Best Demon Slayer Merchandise

Are you looking for the best Demon Slayer Merchandise?

Well you’ve come to the right place.

Demon Slayer or Kimetsu No Yaiba completely blew us away. Anime was becoming so mundane and boring. We could easily predict what was happening next.

Well not with this anime.

Here are some of the best merchandise for you to remember and support this show.

Warrior figures

Demon Slayer warrior figures


There’s nothing better than figures to support your favorite show. These figures look stunning and are high quality.

Figures include:

  • Nezuko
  • Tanjiro
  • Zenitsu
  • Inosuke

Each one of them are highly detailed and will look stunning on display.



Demon Slayer sweatshirt


These sweatshirts resemble all the classic colors of the main characters of the show.

The classic green and black for Tanjoro, pink for Nezuko, yellow and white for Zenitsu,

It’s an epic gift for any fan of the series. These sweatshirts are both stylish and high-quality material.


Demon Slayer hoodie


Do you know what’s better than a warm, toastie hoodie? A warm, toastie hoodie from the Demon Slayer show.

There are so many Demon Slayer hoodie to choose from here, all sorts of art styles.

These hoodies are for both male and female.


Demon Slayer shirt


Get one of these Demon Slayer shirts with your favorite characters on it (Nezuko Chan, obviously is the best).

These shirts have a high-quality print and and it’s a fan favorite.

Phone case

Nezuko phone case

Nezuko phone case


This has to be the cutest phone case of all time.



Ahem, sorry, I get emotional when talking about my beloved Nezuko…

…but seriously, there’s nothing cuter than this case. Nezuko Chan will protect your phone from the demons that make you drop it. Also, you’ll get to see Nezuko all the time, it’s incredible!

Demon Slayer phone case

Demon Slayer phone case


These phone cases have a very unique style. They have tempered glass on it which gives it a beautiful look. You have many art styles to choose from with these case, they’re all unique.

It’s a hard case which will protect your expensive phone from harsh falls and dirt.


Demon Slayer backpack


This couldn’t be a merchandise post if we didn’t mention backpacks.

Check out these epic Demon Slayer backpacks. Perfect for your travels.

Color changing mug

Demon Slayer color changing mug


Yet another classic piece of merchandise. These mugs are heat sensitive, they change color when you put something hot into the mug.

Choose from these beautiful art styles. I personally like the one of Nezuko and Tanjiro together.


Full Nezuko cosplay outfit

Full Nezuko cosplay


This has to be the best cosplay of all time. Yes, that’s because it’s a full-on Nezuko out fit.

You get everything you need to look like Nezuko with this outfit except from the sandals. Check out some of the people who have purchased this:

Pretty incredible, right?

Cosplay Tanjiro Earrings

Tanjiro earrings


A couple of cool Tanjiro earrings. These look exactly like the ones from the show. A must have for fans of the series.

Nezuko mouth stick


What’s going to take your Nezuko outfit to anther level of cute? The bamboo stick of course. This Nezuko bamboo stick looks like the one from the anime, it has an authentic cartoon feel to it.

Something any fan will consider getting.

Demon Slayer keychains



demon slayer keychains

These Demon Slayer keychains look super cute. It’s a nice chibi style of keychain. There are 4 characters for this keychain:

  • Nezuko
  • Tanjiro
  • Zenitzu
  • Inosuke
  • Giyu