6 Best Gaming Monitor Accessories (Improve Your Setup)

TOP BEST gaming monitor accessories

Are you looking for the best gaming monitor accessories?

Well you’ve come to the right place because that’s exactly what we’ll be going over in this post.

Monitor stand
    Gaming speakers
      Monitor headphone mount
        LED lighting strip
          Monitor mount
            Monitor pencil holders

              1. Monitor stand

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              Are you feeling pain in your neck and back after looking at your monitor? Are you trying to free up some space on your desk? Then you’re going to want a monitor stand.

              You can easily place your monitor on this stand without the worry of it collapsing. It’s made from sturdy wood and can hold up to 30kg.

              There’s a shelf built into this stand for you to place some items or even a keyboard. Allowing for easy access and a clean setup. 

              I don’t know about you but a messy gaming setup ruins my experience. And beneath the shelf is some more room for you to store items. This is a great way to free some space.

              There’s a slit for you to hold your phone and charge it. Making it easy to see any incoming notifications. There’s a hub on the side for cable management.

              It will raise your monitor to 5.6 inches which will help with neck strain. The style is minimal, blending into your setup and won’t be an eyesore. When you get this, the instructions are easy to follow and make the assembly super easy.

              2. Gaming speakers

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              Let’s face it, the speaker built into our monitors suck. They sound tinny and cheap. You need something that will give you high pitch sounds without cracking and deep low bass.

              The speakers we’ve gone with offering a rich sound experience. You will be able to get those deep lows that make bullets flying around impactful. 

              The vocals sound crystal clear and you’ll be able to pick up everything without having to concentrate so much on what the person is saying.

              It’s easy to set up, just take it out of the box and plug a couple of wires in your monitor and you’re done. There are hardly any wires and it won’t make your setup look messy.

              What we really love about this is how compact it is. It won’t take up much space, it’s lightweight and portable.

              These speakers have a modern, sleek design to them. Making your setup look much better.

              The best part? These come in at a very affordable price. And the last we checked, they’re almost sold out…

              3. Monitor headphone mount

              Check Price of the Monitor headphone mount

              Do you know what makes me cringe about gamers? The way they place their headphones on the monitor. It damages the monitor and they don’t even realize it. That’s why we’d recommend a monitor mount for headphones.

              When you keep your headset on the desk, it can take up unnecessary space and get in the way.

               When you mount them under the desk they are a pain to get to and you often bang your knee against them. That’s why mounting them on the side of your monitor is a much better idea…

              …these will mount on either side of the monitor with adhesive. Don’t worry, this adhesive is removable and won’t damage your monitor or leave a residue.

              The mount itself is made from rubber so you don’t have to worry about it scratching your headphones. It’s also lightweight and won’t tip your monitor to aside.

              And no, these won’t be an eyesore if that’s what you’re worried about.

              4. LED lighting strip

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              No gaming setup is complete without some LED lighting strips.

              We’ve gone with some really easy to use strips. You simply put this behind your monitor with the adhesive tape that allows it to stick. And you power it via USB.

              gaming setup led

              This could be the USB in your computer, and external USB or a built in monitor USB. Once you have enough of the strip, you can cut it and it will still work.

              We’re always looking at our screen and as a result, strain our eyes and end up with a headache. Having some lighting surrounding your monitor helps reduce the contrast between the brightness of the TV and the surrounding room.

              You can choose between 16 beautiful colors that are bright and sharp. These colors make you want to be in the room and help with immersion. I don’t know about you but I love getting stuck in a good game.

              There’s a massive 12 month warranty. So if anything goes wrong with these strips, you can easily get them fixed.

              5. Monitor mount

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              If you’re not interested in a monitor stand and want something else, we’d recommend this monitor mount.

              This monitor mount is as high quality and customizable as they get. It fully rotates at 360 degrees. So you can very easily have it at any angle.

              It also tilts forwards and backward to further the viewing angle. Further, you can move the monitor around your desk when you have it on the mount.

              If you’re looking for a floating type of look for your monitors and to free up some room, then you definitely want to consider this monitor mount.

              It works with almost any LCD monitor measuring 32 inches or smaller. And can easily hold up to 25lbs which is more than enough for a monitor. You also have a dual mount option to choose from if you have multiple monitors.

              If anything goes wrong, you have a 12 month Amazon warranty. Just contact their fantastic customer support if you have any issues.

              6. Monitor pencil holders

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              I remember when I was super serious about getting better at League of Legends. So serious to the point where I started to take notes during games to help me progress. After the game was over, I would see what I need to improve on.

              If you’re serious about getting better at a game, you might be taking notes. And one thing that will make it easier is monitor pencil holders. Your stationery is just an arms reach away.

              You can also store other useful items in there like USBs and phone wires. You simply attach this to your monitor with the adhesive tape. It won’t leave any residue or damage your monitor.

              It also won’t collapse due to weight, you’ll be pleased to know it’s very durable. You’re saving desk space and making it easier to reach for items you need.

              You also get a lifetime warranty so you can buy with confidence.


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