7 Best Exploding Kittens Strategies for Beginners [Win Every Game]

exploding kittens strategy

Are you looking for the best Exploding Kittens strategy?

Well, look no further.

In this post, I go over the 7 best Exploding Kittens strategies for beginners.

These strategies took a while to put together.

I did a lot of research and testing to make sure they actually work.

So you can use these strategies knowing that they work.

DISCLAIMER: This guide will only be covering strategies from the original game and not any expansions or special combos.

1. Keep your eyes on the cards

blue eyes

If you’ve got a good memory, use it to your advantage.

If you haven’t got a good memory, it doesn’t matter…

…you can still use this epic strategy.

You see, there are…

  • X4 Attack Cards
  • X4 Skip Cards
  • X4 Favor Cards
  • X4 Shuffle Cards
  • X5 See The Future Cards
  • X5 Nope Cards

Every time one of these cards are played, they go into the discard pile.

You see every card that goes into the discard pile and this allows you to narrow down which cards are left.

By using this technique, you have a better chance of determining which cards you may draw…

…and you’ll have an easier time seeing a player’s bluff.

For example, you just started the game and someone plays a Skip card, you know there are 4 more remaining…

…they’re either in the draw pile or in another player’s hand.

2. Use cards as combinations

card combinations

When you first start playing Exploding Kittens, you’re most likely thinking about what each card can do individually…

…and we all do this as beginners.

However, what if I told you there’s an easy way to increase your skills?

Well, there is!

Play cards as combinations to skyrocket your chances of winning the game.

For example, if you play See The Future and find there’s an Exploding Kitten right on top…

…you can play Attack, Skip or Shuffle to avoid exploding.

If you don’t have any of these cards, it’s not over.

You can play Favor or a Pair type card and take one of your opponent’s cards.

By doing this, you just gave yourself a fighting chance to stay in the game.

As you can see, it gets a bit more advanced but your chances of winning increases dramatically.

3. Save some attack cards for the endgame

attack card

When it comes to the end game and you reach the draw pile…

…there are only a few cards left.

And guess what?

Your opponent(s) are most likely going to be playing Skip cards.

They did this to me every damn time and I kept losing over and over again until…

…I discovered this incredible strategy.

By having 1 or more Attack cards in your hand…

…you force the other player(s) to draw or use up their cards.

Sure, they may use a defuse card but during the endgame, they most likely won’t have another.

Attack cards are a very effective way to win the game.

So make sure to save some when you get to the late stages.

4. No point looking into the future if you can’t change it

see the future card


It really pains me seeing someone play See The Future but they’ve got no card to combine it with.

For example, you would play See The Future and if you see an Exploding Kitten you would use Skip, Attack or Shuffle.

If you play STF but don’t have any of those cards…

…you would’ve just wasted a precious card because the outcome would have been the same even if you didn’t play STF.

5. Take as many cards as you can

exploding kittens cards in hand

Do you have a Defuse card?


Make sure to draw as many cards as possible.

By doing this, you’re giving yourself more options.

You’ll be able to draw powerful cards and defeat your opponents.

Also, this will give you the power to draw a defuse card or just steal it.

If a player wants to steal a card from you…

…having more cards will decrease the chances of them stealing a valuable card or you can play Nope.

When things get intense, you’ll have many options.


Can the other player say the same?

Probably not.

6. Steal like a master

steal like a master

If you want to win Exploding Kittens…

Stealing like a master is possibly the best Exploding Kittens strategy.

So how do you steal like a master?

It’s actually simpler than you think.

What you need to use this strategy: 

You have to make sure the player has a valuable card and make sure they only have a few cards in their hand.

Next, you need to have as many Pairs and Favor cards.

How this strategy plays out:

Let’s say you figure out that another player has a Defuse card.

They also have 3 cards in total.

And guess what?

You have 2 Favor cards and 1 pair.

You can then use your steal type cards to ensure you get that Defuse card.

NOTE: It’s worth having a few more steal type cards because you could get noped. You can also figure out if players have a Nope card by using strategy 1.

7. Bluff


Bluffing is a great way to throw off your opponents.

Let’s say you play See The Future and the top 3 cards do not contain Exploding Kitten.

You could play Skip to throw players off their game.

And there’s a good chance they won’t draw and play one of their cards.

This is a brilliant technique to make players exhaust their deck.


So those were the 7 best Exploding Kittens strategies.

Let me know which one was your favorite in the comments.

Remember, it took me a lot of research and playing to gather a list of these strategies.

So you can use these methods knowing that they work.

You now have the knowledge to survive Exploding Kittens and be victorious.

By applying what I’ve taught you will really help you out.

Your friends will be like, “How did he/she get so damn good all of a sudden?”


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