9 Best Gaming Desks With Storage [You’ll Love!]


Are you looking for the best gaming desks with storage?

Well you’ve come to the right place because that’s exactly what we’ll be going over in this post.

If you’re going for a setup that needs lots of storage and you want to display some items.

We’ve got exactly what you want.

Let’s get straight into this…

    Monarch Specialties
      Rotating desk
        Desk with Hutch
          Small crafting desk
            Sauder Boulevard
              Desk with 5 tier bookshelf
                Corner Desk with Hutch
                  Bush Furniture

                    1. Tribesigns Large Executive Desk

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                    Lots of storage

                    This desk comes with a large storage cabinet, computer tower storage, and shelves. 

                    Allowing you plenty of space to store your items. What makes it even better is they’re only an arm reach away.

                    Plenty of desk space

                    This desk is 47 inches long and 16 inches wide. Your main desk space is where the main part of your gaming setup will be. 

                    It’s where you can place your monitors and other items. 

                    You can use the secondary desk space as another storage option and a way for you to display items.

                    Elegant design

                    This is an executive desk with a sleek and elegant design. 

                    When someone sees your setup, they’ll instantly know you take your gaming seriously. 

                    If you want a desk that screams, “I’m a serious gamer!”, then look no further.

                    There’s also a cable management grommet. Allowing you to pass your wires through and maintain a clean setup. 

                    I don’t know about you but when I see cables everywhere, I tend to go crazy.

                    Sturdy construction

                    It’s made from a heavy duty construction frame. 

                    The boards are compressed and thickened. The legs are thick and made to last. 

                    So you know this desk is made to last you for years to come. It’s stable and will easily support all the items you place on it.

                    The only downside to this desk is some people have said it took more time to assemble than they expected. 

                    But after that’s over, you can throw it out of your mind and enjoy it.

                    2. Monarch Specialties Computer Desk

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                    Abundant storage space

                    Thi desk has 1 large draw, 2 medium sized draws, and 4 shelves that are adjustable. 

                    And two of the shelves are massive. Overall, allowing you lots of

                    Lots of surface area

                    This is approximately 60 inches long. 

                    Allowing you a massive amount of space to fit multiple monitors, your computer tower, and other items.

                    Left or right L shape

                    You can easily place this in any corner you like. The L is adjustable to fit on either the right or left side.

                    Quality build

                    When you’re looking through the reviews of this item, you’ll find a pattern. 

                    People are constantly talking about how sturdy this is. The build quality is solid. 

                    This isn’t made from real wood otherwise it would be really expensive but it’s close. 

                    Allowing you to store all the items you’d like without breaking anything.

                    3. Rotating desk

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                    Rotates 360 degrees

                    This is a unique desk that gives you the option of rotating the L shape 360 degrees. 

                    You can have the L beneath the desk, on the right or left side of the desk, or as a full extension. 

                    Making this desk very easy to place in the room and position you want.

                    Plenty of storage space

                    This comes with 3 long shelves that are approximately 20 inches long. 

                    Allowing you to store and display the items you’d like. 

                    Unfortunately, it does not come with any draws if that’s what you were looking for.


                    The main desk is 47 inches wide. 

                    Allowing lots of space for your monitors and accessories. 

                    You can easily store your accessories, monitors, computer tower, console, and more.


                    This is made from thick particle wood

                    Preventing any wobble and allowing you to store heavy items without the worry of bending or damaging anything.


                    For a desk with this many features, we were surprised at its price point. 

                    You won’t have to break the bank to be able to get your hands on a solid desk.

                    4. Desk with Hutch

                    Check Price of the Desk with Hutch

                    Open storage

                    This desk comes with a massive amount of storage. 

                    It has an open hutch so you can store and display items. There are also some shelves on the side of the desk.

                    Massive amount of room

                    This desk is 68 inches long and 22 inches wide. Making it absolutely huge! 

                    There’s plenty of space for you to put items on the desk. You get plenty of legroom so you can easily stretch out and relax.

                    L shaped

                    Unlike many other L shaped desks, the L does not sit below the primary part of the desk.

                    Instead, it’s all at the same height. This way you can have 2 sections. 

                    One may be for your console setup and the other for your PC.

                    High quality

                    The boards are made from a thick particle wood and the legs are made from steel. 

                    With the incredibly strong legs supporting the board, this allows you to put as much weight as you want on here. 

                    All without breaking.

                    5. Small crafting desk

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                    Small with lots of storage

                    If you’ve only got a small room to work with and still want a massive amount of storage space, this is for you. 

                    You’ll be able to get your setup on here as well as some accessories. 

                    When it comes to storage, there are so many options. You have long shelves, small shelves, and customizable draws.


                    You’ll be able to comfortably place your setup on here without the fear of it collapsing. 

                    This table is geared towards people who enjoy arts and crafts so it’s scratch proof.

                    Non-toxic materials

                    This desk is made here in the US and there are no toxic materials used. 

                    It’s eco-friendly and goes above and beyond safety regulations.

                    Easy to assemble

                    Since this is a small desk, it’s very easy to assemble. It’s kinda like building Lego.

                    5 year warranty

                    If something goes wrong, you get a whopping 5 year guarantee. 

                    So you can rest knowing there’s no way this desk will let you down.

                    6. Sauder Boulevard Café Executive Desk

                    Check Price of the Sauder Boulevard

                    Lots of storage

                    This comes with 3 draws. 2 large and 1 small draw. And there are 3 shelves. 

                    So if you really need space to store items and you want them out of sight, this desk will do the job.

                    Surface space

                    This desk is 60 long, making it ideal for multiple monitors. You can easily store your items on here without running out of space.


                    It’s just as it looks in the pictures. This desk is a sturdy one. It has a metal frame that’s coated. 

                    So it’s not only strong but rust resistant. 

                    The legs are also made from metal, giving it another major boost in build quality and support.


                    This has to be one of the best looking gaming desks with storage. 

                    It has a mature feel to it. When people see this, they know you’re serious about gaming.

                    5 year warranty

                    If anything goes wrong, you’ll be pleased to know this has a 5 year warranty. 

                    Making it easy for you to get any issue fixed with their fantastic customer support.

                    7. Desk with 5 tier bookshelf

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                    Comes with bookshelf

                    If you’re serious about storage space, then this desk with a 5 tier bookshelf will do the trick. 

                    The shelves are adjustable so you can store bigger items like a PC and printer. 

                    You can also change the bookshelf from the right side to the left or it can be used as a separate unit. 

                    There’s also a long shelf beneath the desk for extra storage.


                    The desk itself provides you plenty of space for your setup to go on. 

                    You can use multiple monitors and place different items on the desk. Without the worry of running out of space.

                    Sturdy build

                    This is made from an E1 particle board with a gloss finish. 

                    This simply means that the board is made from a solid material and corrosion resistant because of the gloss. 

                    It has a steel frame as well as legs. It has adjustable leg pads and an “X” shaped frame, increasing stability. 

                    So you’ll never have to worry about it collapsing.

                    8. Corner Desk with Hutch

                    Check Price of the Corner Desk with Hutch

                    Lots of storage

                    This comes with a lot of draws. You’re literally surrounded by them. 

                    There are 2 small draws on your left and right and then a lot more on the other side of the desk. Including 2 big draws and a hutch. 

                    So if you’re very serious about needing storage space for your gaming desk. You probably won’t find one better than this.

                    Plenty of surface space

                    Because of its L shape design, you get lots of space to play with. 

                    You can easily fit your setup here and more.

                    Left or right configuration

                    The L shape can be configured on either the left side or the right side. 

                    Making it easier to save space.

                    Will last for years

                    This desk has a solid build quality, the wood is thick and sturdy. 

                    It’s the type of desk that’s made to last for years.

                    9. Bush Furniture desk

                    Check Price of the Bush Furniture

                    60 inches of surface

                    This desk provides a whopping 60 inches of surface space for you to use. 

                    Giving you plenty of room for a multi monitor setup. As well as being able to store other items.

                    Integrated 4 port USB hub

                    There’s a 4 port USB hub built into the desk. 

                    Making connecting accessories like phones and headset easy to do. 

                    It’s a small feature but you’ll be surprised at the difference it makes.


                    There are 3 draws. 1 of them is big, the other is of medium size and the last is a small draw. 

                    Allowing lots of room for your setup.

                    Great build

                    This desk is sturdy and built to last. You won’t be disappointed at the quality of the desk. 

                    It’s made to hold 200lbs which is plenty for your setup.

                    What to look for in a gaming desk…


                    First of all, you need to ask yourself, how long will this last me? 

                    There’s no point spending money on a desk that is only going to last a year. 

                    You want something that will last for years to come. 

                    Something that is able to hold the weight of your setup without bending or breaking. 

                    So make sure to check out the reviews and materials.


                    How does the desk look? You want something that’s going to compliment your setup. 

                    For example, if you’ve got a computer setup that only lights up pink. 

                    You’d want something that will suit that color. This doesn’t mean you have to get a pink desk. 

                    Perhaps a white desk because that will reflect the pink color. 

                    You need to figure out what kind of mood you’re setting. Is it something casual or hardcore?


                    Of course storage is a big factor in determining a good desk. 

                    I mean… that’s why you’re on this post. Does the particular desk have enough draws?

                    If you’re not looking for draws but just want shelves, does it have enough of them? 

                    Are the draws and shelves big enough? Are they in the places you’d like? These are all questions you should be asking yourself.

                    Surface space

                    Does it have enough surface space? Do you have enough space at your place? 

                    Both of these are important questions. If you plan on having a multiple monitor setup, ideally you want as much space as you can get. 

                    But even with a small desk, you can comfortably have a dual monitor setup. Figure out what suits you best.