14 Best Gaming Accessories for PS4 Pro/Slim


Are you looking for the best gaming accessories for your PS4?

Well you’ve come to the right place because that’s exactly what we’ll be going over in this post.

These accessories will no-doubt improve your PS4 gaming experience. And they also work with the PS4 pro!

External SSD
    Controller paddles
        Controller grip
          Docking station
            Carrying case
              Blue light filter glasses
                Gaming Headset
                    Game capture card
                      Racing wheels
                          Arcade controller
                            PS Vita

                              1. External SSD

                              Here’s the deal, that typical 1tb hard drive your PS4 has isn’t good enough. You’re probably fully aware that games can easily take 30gb of updating space. 

                              So it doesn’t matter if you don’t fully download your games.

                              And if you do, you absolutely need an external SSD!

                              Now, we’re talking about an SSD here, not a hard drive?

                              What’s the difference?

                              Simply put, your average SSD is 7x faster than your average hard drive. [1] That’s a massive speed increase.

                              And not only that, an SSD will last longer. So you don’t have to worry about a dead device or corrupt files.

                              We’ve gone with the highest reviewed external SSD we could find.

                              It’s 1tb and will give you a massive boost in space and a decrease in load time. It’s a little pricy but well worth the investment.

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                              2. Controller paddles

                              If you’re currently gaming with the standard PS4 controller and mainly play FPS, you’re missing out.

                              You see, a lot of the time, you have to take your thumbs from the joysticks to the D-pad and shape buttons. 

                              If you’re like me, this has gotten you killed many times.

                              And that’s the issue these controller paddles solve. 

                              You can just hook these triggers to your controller and map any two buttons to them. 

                              So let’s say you crouch a lot but don’t want to have to move your thumb to the crouch button. 

                              Instead, you can just map it to a trigger and have a finger make the action.

                              You can also mod this… 

                              …let’s say for example, you want to quick scope, you can simply map that action to a trigger. 

                              These are basically a legal way for you to cheat in-game.

                              These paddles are well optimized for the PS4 controller. 

                              They fit nicely into your hands and you feel comfortable whilst gaming. 

                              An overwhelming amount of joy has been received by users. It works so well and you’re able to take your skills to a whole new level.

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                              3. Thumbsticks

                              Do you play first person shooters? Then thumbsticks are a must. 

                              Thumbsticks are well known to increase the accuracy of aiming because of the added height.

                              It adds extra resistance to your thumbs slipping and improves comfortability. Reducing hand and thumb fatigue.

                              These are easy to install and remove with no residue whatsoever.

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                              4. Controller grip

                              It’s typical to get sweaty hands when gaming. Especially in intense games. 

                              And if you’re the type of gamer who throws their controller around because for some reason you lost and it wasn’t your fault…

                              …the rubber on this will add an extra layer of protection.

                              This grip contains memory foam, providing great comfort to your hands and cradling them nicely.

                              The designers behind this grip were very considerate because this grip has a pattern that allows for air to pass within your hands, even whilst you have a tight grip. 

                              Allowing you to keep your hands cool.

                              It’s easy to apply, remove, and reposition. With no residue at all.

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                              5. Docking station

                              You need a place to store your PS4 but I’m not talking about shoving it in a cabinet.

                              Instead, why not give it a home? A docking station perhaps?

                              You can easily mount your PS4/PS4 Slim/Pro console in a vertical stand. 

                              This stand will also cool down your console without making a bunch of noise. 

                              A lot of people have complained about the PS4 sounding like a jet engine because it constantly overheats. This will solve the problem. 

                              If you don’t want the cooler on, just turn it off at the press of a button.

                              It’s also capable of charging 2 controllers. 

                              This is a lifesaver if you’re constantly running out of power and forget to charge it. 

                              If you constantly lose your controllers, this is a great way to know exactly where they are.

                              If that wasn’t enough, it’s also able to store 12 games. This docking station is durable and will last you years to come. 

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                              6. Carrying case

                              If you travel a lot and want to take your gaming experience with you, we’d highly recommend you get a dedicated carrying case.

                              Don’t risk your console in a standard carrier bag or backpack. You need something dedicated to carrying this fairly delicate console.

                              You’ll be pleased to know this case is reinforced with a shell and padded interiors.

                              So you can drop this or hit in between something and know your console is still safe.

                              This isn’t just going to carry the console but also the controllers, wires, and other accessories like headsets.

                              You get a place to store your console, a customizable accessory compartment, and a zipped pocket. 

                              This has padded shoulder pads, so you can just sling it over your shoulder and not worry about tiring your shoulder out or bruising them.

                              And with all that, you get a massive 3 year warranty!

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                              7. Blue light filter glasses

                              I don’t know about you, but for me, health is a major priority. I want to look after myself, especially my eyes. 

                              They’re of course, priceless and can never be replaced.

                              That’s why you should consider investing in some blue light filter glasses. 

                              You see, when you’re looking at the screen all the time, you get blurry vision, itchy eyes, and headaches.

                              To avoid this, a blue light filter is highly recommended. 

                              We’ve picked out glasses that block 90% of harmful blue light. 

                              If you ever plan on leaving the house with these on, you’ll be pleased to know they come in different styles.

                              Also, these are designed to fit a range of head shapes.

                              So if you’re looking to game a lot and want to keep your eyes in tip-top condition, make sure to get yourself a pair of these.

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                              8. Gaming Headset

                              If you’re trying to find a gaming headset that will allow you to experience incredible amounts of detail, look no further.

                              This headset will allow you to hear the bass booms and quiet whispers. It has a 7.1 surround sound. 

                              Allowing you to hear everything surrounding you in-game. Increasing your immersion and overall experience.

                              If you like to play first person shooters, this is a must-have feature because you’ll be able to hear enemy footsteps.

                              You can easily chat with your friends with the hidden microphone. This microphone isn’t going to make you sound like Beyonce but it gets the job done.

                              These are super comfortable. The cups are nice and thick to snug your ears but not too thick where you feel hot. 

                              It has a nice, minimalist style to it. It’s sleek and will be a great addition to your PS4 battle station.

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                              9. Skin

                              A cool skin for your PS4 and controller is a nice way to add to your PS4 gaming station. I personally like the minimal wooden style skins.

                              It’s also an easy way to prevent scratches and keep your console in mint condition.

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                              10. Game capture card

                              Looking to start a YouTube channel? Then you need to start with a game capture card.

                              We’ve gone with the Elgato game capture card. It’s the most popular card on the market.

                              You can both record and stream your games in 1080p at 60FPS.

                              When recording gameplay, you’ll be able to see footage of your game on a different screen (on your 2nd monitor). 

                              Making it so easy to see what’s going into the recorded version.

                              Simply record your game, then edit and upload it on your PC. It’s that simple.

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                              11. Racing wheels

                              If you play racing games or you want to get into them, the PS4 controller just isn’t going to do it.

                              One of the reasons why I didn’t like racing games is because it felt so boring, no matter how good the graphics were.

                              To solve this issue you need a gaming wheel and peddles. 

                              We’ve gone with a high quality racing wheel and paddles. The wheel turns 1080 degrees, making it more like a real car wheel.

                              The buttons are built into the wheel, as well as triggers, making it easy for you to make certain actions like press boost.

                              You get realistic force feedback when doing things like speeding up, boosting, and crashing. 

                              The wheel is rubber coated, has a nice amount of weight to it and makes for a comfortable wheel.

                              The peddles are durable and have a nice amount of tactile feedback to them.

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                              12. Soundbar

                              Gaming with headphones can make for an epic experience, but there are times when you just want to take them off. 

                              No matter how good the headphones/headset is. That’s why we’d recommend a soundbar.

                              The one we’ve gone with produces a theater-like experience. Have a deep bass and crystal clear highs. 

                              Vocals also sound crisp and clear. 

                              It’s got a built in subwoofer which creates a surround sound experience. 

                              A built in subwoofer not only saves you space but also money.

                              This can easily sit on a shelf, desk or be mounted on the wall. Easily connecting to your TV, PC or laptop. 

                              This sound bar is slim, sleek, and modern. It’s the ideal style to have in your PS4 Setup. 

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                              13. Arcade controller

                              Do you enjoy arcade style fighter games? Do you like playing them competitively? 

                              Then you have to get this epic arcade controller.

                              The arcade controller we’ve gone with was designed for enthusiasts in mind.

                              After years and years of testing, Razer finally decided to release the Panthera Street Fighter joystick.

                              This tournament grade fighting machine is fully moddable. You can change the joystick and buttons to suit your playstyle.  

                              The buttons are high quality and incredibly tactile. 

                              If you want to bring back that classic arcade gaming experience, then look no further.

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                              14. PS Vita

                              is ps vita worth it

                              The PS Vita has to be the most underrated console of all time.

                              There are so many reasons to own a Vita. We decided to add it to this list because of the remote play feature.

                              With remote play, you can play your PS4 games on the Vita.

                              Let’s say your son wants to watch TV and you’re playing on the PS4. 

                              You don’t have to tell him no. You can simply activate the remote play option and play the exact same game on the Vita.

                              Everybody wins!

                              You can find a cheap Vita on the Facebook market place or eBay. 

                              I believe the Vita will become pretty expensive and rare in a few years time because not many people had it. It’s going to become a collector’s item.

                              So this could be an asset for you.

                              Of course, the Vita has its own massive library. My faves were Gravity Rush, Uncharted Golden Abyss, and Killzone Mercenary.

                              If you’re looking for friends to play with, you can simply check out some Facebook groups like PS Vita Gamers Unite. There’s a bunch of Vita enthusiasts there.

                              Read our post on, is the PS Vita worth it?


                              So those were the best gaming accessories for PS4. We tried to gather the accessories which would increase your gaming experience. 

                              Essentials that you couldn’t live without.

                              Which ones are you going to get?


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