7 Best Gaming Desks for Consoles [PlayStation & Xbox]

Are you looking for the best gaming desks for consoles?

Well you’ve come to the right place. In this post, we’ll be going over desks that are ideal to store multiple consoles. 

Desks that have plenty of space and will last for years to come…

    L Shaped Glass Command Center

                1. Eureka-Ergonomic desk

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                Lots of space

                This is a 60 inch wide carbon fiber textured desktop. 

                There’s plenty of space for you to hook-up multiple monitors and have a console connected to each one. 

                You can also keep the console on top of the desk for easy access. 

                If you like to decorate your desk with different stuff like POP figures, there’s plenty of space for that. 

                Who doesn’t love a gaming desk with some character? You won’t be running out of space anytime soon with this desk.

                Great support

                One of the things this desk is highly praised for is the sturdiness. 

                You’ll never have to worry about if your desk is going to collapse with this. 

                It can support up to 220lbs which is plenty for multiple consoles, monitors, and accessories to go on top.

                RGB lighting

                You can’t have a gaming setup without LEDs. 

                That is why this desk includes RGB LED lights at the sides. 

                You can pick your colors and lighting show and have a rave.

                It’s a really fun feature and something so simple brings so much joy and looks to a setup.

                Cable management grommet

                There is a grommet in the corner. You can easily run your cables through this and keep a clean and tidy setup. 

                The last thing you want is wires all over the place, this can completely kill your setup.

                2. L Shaped Glass Gamer Command Center

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                L shaped

                With an L shaped desk, you can have one side for your monitor(s) and the other side for consoles. 

                There’s plenty of space to add some accessories like a headset stand, speakers, and more.


                It’s made from solid tempered glass and won’t shatter. 

                It’s coated with a steel frame so you can place your items on here and rest easy knowing it won’t collapse. 

                You can also use the steel frame as a footrest. I can’t tell you how important a footrest is to your comfortability.


                What takes the desk to a whole new level of looks is the color of the glass. 

                It’s black which also suits the frame. Giving it a unique, stylish, and minimalistic look.

                CPU stand

                If you plan on using this desk for your PC as well, there’s a designated area at the bottom for you to place it.

                Join 2 desks

                You can easily join 2 of these desks together if you want more space. This is a great idea if you host LAN parties.


                When researching, we were surprised at the price of this desk. 

                It comes in at a very affordable price and you’re able to get the most for your money.

                3. Designa 60 Inch Computer Desk L Shaped

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                Large surface area

                This desk measures in at 62 inches long and 44 inches wide which is plenty of space for your console setup. 

                It’s an L shaped desk. Even though the L isn’t very long, it still leaves enough space. 

                You can comfortably fit your console on the L and your monitors on the other board.

                Sturdy build quality

                The board is a safe round corner design. 

                This is a must if you have children running around the place. 

                One of them could hit their head and if it’s on a corner, that could be fatal. But if it’s round, the damage won’t be as serious. 

                The board is also waterproof. So if you’re clumsy like me and end-up spilling drink, you’ll be pleased to know it won’t seep through and cause molding. 

                The legs are made from thick steel and corrosion resistant. It won’t be collapsing on you.


                The design of this L shaped desk is incredibly unique. It retains that L shaped but still stays compact whilst looking great.

                Cable grommet

                There’s a cable grommet which allows you to run your cable through. 

                There’s just something about messy cables that makes me go crazy. 

                Doesn’t it make you want to pull your hair out? 

                Well you can tidy up your desk and improve the cable management by running it through the dedicated cable grommet.

                4. GoFlame Gaming Computer Desk

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                Smart design

                This desk’s design is incredibly smart, the designers did a great job. 

                There’s a monitor stand for you to of course, place your monitor. 

                And below the stand is a gap for you to place your Xbox and PlayStation. 

                It gets better… in that gap there’s a power outlet which allows you to power 3 things from it. 

                You can easily power your Xbox, PlayStation, and PC with this super handy feature. 

                All without creating cable clutter and you’re able to make it look like there are no wires. 

                There are also 2 USB inputs with the power outlet. 

                To further increase the wire tidiness is a power cable holder. 

                You can easily wrap it around and prevent any wires from dangling down your desk. 

                You also get a cup holder and headphone hanger to free up some space on your desk. 

                And a cup holder is a must because you could spill your drink on your expensive electronics. 

                You get a board at the bottom to store something, place your PC, or use it as a footrest. Pretty much, do whatever you want with that space.

                Sturdy construction

                This desk has a solid PVC board to hold all your items comfortable, without it denting the board. 

                The legs are made from a steel tube, which helps to support the board.

                Easy to assemble

                Users have mentioned how easy the desk is to set up and assemble. You’ll be up and running in no time.

                5. AuAg Gaming Style Desk

                AuAg 55 inch Racing Style Gaming Desk
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                This desk is 47.2 long and 24.4 wide. Giving you enough space for multiple monitors and space to fit your consoles. 

                You can comfortably fit two 24 inch monitors on here. 

                Allowing for one monitor to be dedicated to your PlayStation and the other to your Xbox.


                This desk lights up, allowing for 6 different colors and 3 lighting modes. 

                Allowing you to feel like your setup is a true battle station and something you can be proud of.

                Y shaped frame

                The Y shaped framed is the secret sauce, if you will, that makes this desk so sturdy. 

                The Y shape makes the desk look ready to brace for impact stability is taken to a whole new level. 

                It’s able to hold up to 330 lbs. The pads beneath the legs prevent it from wobbling on uneven surfaces.


                This desk comes with accessories like a headset mount, cup holder, and a free mouse pad.

                6. VIVO Electric standing desk

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                When we game, we’re sitting down the majority of the time and this is extremely bad for our health. 

                I don’t know about you but health is my biggest priority. 

                Gaming standing up isn’t as bad as you might think, you get used to it after a while. 

                Your spine will thank you for it. This is an electric desk so you don’t need to crank it up. 

                You can just press a button and it will go up or down. 

                What takes it to another level is that you can save your standing and sitting settings. And press one of them so it will go to that position. 

                No need to try and figure it out every time you need to adjust.


                This desk is huge. It’s 59 inches long and 24 inches wide. 

                That’s more than enough space for multiple monitors, consoles, and lots of accessories. 

                I personally have a really long standing desk and they’re fantastic!

                Solid construction

                This is made from solid particleboard, making it really difficult to dent. 

                The legs are made from steel so it will add an immense amount of support to the board.

                3 year warranty

                If you’re not sure about this, you get to try it out for 30 days to see if you like it. 

                If not, just get your money back. There’s also a 3 year warranty in case anything happens, you can get a replacement. 

                So what do you have to lose?


                This standing electrical desk surprisingly comes in at an affordable price…

                7. Yoleo

                Check Price of the Yoleo

                You get so much space with this shelf. 

                There are 3 shelves on the left side that leave a big enough gap for your consoles and more. 

                Then there’s a big underneath shelf that leaves enough space for a few consoles as well. 

                You can fit a couple of monitors on the surface comfortably with room to spare for accessories.

                The table tops are made from a thick wood and supported by a thick metal frame. 

                So you can place as many consoles on here till you’re happy with it. This desk will remain stable and won’t wobble even under heavy load.

                What to look for…


                You need something that is able to hold all of your consoles. 

                We’re guessing you need space for the 3 major consoles, PS4, Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch. 

                But what if you have a lot more? Then you’re going to need more space of course. 

                We’d recommend something with lots of shelves or at least a wide desk. 

                Do you plan on having multiple monitors and one monitor each is dedicated to a console? 

                Then you’re going to need something with plenty of surface space.

                Storage space

                With your consoles, you probably have controllers, headsets, thumbsticks, and other accessories. 

                You don’t want them all around the room or all over your desk. 

                It makes it look messy and can kill your setup. That’s why a few draws and shelves can go a long way.


                Since consoles are pretty beefy, you need a desk that can hold the weight easily. 

                You don’t want boards that look like they’re bending or actually snap. Something with a strong top and frame is necessary.


                If you’re like me, you can be pretty frugal with your money. 

                You want the most for it and we’re with you on that. That’s why we’ve gone with desks that will give you the most bang for your buck. 

                Something that will withstand the test of time and last for years to come.


                Extras such as USB inputs, headset racks, headphone hooks, and these types of things can be a nice addition.

                Not essential and you can buy them separately but nevertheless, a nice addition. 

                That’s why it’s something to watch out for when reading the descriptions.