6 Best Gaming Desks that Hide Wires (With Images)

Best AmazonBasics
  • Dedicated wire tray
  • Very affordable
South Shore Axess Desk
  • Top board for hiding wires
  • Lots of stage space
Home Dakota
  • Long board for hiding wires
Executive Desk
  • Full board for hiding wires completely
Sauder Palladia
  • Long board for hiding wires
Business Desk
  • Long full board for hiding wires

Are you looking for the best gaming desks that hide wires?

Then you’ve come to the right place because that’s exactly what we’ll be going over in this post.

We’ll be covering desks that will assist in your cable management and hide all of your wire under your desk. 

And hide the computer cables on top of your desk.

With these desks, you can decide to organize your wires or just throw them at the back and forget about them.

Let’s get straight into it…

1. AmazonBasics Gaming Computer Desk

AmazonBasics Gaming Computer Desk
Check Price of the AmazonBasicsCYCON

Easily hide cables

This is one of those few desks that actually allows you to store your cables without using any other items to help. 

There’s a storage rack beneath the desk at the front and back. 

So you can easily route your cables through and place your items. 

Such as your wires and power bricks. It’s easy to do and will even make the messy people look tidy without much effort.

Storage compartments

There are dedicated placements for your headphones, speakers, cups, and charging stations. 

Making things more streamlined and efficient.

If you’re clumsy like me and end-up spilling drinks all over the place, the cup holder is going to be a lifesaver. 

It’s great having dedicated speaker shelves so your sound won’t become distorted by items being in the way.

If you’re like a lot of gamers, you end-up putting your headset on the monitor. 

This is incredibly bad for the monitor since it could get damaged. That’s why there’s a headphone hook.

Monitor stand

You can easily fit a 32 inch monitor on the stand which is plenty for a gaming monitor. 

If you don’t want the monitor stand, you can just leave it off. 

This way it’s easier to have multiple monitors if that’s what you’re going for.

With all these dedicated spaces for your items, it gives you lots of room to play with. 

You won’t be running out of space any time soon.

Durable design

This is made from a sturdy steel frame and a carbon fiber laminated surface. 

Allowing for lots of weight to be placed on here. 

You can easily fit multiple monitors on here without the fear of it collapsing. 

The K leg design helps with durability so it won’t wobble. 

This is great if you live in a place where people are constantly walking around and shaking up the place.

Super affordable

With all these features, you’ll be shocked at the low price point of this desk. 

You don’t need to sell an arm and a leg to afford this.


2. South Shore Axess Desk
Big board

Check Price of the South Shore Axess

There’s a big board beneath the desk as you can see in the image. 

You can easily hide your wires beneath this. 

Using some wire clips to help make sure no wire will sag down. 

This is a quick and dirty way to hide all of your wires in a matter of seconds. 

So if you’re lazy like me, this desk is a must have.

Lots of storage space

There’s a shelf on top of the desk as well as some inside the shelf. 

You also get a draw on the right and a couple of shelves.

Making it super easy to display and store items. 

You don’t need all those charging cables at the moment so instead of having it on your desk, making it look ugly. 

You can just store it in the draw. Really digging that new collector’s item you got? 

Why not display it on the top shelf?

Keyboard tray

You can further free up space by using the keyboard tray if you want. 

It’s an easy way to make your setup look that much cleaner.


This is not real wood but it’s close. 

With this, you can easily store your tower and monitor with it collapsing or bending.

5 year warranty

If anything goes wrong with this desk, don’t worry. 

You get a whopping 5 year warranty. 

This really shows how much the creators behind this are confident in this desk serving you.


3. Home Dakota L Shaped Desk

Check Price of the Home Dakota

Lot’s of hiding space

There’s plenty of hiding space for your wires. 

This has 2 cable grommets you can route your cables through and hide them behind the giant boards. 

To make sure the wires don’t fall, you can simply use some cheap wire clips

You will love this quick and easy way to hide your mess. It’s a lazy person’s dream.

Lots of surface space

You get lots of surface space to play with here. 

It’s an L shaped desk so you can have one section for your console setup and one for your PC.

There are also 2 open bookshelves for you to store some items like your headset, controllers, etc.

Hold up to 100lbs

You can easily hold up to 100lbs with this. 

Which is the sweet spot for any setup. It’s highly unlikely you’ll go over 100lbs of weight.

INSANELY affordable

You can easily get 2 of these. 


Because of how affordable it is. 

We couldn’t believe the price when we first saw it.


4. Executive Desk

Check Price of the Executive Desk

100% hide all wires

The board behind this is massive. 

Eliminating the need of any other item to help with hiding wires. 

After you’re done connecting all your wires, you can literally throw them behind the desk. 

Shhh… no one will notice. What a quick and dirty way to get rid of your wires. Out of sight and out of mind.

Lots of storage

You get 2 large drawers, 2 small drawers, and 1 wide draw that flips down for your mouse and keyboard. 

This is a great desk if you’re planning on storing a bunch of items. 

The mouse and keyboard compartment allows for a cleaner setup.

Plenty of surface space

This is 65 inches long and 29 inches wide. 

Allowing for more than enough room for your entire setup. 

You can easily display all the items you’d like without running out of space.

Super sturdy

This is made from engineered wood, giving it a great feel and sturdiness. 

When you place heavy items on here, there’s no bending or breaking this desk. 

It was engineered to last you many years.


5. Sauder Palladia L Shaped Desk

Check Price of the Sauder Palladia

Lots of room to hide

The boards beneath the desk make it super easy to hide cables. 

You can just bunch them up and throw them behind. 

Since there’s a little gap beneath the desk, you can just get some wire clips to hold up the wires.

Plenty of surface area

There’s more than enough surface area since this is an l shaped desk. 

Allowing you to have multiple monitors and even setups. 

You can easily place your consoles, PC tower, and monitors on here with room to spare.

Lots of storage

With multiple draws, you get plenty of space to store your items. 

You get multiple large and small draws.

Very sturdy

This is a heavy duty desk that’s made from a type of wood.

Making it incredibly stable even if you do place lots of weight on it. 

You can easily place multiple monitors on here and your consoles or tower without the risk of it bending.


6. Business desk

Check Price of the Business Desk

Lots of hiding space

This comes with a big, wide board that’s easy to use as a way to hide wires. 

Simply throwing them at the back and calling it a day. 

There’s also a couple of cable grommets on the desk to help with routing your cables. 

Making it much easier to maneuver your wires and hide them.

Multiple colors to choose from

There are 6 colors to choose from:

  1. Auburn Maple
  2. Hansen Cherry
  3. Light Oak
  4. Mahogany
  5. Mocha Cherry
  6. Natural Cherry

These are all more mature colors and will give a more serious tone to your setup.

Plenty of surface space

There’s plenty of surface space for you to place all your items without worrying about running out of space. 

So you can rest knowing you’ll have more than enough room for your setup and additional items you can add in the future.

Quality build

This is a solid wooden build. 

It’s top quality and allows you to place a lot of weight on here without breaking anything. 

It’s a heavy desk but not too heavy to the point you can maneuver. 124lbs to be precise.

10 year warranty!

This comes with a massive 10 year warranty. 

So your money won’t be going to waste at all.


What should you look for in a gaming desk?

Build quality

The first thing you need to consider when getting a gaming desk is build quality. 

If it easily stains, breaks, and scratches, it’s probably not worth it. 

Sure the desk might be really cheap but it’s better to save your money and get a better one. 

Make sure you’re checking out reviews to see if it’s actually a good desk. 

What material is it made from? If it’s wood, that’s a good sign but not all wood is real. 

Many manufacturers will put wood in the description but it’s typically not wood.


How much space do you need? Is your room big enough to accommodate your setup? 

These are questions that you’ll need to ask yourself. 

Typically, the more space, the better. But you don’t want it blocking things in your room. I made this mistake. 

I got a giant standing desk and now it makes it awkward to enter and leave the room. 

Also, is there enough leg room? 

Not many people consider this. A lot of the time desks come with cabinets at the side of it. 

You need to decide if that’s going to be in your way.

Cable management

Of course, this is important when buying a desk. 

After all, it’s the reason why you clicked on this post. 

You see, there are some gaming desks that come with a basket underneath it. 

Making it super easy to store your cables. 

Some desks have a giant board beneath it making it easy to just throw your cables behind it and call it a day. 

However, not all boards are created equal. Some will completely go down to the ground leaving a slight gap. 

And some will go down 80% of the way. 

If they don’t go down all the way, we’d recommend some cheap adhesive wire clips

These will easily hold your wires in place without them sagging. 

And the adhesive allows for no screws needing to be used.


Storage is another big factor that comes when considering a desk. 

Are you planning on storing a bunch of accessories? Or do you plan on getting a separate unit?

Having a few cabinets can make things more convenient but it might not look as good.


Will the desk go with your setup? 

After all, we spend a lot of time looking at our setup so we might as well make it look nice.

It’s worth getting a desk that will compliment your other items like your computer tower. 

For example if your computer tower has a blue light, it might be worth getting a desk with a splash of blue in there.


So those were the best gaming desks that hide wires.

We ONLY included the very best desks that will make your setup look clutter free clean. A place where you want to be.

These desks will help you have a cleaner setup and make it look that much better. 

These desks have different styles and designs to them so you can choose which one suits you best.

A lot of research went into this post and we’d be surprised if you could find something better out there. 

Especially at the price points mentioned in this guide.