Death Note Notebook Review {Exact Rule Replica}

Death Note Notebook Review

Are you looking for an honest Death Note Notebook review?

Well I purchased an exact replica of the Death Note and tell you if it’s worth it.

Exact replica

The notebook is the exact replica from the original anime series. The only difference is, when you write someone’s name down, they won’t die. As soon as you open up the death note replica, all the rulings are displayed.

The rulings are in English and Japanese, so you’re getting the best of both worlds. The death note replica even has the names of the people in the series whose names were written down in the death note.

Feels premium

When I got the death not notebook replica in the mail and held it in my hands for the first time… I was pleasantly surprised.

This did not feel like some cheap knockoff. The death note felt good in my hands and felt like the closest thing to real leather. I didn’t expect this since I paid very little for it.

When you open up the book and feel the pages, the paper feels high quality. They don’t feel super thin and cheap. The paper inside this replica felt thick enough where I could easily flick the pages and not be afraid of ripping anything.

Great for everyday use

Since this is a high quality notebook, guess what? It’s great for everyday use. Maybe there’s that one person who annoys you that day, just write his name down. Just kidding.

This is a very thoughtful and awesome gift for any Death Note fan. Or an anime fan in general. You can’t go wrong with this.


So that was the Death Note notebook review.

It’s an exact replica from the show and feels like a high quality notebook


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