8 Best Glass Gaming Desks that Won’t Shatter Under Weight


Are you looking for the best glass gaming desks

Well you’ve come to the right place. We’ve gone ahead and researched the best desks made from glass. 

All these desks are highly rated and will get the job done.

Best Overall Eureka
  • Legs light up
  • Storage box at the back of this desk for cable management
  • Sturdy build
Clear and Chrome
  • All Glass
  • 29 inches long
  • No assembly required
Poly and Bark Segovia
  • Looks stunning
  • Store items inside
  • The glass top is 8mm thick
Cheap Walker Edison Modern
  • Steel build
  • Mouse and keyboard tray
  • Affordable
Modern Corner
  • Lots of space
  • Strong build quality
  • the desk is one color, fully white or fully black
Glass Sides
  • Storage options
  • Sturdy build quality
  • This desk can hold a whopping 375lbs
Glass and Metal L Shaped
  • Standard with a table top but with glass on top
  • Incredible build quality
  • Easy to assemble
Coaster Home Furnishings
  • Fully made from acrylic
  • Lots of space

1. Eureka Glass Gaming Desk

EUREKA ERGONOMIC Glass Gaming Desk-min
Check Price of the Eureka

You have to agree with me when I say, “This desk looks absolutely stunning” 

This has to be the most beautiful desk I’ve ever seen. Its glass build gives it that futuristic look. 

Something that transports you into another world and really enhances your gaming experience. 

The desktop and legs light up. You have 6 colors and 4 modes to choose from. 

Again, I can’t get over how stunning this desk looks. If you want to turn the lights off, you can just press the button at the front of the desk.

To take it a step further, the creators have also included a wide mouse pad which matches the color theme of the desk. 

This isn’t a massive desk but it’s not small, it hits that sweet spot. 

You can fit triple monitors on here without a problem. The desk is deep enough to fit your other accessories and comfortably host your keyboard.

So being a glass desk you’re probably thinking it’s going to break really easily. WRONG! The glass is 6mm thick tempered glass. 

So you can load a bunch of items on here or even bang it a few times and it won’t break. 

The glass top is supported by aluminium covered steel legs and four levelled feet. Ensuring stability and making sure it’s not rocking.

There’s a storage box at the back of this desk so you can place your power brick in. This in turn makes it easier for you to manage your cables. 

And I don’t know about you but messy cables make me super irritated.

2. Clear and Chrome Home Desk

Clear and Chrome Home Desk
Check Price of the Clear and Chrome

Want to go all-out and into the future with your gaming desk? 

Then you will be pleased to know this desk is 100% made from glass. 

It’s transparent and beautifully curved. This desk looks like it should be in the head office of a super futuristic corporate skyscraper. 

It will make your setup look gorgeous.

You might be thinking this is going to be super fragile. Well think again. 

This glass was moulded in an incredibly strong manufacturing process. 

You can easily place your monitors, books, and a whole bunch of accessories on here without the slightest fear of it breaking.

This desk comes in one piece. There are a couple of metal pieces you put at the bottom of this desk but that’s it. 

Minimal assembly required, it’s pretty much just plug-in and play.

This desk measures in at 29 inches long. It’s not massive but neither is it tiny. 

You get a good amount of space with this desk to work with. 

You can fit multiple monitors on here and not have them on the edge of the desk. 

It’s deep enough to move your monitors at the back and comfortably place your mouse and keyboard.

3. Poly and Bark Segovia Glass Top Desk

Poly and Bark Segovia Glass Top Desk
Check Price of the Poly and Bark Segovia

What I love about the design of this desk is it’s not a super video game oriented desk and it’s not ultra-modern it’s somewhere in between. 

There’s a beautiful glass top, a wooden piece beneath it and wooden legs. It has a nice minimalist type of style.

The glass top is 8mm thick and will resist any sudden strikes or lots of weight put above it. 

The legs are made from wood and will help support the glass top from any weight put on top of it.

You get plenty of space to use your monitors,  place your mouse and keyboard, and place lots of accessories. 

Beneath the desk, there’s lots of room for you to store your items.

If you’re worried about this breaking, you will be pleased to know you get a 1-year guarantee. 

So if there are any cracks or anything like that, you can talk to their fantastic customer service and get it fixed.

4. Walker Edison Modern

Walker Edison Modern
Check Price of the Walker Edison Modern

This desk is small and designed for compact spaces. You can fit one big monitor on here or two small monitors. 

You will comfortably be able to fit your mouse and keyboard on here with a couple of more accessories. 

There’s also a sliding keyboard if you want to save additional space.

This desk has sturdy, thick glass tops. It’s encased by a metal frame, making sure to hold everything firmly and preventing it from collapsing.

One common theme you’ll find in customer reviews is that customers are saying this desk is very easy to assemble. 

You’ll be pleased to know this desk is affordable and won’t leave a massive hole in your wallet.

5. Glass Computer Desk Modern Corner

Glass Computer Desk Modern Corner
Check Price of the Modern Corner

This desk comes in 2 colors, fully white and fully black. If you go with the black color, the entire disk including the glass is black. 

And if you go with the white color, it’s fully white including the desk.

Each one looks stunning. Because the entirety of the desk is one color, it gives it a really sleek and modern look.

This is an L shaped/corner desk and the L can be fixed on either side, saving you space.

There’s plenty of room to place multiple monitors and your accessories. 

In fact, you could use one side for gaming and the other for work.

The glass is made from a tempered glass, making sure the desk is super strong and won’t shatter.

It has metal legs to support the top and keep it stable. You can fit all the items you want on here and not worry about the durability.

One major reason why people love this desk is how easy it is to assemble. In fact, it’s got a high rating when it comes to assembly.

When researching these glass desks, we were shocked at how affordable this was. 

You get a stunning glass desk that has lots of room and a high build quality at a very reasonable price.

6. Desk with Glass Sides

Desk with Glass Sides
Check Price of the Glass Sides

This desk takes a different approach to the other glass desks. 

The sides of these desks are made from glass and the top board is made from wood. It’s a unique style and we love it. 

It gives it that modern and contemporary look, something that’s sleek and blends well with any room. 

There’s enough surface space for you to place a couple of monitors and your peripherals. 

There are 2 draws for you to place some items as well as another section to store items.

This desk can hold a whopping 375lbs. 

We doubt anyone would even place that kind of weight on here. 

That’s about 2 average male sized bodies on the desk it can support. 

So you’ll definitely be able to fit some heavy items like your monitors without the problem of it breaking.

7. Glass and Metal L Shaped Computer Desk

White X-Frame Glass and Metal L-Shaped Computer Desk
Check Price of the Glass and Metal L Shaped

This is a uniquely designed desk. It’s completely framed by metal, including the table top. And the glass is placed on top of the metal table top.

This gives it a major advantage when it comes to strength and sturdiness. You can do exactly what you want on this desk without the issue of it collapsing.

I love the X frame, this is another design feature that contributed to its unique looks. Overall, making it look modern, stylish, and minimalistic.

This is an L shaped desk, so you have 2 pieces to it. You can fit your monitors on here as well as your mouse and keyboard comfortably. 

If you’d like, one section can be used for gaming and the other for work. 

The only issue of having this desk is a lack of storage and the tabletop doesn’t have a lot in terms of depth if that’s what you were looking for.

Users have been saying how easy this desk is to assemble. In fact, one person can do it on their own.

8. Coaster Home Furnishings desk

Coaster Home Furnishings desk
Check Price of the Coaster Home Furnishings

This desk has a really futuristic look, the entire thing is clear. It should be a prop in the Matrix movie. 

The top is made from a tempered glass and the legs are made from sturdy metal and acrylic. Allowing for plenty of weight to be put on top of it. 

You can fit your monitors on here without an issue. 

However, if you have a medium to large size computer tower, we wouldn’t recommend placing it on the desk. 

Because of the weight density of a heavy tower, it distributes a lot of weight to one area and could break. 

At this point in time, no reviewer has mentioned the glass shattering but it’s a precaution we’d take.

You get plenty of space with this desk to fit your computer monitors, mouse, keyboard, and some other accessories. 

We wouldn’t worry about running out of space unless you’re placing 4 monitors on here.

What should I look for in a glass gaming desk?


First of all you’re going to want to make sure your desk is sturdy.  

If it’s not able to support all the items you want then there’s no point in getting it. 

You want the most for your money that’s why you need to purchase a glass desk that will last for years to come. 

Make sure the glass top is tempered and the legs are sturdy.


Be honest, the reason why you want a glass gaming desk is for the looks. 

That’s why we’ve only picked out the most stunning glass desks we could find out there. 

Some look super modern and futuristic. And some have more of a rustic look if that’s what you’re into.


You need to make sure the desk is the right size for you and the room you’re going to be putting it in. 

That’s why we’ve gone with multiple sized desks. Some of these are compact and some are larger.

One of the issues that glass desks have is the storage, that’s why we picked out a couple that have some storage features. 


There’s one big downside to glass gaming desks and that is the storage options. 

Many glass desks are limited when it comes to storage. Some don’t have any storage whatsoever and that’s by design. 

That’s because the creators wanted the desk to look as sleek and clean as possible. 

If you do want a bit of storage, we’ve picked out a couple of desks with storage options just for you.


So those were the best glass gaming desks out there. We made sure only to list the highest rated ones with a variety of prices.

These desks hit the majority of the criteria listed above such as sturdiness, looks, size, and storage.


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