12 Best FPS Gaming Accessories (Essentials)


Are you looking for the best FPS gaming accessories?

Well that’s exactly what we’ll be going over in this post.

We’ll be cover accessories for both PC and consoles.

        Gaming Glasses
          Gaming Mouse
            Mouse Mat
                  PS4 Paddles
                      Silicone Cover
                        Bullet Buttons

                          For PC

                          1. Monitor

                          Check Price of the Monitor

                          If you’re serious about getting better at FPS games, then you’ll need a great gaming monitor.

                          We’ve decided to go with a monitor with top specs for FPS games but it won’t destroy your finances.

                          One of the first things you need to consider when getting a gaming monitor is the refresh rate/Hz.

                          The higher the refresh rate, the more frames you’ll be able to see. And the more frames you’re able to see, things on screen will appear sooner to you. 

                          And when this happens, your reaction time will increase.

                          You’ll be pleased this monitor has a refresh rate of 144hz. 

                          Gamers everywhere have said they’ve seen a direct difference in-game when switching from a standard 60hz to 144hz monitor.

                          It’s also got a 1ms response time. This simply means there’s no delay when making an action via mouse and keyboard to your screen.

                          If you’re gaming on PC, this has Freesync technology. This will make your games smoother and get rid of any screen tear.

                          2. Headset

                          Check Price of the Headset

                          If you’re looking to win that intense game, a solid headset can make a huge difference. 

                          We’ve gone with an awesome 7.1 surround sound gaming headset. This means you’ll be able to hear everything happening around you. 

                          With this feature you’ll be able to react faster in-game because you would have heard enemies sooner.

                          Comfortability is critical when it comes to headsets. You don’t want one which warms your ears up and hurts them. 

                          I remember when I had a headset which would really hurt my ears after I took them off.

                          The design with this headset is incredibly ergonomic. You’ll be able to game for hours and not have to take them off.

                          You also get a solid mic built-in which is retractable. 

                          3. Chair

                          Check Price of the Chair

                          A comfortable place to have your body is of course, critical to how you do in games. If you’re playing at your desk, you NEED a comfortable chair. 

                          Something that’s going to keep your bottom and back well cradled.

                          And that’s exactly where this chair comes in. 

                          With its bottom pillow, your butt is going to sit comfortably. And your coccyx bone will be cradled well.

                          The back support is curved the same way your spine is. It reduces muscle fatigue and tension. 

                          The back support is also mesh. Allowing your body to breathe. If you sweat a lot, this is a must have.

                          If you like to rest your head, you’ll be pleased to know this comes with a headrest. 

                          4. Gaming glasses

                          Check Price of the Gaming Glasses

                          When we game, the blue light coming from the screen can have a major impact on our sleep.

                          Blue light causes fatigue, headaches, dry eyes, blurred vision and the list goes on.

                          That’s why a solid pair of blue light blocking glasses can assist in your health massively.

                          We’ve gone with a simple pair of blue light glasses that block the light but don’t have a massive impact on colors. 

                          Because the last thing you want is to crank your game to max settings and not fully experience the true visuals.

                          These glasses are lightweight and affordable. If you’re not satisfied with your purchase, these come with a 90 day money back guaranty.

                          5. Gaming mouse

                          Check Price of the Gaming Mouse

                          There’s no doubt about it, if you’re trying to get better at FPS games on the PC, you need a great gaming mouse.

                          That’s where this Razer mouse comes in. After looking at a bunch of gaming mice, we concluded this would be the best. 

                          Also, that’s what the reviews say themself.

                          First of all, it has a DPI of 20,000. This is going to allow for your mouse to be super sensitive and respond to every slight movement.

                          It’s 3x faster than traditional gaming mice. It has a new technology of switches which will allow for faster button clicks and better tactile feedback.

                          There are a total of 11 buttons that you can reprogram. 

                          So if you’re looking to program an action to your mouse for a faster response, there’s plenty of buttons that will allow you to do so.

                          6. Mouse mat

                          Check Price of the Mouse Mat

                          A mouse mat is a must when playing FPS games. More specifically, a wide mouse mat.


                          Because you don’t want to unexpectedly run out of space when gliding your mouse around. And speaking of gliding your mouse…

                          …A mouse mat will allow for a smoother glide and pick up the sensors better than your desk.

                          It also lights up which is a nice feature. Something that’s going to add character to your setup.

                          7. Keyboard

                          Check Price of the Gaming Keyboard

                          Now that you’ve got an epic gaming mouse for shooters, you need a keyboard with it.

                          We’ve picked out one of the highest rated mechanical keyboards on Amazon. 

                          The keys are super tactile and you’ll be able to get a lot of feedback. 

                          Your fingers will be able to bounce around the keyboard and quickly press the keys.

                          The keys aren’t super loud, so they won’t be a massive distraction. 

                          Also, there’s an anti-ghosting feature which will get rid of any delay from key presses to what happens on-screen.

                          Comfort is essential when gaming. That’s why there’s a premium mechanical wrist rest. 

                          Something that will cradle your wrist and allow you to play without distractions.

                          You also get a 3-way cable routing option behind the keyboard. 

                          Allowing you to root your wires any way you desire. Keeping your desk tidy and clutter free.

                          8. Mic

                          Check Price of the Mic

                          Do you game with friends and is communication a big part of your strategy?

                          Then you might want to consider a dedicated microphone. 

                          Sure, you can get a good sounding mic on your headset but it won’t beat a dedicated mic.

                          Sometimes your headset’s mic can sound a little distorted and communication can get mixed-up.

                          That’s why we’re recommending this microphone…

                          …your voice sounds crystal clear and your teammates will thank you. 

                          After using this microphone for a while, its clear voice output may convince your friends to also get a dedicated mic.

                          This comes with an arm stand to make sure it’s not getting in your way whilst you game. 

                          It’s also shock absorbing so if you hit your desk or the arm, it won’t go over to the people on the other side.

                          You also get a pop filter to further increase the clarity of your voice.

                          What I really love about this is it’s plug-in and play. 

                          Just plug it into a USB port and you’re good to go. This comes in at an affordable price.

                          For Consoles

                          9. Paddles

                          Check Price of the PS4 Paddles

                          It’s extremely frustrating when you’re running around and you need to use the analog thumbsticks…


                          You also need to use the square/X/O/Triangle buttons. 

                          This has gotten me killed in games more times than I’d like to admit.

                          This is where paddles come in. You can reprogram these paddles to 2 controller buttons. 

                          Now there’s no need for you to dangerously move your thumbs away from the analog sticks

                          You can also mod these paddles. Meaning you can use it to do things like quick scope and drop shots. It’s basically a legal way to cheat.

                          10. Thumbsticks

                          Check Price of the Thumbsticks

                          If you’re gaming on console, you’re not going to have the accuracy of a mouse. That’s a fact.

                          That’s why we recommend some KontrolFreek thumbsticks. 

                          A little bit of height on your thumbsticks is a proven way to increase your accuracy when it comes to FPS games.

                          11. Silicone cover

                          Check Price of the Silicone Cover

                          One of the issues with controllers is how sweaty your hands get. Sometimes they even slip off when gaming.

                          You end up wasting precious time wiping your hands on your pants or you wait for an opportunity to do it.

                          A silicone cover solves this issue. The silicone will prevent your sweat from irritating your hands or making them slip.

                          You can easily wrap your hands around and get a solid grip. When you get this in the mail, it’s super easy to put on. 

                          Just wrap it around your controller, it takes 10 seconds.

                          12. Bullet Buttons

                          PS4 Bullet Buttons
                          Check Price of the Bullet Buttons

                          Only God knows how many virtual bullets you’ve sprayed in games.

                          We’ve got a super cool accessory that’s not going to improve your gaming performance but looks so damn cool.

                          Here’s the deal, we spend a lot of our time using our controller to fire bullets. 

                          But we never thought to customize them like the thing which actually blasts them out.

                          Why not customize your controller buttons to look like bullet shells? 

                          Well I shouldn’t say ‘like’ because these are real bullets that have been fired. They’ve then been customized into controller buttons.

                          Again, these won’t improve your gaming performance but they’re just so damn cool!

                          Where do I get these accessories?

                          After finishing talking about each item, we’ve left a link to Amazon.

                          We’d recommend you shop around and see what you can find. 

                          Although, the items we’ve listed we believe are well worth their asking price.

                          They’re all going to contribute to you leveling up in your first person shooters.


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