Mobile Gaming on the Go Is Now Hot, Hot, Hot! Get the Trends Here

Mobile gaming is very popular. According to recent statistics, nearly 70 percent of Americans play video games, and a lot of these people play on their phones.

Gaming on the go has never been more popular than it is now, yet what is this industry going? What types of games are most popular right now? What’s going to the next big thing?

It’s time to put the mobile gaming industry under the microscope. Read on and join us as we take a closer look!

Cross-Platform Play Is a Big Deal

Many games that are popular on PC and consoles are getting mobile ports these days. For instance, both PUBG and Call of Duty have had mobile ports, but for some mobile gamers, this isn’t enough.

Cross-platform play, which will see users on mobile competing against their counterparts on PC and consoles. If this is going to take off, there are some challenges to overcome, however. 

Network speed is a big deal with competitive play, so 5G coverage will need to be stronger for mobile gamers to have a chance. There’s also the issue that mobile controls are often less sensitive than those on other systems. 

Larger Developers and Publishers Will Join the Fray

For years, mobile gaming has been the preserve of indie developers, but now, more and more AAA devs are joining the fray. Genshin Impact, created by the large Chinese developer, miHoYo, was a massive mobile success.

Similarly, the aforementioned Call of Duty mobile port had the backing of Activision, a massive publisher. 

However, smaller developers and publishers like GameMine have built up a strong following over the years, so AAA devs and publishers will have a tough fight on their hands.

Shared Casual Experiences Will Continue to Be Popular

If the meteoric success of Among Us has shown us anything it’s that gamers absolutely love this kind of casual multiplayer game. While lockdown and the pandemic have helped its success, games like Spaceteam have also been successful in this niche.

We’ll likely see many more casual multiplayer games in the coming years. Many will fail or be of poor quality, of course, but some will definitely succeed.

Augmented Reality Games Will Not Remain Dormant

Augmented reality games had a huge moment in the spotlight a few years back with the release of Pokemon Go, and we’ve not really seen anything rise to take its throne. While apps like Randonautica have been cult successes, there’s nothing that’s matched the appeal of the Pokemon smash hit.

However, with the world slowly opening up again, it’s only a matter of time before AR games make a comeback. This may once again come in the form of a beloved franchise, but there’s no reason a whole new intellectual property can’t make a big splash.

Gaming on the Go Is on the Rise

Gaming on the go is still on the rise, with mobile games getting more and more sophisticated. We’re likely to see many more smash hits in the near future, so it’s an industry that’s well worth watching!

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