13 Best Gaming Room Accessories (Small and Big Rooms)

best gaming room accessories

Looking for the best gaming room accessories?

Well you’ve come to the right place. We’ll be covering some cool essentials for your setup that are a must have.

In this post, we’ll be going over what you need for a gaming room.

 Some of these items are really cheap and others are on the more premium side.

Whatever your needs, we’ve got you covered. These accessories are suitable for both small and large rooms.

LED strips
    Air purifier
      Movie Projector
          Couch gaming desk
            TV Cabinet
              Wall decal
                Extra shelves
                  Mini fridge
                    Headphone stand

                        1. LED strips

                        Check Price of the LED strips

                        LED lighting can completely change to look and feel of your gaming room.

                        Install these under your desk to give your setup a real gaming station feel.

                        Take it a step further and install this under your bed to give it an epic floating effect.

                        It’s a joy to see every time. You can also install this under your consoles to give them a real sense of importance within your room.

                        We’ve gone with these LED strips that:

                        • Has 16 million colors
                        • Can be controlled by your IOS or Android device
                        • Can easily be cut without damage
                        • Has a pin-to-pin connector
                        • Can be controlled by Alexa

                        These strips are easy to install and won’t break the bank when you purchase.

                        2. Air purifier

                        Check Price of the Air purifier

                        If you’re like me, you like to game with the doors and windows shut. Unfortunately, this isn’t very healthy.

                        There a lot of bacteria that builds up, as well as dust. This can actually get you sick because a lot of germs are air-born.

                        This air purifier system eliminates harmful germs, dust, pollen, pet dander, mold spores, and other small germs.

                        And let’s be honest, you’re gaming and cracking-off some nasty farts. So you need this in order to keep your room odor free and fresh.

                        Don’t game like a slob.

                        If you’re afraid of annoying sounds coming from this, don’t worry. It’s quiet and won’t irritate you.

                        There’s also a lock feature mode which stops curious pets and kids messing with the settings.

                        It has a sleek, modern design that won’t become an eyesore. Instead, it’ll blend in with your gaming room.

                        If you want to be healthy whilst gaming, make sure to pick this up.

                        3. Movie Projector

                        Check Price of the Movie Projector

                        If you’ve got the room, we would highly recommend a movie style projector.

                        If you’re thinking about getting a big TV, a projector can save you a lot of money. 

                        Not to mention a projector will completely change the look a feel of your gaming bedroom setup.

                        Your room will have more of a dramatic, cinematic feel. 

                        Something that will have you in awe when you’re watching or playing something.

                        We’ve decided to go with a high quality 1920x1080p which has 6800 lumens and a high dynamic contrast ratio of 10000:1. 

                        This simply means the picture quality is going to be sharp and colors are going to pop.

                        It also supports 4K videos.

                        This can project from 50 inches to 300inches depending on the distance. 

                        This is compatible with your smartphone, PC, TV, and PS4.  You also get 3 years warranty and lifetime customer support.

                        So if you’re looking to bring a cinematic feel to your room, a high quality projector is a must have.

                        4. Speakers

                        Check Price of the Speakers

                        So we’ve been going on about a projector bringing in a cinematic feel to your room. 

                        However, speakers are just as important when it comes to this.

                        One of the reasons why cinemas are so immersing is because of the speakers. 

                        It completely surrounds us with sound and they always match exactly with what’s going on on-screen. 

                        We’ve gone with some powerfully detailed speakers.

                        The reason why we chose them is because of the precise detail. 

                        When you crank these up to loud, the sound doesn’t become distorted, they’re just as clear.

                        You need something that sounds deep and rich. And that’s exactly what these do. 

                        5. Couch gaming desk

                        Check Price of the Couch gaming desk

                        PC gaming is amazing but it still has negative aspects to it. 

                        And one of them is you’re not usually able to kick-back in a comfy couch. Instead, you’re always stuck at your desk.

                        Sure, the desk chair is nice but sometimes nothing can beat the feeling of sinking into your good’ol couch.

                        That’s where this couch gaming desk comes in…

                        Sit on your couch and put this on your lap. Don’t worry, it’s not leaning on your lap. 

                        It’s leaning on 2 blocks on the side and you put a board on top. So you won’t have a bunch of weight on your lap.

                        When you place your mouse and keyboard on there, you can put place the wires inside the built-in cable management system. 

                        You don’t need to have long keyboard and mouse wires. This comes with a 5m long USB-3.0 connector. And it’s lag-free.

                        This is quality leather and has memory foam cushions for extra comfortability and arm support.

                        If you’ve been searching for a way to combine the comfortability of console gaming with the precision of PC gaming, the search is over!

                        6. TV Cabinet

                        Check Price of the TV Cabinet

                        Having a bunch of consoles and accessories can get pretty messy. That’s why a solid TV cabinet is essential.

                        If you’re trying to go for a classic style gaming setup, then a TV cabinet is a must have.

                        We’ve gone with a simple and elegant wooden style cabinet. It’s affordable and will meet all your needs.

                        The wood is reinforced with a strong high carbon steel. So this won’t be collapsing due to weight.

                        The doors are slidable so you can keep items out of view and easily have access to them.

                        It’s simple to install and you get an easy to follow manual included. If that’s not enough, you can simply ask their fantastic customer service.

                        You get 100% your money back with a 5 year warranty. So you can rest easy knowing you’ve got a solid TV cabinet.

                        7. Cable manager

                        Check Price of the Cable manager

                        No gaming setup is complete without a cable management system.

                        We’ve seen a lot of gaming setups in our time and found that the main area of cable clutter comes from under the desk.

                        And that’s no surprise since your PC, monitors and lots of accessories are on your desk. You don’t always have time to sort each cable out specifically.

                        So we’ve found an accessory which will quickly and easily get rid of your wire problems…

                        …it’s an under desk cable manager.

                        Simply put, this is a mini basket that goes under your desk. You can then gather your wires up and put them in that basket.

                        It’s a quick, easy, and painless process. Kinda like when we have dirty clothes and we just throw them in the “To be washed basket” for mom to wash.

                        A strong cable management system can completely transform the look of your room. It goes from messy, to sleek and stylish.

                        8. Wall decal

                        Check Price of the Wall decal

                        Wall decal looks epic if you set it up right.

                        I personally think it looks great behind a plain background that isn’t cluttered. But that’s just me.

                        9. Soundproofing

                        Check Price of the Wall decal

                        Do you live with family or roommates? Have an apartment block where sound easily travels through the walls? 

                        Have you got a small room and hear echoes when you put on the loudspeakers? Are you sick of the echoes when recording your voice?

                        Whatever the reason, we highly recommend soundproofing.

                        We’ve gone with high quality but an affordable set of acoustic foam. 

                        These will increase sound clarity by getting rid of distorting echoes.

                        If you’re planning on being noisy, make sure to soundproof your room. Or at least the wall you lay your desk against.

                        10. Extra shelves

                        Check Price of the Extra shelves

                        You can never have too many shelves. I’m sure you have a lot of stuff to store and display. So why no put them on a shelf.

                        We’ve decided to go with a classic, rustic wooden style of shelf. 

                        These are easy to install. Just screw in a couple of screws and you’re good to go.

                        The people who designed this have gone a step further and allowed for 3 styles in which you can install these shelves.

                        So if you’re looking for some shelves that can display your PC boxes, consoles, trophies, action figures, etc. Then look no further.

                        11. Mini fridge

                        Check Price of the Mini fridge

                        A fridge is an epic way to add a whole new dimension to your gaming room. 

                        If you’re like me, you know it’s a huge pain having to go from your gaming room (typically upstairs), down to your fridge. 

                        Wouldn’t it be a huge relief knowing there’s a fridge filled with goodies within an arms reach? Of course it would.

                        That’s why a mini fridge is a must!

                        We’ve chosen a highly reviewed and rated mini fridge.

                        It’s spacious and even contains a freezer. So if you enjoy ice cream, this is ideal. 

                        The refrigerator compartment goes from 32′ – 50′ F and the freezer compartment goes from -11. 2′ to 5’F.

                        All your drinks and snacks will be stored in a fresh and safe manner. 

                        You get multiple shelves to store your beverages, a side compartment for drinks, and even a drawer for fruits and veg.

                        The doors open from either side. So if you store this in a cabinet, it won’t get blocked.

                        If you like to game in the dark, this fridge will light up when it’s opened. 

                        So you can easily access what you want without spilling anything.

                        You also get a full 1 year guaranty. 

                        12. Headphone stand

                        Check Price of the Headphone stand

                        One of the issues I had with my setup was storing my headphones.

                        Typically, I’d put them in a draw after I’d finished gaming. But that got super annoying since it was a hassle to take them out again.

                        Putting headphones on your monitor can actually scratch it and completely ruin the panel. So that wasn’t an option.

                        Instead, a simple desk clamp did the trick. It was minimal and saved space.

                        That’s why we’ve decided to go with a cheap, universal headphone clamp. It’s easy to remove and re-attach without ruining your desk.

                        There’s also a nice little cable loop if you don’t have wireless headphones. The clamps have soft rubber on them to prevent damage to your desk.

                        You also get a 1 year manufacturer warranty.

                        If you’re looking for a  more stylish headphone stand, then check this out.

                        13. Velcro

                        Check Price of the Velcro

                        If you’re constantly losing things or running out of room or even looking to decorate, velcro is a must.

                        Let’s say you’re always losing your controller. You could easily apply some velcro behind the controller and stick it on another piece of velcro for storage/display.

                        We’ve gone with a cheap velcro option. You simply peel the velcro back and stick it on whatever you’d like. 

                        There’s also no damage if you decide to remove the velcro from the accessory or wall.

                        How much does a gaming room cost?

                        A gaming room’s cost will all depend on how much you’d like to spend. 

                        Some of your money could go towards painting the walls. You could then allocate some money to furniture like a gaming chair and couch.

                        The majority of that money will probably be spent on your desk setup.

                        It’s all completely up to you.

                        Here’s what we’d recommend:

                        Put aside a budget. This could be the total amount of money you’re willing to spend on your setup or a monthly allowance. 

                        You then need to figure out what’s more important to you.

                        Do you care a lot about the looks of the setup? 

                        Then make sure to first put some money aside for paint and lighting.

                        Is your number one priority functionality. Then we’d recommend getting the best PC parts or console accessories before anything else in the setup.

                        What color should I paint my gaming room and how should I decorate it?

                        This is totally up to you. If you’re looking for a minimalistic style, we’d recommend a white or grey paint. 

                        If your accessories have a color theme to them, for example they light up blue… we’d recommend blue paint.

                        You could even go for a multicolor option. Let’s say you have a separate area for your Xbox and Playstation. 

                        You could paint the Xbox area green and the PlayStation area blue.

                        An LED lighting strip like the one we’ve mentioned above is the perfect way to decorate your gaming room.


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