10 Epic Gaming Desks for Bedrooms You’ll Love!

Gaming Desks for Bedrooms

Searching for the best gaming desks for bedrooms?

Well you’re in luck, because that’s exactly what we’ll be going over in today’s post.

We’ve carefully researched and crafted this list of desks. Making sure at least one of these is perfect for your bedroom. 

These desks will have plenty of room to accommodate your peripherals. 

They’re sturdy, well made, and overall, improve your gaming experience.

A couple of these desks carry a hefty price tag but overall, the majority of these are affordable for the average person.

Let’s jump straight into this…

    Need Gaming Desk
      Small Retro Desk
        Monarch Specialties
          Standing desk
            Atlantic Gaming Original
              SZXKT L Shaped Desk
                  Eureka Ergonomic L60
                    Atlantic Viper 3000

                      1. Vitesse Gaming Desk Racing Style
                      Vitesse Gaming Desk Racing Style

                      Check Price of the Vitesse

                      This desk isn’t huge but it’s not small. You could say it’s at the sweet spot when it comes to desk size. 

                      You can fit multiple monitors on here as well as your mouse and keyboard very easily.

                      There’s a big mat which entirely covers the surface of this desk and serves as a mouse pad. It’s high quality and won’t have any creases. 

                      You’ll easily be able to glide your mouse around this and get those precise shots you’ve been looking for.

                      A key feature to a gaming desk is its build quality. Will it be sturdy enough? 

                      You’ll be pleased to know this desk is made from premium density fiberboard and a steel tube frame. So it will hold all the weight you need.

                      There’s a cup holder and a headphone hook for your convenience. 

                      A lot of the time we end up putting our drink on our desk and it stains. 

                      Or worse, we spill it, ruining our expensive equipment. But with this cup holder, your drink isn’t far away and your electronics are protected. 

                      One minor but common issue is putting away our headset. 

                      If you’re currently placing your headset on your monitor, stop it. 

                      You’ll damage the monitor. And putting it in a cabinet can often tangle the wires and sometimes it’s a hassle to reach. 

                      But that issue is solved with this built-in headphone hook.

                      This USB gaming handle rack allows you access to 4 USB ports. 

                      Helping to rid clutter on your desk and allowing for more storage space.

                      Bad cable management can completely kill your gaming setup. 

                      That’s why this monitor comes fully equipped with a storage rack at the back of the desk. 

                      You can easily insert your cables and keep them out of sight.

                      2. Need Gaming Desk
                      Need Gaming Desk

                      Check Price of the Need Gaming Desk

                      A monitor stand can help free up some space and add a little bit of storage beneath the stand. 

                      This stand can support both large and small monitors. 

                      If you don’t want this stand, you can just leave it out when building the desk. There won’t be any holes or marks left.

                      If you’re like me, then the goblins in your head start to go crazy when there’s mess around. 

                      More specifically, mess around the desk… under the desk.

                      Poor cable management really kills the look and feel of your gaming setup. 

                      That’s why there’s a built-in cable storage rack behind the desk where you can insert your wires and power bricks.

                      It’s a fast and easy way to get rid of clutter.

                      If you’re like the 99% of gamers out there, you drink a lot at your desk. 

                      Yes, you’re drinking MoutanDew, I already know it. And you inevitably knock it over with your hand or you make a bunch of noise and the vibration knocks it over. 

                      This has a drop-in cup holder. So you won’t be spilling your drink. 

                      It’s also an arm reach away. You get a headphone hook and controller hanger to keep your gaming gear right next to you.

                      The creators behind this have gone the extra mile to include a mouse pad when you purchase this desk. 

                      More specifically, a mouse pad that lights up. Isn’t that nice?

                      There’s lots of space to place all your gaming gear and the desk is more than strong enough to support all those items. 

                      You can’t go wrong.

                      3. Small Retro Desk
                      Ameriwood Home Haven Retro Desk

                      Check Price of the Small Retro Desk

                      Do you have a very small piece of space to work with as well as a tiny budget but you still want a quality desk?

                      Then you’re going to want to check this out…

                      The desk riser (piece at the top) is what allows this desk to keep extremely compact but allows for an adequate amount of room.

                      Even though this desk is small, it’s made from a solid table top wood and the legs are made from steel. 

                      This isn’t going to be toppling from the weight you put on it, that’s for sure.

                      I love the aesthetic of this desk. The design is so simple but it looks so beautiful. 

                      If you enjoy a minimalist style, this is a must have. We’d highly recommend you check out the reviews.

                      If you’re on a very tight budget, you’ll be pleased to know this is super affordable for anyone.

                      4. Monarch Specialties Monarch Specialties Left or Right Facing Corner Desk

                      Check Price of the Monarch Specialties

                      Looking for more storage space? Then we would highly recommend checking this out.

                      There’s plenty of space with the 2 drawers and 1 filing cabinet. There are 2 small shelves and 2 large ones. 

                      So you can store or display your accessories. You’ll easily be able to fit 3 monitors if that’s what you want.

                      You can build the corner to the left or right, depending on your bedroom. 

                      Overall, this is a good desk if you’re looking for lots of storage and versatility.

                      5. Standing desk

                      Check Price of the Standing desk

                      Do you know what’s more important than gaming? Your health. Our health should be our top priority. 

                      We often forget this when we’re gaming and eating our sugary snacks. 

                      You see, when we sit for long periods of time, it’s bad for our health, more specifically our spine. 

                      That’s why a standing desk is something you need to consider. I’ve got one and it’s great!

                      The standing feature is controlled by dual monitors. 

                      Saving you from having to crank it up. And don’t worry the motors won’t bother you, they’re extremely quiet.

                      What we really love about this standing desk is the memory settings. 

                      Once you have the desk at an optimum height, you can save the setting. Saving you lots of time from having to adjust the height constantly. 

                      Just press the button and you’re good to go. 

                      You don’t have to lighten the load when adjusting the height. 

                      The motors won’t break. You can have all the items on your desk and adjust the height without worrying about if you’re putting too much stress on the motors.

                      There’s plenty of room on this desk to fit your monitors, mouse, keyboard, and a bunch of other accessories.

                      You’ll pay a good chunk of money for this standing desk. That’s why the manufacturer has given you a 7 year warranty. 

                      So if it becomes defective you can easily get it fixed.

                      6. Atlantic Gaming Original

                      Atlantic Gaming Original
                      Check Price of the Atlantic Gaming Original

                      There’s a ton of accessories you get built into this desk.

                      You get a stand that can fit up to 32 inches. Freeing up valuable desk space (you don’t have to attach the monitor stand.

                      There are 2 stands at the side of the desk where you can place your speakers. Allowing for a better audio experience. 

                      There’s a dedicated place for you to charge your phone. 

                      You get a headphone hook and a cup holder to prevent any spilling. There’s a stand for you to place a couple of controllers and games. 

                      Beneath the desk is a basket where you can place your power brick to help with your cable management.

                      This desk can comfortably fit multiple monitors. A reviewer mentioned how they put a monitor mount on the monitor stand and use 2 monitors. 

                      There are dedicated places for multiple accessories and have plenty of room to offer without using lots of room.

                      A common theme you’ll find amongst reviewers is how sturdy this desk is. The table top is light in weight and has sturdy legs to keep it balanced.

                      The surface is laminated with carbon fiber. Making the surface incredibly smooth and the edges are rounded 

                      Overall, this is a good looking desk with lots of features.

                      Oh and it’s not finished just there… This desk comes in at a very affordable price.

                      7. SZXKT L Shaped Desk

                      SZXKT L Shaped Desk
                      Check Price of the SZXKT

                      Do you have lots of room to spare and are looking for a big desk? Then check this out…

                      This is an L shaped desk or corner desk. 

                      You get 2 sides to it, giving you lots of space to play with. One side could be your PC setup and the other your console setup. 

                      Or maybe you could use one side for work. You can easily fit a triple monitor setup with plenty of room to spare.

                      This desk is incredibly sturdy. It has a solid thick table top and steel frame that surrounds it. 

                      And because of the steel frame, the one piece that goes along the desk you can use as a footrest. The desk can support up to 440lbs! 

                      You could have multiple humans standing on here and it wouldn’t be an issue. 

                      So you can easily fit your setup on here without the worry of the desk breaking.

                      It comes in 2 colors:

                      1. Black
                      2. Walnut

                      Both of the colors look fantastic and it will look beautiful in any room.

                      If you’re on a budget and don’t have a lot of money to spend but still want a large, sturdy desk, this is for you.

                      8. Sedeta Gaming Desk

                      Sedeta Gaming Desk
                      Check Price of the Sedeta

                      What really separates this desk from the others is its smart design. 

                      There’s a built in grommet power strip with 3 inputs. This means you no longer have to crawl under the desk to hook up your PC and monitor. 

                      Instead, you can power them from the top of the desk. You just plug this power cable in and attach it to the front of your desk. 

                      From there you can plug-in essential items like monitors and your PC.

                      There’s a built in hutch which increases the height of your monitor. 

                      It will place your screen at a more pleasant viewing angle. It can easily hold dual monitors. 

                      If you want an easy to reach place for your drink and headset, you’ll be pleased to know you can find hooks at the side to place these items.

                      There’s a shelf beneath this desk where you can place your tower and other items. 

                      It’s thick and stable. More than capable of supporting the items you want to place on here. 

                      This desk is easy to assemble and won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

                      Check Price of the Eureka Ergonomic L60

                      9. Eureka Ergonomic L60

                      Check Price of the Eureka Ergonomic L60

                      Are you trying to go all out in your bedroom’s desk setup? Then you need to check out this L shaped gaming desk.

                      This desk is huge. You have plenty of space for monitors, your PC tower, and lots of accessories. It comes in at 60 inches long, giving you plenty of surface space.

                      The table top is solid and is resistant to scratching and friction. It has a cold rolled heavy duty base supporting the top board. It can hold up to 176lbs.

                      You get a tray beneath the desk where you can store your power brick. There’s also a grommet where you can run your cables through.

                      Reviewers have been saying this desk is super easy to assemble. This is because the company has put up an online video tutorial showing you how to assemble it.

                      10. Atlantic Gaming Desk Viper 3000

                      Atlantic Gaming Desk Viper 3000
                      Check Price of the Atlantic Viper 3000

                      This desk is large enough to mount multiple monitors without any issues. 

                      You get enough space for your peripherals like your mouse and keyboard. There’s also a dedicated area for your headset and cup holder.

                      This desk is decorated with blue LEDs. Giving you a nice effect when gaming and increases the immersion. Also, it’s just fun.

                      There’s a little USB station that has 3 slots. You can use this to connect to your computer and then connect your accessories. 

                      There’s also a phone slot where you can charge your phone or tablet.

                      You also get a headphone hook as well as a cup holder to prevent anything spilling on your expensive stuff. 

                      They’re both just an arm reach away.

                      This desk has a thick top and reinforced with 2 steel legs. It has an X design which prevents any wobbling. This is a sturdy desk that will last for years to come.

                      It’s easy to assemble and great value for money.

                      What should I look for when buying a gaming desk for my bedroom?


                      How much room do you have to utilize? Can you get away with having a long desk? Do you even need a long desk? 

                      If not, then you can save some space by getting a smaller desk for your bedroom and use that space for other things. 

                      If you intend on working and gaming on the same desk, it’s worth considering an L shaped desk. 

                      One space will be dedicated to work and the other for your gaming setup.

                      Do you intend on storing a bunch of items? 

                      If that’s the case you may want to consider a desk with some storage options. 

                      If you can’t find a desk you like, you can always buy storage separately. For example, you could get shelves and draws.

                      How long will it last?

                      When shopping for a desk, it’s important that it will last for years to come. 

                      No one wants to spend their hard earned money and let it go to waste. 

                      Just keep in mind that just because something is really cheap it’s not automatically good. 

                      Sometimes it’s worth saving up your money and buying a desk that will really last.

                      You want a gaming desk for your bedroom, a lot of the desks on here are small and as a result won’t cost as much as something that uses more material.


                      Does the desk match your taste? If you’re going to be using it all the time, it’s worth getting a desk that’s nice to look at. 

                      If you have a certain color theme going on in your bedroom you might want to consider getting the same color. Or at least something that compliments it.


                      Make sure to do some price comparisons and shop around. It doesn’t hurt to look elsewhere. 

                      If you can’t find a cheaper price for the desk you wanted, you can always go back. 

                      But as we mentioned before, just because something’s cheaper, doesn’t mean it’s better.


                      So those were the best gaming desks for your bedroom.

                      It took a while for us to compile this list. 

                      We had to make sure these desks hit the right criteria for a bedroom and have an adequate amount of positive reviews.


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