7 Best Gaming Chairs with Good Back Support

Best Gaming Chairs with Good Back Support

Are you looking for the best gaming chairs with good back support?

Well you’ve come to the right place because that’s exactly what we’ll be going over.

We’ve made sure to deeply research this topic and bring you only the best chairs. 

Chairs that will give you the best support for your spine and protect your health.

Some will be on the more expensive side and some on a budget.

SIDIZ T50 Marvel Black Panther
    GTRACING Gaming Chair
      FAUNOW hair
        VON RACER Massage
            Wolf Warriors
              Captain America

                1. SIDIZ T50 Chair – Marvel Black Panther Edition

                SIDIZ T50 Chair - Marvel Black Panther Edition
                Check Price of the SIDIZ T50 Marvel Black Panther

                Back support

                Ok, so this isn’t your typical gamer chair looking design. In fact, some people might say it’s not a gamer chair. 

                Well screw them because we believe it is. One major issue with your typical gaming chair is they’re just all about looks and functionality second. 

                It should be the other way around and that’s exactly why we’re mentioning it on this list. 

                You see, most gaming chairs that claim to have great lumbar support just stick a pillow around the waist of the chair and call it a day. 

                Unfortunately, these pillows end-up doing more harm than good because they’re super thick make it uncomfortable. 

                This chair comes in with a built-in back support.It naturally curves to your spines posture and is strong enough to keep your back in the right sitting position. 

                Without feeling forced. It helps you stay comfortable all day long.


                One thing you won’t find amongst other gaming chairs is a mesh material. 

                Why not? 

                No idea. Is it really that hard to design one? 

                We don’t think so. You’ll be pleased to know the back of this chair is made from mesh. 

                Allowing your body to breathe and prevent sweating from all the intense games you have.


                This chair is made from vibranium. 

                Just kidding… it’s made from an aluminium frame. 

                This allows the chair to be both lightweight and durable. The materials have a soft touch but are really strong. 

                It’s going to be an item which will last you for years to come.

                Different tilting angles

                You’re able to tilt this chair to 5 different angles and lean to the degree you’d like. 

                You can also change the seat position.

                Adjustable armrest

                The armrests are adjustable, allowing you to get the optimal height for your desk.


                Did I mention this was a Blank Panther themed chair? 

                Well it is! It looks super sleek and sexy. The design isn’t too in your face or completely out of touch, it’s somewhere in the middle.

                2. GTRACING Gaming Chair

                Check Price of the GTRACING Gaming Chair

                Lots of padding

                There’s plenty of padding all around this chair. Everything is snugg and has plenty of cushion. But it’s not too much cushion where you’re seeping into the chair. 

                It’s soft and at the same time firm. 

                It has a lumbar cushion support and you can adjust the height of it. The lumbar pillow is a little on the thick side so it could be a hit or miss for you. 

                In terms of comfortability, many people have said it checks that box. Allowing you to game for hours.

                Strong frame

                It has a strong metal frame and can support a good amount of weight. This strong frame allows you to sit in the correct position without slouching. 

                It’s made from smooth PU leather so it won’t easily rip. This chair can take a beating and still function as it should.

                Armrest and seat-height adjustable

                The armrest and seat are both height adjustable. Allowing you to get the correct height for your desk. 

                This in turn helps with posture because with the correct height you don’t have to lean over and injure your back.

                Easy to assemble

                Because this is one of the most popular gaming desks out there, the creators have made it super easy to assemble. 

                You get an easy to follow guide and can set it up on your own.


                You won’t have to dish-out lots of money to get this chair. It comes in at an affordable price for a chair.

                3. FAUNOW hair

                Check Price of the FAUNOW hair

                Cup holder

                If you’re like me, you’re pretty clumsy and end-up spilling drinks. This can be expensive if you end-up spilling drinks on your desk, all over your electronics. 

                That’s why there’s a cup holder on the side of this chair to prevent these things from happening.


                It’s made from PU leather. Allowing your butt to sit comfortably and your spine to be positioned correctly. 

                You can use this chair for gaming, watching movies, working or eating. All whilst doing it comfortably.

                These arms are super easy to adjust to the position you’d like.


                This is a heavy duty gaming chair with a maximum capacity of 330 lbs. Its frame is solid and will last for years to come.

                Value for money

                A common pattern amongst reviewers you’ll find is this chair is value for money. You get a good amount of features at a good price.

                4. VON RACER Massage Gaming Chair

                Check Price of the VON RACER Massage

                USB electric massager

                If you really want to take your comfortability to the next level, you need to consider this chair. 

                It has an electric charger that’s powered via a USB cable and can be turned on/off via a button. 

                It’s made to relieve stiffness from the lower back and does a fantastic job.

                Retractable footrest

                To increase the comfortability, you get a foot rest you can pull out and use. After you’re done, simply retract it back to save space. It’s brilliant.

                Spine support

                There’s a lumbar cushion which isn’t too thick and you can take it off if you’d like.


                This chair has a really slick and modern look. It comes in:

                • Black
                • Blue
                • Red
                • White

                They all look great.

                Easy to assemble

                This chair is super easy to assemble. People are constantly saying in their reviews that it just took 15 minutes to assemble.

                5. GTPOFFICE Gaming Chair

                Check Price of the GTPOFFICE


                This is made from a mesh material. Allowing your body the breath and staying cool during intense games. 

                The last thing you want is to have to take a shower because you’ve been sweating too much. 

                Because of the reduced sweating due to the breathability, it’s better for your skin.

                90 – 160 degree tilt

                You can tilt this forward and backwards 90 – 160 degrees.


                The best thing in the world is to be comfy and game at the same time. And that’s exactly what this chair allows you to do. 

                Your spine will be supported nicely and your bottom is cradled by the chair.

                Metal base

                It’s made from a sturdy metal base. Allowing you to game comfortably without the fear of it collapsing. 

                This chair can support up to a whopping 330 lbs of weight.

                This gaming chair is comfortable, sturdy, easy to build, and great value for money.

                6. Wolf Warriors

                Check Price of the Wolf Warriors

                Foot rest

                If you like to game with your feet up, then you should consider this chair. 

                You pull out the footrest when you want to kick-back and game. After you’re done you can put it back to save some space.

                Solid build

                This has a strong metal frame that will support your spine and keep it in the correct position. It’s made to last and you won’t be disappointed by its durability.

                Thick high density foam

                The PU leather has thick high density foam. Preventing the material from wearing out quickly. 

                The high density foam will support your body comfortably without letting it sink into the foam.


                You can tilt this forwards and backwards 90 – 180 degrees. So if you want to go back with the foot rest out, you can do exactly that.

                1 year warranty

                You get a 1 year free replacement warranty for damaged or defective parts.

                7. Captain America gaming chair

                Captain America gaming chair
                Check Price of the Captain America

                Super comfortable

                This is made from a cold-cure memory foam. Meaning it’s incredibly comfortable and made to allow hours of use at once. All without getting uncomfortable.


                This is wider than your typical gaming chair. Measuring in at 23″ X 22″ inches, it gives space for those with a wider body.

                Super build quality

                This has a maximum weight capacity of 400 lbs! It’s passed thousands of stress tests and can comfortably hold that kind of weight. 

                This is thanks to its 1.5mm thick steel frame. You’ll be pleased to know the frame is coated in anti-corrosive paint. 

                Preventing rust from forming, getting rid of squeaks, and increasing the overall life span. This chair was built from the bottom up to last you for years.


                You can recline this chair back 180 degrees. So whatever your mood, if you feel like gaming, reading, watching TV or resting, there’s a setting for you.

                The arms are also adjustable. You can have them at an angle and adjust them up and down to your liking.

                1 year warranty

                The manufacturers are so confident in their product, they’re giving you a 1 year warranty. What does this mean? 

                It means if this chair stops working in any way, you can get a replacement very easily.

                Also, it’s a chair designed for Marvel fans. It looks incredible. Especially the back part with the shield on.

                What allows a chair to give you good back support…

                Lumbar support

                Having the correct lumbar support is critical to a good back supporting chair. 

                You have 2 options, a built-in support or an external support (a cushion). 

                We would recommend going with a built-in support since it’s a lot more comfortable and durable. 

                Unfortunately, very few gaming chairs offer a built-in back support.

                Adjustable armrest

                The armrest can affect your back. If you’re leaning in because the arm rest isn’t properly adjusted, this puts stress in your spine and neck. 

                So make sure you have an arm rest that can be customized to at least go up and down. Bonus points if they adjust side-to-side.


                So you need something that will cradle your back. So make sure there’s enough padding. 

                The padding should be firm but soft. You don’t want it too soft where you go through the chair and wear it down. 

                And you don’t want the padding too firm to the point it’s uncomfortable. Ideally, you want something in-between.


                So those were the best gaming chairs with good back support.

                It took us a while to compile this list. We made sure to deeply research this topic. 

                Only picking out the chairs that will bring you the best spine health. So chairs don’t cost as much as others but still come in at a decent price.

                We would recommend going with the Black Panther gaming chair. It still has that unique gaming chair feel with the ergonomics of a professional office chair. 

                Finding a gaming chair with great lumbar support is difficult, that’s why we’d recommend this chair.


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