6 Best Gaming Desks With Keyboard Trays

Are you looking for the best gaming desks with keyboard trays?

Then you’ve come to the right place because that’s exactly what we’ll be going over in this post.

All of the computer desks we mention will have a pullout keyboard tray.

We did a lot of research so you wouldn’t have to. Whichever one you pick, you won’t be disappointed.

We’ve ONLY listed the best desks that come with a great keyboard tray.

Let’s get straight into the first one…

1. Tangkula Desk

Keyboard tray

This keyboard tray slides in and out. Leaving plenty of room for your mouse to move and game freely.

L shaped

The L shape makes it easier to put in a corner and maximize space. 

Whether you want to put this in your bedroom, living room, front room, etc. This will use your space well.

Build quality

It has a solid build quality. It’s made from MDF and PB material. 

This simply means that the material used in this desk is extremely tough and can take a beating. 

Ensuring this desk will last for years. 

It’s more than capable of holding multiple monitors, consoles, and computer towers. All without bending at all.


There’s plenty of surface area to play with. 

You can use one side of the desk for your PC setup and the other for your console setup. 

It’s 66 inches long which is plenty of room for a multi monitor setup.


There are multiple storage options that come with this desk. 

You get one extra large cabinet, one large cabinet, a small cabinet, and a slot for more storage. 

So you can easily store the items you’re not using. 

The last thing you want is a messy setup so make sure you get a desk with storage options.


2. TOPSKY Computer Desk

Slide in keyboard tray

This comes with a keyboard tray that’s easy to pull out and slide back in. 

It’s easy to install and is not flimsy. 

You can slide it back and forth as many times without the worry of it breaking.


There’s a shelf for you to place your PC tower and 2 other shelves for other items. 

Allowing you to free up some space on the actual surface.

Surface space

There’s a dedicated space for you to place 2 monitors, freeing up even more space. 

So you have a dedicated space for your computer, monitors, keyboard, and mouse, and 2 other shelves to do what you like. 

Leaving you plenty of room for anything you’d like to place on the desk. Space isn’t an issue with this desk.


I fell in love with this desk the moment I saw it. 

It has a nice wooden rustic look to it. It tells people that you’re a more mature gamer.

Easy to assemble

You’ll find plenty of reviews that say this desk is super easy to assemble. 

The instructions are easy to follow and you won’t be pulling your hair out of frustration. It’s a breeze to assemble.


You’ll be surprised at how affordable this desk really is. 

You’ll get a desk with lots of space that can also fit in small places.


3. Fru

Slide out keyboard tray

You can easily slide out the keyboard tray with plenty of space for a full size keyboard. 

And enough space for your gaming mouse to move around.

Reversible L

The reversible L makes it easy to fit the L part of the desk on the right or left side. 

This, in turn, makes it easier to fit the desk in any corner you want.

Durable and sturdy

This is made from P2 class elected premium eco-friendly particle wood boards. 

As well as an incredibly sturdy steel frame. 

The legs make an “X” shape which ensures the desk is sturdy and does not wobble. 

You can easily place your monitors on here and PC tower without the worry of it bending or collapsing.


This is 50 inches long, giving you plenty of space to place your items and accessories. 

You won’t have an issue fitting your monitor, PC, and gadgets on here with room still to spare.

Easy to assemble

Multiple reviewers have mentioned how easy this desk is to assemble. 

You can even do it with one person.


4. Flash Furniture

Keyboard tray

This desk comes with a very simple keyboard tray. 

You can use it to store your mouse and keyboard (obviously) and have enough space to move your mouse around. 

It’s simple and easy to assemble.

Sturdy glass

The glass is shatterproof, allowing lots of weight to be put on it without collapsing. 

It’s supported by wooden legs which reinforces the glass. 

Providing even more stability and preventing the glass from breaking.

Space saving design

This desk is small but still provides enough space. 

It’s 39 inches wide and 23 inches long. 

Giving you plenty of space for multiple monitors and accessories on this desk.


This is a nice looking desk. The black tempered glass goes nicely with the cherry legs. 

Also, there’s a nice curve to the legs which makes it look even more stylish.

Overall, this is a lightweight desk that’s compact but has enough room on it. And looks nice.


5. Multipurpose Home Desk

Wide keyboard tray

The space the keyboard tray gives you is pretty wide. 

You’ll have enough space to maneuver around your mouse with bumping anything.

Depending on the sensitivity you play at.


This is a well made desk. It’s not made from real wood but a cheaper kind. 

This is to keep the costs low. You won’t be mounting lots of items on this desk. 

But you wouldn’t be able to anyway because it’s a compact desk. 

It gives you enough weight to place all the items you’d like on here.


There’s not lots of space to spare with this because it was designed to be a small desk. 

You’ll be able to fit one monitor on here or even two but you can’t have a triple monitor setup. 

If that’s what you were going for.


Surprisingly, there’s lots of storage with this desk. 

You get a shelf, lots of space beneath that shelf, and a cabinet. 

You’ll be able to store lots of items with this space.

VERY affordable

I’m still shocked at how affordable this desk is. It comes in at a very cheap price. 

Making it perfect if you’re on a really tight budget and want to get as much as you want out of a desk.

And what makes it even better is, you get multiple colors and designs to choose from.

Overall, it’s a solid desk if you’re really tight on cash but really need a desk.


6. Saunder desk

Keyboard tray

This keyboard tray slides in and out smoothly. 

It’s easy to install and there’s no hassle. 

You can fit a full sized keyboard in there with plenty of room for your mouse.


This comes with lots of storage. There’s a long cabinet, a large cabinet, a medium sized and small cabinet. 

Giving you plenty of options to store your accessories. Sure, you need your charger out but after you’ve used it, put it away. 


Because it makes your setup nice and no one wants a messy setup.

Desk space

This desk is 59 inches long. 

Giving you plenty of room to have multiple monitors and a bunch of items on the desk.

You won’t be running out of room when using this.


This is a heavy duty desk. It’s made from a type of wood and melamine tip which is heat, stain, and scratch resistant. 

Allowing it to hold more weight than you’ll ever need. 

So you can rest easy knowing that your expensive items on this desk won’t collapse.


This has a very mature look to it. Something that only a small number of people would want. 

And if you are one of those people, congrats, you’ve got great taste.


What should you look for in a desk?

Build quality

The first thing you need to consider when buying a desk is the build quality. Is the desk flimsy? If so, move on. 

The price tag and feature might be nice, but if it’s not going to last, it’s not worth it. 

These days, desks are very good when it comes to quality because it’s not expensive to frame the desk with metal. 

We would recommend checking out the reviews when it comes to this. What are customers saying?

It’s also worth noting that if there are thousands of satisfied customers, there’s probably plenty of negative reviews. 


Because very few people leave reviews so you’ll have to have sold lots of products for people to start leaving reviews. 

And the people who often leave reviews are the ones with a negative experience. 

If you’re shipping thousands of particular items, unfortunately, there will be duds. So keep that in mind.


What size are you looking for in your desk? Have you only got a small place to work with? 

Then it’s worth getting a compact desk. If you’ve got more room to play with, you may want to consider getting a bigger desk. 

Because you’ll probably be getting some items that you’d like to have on your desk. 

But don’t go too big. It might look weird if you’ve just got a monitor and PC tower on this giant desk. 

Not to mention you’ll be spending more time than necessary cleaning the desk.


What role will the desk be playing? Is it there to host your console and PC setup? 

Then it’s probably worth getting an L shaped desk. One part of the L can be for your console setup and the other for your PC. 

Will you only be using one or two monitors? Then you can probably get away with a small desk. 

And use that space for something else. 

Many people overlook this part and end-up getting a desk that’s overkill or underwhelming.


Storage can be a hit or miss for some people. 

You may not want storage options like draws and shelves because you don’t like the looks. 

Or you might really need them because you use a lot of accessories. 

You’ll have to figure out what kind of person you are. 

It’s worth noting that you can just get a separate unit for storage. 

This way you can place it away from your setup if you’re not a fan of the looks.


Let’s face it, we spend a lot of time at our desks gaming away. 

So it’s worth getting a desk that’s pleasing to the eye. 

Something that’s eye candy. Also, what type of setup do you want? 

Are you a more mature gamer? Then it’s worth getting a mature looking desk. 

If you enjoy having LEDs all around your setup, consider getting a white desk. 

Because the color white reflects all colors and makes everything pop. 

If you’ve got a black and pink PC build, it might be worth getting a black desk. 

Just get something that you will enjoy looking at. 

The last thing you want is an ugly eyesore in your setup.


So those were the best gaming desks that come with a keyboard tray.

We carefully handpicked the best desks. Desks that check the above criteria. 

Whichever one you go with, you won’t be disappointed.

It took us a long time to compile this list. 

It may be small but you can rest knowing that we ONLY included the very best of the best.