizzoelife Ergonomic Gaming Desk

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              Desk lights up

              The side of this desk lights up 7 different colors with 3 different modes. Such as a flashing mode, automatic color change mode, and a static mode. A simple yet effective way to spice up your gaming room.


              The entire surface is waterproof thanks to the carbon fiber material. Making it easy to clean. The legs are constructed in a Z shape to prevent wobble. So you won’t be tipping this desk over or even nudge it.

              The feet are long and the legs are thick. Allowing it to hold 150lbs of weight.

              Lots of surface space

              You get 47 inches of surface space with this desk. So you can plop on your monitors, peripheral and other items without an issue.

              6. Eureka Ergonomic Z2

              Check Price of the Eureka Ergonomic Z2

              7 color options

              The sides of this desk light up in 7 different colors and modes. Making your setup come to life and really being able to geek-out and game like a mad man.

              Pullout headphone and cup holder

              The headphone and cup holder are retractable. You pull them out and can push them back in. Making it easy and convenient for you.

              50 inches long

              This desk comes in at 50 inches long which is plenty of room. You can fit multiple monitors on here as well as your accessories.

              Storage box

              There’s a storage box beneath the desk for you to store your power brick and cables. A quick and easy way for you to tidy your setup.

              Build quality

              This desk is made from wood and metal so it won’t be collapsing on you. The surface is made from carbon fiber, making it easy to clean. It’s got Z shaped legs which allow for increased stability.

              What should I look for in a gaming desk?


              The desk needs to last for years otherwise there’s no point in getting one. It should be made from sturdy materials like metal and would. This will drastically increase the lifespan of the desk.

              Do you tend to spill things on your desk and generally get it dirty? Then it’s worth getting a desk with carbon fiber as the surface because it will be easier to clean.

              There’s no point in getting a desk where the lighting is just going to fail after a short period of time. Make sure to check out reviews and materials.

              Surface Space

              How many monitors will there be on the desk? If you’re going for a multi monitor setup, you may need a bigger desk. I say “may” because you can easily get away with a small desk by using a monitor mount.

              Are you going to have lots of items on the actual desk? These are all questions that you need to consider.

              Storage Space

              Do you need a lot of items you need to store? Then you may need to get a desk with storage space.

              However, not many desks that light up come with draws and shelves. So it’s worth just getting a separate unit if you need storage space.


              So those were the best gaming desks with LED lights.

              We made sure to go in-depth with our research and bring you ONLY the best desks that light up.