10 Best Oak Gaming Desks – You’ll Love These [Updated]


Are you looking for the best oak gaming desks out there?

Well, you’ve come to the right place. Because in this post, we’ll be covering a diverse range of oak gaming desk. 

This includes L shaped desks, classical oak desk, and standing desks.

Let’s get straight into it…

Top Pick Espresso Oak
  • Well built
  • Lots of surface space
  • Storage
Standing Adjustable Oak
  • Height adjustable standing desk
Budget Ameriwood Home Haven
  • Affordable
  • Sturdy
  • Well-spaced
Sauder Palladia
  • Premium make
Sauder August Hill
  • Well made
  • Lots of surface space
  • Storage
Executive Trestle
  • Looks great
  • Storage
  • Well made
Ameriwood Home Dakota
  • Affordable
  • Solid build quality
Dakota Pass
  • Lots of storage space
  • Well made
Bon Augure
  • Lots of surface space
  • L shaped
  • Solid build quality
  • Lots of space
  • PC tower compartment

1. L Shaped Computer Desk in Espresso Oak
Bush Furniture Cabot L Shaped Computer Desk in Espresso Oak

Check Price of the Espresso Oak

If you’re looking for a diverse black oak gaming desk, we’d highly recommend going with an L shaped one.

This gives you plenty of space and allows you to separate your desk. You can use one side for play and the other for work.

You get one concealed cabinet with a glass door. There are also 2 drawers that smoothly slide in and out. 

This is a great place to store your gaming accessories and even consoles or PC.

You also get 4 integrated USB hubs. This is a great way to easily hook up your devices and even charge them.

It’s scratch resistant and can hold 200lbs of weight. The primary work surface measures 23.2 inches deep. 

Giving you plenty of space for your monitors and other items.

This desk was manufactured using high-quality wood and will last for years to come.

2. Sauder Palladia Computer Desk
Sauder Palladia Computer Desk

Check Price of the Adjustable Oak

Are you looking for a compact, elegant oak gaming desk? Then you’ve just found it.

This is a classic vintage oak computer desk. It’s heavy-duty and will last for many years.

The large drawers smoothly slide out and even flip down. Giving you plenty of room to store items such as headsets, snacks, controllers, etc. 

This desk is made in America using American engineered wood.

It weighs a total of 138lbs and will easily be able to hold the items on your desk.

Customers have been raving about how stunning this desk looks. 

The only downside is a few people have said it can take a little longer than expected to assemble.

3. Large Electric Height Adjustable Oak Desk
Electric Height Adjustable Computer Desk

Check Price of the Adjustable Oak

Looking to combine a classic oak wood with modern standing capabilities? Then why not go with a standing desk?

It’s no secret that sitting for long periods of time is bad for you. In fact, some medical researchers say sitting is the new smoking. 

That’s why it’s important to get your butt off your chair and start standing.

This increases blood flow and takes a lot of strain away from the spine.[1

I can personally vouch for this since I also have a standing desk. And it’s helped relieve the pain from my spine.

You get a height-adjustable controller. You can adjust the desk up and down with the arrow keys and save the height setting. 

This way you don’t have to constantly adjust your desk every time you want to sit down or stand up.

There’s also an under desk cable basket. I can’t begin to explain how much of a life saver this is. 

You can avoid all that cable mess by simply putting your cables and even power brick into the basket. It’s an easy, simple, and effective way to get rid of cable clutter.

This comes with a grommet which you can put wires through and hide them. 

Adding a whole new layer to your cable management system.

It’s stable and sturdy. You don’t have to worry about this desk collapsing.

4. Ameriwood Home Haven Retro Desk with Riser
Ameriwood Home Haven Retro Desk

Check Price of the Ameriwood Home Haven Retro

Is space and money an issue? Then you need to consider this desk.

This is a small and compact desk which has a riser. The riser is the piece at the back. 

You can simply place your monitor(s) on it and use the piece at the front for your other items. Such as your mouse and keyboard.

Surprisingly, you can fit a lot of things on the front piece. 

Such as your laptop, computer tower, console, and even some accessories.

The creators and manufacturer have done such a great job with this desk. 

The design is compact but still able to fit a lot of things on.

And best of all? It comes in at a super affordable price. We’d highly recommend you check out the customer reviews.

5. Sauder August Hill L-Shaped Desk
Sauder August Hill L-Shaped Desk

Check Price of the Sauder August Hill

This isn’t just another L shaped oak desk. No. This offers a far bigger option for storing items.

So if you’ve got a bunch of items that you don’t want on the top of the desk, you can simply store them at the bottom.

This includes consoles, controllers, keyboards, books, etc. 

Even though there’s a lot of storage room at the bottom, you get plenty of legroom. And you can rest knowing that the wood won’t collapse. 

It’s sturdy and will hold all your items, no problem.

Because this is L shaped, you can fit it into corners and efficiently utilize the space in the room.

6. Executive Trestle Desk

Sauder Trestle Executive Trestle Desk
Check Price of the Executive Trestle

Here’s another classic oak desk. It’s stylish, sturdy, and leaves plenty of space.

You get 2 small drawers at the top and 2 small drawers at the bottom which blend in nicely with the desk and it’s not an eyesore. 

You can also store items between them giving you more storage.

This is perfect for those who want something compact, leaves plenty of space, and looks stunning.

7. Ameriwood Home Dakota L-Shaped Desk with Bookshelves
Ameriwood Home Dakota L-Shaped Desk with Bookshelves

Check Price of the Ameriwood Home Dakota

Yup, this is another L shaped desk. They’re just so versatile and affordable.

What we love about this desk is there’s plenty of room. Room to store your monitors and accessories at the top. 

Room for your consoles on the book-shelf. 

And you can use the board to hide your cables behind. I’m not sure if the manufacturers intended that but it’s a great thing nevertheless.

There’s a wire grommet in the corner of the desk. So you can easily route some cables through it. 

No gaming setup looks good with messy wires. 

We believe this is a great gaming desk for beginners since it comes in at an affordable price

8. Dakota Pass Computer Desk
Sauder Dakota Pass Computer Desk

Check Price of the Dakota Pass

Are you still looking for more storage space? 

Then we believe this will do the trick. It’s a classic desk design that allows for storage in all directions. 

If you want to display some items like figurines or PC boxes, you can do that as well.

It’s incredibly sturdy and reviewers were mentioning how their big dog was hopping up and down it. 

Yet it still didn’t move. We love how incredibly rustic it looks, it’s just so appealing

There are 3 draws, 2 small and one big. The shelves on top are adjustable.

You’ll be pleased to know this desk is easy to assemble.

9. BON AUGURE Industrial Office Computer Desk

BON AUGURE Industrial Office Computer Desk
Check Price of the BON AUGURE

This desk measures 60 inches wide. Leaving plenty of space for multiple monitors, a laptop, PC tower, and consoles. 

You can easily fit your peripherals on here without a problem.

When you check out the reviews, you’ll see a common theme… 

…people are mentioning how incredibly sturdy this is. It can very easily hold up your monitors, PC tower, and heavy books without a problem. 

The top is supported by X shaped metal legs so it’s completely stable and does not shake. It has a weight capacity of 330lbs.

This desk has easy to follow instructions and easy to assemble. It also comes in an L shaped model.

10. GreenForest L Shaped Desk

GreenForest L Shaped Desk
Check Price of the GreenForest 

With it being an L shaped corner desk, there’s plenty of space. Fit your monitors and accessories on here without a problem. 

You can use one side for gaming and the other for different tasks. There’s also a computer tower stand.

This is well built and will last for years to come. It has reliable steel frames that are X shaped. Giving it extra stability and support.

The L shape is reversible so you can fit it on any side. 

Saving you even more space. There’s also a desk on top of the shelf which you can switch to either side.

Overall, this looks like a stylish desk that has a solid build quality and plenty of space.

What should L look for in an oak gaming desk?


First of all, you need to make sure it’s actually made from oak. 

Do you want the actual wood to be oak or just look like oak? You’ve got to decide that. Of course, the real oak made desks are going to cost more. 

However, if you’re simply after the looks, a desk that looks like oak can do the trick at a lesser price.


You don’t want a desk that’s going to last for a few weeks, months, or a year. 

You want something that’s going to last multiple years. That’s why it’s important to check reviews and the specifications. 

What are the legs made from? Metal? That’s a good sign. Are a lot of reviewers complaining about the build quality? Then it’s probably better if you skip that desk. 

However, if just a few reviews have mentioned build quality then we wouldn’t just disregard it. 

Sometimes you get duds like that. As long as the majority of the reviews are positive and only a few negative ones, that’s a good sign.


How much surface space do you need? Is that particular desk suitable for your room? 

You need to make sure the disk is at the optimal size. If you already have a desk and are looking to upgrade, check what size it is. 

Are you able to fit all the items you want on there? Then you may want to consider getting the same sized desk. 

We would recommend checking out the specifications and see if there are any image reviews to get a better understanding.

How you do things

Do you use your desk for both gaming and working? 

Then you may want to go with an L shaped desk. You can use one side for your gaming setup and the other as a workstation. 

Do you like to game with triple monitors and keep another desk with those monitors? 

Then you should make sure the desk can support that weight. Do you tend to keep a lot of gadgets and paper on your desk? 

Then you should probably overestimate how much desk space you’ll need.


Do you have a lot of items that you’re going to use and put away? 

Then you should probably consider storage space? You’re probably better off getting a desk with a few draws. 

If you don’t like the looks of draws attached to your desk… you can always buy draws and shelves separately.


One of the most important things to me in my life is my health. 

I want to make sure it’s always being looked after. So how do you look after your health when shopping for a desk?

Consider a standing desk. A standing desk takes a tremendous amount of stress away from the spine. 

I know this because I used to sit down all the time and developed a back problem that still hurts to this day. 

After a bunch of chiropractor sessions, I found a standing desk helps massively. 

We understand you don’t always want to be using the standing functionality. 

But you can use it when you’re not playing intense games or doing some browsing. Every little helps.


How much are you willing to spend? Are you looking for a lesser budget oriented desk or have you got a little more cash to play with? 

Whatever your budget, we’ve got you covered. We made sure to mention multiple price points so there was something for everybody. 

Just don’t get a ‘cheap’ desk. And by cheap we’re not talking about money here but build quality. 

That desk might include a lot of features at a low price point but how long will it last? Make sure to check out the reviews?


So those were the best oak gaming desks. 

We mentioned our favorite oak desks and what you should look for when buying a desk. 

Before creating this post, we made sure to thoroughly research the internet and only list the best of the best. 

The best in build quality and price.


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