7 Best Gaming Mouse Accessories (Must haves)


Are you looking for the very best gaming mouse accessories?

Something to beef-up your gaming mouse and take it to that next level?

Well you’ve come to the right place because that’s exactly what we’ll be going over in this post.

The TechAnimate team has decided to dive deep into this topic and bring you ONLY the best gear for your mouse.

Let’s get straight into it with the first accessory…

Enhance Pro
    Razer Mouse Bungee
      Large RGB Mouse Pad
        Razer mouse pad
          Cord cable clips
            Antibacterial wipes
              USB hub

                Mouse bungee

                1. Enhance Pro gaming mouse bungee

                Check Price of the Enhance Pro gaming mouse bungee

                Drag free

                With a wired mouse, the wire is always being dragged around. 

                This causes your mouse cable to get snagged and overlapped. 

                With this bungee, you can place your mouse wire between the spring so you no longer have to drag it. 

                This, in turn, prevents the wire from interrupting your games and ruining your aim. 

                With this simple gadget, you can prevent your mouse from breaking your gaming experience and increase your accuracy.

                Weighted Design with Non-Slip Grip

                This has a 3.7oz weighted disk built inside. So if you make sudden fast movements, it won’t fall over. 

                This is critical because, without an adequate amount of weight, it would be tipping over and make this useless. 

                The rubber beneath it makes it non-slip and prevents it from sliding.

                4 USB ports

                If you’re constantly running out of USB ports, this has 4 built into it. 

                So you can plug in your accessories like headsets, keyboard, charger, etc. This is also powered via USB.

                7 LED Customization Settings

                There are 7 colors to make this gadget match with your gaming setup:

                Blue, Purple, Red, Yellow, Light Green, Dark Green, and Rainbow. Adding a whole new “wow” factor to your setup.

                2. Razer Gaming Mouse Bungee

                Check Price of the Razer Gaming Mouse Bungee

                If you’re looking for a mouse bungee without the electronic feature like LED lighting and USB ports, look no further.

                Drag free cord cable control

                I’m sure there are many times when you’ve had to pull your mouse harder than usual to drag the wire. 

                And this happened during many crucial times in a game. When you need more wire, this bungee will provide you more. 

                When you don’t need more cord, it will pull it back to prevent cables from adding unnecessary weight. 

                Overall, making you a more accurate gamer. Fight your enemies and not your mouse.

                Rust resistant spring arm

                The spring arm is rust resistant. So you don’t have to worry about corrosion and the life span of this bungee. 

                You can rest knowing that the little amount of money you spend on this will last for many years and keep the quality.

                Weighted base

                This bungee has a good amount of weight to it. 

                Preventing it from falling when you tug it. 

                The last thing you want is for the bungee to fall in the middle of an intense firefight.

                Anti slip feet

                You’ll be pleased to know that when you place this on your desk, it’s not going anywhere. 

                You have to physically pick it up to relocate it and it won’t drag.

                Mouse mat

                3. Large RGB Gaming Mouse Pad

                Check Price of the Large RGB Gaming Mouse Pad


                This mouse mat is oversized to cover a lot of your desk. Giving you lots of space to work with. 

                The last thing you want is to run out of mouse mat space in the middle of a game. 

                Completely killing the experience. You’ll be pleased to know that there’s plenty of space for you to glide around your mouse.

                Ultra smooth surface

                And speaking of gliding around your mouse. 

                This mat has a super smooth surface, allowing you to effortlessly glide around your mouse. 

                Whilst maintaining control and ultimately, increasing your accuracy in games.

                Lights up

                This comes with 11 lighting modes. 

                7 static lighting modes which are solid colors and 4 dynamic lighting modes. 

                There’s just something about PC gaming accessories that lights up. 

                I don’t know about you but it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Not to mention it adds more life to your setup.

                Non slip

                This mat is non-slip so it won’t be scrunching up whilst gliding your mouse around.

                It’ll stay completely flat no matter what!


                If you’re like me, you’re clumsy. 

                You end up spilling drinks all over the place and it can easily end up on your mouse mat. 

                You’ll be pleased to know that you can easily wash pf that stick mess with some water. 

                Without the worry of you damaging your mouse mat because it’s waterproof.

                Plugin and play

                When you plug this into your computer, there’s no need to worry about installing drivers. This is just plug in and play.

                4. Gaming mouse pad

                Check Price of the Gaming mouse pad

                If you’re looking for a gaming mouse pad with a more minimal look. And does not have the electronic features, look no further…

                High DPI tracking movements

                This has a micro woven surface. Allowing it to pick up all the DPI sensors your mouse outputs. 

                This, in turn, allows you to be more accurate than you would when using an average mouse mat. 

                So if you’re serious about improving at games, consider this mouse mat.

                Medium size

                This isn’t a big mouse pad. It’s the medium sized and will accommodate your mouse just fine. 

                Allowing you to maneuver around easily.

                Non slip

                The bottom bit is made from a non slip material and won’t go anywhere whilst you’re making those sudden twitch movements. 

                It’ll stay flat on the surface and is not going anywhere.

                Cable clips

                5. Cord cable clips

                Check Price of the Cord cable clips

                Hold cables at any angle

                You can stick this anywhere and expect it to hold. 

                Allowing for a more unique way to manage your cords. 

                This makes it easier to hold your wires and keep a clean looking desk. 

                I don’t know about you but a messy desk makes me go nuts.

                Great adhesive

                You’ll be pleased to know that this adhesive won’t crap-out on you. 

                It’ll hold and stay there. However, if it does fail to stay stuck, it can easily be replaced by more adhesive.

                Easy to use

                These couldn’t be easier to use. Just stick them to the surface, wait for 24 hours before you attach any wires, and you’re good to go!


                These are pretty inexpensive to get. You’ll get a pack of multiple of these cable clips at a low price.

                6. Antibacterial wipes

                Check Price of the Antibacterial wipes

                Let’s face it, you’re eating whilst you game. 

                We all do it. That’s why it’s important to keep your mouse clean because you’re always touching it and using it. 

                You’re eating away at your chips and chocolate, then touching your mouse. And touching other things as well. 

                I don’t know about you but health is my number 1 priority. And you can start by getting yourself some simple antibacterial wipes. 

                Wipe them over your mouse and other items to keep everything clean and sanitary. 

                You can’t be too clean, especially when there are so many viruses out there. We’ve all heard of them.

                These wipes are antiseptic. Meaning they prevent illness and destroy disease-causing microorganisms.

                These wipes are safe. If they touch your skin, it won’t sting. 

                In fact, you can use them on your skin. 

                Wipes are large and will cover large distances so you can clean more than your mouse. They’re super convenient and easy to use.

                7. USB hub

                USB HUB
                Check Price of the USB Hub

                You can never have too many USB ports. Your mouse has taken up one so why not add a few more?

                USB 3.0

                This comes with 4 USB ports that are all USB 3.0 compatible. 

                This simply means that transferring files is a lot quicker. 

                Everything is snappier, easier to use, and a more pleasant experience.

                Light indicator

                When the light comes on, it means that particular USB hub has been turned on. 

                There’s a button for you to turn these USB ports on and off.

                You can never have too many USB ports.

                What should I look out for in gaming accessories for my mouse?

                Will it actually make a difference?

                Will that accessory you’re getting actually make a difference and improve your mouse. 

                Now, everyone has a different definition of “improve” in their mind. 

                For example, someone could purchase an Overwatch sticker for their gaming mouse? 

                Was it worth it and improved their game? Maybe so. It may have been worth it for them because they love playing Overwatch. 

                They like the fact that their mouse reminds them of that game and it immerses them more into that game.

                For us, a mouse bungee cord made a difference. 


                Because it has a direct impact on your game. It will improve your aim by a considerable amount. So we included it in this guide.


                We’ve worked hard on our setup. We’ve worked hard to pay for the items, personalized the setup, and bring it to life. 

                So it’s worth seeing if that particular accessory looks good with your setup. 

                You may have a red theme going on with your setup so it may be worth going with a mouse pad that’s able to light-up red. 

                Or you may have a minimalist setup and decide to go with a mouse pad that doesn’t light up. 

                You’ve got to decide to look and personality of your setup and see what fits.


                So those were the best gaming mouse accessories that are available today. 

                We made sure to include only the very best of the best. It took us a while to compile this list so we hope you enjoyed it.