12 Best Gaming Chair Accessories [Must Have]

Are you looking for the best gaming chair accessories?

Well you’ve come to the right place because that’s exactly what we’ll be going over.

We’ve researched a bunch of different gaming chair accessories and listed only the best ones.

Polycarbonate Office Carpet Chair Mat
  • Protects your floor
  • Easy to clean
  • Solid grip with smooth glide
Mountain Rug’d Chair Mat
  • Protects your floor
  • Multiple design options that look stunning
  • Rubberized bottom for extra grip
Adjustable Under Desk Footrest
  • Makes sitting more comfortable and improves posture
  • Massages feet
  • Adjustable
Everlasting Comfort Office Foot Rest
  • Made from high quality memory foam
  • Mimics the same shape as your feet for incredible comfortability
EcoLifeDay Chair armrest Pads
  • Comfortable and relieves elbow pain
  • Easy to attach
  • Does not slip and it’s easy to clean
Aloudy Ergonomic Memory Foam
  • Thick padding
  • Relieves pressure
  • Washable
Office Chair Cover Computer Chair
  • Fits multiple sizes
  • Quality fabric
  • Washable and easy to install
Melanovo Computer Office Chair Covers
  • Lots of designs to choose from
  • Fits lots of types of chairs
  • Easy to install
Memory foam pillow
  • 100% pure memory foam
  • Adjust the tightness
  • Stays in place
Head Neck Rest Cushion
  • Mimics the shape of your neck
  • Relieves neck and shoulder pain
  • Breathable and washable
Eureka Ergonomic gaming desk
  • Plenty of space
  • Sturdy
  • LED lighting and bonus accessories
Vitesse Gaming Desk
  • 55 inches long
  • Sturdy construction
  • Mouse mat that covers the entire surface

Chair mat

If you’re worried about your floor scratching, a chair mat can get rid of this problem.

1. Polycarbonate Office Carpet Chair Mat

Check Price of the Polycarbonate Office Carpet Chair Mat

Impact resistant

You can easily roll around this carpet and walk all over it without the slightest worry of it breaking. You can smoothly glide over it without one side curling.

Easy to clean

As time goes on, you would have stamped on it so many times. It would have taken a lot of the dirty that comes from your foot. 

And you would have probably spilled some things on it. You’ll be pleased to know that because of its polycarbonate material it’s easy to wipe clean.


When you’re rolling around on your chair, this mat won’t curl. It has a strong grip at the bottom that prevents it from curling up.

Will easily be rolled out

As soon as you take this out of the packaging and lay it flat, it’ll automatically roll out. 

You don’t have to wait for weeks for it to fully flaten.

High density

This mat is half an inch thick and dense. This in turn prevents your chair from sinking into the mat.

2. Mountain Rug’d Chair Mat

Check Price of the Mountain Rug’d Chair Mat

Woven polyester

This rug is woven out of polyester. So it’s pretty solid and your chair won’t sink in. 

It’s 1/4 inch thick and is designed specifically for wooden surfaces. You’ll have no issue rolling your gaming chair around this tightly woven polyester.

Multiple designs

The reason why we chose this rug is because of the designs. 

If you don’t want a plain looking floor mat and instead, something that compliments your room, this is for you. 

There are a whopping 27 designs for you to choose from. So we’re sure you’ll find something that suits your setup.

Rubberised bottom

This mat won’t scrunch up thanks to its rubberised bottom. So you can roll up and don’t without an issue.

Foot rest

One of the things I wish I did sooner with my setup was to get a foot rest. 

It was such a minor thing that has a major impact on my comfortability.

3. Adjustable Under Desk Footrest

Check Price of the Adjustable Under Desk Footrest

Improves posture

One of the things that will improve your posture and keep your spine healthy is your feet placement. 

If your feet are placed in a certain manner, this has a direct impact with your back. A good foot rest helps with blood circulation and relieves tension from your legs. 

So when you come home from a long day of work, a good foot rest can help with that.

Height and tilt adjustable

You can easily adjust the height to your liking. It can go from 4.3 inches to 6.7 inches. Allowing for optimal comfortability.

Massage textured surface

There are little like rubber balls on the surface. This helps to massage your feet and relieve tension. Ultimately, taking comfortability to another level.


The bottom part of this is made from a non-slip material. So when you put your feet on here to relax and stretch, it won’t go anywhere.

Pre assembled

When this arrives, you can simply take it out of the box and start using it. No assembly required.

4. Everlasting Comfort Office Foot Rest

Comfort Office Foot Rest
Check Price of the Everlasting Comfort Office Foot Rest

If you want a softer foot rest, then look no further…

Memory Foam

This footrest is fully made from memory foam. 

It’s not super soft to the point your feet will sink in but not super firm to the point it’s no longer comfortable. It’s somewhere in the middle.

Teardrop design

This footrest is made from a tear drop design. Allowing it to mimic the same shape as your feet and increasing the comfortability.

Heat response

The memory foam responds to the heat of your body. Allowing it to mold into the perfect shape for your feet. Taking it to a whole new level of comfort.

Non slip

The bottom is made from rubber and won’t slip when you put your feet on it.

Lifetime guarantee

The creators behind this have given you a lifetime replacement warranty. 

If anything goes wrong you can easily get a replacement. So you know it’s money well spent.

Padded armrest

5. EcoLifeDay Chair armrest Pads

Check Price of the EcoLifeDay Chair armrest Pads

Pain relief

If you’re suffering from elbow pains, a well padded armrest can solve the issue. 

These pads are made from a soft polyester and high density memory foam. So you can rest your elbows on here and feel relieved.

Suits most chairs

This will suit most gaming chairs because the material can be stretched. It’s 9.8 inches long, 3 inches wide, and 1.2 inches thick.

The fabric is incredibly durable and can take a beating. It will last for years to come.

Non slip

When you lean your arms on the pads you will feel it has a soft touch which feels incredibly nice. 

However, your arms won’t slip no matter how much weight you add.

Easy to clean

The fabric is easy to clean. Simply put it in the washer and hang it to dry.

6. Aloudy Ergonomic Memory Foam

Check Price of the Aloudy Ergonomic Memory Foam

Here are some more arm pads but these ones are bigger and thicker…


These arm pads are 9.5 inches long, 4.5 inches wide, and 1.5 inches thick. 

You can put your arms on here without them sinking in and they’re not too firm where your arms are sore.

Relieves pressure

These will relieve pressure from your elbows and forearms. 

Allowing you to have a more comfortable gaming experience and game for longer.

Premium quality

These are 100% made from memory foam and have a velvet polyester finish. You can rely on these to relieve tension and last for years to come.


Let’s face it, things get dirty and this is no exception. 

That’s why you’re able to take the top bit off and give them a wash. After you’re done washing them, just leave them to dry.

Chair cover

Is your gaming chair getting old and looks in terrible shape? Then you want to get a chair cover. 

Are you afraid of getting your gaming chair dirty? Then why not protect it with a cover? 

If you got cats, this is a great way to protect your chair from their paws.

7. Office Chair Cover Computer Chair

Check Price of the Office Chair Cover Computer Chair

Fits multiple sizes

This cover stretches and is able to cover a variety of sizes. 

It has a zipper to help tighten it up and really make it attached to your chair. This prevents the cover from folding up and falling off.

Quality fabric

The fabric has a nice texture, it’s incredibly soft when you touch it. However, you won’t be slipping off it if that’s what you’re worried about.

The material is breathable, so when you sit on it, you won’t be sweating. 

It’s also water resistant, so if you spill something on it, not a lot of liquid will be able to get through.


This cover is machine washable or you can just wash it with your hands. However, don’t use bleach. It’s a durable cover and difficult to crinkle.

8. Melanovo Computer Office Chair Covers

Check Price of the Melanovo Computer Office Chair Covers

Multiple designs

If you’re looking for a chair cover that has more design options available, then look no further. 

This has 22 design options available and we’re sure you’ll at least like one of them.


This will easily fit multiple gaming chairs due to its stretchy fabric. But make sure to check out how much it can stretch to.


This is 100% made from polyester. So it’s soft to the touch and durable. Also, you won’t be slipping off your chair.

Easy to install

This is super easy to put on your chair. You simply have to wrap it around your chair and it will stay on.


These covers are super affordable. You won’t be breaking the bank when you purchase one.

Neck Pillow

Sometimes it’s nice to lay back on your chair and relax. If you’re looking to get even more comfortable, check out this neck pillow…

9. Memory foam pillow

Check Price of the Memory foam pillow

100% pure memory foam

This is 100% made from pure memory foam. 

Allowing you maximum comfortability. The cover is also soft, it feels amazing on your skin.


There’s a rope on this neck rest which allows you to adjust the tightness. So if it’s too tight you can loosen it. 

Or if it’s not tight enough, you can of course, tighten it. This will fit you no matter who you are.

Stays in place

This has the ideal curves so it won’t fall out of place or shift around. Holding your neck in place and preventing any soreness or fatigue.

Washable cover

After you wear it a few times, it may begin to smell. You’ll be pleased to know you can easily take the cover off and wash it.

10. Head Neck Rest Cushion

Check Price of the Head Neck Rest Cushion

If your chair’s headrest just isn’t doing the trick, we’d highly recommend this…

Perfectly supports your neck

The designers of this neck rest have fully considered the curve of your neck and made sure this could accommodate that. 

Perfectly wrapping around the neck from 3 different sides. This will help relieve neck and shoulder pain.

Height adjustable

Thanks to the band, you can adjust this to 3 different heights. The elasticity helps hold the position you adjusted this to in place.


It material is breathable so when you lift your neck off it, it won’t be left with sweat.


You can easily remove the cover and give it a wash when it gets dirtied.


So you’ve got a nice gaming chair, what about a nice desk to go with it?

11. Eureka Ergonomic gaming desk

Check Price of the Eureka Ergonomic gaming desk

Plenty of space

There’s plenty of surface space on this desk to fit your monitors, mouse, keyboard, and other accessories. 

You also get plenty of leg space to stretch freely and even store some stuff beneath.


The surface is made from a sleek carbon fiber texture which feels good and hard to scratch. 

Its top is solid and fairly thick. The legs are made from metal and aligned in a Z shaped. 

Allowing it to easily hold your setup and prevent any wobbling.

Lots of accessories

If you’re clumsy like me, you end up spilling drinks all over the place. 

You’ll be pleased to know this desk has a designated cup holder to prevent that. 

You also get a headphone hook so you finally have a designated place to put it. You also get a game holder where you can hold some games and controllers. 

Also, you get a free large mouse mat.

LED lighting

What we really love about this desk is the LED lighting. This is going to take your setup to a whole new level.

Easy to assemble

This desk is super easy to assemble. When you go to their sales page, there’s an in-depth tutorial showing you how to put this desk together step by step.

12. Vitesse Gaming Desk

Vitesse Gaming Desk Racing Style
Check Price of the Vitesse Gaming Desk


This desk measures in at 55 inches long. That’s plenty of space to fit your monitors as well as your mouse and keyboard. 

You could even fit a decent amount of accessories on here if you’d like. There’s also plenty of space beneath the desk to spread your legs and stretch.

Mouse mat

The creators give you a massive mouse mat with this desk. It’s so big it covers the entire desk. 

So if you’ve ever been afraid of running out of space whilst using your mouse, that’s no longer an issue. 

It’s also a well designed mouse mat. It will pick up your mouse easily and allow it to glide freely but also whilst maintaining control.

Sturdy construction

The top on this desk is high in density, meaning it’s incredibly solid. 

Its legs are made from metal to support the top board, this allows you to put on plenty of weight. It’s easily able to support your monitors, peripherals, and extras.

Cup holder and headphone hook

In case you spill your drink like we all do, you now get a designated place for it. This desk comes with a cup holder. There’s also a headphone hook.

Overall, this is one of the highest rated desks on Amazon to date. It has so many positive reviews. Best of all? This desk won’t cost you a fortune.

What makes a good gaming chair accessory?


First of all, you need to make sure the accessory functions as it’s supposed to. 

There’s no point in getting one that stops working after a few uses or didn’t do its job properly in the first place. 

We’d recommend checking out the reviews to see what others have said.


It’s got to last you a while. So make sure to check out what kind of materials the accessory is made from. 

If it’s got plastic legs, then it’s probably not a good idea to get that particular item. And of course, make sure to check out the reviews. 

See what customers are experiencing to help make your decision.


The accessory should look nice. You don’t want an eye sore in your setup. Sometimes the images aren’t always represented accurately. 

So make sure you check out the reviews to see if any images were posted. That will help a lot. 

Also, keep in mind the lighting can have an effect on appearance.


No one wants to spend an arm and a leg on some gaming chair accessories, so make sure you’re shopping around.


So those were the best gaming chair accessories out there currently. We made sure to include a variety of different accessories and items.

These extras were well researched and we made sure to bring you the best and highest rated items out there.


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