6 Best Gaming Keyboard Accessories


Are you looking for the very best gaming keyboard accessories?

Something that will take your gaming keyboard setup to the next level?

Well you’ve come to the right place because that’s exactly what we’ll be going over in this post.

Rubber keys
    Cleaning Gel
      Mini vacuum
        Wrist wrest cooling gel
          Razer wrist rest
            One Piece keycaps

              1. Rubber keys

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              Easily identify keys

              I’ve been PC gaming for many years now and I still constantly look down to find the A, W, S and D keys again. 

              So if you’re a beginner these are a must. 

              Even for experienced PC gamers, you won’t realize how much of a difference these make until you’ve tried them. 

              With the unique rubber texture, you can easily find the keys you want without having to look down. 

              This can save you precious time which will make a big difference in games. I can’t recommend these enough.

              Lighting shines through

              You may be worried that the lighting won’t shine through. 

              Well, don’t worry because these are designed in a particular way where the letters are transparent. 

              So the light will shine through very easily.

              Compatible with most keyboards

              According to many reviewers these keys are compatible with many keyboards. 

              People have been asking if these will work with their model keyboard and it does. 

              You can even use these for a mechanical keyboard without sacrificing any functionality. 

              I couldn’t have asked for anything more.

              Anti slip

              These rubber grips are anti slip. So even if your fingers are really sweaty during intense games, they won’t slip off the keys. 

              Improving your gaming performance even further.

              Multiple colors

              The key caps come in 4 colors:

              • Blue
              • Pink
              • Purple
              • Red

              So you can choose which one suits your setup best.

              Keyboard cleaner

              A keyboard cleaner is a must have accessory.  As time goes on, it’ll end up collecting a lot of dust. 

              And it’s extremely hard to clean because it’s in such small spaces. 

              But when you finally do get it fully cleaned, your keyboard will look as good as new again. 

              It will start to “pop” a lot more and colors will shine through. Bringing your setup back to life.

              2. Cleaning Gel

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              Gets everywhere

              With this gel, it can absolutely get everywhere. 

              Right into the tiniest spots that your other cleaners could not do. 

              Leaving no space for dust to hide. It’s super easy to use, take it out of the jar, massage it a little with your hands. 

              Press it into your keyboard, and pull it out. You’ll be shocked with the amount of dirt that was inside your keyboard.

              Lemon fragrance and no residue

              You’ll be pleased to know there’s no residue when using this. 

              It won’t stick to your hand or your electronics. 

              You can easily pull it away from your electronics without it sticking to them. 

              After spending so much time under your hands, your keyboard may be left with a bad odor. 

              This gel will leave it with a fresh lemon fragrance that feels inviting and fills you with energy.


              After you’re done, you can stick this back into the tub and use it again when you need it. 

              You can reuse it to the point where it turns brown. And when it does turn brown, it needs to be replaced. 

              The amount of uses you get out of this depends on how much dirt there is on the items you’re cleaning. 

              You may only get a dozen uses or you may get hundreds. It all depends on the items you’re cleaning.

              3. Mini vacuum

              Check Price of the Mini vacuum

              Plenty of suction power

              Even though this is a mini vacuum, it has plenty of power. 

              But don’t worry, it won’t suck your keys off. Ok, that sounded a bit weird… it won’t blow off your keys. 

              I guess that foundation was a little better… 

              …Anyways, there’s enough power in this bad boy to clean your keyboard to the point it looks brand-spanking new.

              Save lots of money

              Let’s face it, over the period of your lifetime, you’re going to spend a lot of money on cleaning appliances for your gaming setup. 

              Hundreds or even thousands of dollars. And that’s no exaggeration, it all adds up. 

              So why not just bite the bullet and get this mini vacuum for your electronics? 

              You probably would’ve saved money on cleaning appliances within just 6 months. 

              You won’t be throwing this away, it’s not disposable like air canisters, wipes, or gels. 

              This is made from quality materials and will last you a lifetime. Wouldn’t you like to save more money?

              Multiple brushes for different uses

              This comes with multiple brushes for different tasks. 

              So you won’t just be using this on your keyboard or general gaming setup. 

              You can use this to clean your car, office, home, and pet hair.

              The best part? It is suitable for wet and dry stuff. 

              So if you’ve got crumbs everywhere or spilled some drink. You can rely on this to easily and quickly clean the mess.


              To further the functionality and make it even easier to clean, this is wireless. 

              So you use it on the go. It provides 30 minutes of powerful performance. Which is plenty for multiple cleaning sessions.


              We were surprised at how affordable this is. 

              You get a powerful cleaning machine that will last for years. At a solid price. It’s a steal!

              Wrist wrest

              I can’t stress how important a wrist rest is. 

              After gaming for long periods of time, I found my wrists feeling extremely sore. 

              It felt like someone was stabbing my wrists with a knife. I thought I had fallen into some kind of illness. 

              So I decided to get a wrist wrest and after a week, the pain was completely gone.

              4. Wrist wrest cooling gel

              Check Price of the Wrist wrest cooling gel

              Cools you down

              Reviewers have described this wrist rest like the cold side of a pillow after flipping it in the middle of the night but for your wrists. 

              Let’s face it, a lot of the time when we game, we get all hot and bothered. 

              This is especially true when playing fast online games. And if you’re anything like me, you tend to shout at your monitor and rage a lot. 

              Even quitting out of lobbies. I know, I’m a sore loser. To prevent this, just cool yourself down. 

              Which is why this unique wrist wrest is a must. It allows your hands to breathe and keep cool and calm during those intense firefights.

              Cradles your wrists

              The foam and gel inside this cradles your wrist nicely. 

              The wrist rest will mold to fit you comfortably. Allowing you to keep comfortable whilst gaming.

              Anti slip

              The bottom of this wrist wrest is made from rubber and won’t be slipping on you. 

              So your immersion won’t suddenly break because you moved the rest.

              Use with both hands

              This wrist wrest has been designed to accommodate full sized keyboards. 

              It’s large enough to fit both your hands on. There’s plenty of room to go around.

              5. Razer wrist rest

              Check Price of the Razer wrist rest

              Are you a fan of Razer products? 

              Do you want a keyboard accessory with a more luxurious feel? Then look no further…


              This is made from smooth, plush leather. 

              Giving you a more elegant and premium feel to your setup. 

              It will cushion your wrists well and prevent any pains from occurring from gaming marathons.


              One of the issues I’ve had with wrist wrest is they were not high enough. 

              I don’t why companies do not implement this into their wrist rests. 

              You’ll be pleased to know this is made at an angle and is at an incline position. 

              Simply put, this is raised enough for you to reach your keys more easily. Allowing for a faster response in games.

              Anti slip

              This has rubber feet so it won’t slip or budge in the slightest. Once it’s set, it’s not going anywhere. 

              You’ll have to pick it up to reposition it. No slipping and sliding here. So you can rest knowing this won’t suddenly slip during an intense game.

              Fully sized

              This was made to fit full sized keyboards and support both your wrists at the same time. So your hands won’t suddenly fall off the rest.

              Anime keycaps

              6. One Piece keycaps

              Check Price of the One Piece keycaps

              One Piece!

              If you’re a fan of One Piece, these are a must. 

              You get a full set to cover the right side of your keyboard. 

              If you’re looking to add more personality to your gaming setup, these are a must.

              High Quality

              These keycaps aren’t flimsy. They’re well made and feel premium. 

              Colors on the keys are insanely difficult to fade. So even after you’ve pressed these keys thousands of times, they’ll still look great.

              It fits most keyboards or you can easily return it and get your money back. Simple!

              What should I look for when buying extras for my gaming keyboard?

              Is there any point in getting that?

              Is there really any point in you getting that particular item? 

              This all comes down to you and how you define the worth of that particular item. 

              For example, you may be thinking a keyboard cleaner may not be worth mentioning in this guide. 

              But we do because it will make a difference. You’ve spent hard earned money on your keyboard so why not keep it in mint condition? 

              This way it will last longer, look nice in your setup, and will sell for a higher price when you decide to upgrade.


              You’ve worked hard on making your setup look good. 

              Including spending lots of money on expensive electronics and furniture. 

              So it’s worth paying attention to how your keyboard looks since it will be taking up a lot of your desk. 

              You may love watching a show like One Piece so those One Piece designed keyboard keys may look great to you.


              So those were the best gaming keyboard accessories you can buy right now.

              We picked only the best items we could find and put them on this list. So we hope you enjoyed it.