Will You Eventually Get Bored of Anime?

bored of anime

I remember when I was in high school. I would come into class every day and sit at my desk. Looking in front, at the bland, grey wall. I wouldn’t talk to anyone and just keep myself to myself.

The day before Christmas break, we were allowed to do whatever we wanted in class for the day. So, what did I do?

I bought my PSP to school and started watching anime. I sat back on my chair and starting munching on some chips and chocolates.


…after all those horrific weeks of attending school and being commanded to absorb knowledge I will never use in life. I was finally having some fun.

Laughing and giggling on my own whiles watching Naruto.

watching anime on psp

Suddenly, some guys from another class came in and started to check out what I was doing. (I sat on the desk at the front of class)

I tried to quickly put away my PSP and make it look natural.


…it was too late. They looked at my PSP and said: “Bro… why are you watching cartoons, are you a kid?

Every time I would pass these group of guys, they would like to casually bring up, me watching cartoons and I’m a kid because of it.


…these guys at school weren’t the only people who said this to me. In fact, when I would put it on animated TV shows, my family would always scold me for it and ask me “Why do you still watch cartoons?

The people around me were completely ignorant. I wasn’t simply watching cartoons, it was also anime but of course, they were too arrogant to listen to facts.

As an anime fan, I’m sure you know that anime is not simply for kids.  In fact, I was tempted to show my family and friends “Berserk“.  But that would have freaked them out. Well, I guess ignorance is bliss.

it's not a cartoon it's anime meme

The only time anime was popular during my years in the terrible education system, was pre-high school.

Yu-Gi-Oh was super popular. Everyone would come to school to deal.

We would all come to the playground with our cards in our hand to score a great deal! There would always be gigantic groups of kids at lunchtime, trading cards and stacking decks.


…the Yu-Gi-Oh trend melted away and people grew out of it. But not me! In fact, early anime like Yu-Gi-Oh and Dragon Ball were simply a gate to a different dimension. They introduced me to the medium we today call “anime“.

My attention is still there

it's not a cartoon it's anime meme

I watched anime pre-high school and they said, “You’ll get bored of it.”

I watched anime during high school and they laughed at me and said, “You‘ll get bored of it.

I then went to college, watching anime and playing video games. Again… they said, “You’ll get bored of it.”

Currently, 19 years of age and I’m still watching anime and playing video games more than ever. And it’s a hell of a joy ride! ?

As I grew older, my love for anime kept skyrocketing. Discovering new shows better than the last.

During my school years, I thought there were only a handful of people like me scattered across the world. But it turns out there were millions that had similar interests and stories to mine. Entire fandoms that were much closer to me than I had thought.

So will you eventually get bored of anime?

will you get bored of anime?

Maybe… who knows.

If you’re passionate about something, chances are you will keep being passionate about it throughout the years. No matter what.

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