Top 9 Best Gaming Desks for Couples (Stunning!)

Gaming Desks for Couples

Yes, we get it. You’re both madly in love and want to game right next to each other.

No, I’m not jealous! (Lie)

So just for you we’re going to be going over the best gaming desks for couples.

We’ve researched well into these computer desks and any of them will look great in your setup. 

  • Solid build quality
  • Lots of storage space
  • Lots of surface space
Soges Large Dual Desk
  • Lots of surface space
  • Scratch & friction resistance
  • Sturdy build
Reversible Rotating L Shape Desk
  • great for compact spaces
  • Solid build quality
  • Easy to clean
Office by kathy ireland
  • Heavy duty build quality
  • Lots of space
  • Plenty of legroom
Sogo Furniture
  • Easy to setup
  • 63 inches long and 23.6 inches wide
  • Thick steel legs
Need Computer Desk
  • 63 inches wide
  • Sturdy, waterproof, scratch resistant, and easy to clean
  • Sturdy build
  • Spacious
  • Lots of legroom
DlandHome Need
  • Compact but gives enough space
  • Foldable
  • No assembly required


Check Price of the DEWEL

This desk has a solid build quality. It’s made from a thick sturdy wood and has metal legs to support it. 

So you can pack all your items on there and not have to worry about it breaking.

There’s a shelf dedicated for you and your partner. And then there’s a cabinet and more space in the middle of the desk. 

When it comes to the surface, you can place your monitors, peripherals, and other accessories without running out of room.

When this arrives, you’ll be pleased to know there’s an instruction manual to help you. 

You’ll be up and running in a very short period of time.

Are you clumsy like me? Well we’ve got your back. 

If you spill some drinks on here, they’re not going to mold your desk because it’s waterproof. 

If you tend to have sharp items on your desk like keys or other accessories, this is hard to scratch. 

By any chance, if you end up having a fire related item hit your desk, this won’t burn so easily because it’s fire resistant.

This desk has a nice aesthetic appeal to it, a very rustic charm. It suits so many places and would go nicely in your living room, bedroom etc.

2. Soges Large Dual Desk
Soges Large Dual Desk

Check Price of the Soges Large Dual Desk

You’ll find plenty of surface area with this desk. You can each fit multiple monitors but no more than 2 and they can exceed 27 inches. 

This desk allows for the both of you to add your mouse, keyboard, headset, and other accessories each. So all your important items are an arm reach away. 

There are 2 cube storage spaces to fit your accessories into. 

Unfortunately, some people have reported that the storage compartment isn’t big enough for some PC towers. 

It’s made from E1 degree solid particle wood with high scratch & friction resistance. 

So if you end-up dragging things across your desk, you don’t have to be too concerned about it scratching. 

This is supported by a metal frame which holds it up nicely. 

You get 3 color options:

  1. Oak
  2. Walnut
  3. White Oak

(My fave is the White Oak)

Each color looks nice and has a unique aesthetic to it. It’l look nice look great in your room setup.

3. Weathered Grey
Soges Large Dual Desk

Check Price of the Weathered Grey

This is a heavy duty double desk. If you want something that’s going to last you a long time and can take a beating, then look no further. 

This is made from a thick hardwood, it’s not weak and will carry a lot of weight. The legs are made from metal to give the base even more durability.

There’s plenty of space on the surface to fit your monitors and peripherals. 

You get 2 spaces in the middle of the desk to store some items. So you may want to get a separate cabinet.

A user said they assembled this desk them self within 2 hours. 

That’s a reasonable amount of time if you’re doing it alone. And it goes to show how easy the instructions are.

I don’t know about you but I feel this desk has a classic feel to it. The brown makes it look mature and unisex. 

So this isn’t a feminine or male looking desk, it’s neutral. It’s perfect for any room.

4. Reversible Rotating L Shape Desk

Check Price of the Reversible Rotating L Shape Desk

Don’t have enough space? Then an L shaped desk might be for you. One of you can go on one side and the other side. 

However, your partner, most likely the girl will have to be fairly small to use that space comfortably. 

You can try it out and see if it works. If not, no worries. This L shape desk can easily be converted into a standard desk. 

So she’ll have her own side to work on.

The surface space isn’t the issue when using the L shaped feature, it’s the chair space.

There’s plenty of surface space to fit all your items. It doesn’t matter if it’s your monitors or accessories, they’ll fit. 

There’s a draw and cabinet for you to store your items. Making it easier to keep a clean and minimal desk setup.

This desk was engineered and built with solid wood. And it’s reinforced with a steel frame. 

You’ll be pleased to know the wood is dust and water resistant and can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth

If you’re on the fence about getting this desk, a 2 year warranty should do the trick. 

So if something breaks, you can just chat with their fantastic customer support team.

5. Office by kathy ireland

Office by kathy ireland
Check Price of the Office by kathy ireland

There’s enough space on this desk to place 1 monitor each as well as some accessories. 

You both won’t be able to put your computer tower on the top due to space. 

There’s plenty of leg room for you to stretch and get comfortable.

This desk is incredibly durable. Its legs are made from metal and are attached to the top in a certain manner.

This in turn will get rid of any wobbling and help with durability. 

Because the top is made from a wooden material and supported well by the legs, there’s no way it will collapse. 

You can place your monitors and accessories on here with ease.

You get 5 colors to choose from:

  1. Century Walnut
  2. Natural Maple
  3. Storm Gray
  4. White
  5. Cocoa

Each one looks nice and with these color options this desk is able to suit any room.

6. Sogo Furniture

Sogo Furniture
Check Price of the Sogo Furniture

If you’re looking for an incredibly easy to set up desk, then look no further. 

With this desk you simply install the 4 legs with screws into the table top and you’re done. That’s literally all you need to do.

This measure in at 63 inches long and 23.6 inches wide. Giving you and your partner enough space for a monitor each as well as your mouse and keyboard. 

You can also fit a few other basic accessories on here like your headset.

The top is made from real wood that’s scratch and friction resistant. 

Its legs are a thick steel which will support the top board well. This in turn will enable you to fit your heavy items on here without the desk bending or snapping.

It comes in 3 colors:

  1. Black
  2. Walnut
  3. Oak

Overall, this is a nice, easy and straightforward desk that’s easy to assemble.

7. Need Computer Desk

Need Computer Desk
Check Price of the Need Computer Desk

This desk measures 63 inches wide. Giving you enough space to fit a monitor each and your peripherals. 

But you won’t be able to fit your tower on here. There’s enough surface space to make it work for the both of you comfortably.

It’s made from E1 wood, it’s thick, sturdy, waterproof, scratch resistant, and easy to clean. It’s everything you could want in a table top. 

The frame which encases the table top is made from a 1.2mm thick metal frame which is thicker than a standard frame.

This is super easy to assemble. You just have to attach the 4 legs and you’re good to go.

One of the things reviewers kept mentioning is the customer service. If anything goes wrong, they’ll make sure to solve the issue.

8. DlandHome

Check Price of the DlandHome

The tabletop is made from solid wood and the legs are metal. In turn, this will keep your desk sturdy, prevent wobbling, and make sure it never collapses. 

It also has a frame that goes around the table top which is made from the same thick metal as the legs.

You’ll have enough space on the surface to fit one monitor each as well as your mouse and keyboard. 

Reviewers said they were skeptical about the size of this desk for them both to play with but it actually works really well. 

Leaving enough space for you to maneuver your mouse around.

With that said, this 2 person desk comes in at a surprisingly affordable price.

Overall, this desk leaves enough space for 2 gamers, can support plenty of weight, and comes in at an affordable price.

9. DlandHome Need

DlandHome Need
Check Price of the DlandHome Need

Are you incredibly strapped for space? Then you need to consider this desk.


Because it’s foldable. So after you’re both done gaming, you can easily put this away. 

If it’s too much of a hassle to put away, this desk is more than sturdy enough. 

The table top is made from a solid wood and the legs are made from metal. So it can support your items without an issue.

There’s enough space on here for one monitor each, your peripherals, and a few accessories. 

You won’t be able to fit your computer towers on here.

It has a nice modern appearance to it and won’t be an eyesore. In fact, it will blend well into the room you put it in.

When you fold the table, it’s super easy and a smooth process. You won’t have to fight with the desk in order to make it do what you want.

The best part? There’s no assembly required. It comes in its box, you can simply unfold the legs and you’re good to go.

We were surprised at the price point of this desk. You’ll be pleased to know it comes in at an affordable price.

What to look for in a gaming desk for couples…


Of course, a pretty obvious one but we’re mentioning it anyways. You want enough room to support the both of you comfortably. 

The last thing you want is to be hunching over trying to avoid bumping into each other.

So however much space you think you need, get a little more just in case.


Because there’s going to be 2 setups on the desk and the desk is going to be long, it leaves a lot of potential holes in the durability. 

One of the things that will help get rid of this problem is to have a piece in the middle of the desk. 

So let’s say you have a long desk and there’s a piece to support the desk on the left and right side but not in the middle. 

This would eventually lead to the desk collapsing because there’s no support in the middle.

That’s why a middle piece is so important. 

Another thing that will contribute to the durability and lifetime of your desk is the legs. Make sure to check out the reviews to see what users have experienced.


Because there are going to be 2 of you gaming, you’re going to have a lot more items. 

More headsets, controllers etc. That’s why it’s worth getting a desk with some storage options. 

We would also recommend getting a separate storage unit that compliments the desk. This way it won’t be an eye sore and looks like a part of the desk.

Using it for anything else?

Will you be using your desk for anything other than gaming together?

Maybe using it to finish some work or read books?

If that’s the case you might want to make sure it caters to your needs. 

If you intend on doing some paper work, it’s worth having some storage built in. 

If you’re going to be hand-writing, then it’s worth seeing if the desk is deep enough to push back your gaming items so you can place your papers.


Because there’s a lot more material being used, it’s going to effect the cost. 

However, this does not mean you should try go as cheap as you can. 

Sure, if you can get a deal that’s awesome. But you need to make sure it’s a quality desk and not something which is going to fall apart.


So those were the best gaming desks for couples. 

We did a lot of research into these desks and picked out only the best ones we could find.

Get your couples battle stations ready!


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