11 Best Gaming Accessories for Tablets (Must Have Essentials)

Best Gaming Accessories for Tablets

Are you looking for the best gaming accessories for tablets?

Well you’ve come to the right place because that’s exactly what we’ll be going over in this post.

We’ve carefully researched and handpicked the best gaming accessories for your tablet.

 Accessories that will enhance the experience and improve your overall quality of gaming.

Let’s get straight into it…

            Stylus Pen
              Portable charger
                SteelSeries Controller
                  Blue light blocking glasses
                    Noise canceling headset
                      Fiber thumb covers

                        1. Controller

                        Check Price of the Controller

                        Gaming directly on your tablet has so many downsides to it.

                        First of all, fatigue. It can get really tiring holding your tablet up. 

                        You’re also not going to be very accurate when it comes to gaming.

                        And if you’re serious about winning your games, then you’re going to need as much screen room possible.

                        This means removing your hands from the screen and getting a dedicated controller.

                        The gaming tablet controller we’ve chosen is one of the highest rated you’ll find on Amazon. 

                        After a lot of research, we found not many gaming tablet controllers were very good except this one.

                        This controller fits your hands nicely. You can wrap your hands around it and feel comfortable for long playing sessions. 

                        Its grips are made from rubber, preventing your hands from slipping when they get sweaty. 

                        You can place both your mobile phone or tablet within the bracket.

                        It supports 5-10inch devices. If you have a bigger tablet, you’ll find a solution to it in a moment. 

                        Most games you’ll want to play will be supported by this accessory. 

                        You can map the button and actions you like through the app.

                        This controller supports wireless connection 6-8 meters away. Its built-in rechargeable battery provides up to 20 hours of continuous use. 

                        2. Joystick

                        Check Price of the Joystick

                        If you’re playing mobile games without ever tried a joystick. Many customers have been raving about this product and how useful it is.

                        This item basically gives you a nice little controller experience in an incredibly compact form. 

                        When using the touch screen for moving around your character, it’s just mediocre.

                        You don’t think much of it.

                        That’s probably why you have never thought of this product because you don’t realize how much of a difference it can make to your tablet gaming experience.

                        You just put this little joystick onto your device and BOOM! You’ve now got a dedicated analog stick. 

                        There’s no need for you to press down your screen and tire your thumb.

                        This stick is sensitive and will respond a lot better than the touch screen.

                        It’s got an anti-sweat rubber material so your thumb won’t be slipping when you sweat. 

                        You can easily put it on your screen and just as easily take it off. It won’t leave any residue or scratches. 

                        No wires, charging or Bluetooth needed. Just stick it on your screen and you’re good to go. 

                        Give yourself superior control and comfort in gaming when you get these.

                        3. Stand

                        Check Price of the Stand

                        A stand is something that many people overlook when it comes to gaming on your tablet.

                        You need something that’s going to stand it up if you plan on gaming with a controller.

                        If you’re gaming without a stand then you’re probably using something like a book to try and stand it up straight.

                        This isn’t ideal and it’s pretty annoying when your tablet slips in the middle of a game. 

                        We picked a very specific stand. This is a flexible long armed stand.

                        You simply mount the clip somewhere like your bed or desk. 

                        Then you can attach your tablet inside and have your hands freed as well as a relaxing gaming session. 

                        So if you want to kick back and game, this is a must have.

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                        4. Triggers

                        Check Price of the Triggers

                        Do you play fast pace shooters like Fortnite and PUBG? Then you know every millisecond counts when reacting to an enemy.

                        These specific triggers are aimed at making you better with shooters. Users have described these triggers the same as a keyboard press…

                        …it’s quick, responsive, and smooth.

                        The triggers are comfortable to hold and your hands won’t get tired.

                        If you’re serious about winning shooter styles games, this accessory isn’t negotiable. You need it!

                        5. Speakers

                        Check Price of the Speakers

                        One of the reasons why movie theaters are so popular is because the sound they have in there completely changed the experience.

                        The same goes for gaming. Sound can completely change your gaming experience.

                        We made sure to go with these highly reviewed, affordable, and epic sounding Bluetooth speakers. 

                        They’re one of the highest rated on Amazon.

                        With the 12w of audio power, the bass sounds like thunder. You get deeper and fuller sounds coming through. 

                        Gaming is much more satisfying when the audio quality is epic.

                        You can easily pair this to your tablet and use them for up to 24 hours until they need a recharge. So battery life is no issue here.

                        If you tend to travel outdoor or you’re clumsy like me, you’ll be pleased to know these are waterproof.

                        6. Stylus Pen

                        Check Price of the Stylus Pen

                        Do you plan on playing games where you have to do precise things like cut rope or artistic games?

                        Then you’re going to want a stylus. We were looking for a stylus pen and the Apple pens are just too damn expensive!

                        That’s why we’ve gone with an inexpensive option that still holds the features you need.

                        It sits comfortably between your fingers and evenly distributes the weight. 

                        This is made from silicone which allows it to be lightweight and allows for a light touch.

                        If you drop it, it won’t shatter because of the silicone material. But that’s not to say this pen is soft. In fact, it’s solid but has a soft touch.

                        You’ll be able to precisely design, touch, mark whatever you want. It looks sleek and stylish.

                        You won’t find a cheaper stylus pen than this with the same quality.

                        7. Portable charger

                        Check Price of the Portable charger

                        Are you gaming on the go? Then a portable charger is a must.

                        You don’t need to be next to a socket to charge your tablet. In fact, you could just be in your tent, plane, bus etc. and still game away.

                        This is a fast charger meaning it’s going to charge your device faster than your standard/original charger. 

                        It has a dual output so you can be charging multiple devices on the go.

                        It has a reliable Li-polymer cell. Meaning the battery is much more reliable than Li-ion chargers which are most batteries. 

                        The battery will last longer, won’t explode and will take much longer to deplete the life of the battery.

                        It’s not going take up much space, in fact, this is the same size as an iPhone. So it’s lightweight and easy to take on the go.

                        The best part?

                        You get 2 of these! Oh and it’s super affordable.

                        8. SteelSeries Gaming Controller

                        Check Price of the SteelSeries Controller

                        So we’ve mentioned a controller above and that’s great if you don’t have a stand for your tablet.

                        But now we’ve mentioned a great stand in this guide, you can get this great controller to use with it.

                        SteelSeries gives you a Nimbus and Stratus version of this controller.

                        The Nimbus version is compatible with your IOS device (iPad). And the Stratus version is compatible with Android.

                        With the layout, D-pad, buttons, triggers and analog stick, this feels similar to an Xbox controller.

                        The buttons and triggers feel tactile and give you a nice amount of feedback.

                        On a full charge, this controller will last up to 40+ hours. That’s so many gaming sessions before you need to charge it again.

                        9. Blue light blocking glasses

                        Check Price of the Blue light blocking glasses

                        When we look at a screen, there’s blue light coming from it.

                        As time goes on, your eyes will get irritated. You’ll start to feel fatigued and stressed. Blue light can cause headaches and lead to sleep deprivation.

                        Overall, blue light is bad for your health.

                        That’s why we’ve picked out a great pair of blue light blocking glasses.

                        These glasses will block 90% of harmful blue lights. When you put these on there’s none to minimal amounts of color distortion.

                        Also, there no magnifying effect when you put these on.

                        These glasses suit both male and female users. Its frame is strong and won’t break on minor impact. 

                        These cover a large field of vision and comfortably fit both large or small heads.

                        10. Noise canceling headset

                        Bose QuietComfort 35
                        Check Price of the Noise canceling headset

                        Speakers are nice but when you really want to win a game or just get lost, a solid noise canceling headset will do the trick.

                        The sound on this is incredible. When you’re playing and attacking things with your sword/gun, it gives nice bass feedback. 

                        Adding some oomph when you do things.

                        Vocal also sound nice. They’re crystal clear and exactly what you’d expect.

                        The last thing you want is an uncomfortable headset when gaming. 

                        You’ll be pleased to know you can game for hours without this causing your ears to hurt.

                        You also get a noise canceling mic built-in. What does this mean?

                         It means when you game, your background noise won’t be heard or will be minimized.

                        Allowing for a more pleasant experience for your friends.

                        This headset is wireless and will last up to 20+ hours of listening time. Which is more than enough for a few gaming sessions.

                        11. Fiber thumb covers

                        Check Price of the Fiber thumb covers

                        Do you play games where there are a lot of actions and your thumb ends up touching the screen all the time?

                        Then your screen probably has grease and sweat marks all over it. You’ll be pleased to know there’s an easy fix for this…

                        …fiber thumb covers.


                        It’s exactly what it sounds like. Someone has designed a thumb cover for you made from fiber.

                        This will prevent any sweat and grease touching your screen. 

                        Allowing you to see things clearly and just a more pleasant gaming experience.

                        I don’t know about you but I’m always wiping down my screens and this really helps cut down that time.

                        The fiber is easily picked up by the touch screen because it isn’t very resistant heavy. 

                        Your thumbs won’t get hot because the material is breathable.

                        It’s easy to put on, won’t slip off your thumb because it fits snuggly, and each one is hand made. 

                        So yours will look different from mine. The material is fairly resistant to thumbnails so you don’t have to worry about ripping it.

                        What should I look out for when shopping for tablet accessories?


                        If the accessory makes your gaming experience uncomfortable, throw it out. You don’t need it.

                        The reason why we game is to relax and an accessory that makes you uncomfortable defeats the purpose.

                        Your hands shouldn’t be cramping up because the controller sucks. And the earphones shouldn’t be falling out.

                        The accessory should sit comfortably. Easy for you to use and setup.


                        The accessory should work well with your tablet. The battery shouldn’t be losing its life just after a few uses. 

                        And the accessory shouldn’t be chipping off paint so soon.

                        Most of these accessories are listed on Amazon so you already get a good money back guaranty. 

                        You can also take it a step further and see if there’s a separate manufacturer warranty.


                        You shouldn’t have to pay an arm and a leg for some solid tablet gaming accessories.

                        That’s why we’d recommend you shop around. You’ll be pleased to know that the accessories we’ve listed are all affordable and worth their asking price.

                        Some of these items cost more than others. We’ve listed items that are under 10 bucks and others that go up to a few hundred. 

                        So no matter how much you’re willing to spend, there’s something for you.


                        So those were the best accessories for your tablet.

                        We made sure to do a lot of research when putting this guide together. Only to bring you the very best accessories out there.

                        We also made sure that these accessories were highly rated and affordable.


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