4 Best Gaming Chairs for Wooden Floors

Best Gaming Chairs for Wooden Floors
  • Glide without scratching
  • Super plush seat
  • Adjustable armrest
Wolf Warriors
  • Smooth rolling
  • Strong frame to support your weight
  • 180 degree tilt mechanism
Spiderman gaming chair
  • Premium PU wheels
  • Supports your spine health
  • Footrest
  • Soft touch wheels
  • USB powered massage lumbar pillow
  • Looks stunning

So you’ve got some beautiful hardwood floors but you’re afraid of getting a chair because it could damage the wood.

Well you’ll be pleased to know that in this post, we’ll be going over the best gaming chairs for wooden floors.

We’ve picked out only the best and highest rated chairs. Making sure you get the best bang for your buck.

1. NOUHAUS Velour Office Chair (Our #1 Pick)

NOUHAUS Velour Office Chair
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Rollerblade caster wheels

This gaming chair was specifically designed to handle your wooden floors It has rollerblade caster wheels. They’re smooth and allow you to effortlessly glide around without scratching your floors.

Super plush seat

There’s a soft micro velvet cushion for your tush. You won’t be wearing out the cushion even after hours of use. With this chair, you’re able to game comfortably for long periods of time.

Adjustable armrests

You can adjust the arm rests up and down. This way you can get the optimal position for your desk.

Holds up to 240 lbs

It has a strong frame and can hold up to 240lbs. The strong frame supports your spine well and allows it to be put in the correct position. Alleviating tension and increasing comfortability

5 year warranty

With this chair, you get a whopping 5 year guarantee! That’s insane. So if anything goes wrong, you can get it fixed. Now that’s what I call value for money.

2. Wolf Warriors gaming chair

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Updated universal wheels

This has updated universal wheels. Meaning it will protect your wooden floors from being scratched. These wheels have been increased in size so your rolling will be smoother and uses less of your energy.

Strong frame

It has a strong metal frame and sturdy design. Due to its electrostatic spray treatment, it’s rust-proof. The metal’s thickness is greater than the industry standard.

Lumbar and head support

The last thing you want is a messed-up back. And trust me, I know how that feels, I’ve been to the chiropractor many times. 

That’s why there’s a lumbar cushion to help support your back. You also get a head rest. So when you feel tired you can kick-back.

180 degree tilt mechanism

This has 180 degrees of tilt. Allowing you to go back to the point you’re laying flat on the chair. So if you really want to get some use out of that head rest, kicking-back and taking a nap is one way to do it.

Easy to assemble

A common theme you’ll find amongst reviewers is how easy this chair is to assemble. The instructions are super easy to follow.

3. Spiderman gaming chair

Spiderman gaming chair
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Premium PU Wheels

This gaming chair comes with premium PU wheels. What does this mean? It means the wheels are fairly soft and work well with soft floors or floors that get scratched easily. 

This is great news if you have a wooden floor. You can rest knowing you won’t be able to scratch it with these wheels.

Great for your back

Users have reported how well this supports your back. One user reported how his office work was really hurting his back because their chairs weren’t good for your posture. 

And when he tried this gaming chair, it helped get rid of his spine issues.


You can recline this back up to 180 degrees. Allowing for multiple seating positions. This is great if you want to kick-back and relax when playing a game.

Adjustable armrest

The right arm height can affect your spine. If it’s not at the right height, you’ll find yourself leaning in and hurting your neck. 

That’s why this armrest is adjustable so you can get the optimal height for yourself.

Foot rest

One of the reasons why we love this so much is because of the comfortability factor. The creators have taken it a step further and included a footrest. And when you’re done using it, you can slide it back so it’s out of the way.

Sturdy frame

This is made from a steel frame with a thickness of 1.5mm with anti-corrosive coating. The premium PU leather is resistant to water, fading, and scratches.

1 year warranty

There’s a 30 day money back guarantee. So you can give this gaming chair a good shot to see if you like it. And you also get a 1 year warranty. So if anything goes wrong, you can easily get a replacement.

4. HEALGEN Gaming Chair

Check Price of the HEALGEN

PU caster wheels

You’ll be pleased to know these wheels are PU caster wheels. Meaning they have a soft touch and won’t be damaging your wooden floors. 

So you can roll around freely without that stress in your mind.

USB powered massage lumbar pillow

We love that the creators have taken comfortability to another level and have included a massage lumbar pillow. 

It’s powered via a USB cable so it won’t take a lot of power. (Read their description if they still include it)

Premium make

This is made from a high-quality PU leather, it’s easily cleaned and is fade resistant. Its base is sturdy and can hold up to 350 lbs.


This gaming chair reclines 90 – 135 degrees. Allowing for multiple seating positions and a more comfortable experience.


We love how this chair looks. It looks super slick and futuristic. It has a nice color and will suit your room.

5 year warranty

This comes with an incredible 5 year warranty. By the time 5 years is up you may have already given this chair to someone else as a gift. 

That’s plenty of time for you to get this chair fixed in-case anything happens like the arm breaks. You can easily get a replacement with this massive warranty.

Can rolling chairs be used on hardwood floors?

Yes, rolling chairs can be used on hardwood floors. As long as the wheels are fairly soft and don’t have things sticking out, you won’t damage your hardwood floors. 

You can take it a step further and get a chair mat for an extra layer of protection.

How do you protect wooden floors from rolling chairs?

You can protect your wood floors from rolling chairs by replacing the wheels with rubberized ones or getting a mat. 

You can add the rubber yourself by glueing them onto your wheels. Or you could order separate ones online. With a mat, you take your protection to the next level. 

This way you have a pretty thick layer of protection from the chair wheels to the wooden floors.

Do I need a chair mat on hardwood?

You only need a chair mat on hardwood if your chair’s wheels are rough. If it’s plastic and has things sticking out from it due to use, there’s a good chance it will damage your hardwood. 

A chair mat is a good way to protect your hardwood floors from rough chair wheels. If your wheels are covered in rubber your hardwood most likely won’t be scratched. 

However, if there’s something beneath the wheel like a pebble and it gets stuck beneath the wheel, when you roll around it’s going to scratch your floor severely. 

So it’s best practice using a chair mat.

Which chair mat do I get?

There are many options available. 

We’d recommend a chair mat that doesn’t slide or scrunch-up when you roll around. It should be easy to roll your chair around and it should be fairly thick. 

You can get plastic, glass or fabric mats, it all depends on your taste. There are different styles to choose from to match your room. 

For example you could get a Persion rug themed chair mat if that’s what you’re into. If you’re looking for a minimalist setup, you could get a plain white fabric mat. The options are endless.


So those were the best gaming chairs for wooden floors.

It was difficult to compile this list because there aren’t many gaming chairs that specifically make their wheels wood friendly. 

However, we did find a few and only picked out the best ones.

We were vigorous and went into depth with our research. Making sure you get the best gaming chair for your wooden floor.


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