10 Best Gaming Desks for Multiple Monitors (Dual, Triple, Etc

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Are you looking for the best gaming desks for multiple monitors?

Well you’ve come to the right place because that’s exactly what we’ll be going over in this post.

We’ve put together a guide that goes over the best gaming desks for two, three, or more monitor setups.

So let’s get straight into the first one…

Eureka Ergonomic Z60
      Z Shaped Computer Desk
          L Shaped Glass Desk
              Eureka Ergonomic 1-S
                Teraves Reversible

                      1. Eureka Ergonomic Z60

                      Check Price of the Eureka Ergonomic Z60

                      Plenty of surface room

                      This desk offers plenty of surface room for you to work with. 

                      You can comfortably fit 2 or even 3 monitors here. 

                      There’s plenty of room for your peripherals and other accessories to have on the desk. 

                      It measures 60 inches long so you won’t be running out of space.


                      The Z shaped legs make the desk incredibly sturdy. 

                      You won’t be able to rock or wobble the desk. 

                      The actual tabletop is made from solid wood and coated with a carbon fiber texture. 

                      Making the touch skin friendly and easy to clean.

                      LED lighting

                      What you’ll really love about this desk is how it lights up. 

                      The sides have LEDs inside that can be color adjusted. 

                      There are 6 different colors to choose from and different lighting modes. 

                      You can have a static light or a multicolor lighting show. 

                      It’s fun seeing your setup come to life and it really changes the mood. 

                      When you come home from a hard day of work and want to switch into game mode, LED lights can help you.

                      Large mouse mat

                      This comes with a nice extra in the form of a mouse mat. It’s not a crappy little one.

                      In fact, this is a large mat that picks up the DPI of your mouse very well.

                      2. AuAg 55 inch Racing Style Gaming Desk

                      AuAg 55 inch Racing Style Gaming Desk
                      Check Price of the AuAg


                      This is a large racing style gaming desk that’s 55 inches long. 

                      It will easily mount 3 of your monitors. 

                      Leaving lots of space for other items such as your mouse, keyboard, and different accessories.

                      Power strip box

                      What’s really handy about this is the power strip box at the back of the desk. 

                      There’s a basket beneath the desk where you can place your power brick and wires. 

                      Making it a quick and dirty way to hide all your mess. Now that’s what I’m talking about.

                      Waterproof mouse pad

                      If you’re anything like me, you eat and drink a lot when you game. 

                      That’s why the creators have included a waterproof mouse pad that covers the entirety of your desk. 

                      So if you spill any drinks or manage to smudge a bunch of chocolate on it. 

                      Just remove the mat and give it a quick way. Simple.

                      Cup and headphone holder

                      Sometimes, making the surface of your desk waterproof isn’t enough. 

                      You have to remove the drink full because it could spill on your electronics. 

                      You’ll be pleased to know there’s a cup holder that’s just an arm reach away. 

                      You also get a headphone hook to place your headset. It no longer has to wander around your desk.

                      Quality build

                      This is a heavy duty that can hold 330 lbs without an issue. 

                      So you can place as many items without fearing a collapse. 

                      The large “T” shaped legs increase the stability and allow more weight to be placed on the desk.

                      3. Z Shaped Computer Desk

                      Check Price of the Z Shaped Computer Desk

                      47 inches

                      47 inches is plenty of space for 2 monitors. 

                      If you want to fit 3 monitors on here, you’ll probably need a monitor mount. 

                      This is a great desk if you haven’t got a lot of space to work with. But I still want a multi monitor setup. 

                      You also won’t have an issue placing your other items on this desk.

                      Wooden and metal material

                      This is made of wood and metal. 

                      Two of the sturdiest materials out there. Its tabletop is made from wood and carbon fiber. 

                      Making it scratch proof and a lot easier to clean. 

                      The legs are made from metal which reinforces the tabletop. 

                      The legs are made in a “Z” shape which increases the stability and eliminates any wobble.

                      Lights up

                      There are LEDs on the side of the desk. 

                      You can change it to 7 different colors in 3 different modes. Colors can flash, cycle, or stay static. 

                      It’s a nice addition to your setup and adds personality to it.

                      12 month warranty

                      You get a massive 12 month warranty with this desk. 

                      Which is plenty of time to really test out this desk and make sure it’s right for you.

                      4. Designa Desk

                      Check Price of the Designa

                      Lots of space

                      This is an L shaped desk giving you 60 inches of space. 

                      Which is plenty of room for multi monitor setup. 

                      You could have a dual setup for your PC on the long side of the desk and mount a TV on the wall for your console setup. 

                      60 inches is enough space to place your items and accessories on the desk.

                      Durable and sturdy

                      This is both durable and sturdy. 

                      The wooden board is solid and the legs are made from metal. 

                      Allowing you to place lots of weight on the desk without it bending or breaking.

                      Cable grommets

                      There’s a cable grommet on each side of the side. 

                      Making it easier to manage wires and allowing your setup to look nicer.


                      You get a large mouse pad with this desk. 

                      It will make it smoother for your mouse to glide across and will increase your performance.

                      Round corner design

                      I don’t know about you but there are times when I cringe seeing a corner desk. 

                      More specifically when there are kids running around the place. 

                      They could easily slip and hit their head against the desk which could be fatal. 

                      If you’re a person with kids running around the place, you’ll be pleased to know this has rounded sides. 

                      Making it much safer.

                      5. L Shaped Glass Desk

                      Check Price of the L Shaped Glass Desk


                      There’s plenty of space to mount 4 monitors to this desk. 

                      In fact, when you look at the reviews of this monitor, many people are mounting over 3 monitors on it. 

                      The L shaped design makes it more compact and easily allows it to fit into a corner. 

                      You won’t have an issue mounting as many monitors as you like and displaying lots of accessories.

                      Tempered glass

                      The tempered glass is the type of glass that makes the glass stronger. 

                      It tightens it, making it denser and prevents shattering. 

                      It’s framed in metal and the legs are metal, reinforcing the glass. Allowing it to carry lots of weight.


                      This is a fully black desk, even the glass is black which gives it a unique look. 

                      It looks stunning and minimal. Making it a great addition to your setup.

                      Easy to assemble

                      Many users have mentioned how easy this desk is to assemble. 

                      It doesn’t take much effort. The instructions are easy to read and you’ll be up and running in a short period of time.


                      With all that said, this desk comes in at a very affordable price. 

                      You won’t have to make your wallet cry to get your hands on this.

                      6. GreenForest L Shaped Desk Long

                      Check Price of the GreenForest

                      This desk is 64 inches long which is plenty of space for a desk. 

                      You can easily fit multiple monitors on here without issue. 

                      The L shape design allows it to comfortably fit in a corner and use the space efficiently. 

                      There’s a computer stand below the desk where you can store your PC. 

                      You can easily fit lots of accessories on this desk without running out of space.

                      Moveable shelf

                      You also get a moveable shelf to put a monitor on or display items. 

                      It’s a great place to store some accessories or display some of your favorite gaming merch. 

                      If you don’t want the shelf, you can easily remove it.

                      Super sturdy

                      This desk is made from a sturdy metal and wooden build. It’s able to hold lots of weight without bending or snapping. 

                      You’ll easily be able to put your setup on here without a problem.

                      Easy to assemble

                      Users have been saying how easy this desk is to assemble. 

                      The instructions are easy to follow and you’ll be up and running in a very short period of time.

                      7. Eureka Ergonomic 1-S

                      Check Price of the Eureka Ergonomic 1-S


                      If you’re a girl gamer, you’ll love this. This really shows off your gamer girl’s personality. 

                      You love to game and you love to do girl stuff. The entire desk is a cute baby pink.

                      Compact but leaves space

                      This desk is 43 inches long. It’s not massive but not a tiny desk, either. 

                      You’ll easily be able to fit a dual monitor setup on here. 

                      Or have even more monitors if you decide to mount them. 

                      You’ll comfortably be able to fit your peripherals on here as well as other accessories.

                      Build quality

                      This top board is made from a solid P2 level wood. It’s dense and will support your items. 

                      The legs are made from metal to support the top board. 

                      Reinforcing the structure and helping to stabilize the desk.

                      Free cat mouse pad

                      You get a free cat mouse pad with this desk. 

                      It’s a large mouse pad that will cover the mouse and keyboard. It’s also a smooth glide and will pick up your mouse well.

                      Power strip box

                      What you’re really going to love about this desk is the power strip box at the back. 

                      This way, you can place your power brick in there and your wires. 

                      Allowing for a quick and easy way to manage your cables. Now that’s what I’m talking about.

                      Cable grommets

                      There’s a cable grommet at each side of the desk for you to rout your cables through. 

                      Furthering the cable management capabilities.

                      Cup and headphone holder

                      This comes with a nice cup and cable holder. 

                      I don’t know about you but for me, a cup holder is a big money saver. 

                      You won’t believe the number of times I’ve knocked a drink all over my electronics. 

                      Now you get a dedicated space for it.

                      It always feels like my headset is in no man’s land when I put it down. 

                      After all, there’s no dedicated spot for it. 

                      Well now there is. You can just put it on a hook after you’re done.

                      Controller stand

                      You also get a nice controller stand if you have a console on the desk.

                      8. Teraves Reversible Computer Desk

                      Check Price of the Teraves Reversible

                      Surface space

                      This desk is 55 inches long which is plenty for triple monitor setup. 

                      In fact, you could have one little station for your console setup and the other, your PC setup. 

                      After you’ve set up your monitors, there’s plenty of room for your mouse and keyboard. 

                      And other items you can put on the desk.


                      You get 2 shelves as storage to place whatever you’d like. 

                      You can also remove a shelf to fit larger items such as a PC tower. 

                      This will help free-up some desk space and declutter your desk.

                      Metal frame

                      The board is encased in a metal frame. 

                      Allowing for lots of weight to be placed on it because of the support provided. 

                      There’s a long piece at the bottom of the desk you can use to put your feet on and use as a footrest.

                      Waterproof board

                      The top is made from a P2 class particle board that’s thick and durable. 

                      It’s also waterproof. So if you spill anything, it won’t seep in and start molding the board.


                      This desk has a nice minimal look to it. 

                      It’s not a bright or dark desk but somewhere in-between.

                      9. TOPSKY L-Shaped Desk

                      Check Price of the TOPSKY

                      Plenty of desk space

                      This desk is 59 inches long, you can easily fit 4 to 5 monitors on here. 

                      We love the fact that you can store as many items as you’d like on this desk without an issue. 

                      Whether those items are your games, peripherals, fan, etc.

                      Quality build

                      The top is made from a P2 class MDF board. It’s really dense and was designed to take a beating. 

                      The board is encased in metal which supports the top board. 

                      You can place a total of 300lbs on this desk. 

                      That’s plenty to support your monitors and other items. 

                      Also, the legs are adjustable which makes it easier to place this desk on an uneven floor such as carpets.

                      One person assembly

                      This desk only takes one person to assemble and less than an hour of work. 

                      That’s amazing considering how large this desk is.

                      It also looks pretty. I love the glossy wooden look of the desk.

                      10. Need Computer Desk

                      Check Price of the Need

                      63 inches long

                      This desk is a whopping 63 inches long! 

                      That’s more than enough space for triple monitor setup. 

                      We would recommend mounting your monitors because it will give you more mobility. 

                      To adjust the monitor height and make it easier to view. 

                      This in turn, will give you even more space on your desk. 

                      Allowing you to hold even more accessories and items.

                      Strong build

                      This desk is incredibly strong. It’s made from thick steel that supports the board on top. 

                      The steel is coated in gloss to prevent rusting. 

                      You will find that the board is incredibly strong, it was made to take a beating. 

                      The board is waterproof. So if you spill any drink, it won’t cause the board to rot. It’s also scratch resistant. 

                      So if you tend to drag items across the desk, you don’t have to worry about scratching it.

                      Easily assembled

                      Reviewers have mentioned so many times that this desk is so easy to assemble. 

                      The instructions are easy to follow and it won’t take you long.

                      What should I look for in a desk used for multiple monitors?

                      Build quality

                      The first thing you should look for is the build quality. 

                      How long is the desk going to last? If it’s not going to last long, then there’s no point in getting that desk. 

                      Even if it’s going for a cheap price, it’s better to save your money and get something later down the line. 

                      Make sure to check what materials the desk is made from. 

                      If it’s a really flimsy type of material, it’s probably best to skip that desk. 

                      You ideally want a desk that is supported by a metal frame. 

                      This ensures the desk will be supported and able to hold the weight of multiple monitors.


                      The next thing you’re going to want to look at the size of the desk. 

                      If you’re planning on just having a dual monitor setup. 

                      You can get away with a small desk. 

                      If you plan on going for a triple monitor setup or more, you’re going to want as many inches as you can get. 

                      It’s worth noting that you can get away with a smaller desk if you plan on mounting your monitors to a monitor arm. 

                      Because the monitors won’t be sitting on the desk.

                      Cable management

                      With multiple monitors on your desk, you’re going to have lots of cables to deal with. 

                      I don’t know about you but for me, messy cables can completely kill a setup. 

                      One of the best things you can do for your cable management is to have a basket built underneath your desk. 

                      This is a quick and easy way to hide your cables. Some desks have this feature. 

                      It’s also worth looking out for desks that have cable grommets as it will make it easier to route cables and give you more of a sleek look. 

                      You can also get a separate cable management system if you can’t find one in a desk you like.


                      If you have lots of accessories, it’s worth considering a desk that has some storage options. 

                      This is an easy way to hide clutter. 

                      For example, it can look really messy when you have a bunch of headsets and chargers on your desk. 

                      You can easily fix this by having a draw to put them in. 

                      Or if you’ve got a bunch of disk cases, you can just put them on a shelf to make everything look neater. 

                      If you can’t find a desk you like that has storage, you can always buy draws and shelves separately.


                      So those were the best gaming desks for multiple monitors.

                      We made sure to cover desks that were suitable for both dual and triple monitors setups. And even more.

                      We did a lot of research when putting this guide together and made sure only to include the very best desks.