10 Best Gaming Streaming Accessories [Essentials]


Are you looking for the best gaming streaming accessories?

Well you’ve come to the right place because that’s exactly what we’ll be going over in this post.

We’ll be covering essential gear for streams on platforms like Twitch and YouTube. 

Equipment for your PC and consoles that you can’t live without.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re streaming your PS4, PC etc. there’s something here for you.

Let’s get straight into this…

Audio-Technica AT2020
    Blue Yeti
      Logitech C920
        Softbox Lighting Kit
          Elgato Game Capture Card
            BenQ 24 Inch IPS Monitor
              Massage Gaming Chair
                Photo studio green screen
                  Acoustic foam panels
                    Elgato stream deck


                      You could argue a good mic is a foundation when it comes to communication in your streams. 

                      If people are having to concentrate on what you’re saying, many people are just going to leave your stream. 

                      A good mic shows your presence with the audience and makes you feel engaging.

                      1. Audio-Technica AT2020

                      Check Price of the Audio-Technica AT2020


                      The Audio-Technica AT202 is one of the best sounding microphones out there and for good reason. 

                      That’s because it has a high-quality A/D converter with 16 bit, 44.1/48 kHz sampling rate. 

                      Simply put, this allows the mic to be sensitive to sound and it’s able to render it into clear sounding vocals. 

                      The audience will easily be able to pick up everything you sound without you having to scream into the mic.

                      Easy setup

                      This is a USB mic, just plug it in and you’re good to go. It does require a driver to work properly but that will only take a moment to install. 

                      It has its own detachable stand and detachable USB wire. Making it lightweight, compact, and won’t take up lots of room. 

                      So if you’re in a hurry and need to get the stream started, it will only take a moment for you to plug in this microphone.

                      Reduces background noise

                      One of the things that I like about cheap mics and hate 

                      about expensive mics is the ability to pick up the background noise. 

                      You see, over the years, I’ve found that cheaper microphones don’t pick up much of the noise in the background. 

                      But expensive mics have a tendency of picking up lots of background noise and static. 

                      This is incredibly annoying and takes some time to edit out. 

                      Sure, you can’t hear much of the background noise when you’re talking but it when you’re not talking. Static can be a huge turn off for viewers.

                      Solid build

                      This is built well, with a combination of metal and quality plastic. 

                      If you drop this on the floor a few times or be a little rough with it, you don’t need to worry about it breaking.

                      2. Blue Yeti

                      Check Price of the Blue Yeti

                      Perfect vocals

                      We can’t talk about microphones for streaming without mentioning the Blue Yeti. 

                      The Blue Yeti is known for its crystal clear sounding microphone. It’s probably the most recommended mic for streamers and YouTubers. 

                      When you talk into the mic and play it back, you’ll instantly understand why all the top streamers recommend this. 

                      It’s been out for years and you’ll find it difficult to find a better sound mic than this.

                      Multiple pattern selection

                      One of the reasons why I’m recommending this is because of the multiple pattern selection features. 

                      You can decide at which angle this mic will pick up your voice. It can be directly in one area or the entire mic. 

                      Personally, I prefer the one direction setting since this will help eliminate background noise.


                      Blue Yeti mics are known to last for years. 

                      It comes in with a metal build, when you touch it, you know it’s high quality and built to last. 

                      You can be rough with it and rest easy knowing that it won’t easily break.


                      Initially, this used to go for a premium price. But over the years the Blue Yeti has come down significantly in price.

                      A super premium mic at an affordable price.


                      The next accessory you need in order to become a successful streamer is a webcam. 

                      This adds another layer of communication. Did you know that body language amounts to 70% of communication? 

                      Even though your audience won’t see your entire body, they’ll see some of it and as a result, it’s a way to communicate. 

                      Your facial expressions say a lot and it needs to be crystal clear to see.

                      3. Logitech C920

                      Check Price of the Logitech C920


                      The Logitech C920 records at full HD 1080p. Allowing for rich colors and razor sharp video quality. 

                      People will easily be able to see what’s going on and see your exact facial expressions. 

                      So if you’re getting excited about something, the audience will easily be able to see that.

                      Record at 30 frames per second widescreen

                      This records at a smooth 30 fps. So there won’t be any choppy recordings or lag. 

                      Lag can completely kill the streaming experience for your audience and your streaming career. 

                      You’ll be pleased to know there’s no lag or choppiness with this webcam. It also has a widescreen recording. 

                      So you don’t need to constantly waste time adjusting the camera in a precise position.

                      Attaches well

                      I personally own this webcam and have never had any issues. It attaches easily to your monitor, laptop, or tripod. 

                      You can easily adjust the positioning and get it at the precise position you’d like.


                      This is one of those few items where you get more than you paid for. You just plug this in and you’re good to go. 

                      No installing drivers. I’ve had this for years and it’s still going strong. The build is sturdy and the quality is top-notch. 

                      If you want an epic webcam that will last you for years to come, then look no further.


                      Without proper lighting, it doesn’t matter how good your webcam is. 

                      The video will look terrible if your setup isn’t lit properly. You can even make an average webcam look great if there’s good lighting. 

                      So make sure you don’t skip this part…

                      4. Softbox Lighting Kit

                      Check Price of the Softbox Lighting Kit

                      Natural light

                      The kind of light this produces doesn’t look like an artificial one. In fact, you appear looking natural under this kind of lighting. 

                      Your face glows and your natural beauty starts to shine. It doesn’t look like someone just put a bunch of lighting under you and you appear dazzled by all the light.

                      Adjustable angles

                      You can easily adjust the lightbox to any angle that suits you. You can also adjust the height at which it sits. 

                      Making it easier to get the perfect lighting for you.

                      Energy efficient

                      Don’t worry, this won’t ramp up your energy bills if that’s what you’re worried about. 

                      The box has nylon reflectors which help increase the quality of the light without increasing energy output from the bulb. 

                      The bulb approximately lasts 8,000 hours. This is plenty of time to have finished many live streams.

                      Flame retardant

                      The bulbs and material are flame retardant and won’t catch fire even after long sessions of streaming.


                      Reviewers initially said how they had low expectations of this because of the cheap price. 

                      But they were pleasantly surprised to find this is incredible when it comes to lighting and overall, quality.

                      Capture card

                      5. Elgato Game Capture Card

                      Check Price of the Elgato Game Capture Card

                      Are you planning on live streaming from your console? Then you’re going to want a capture card.

                      Stream and record

                      You can very easily record and stream your games with a click of a button. You can choose to stream to Twitch or YouTube with the built in app making it super easy. 

                      You won’t be messing around trying to get it to work. 

                      The app makes things like recording your mic and webcam super easy. 

                      You can record at a stunning 1080 and 60 frames per second. So everything will look crisp and clear for your audience.

                      Instant Gameview

                      When you’re playing a game, you can see the live/recorded version on a separate screen. 

                      This way you know exactly how your game looks to your audience and there’s no latency. Giving you a true live experience.

                      Unlimited capture

                      When you connect this capture card to your computer, there’s no limit on how much footage you can record. 

                      It will download to your hard drive and you can edit the footage if you decide to upload it to YouTube later on.


                      Having a multiple monitor setup can make a major difference to your stream. 

                      You don’t have to minimize windows. 

                      Instead, you can have a dedicated monitor recording and playing your stream, the other can be used to see what chat is saying. 

                      And a third screen can be used for miscellaneous stuff like browsing the web.

                      6. BenQ 24 Inch IPS Monitor

                      BenQ 24 Inch IPS Monitor
                      Check Price of the IPS Monitor

                      5ms response time

                      This monitor has a 5ms response time. This simply means how long it takes for an input to appear on the screen.

                       For example, if you press the shoot button, the response time will dictate how long it takes for the shooting animation to appear. 

                      With a 5ms response time, you won’t notice any input delay.

                      1080p IPS screen

                      This screen boasts a full HD 1080p screen. And what makes it even sweeter is the IPS functionality. 

                      Simply put, IPS allows for deeper and richer colors. 

                      The reds look redder, colors are brighter, and darker colors are deep. 

                      I remember switching from a standard 1080p monitor to a 1080p IPS monitor and there was a huge difference in detail and sharpness. 

                      If you’re going to be gaming for long periods of time, why not enjoy the graphics properly?

                      Thin bezel

                      If you plan on getting a multi monitor setup, make sure the monitors have thin bezels. 

                      I don’t know about you but when I see thick bezels and multi monitor setup, it just kills it for me. 

                      There’s nothing more annoying than thick bezels.

                      Reduces eye strain

                      This monitor comes with brightness intelligence adaptive technology, it adjusts brightness for comfortable viewing. 

                      It outputs a very low amount of blue light and reduces flicker. This, in turn, prevents eye strain, headaches, and fatigue.


                      One of the reasons why we picked this monitor is affordability. 

                      It comes in at a low price whilst maintaining the features you’ll need for a solid streaming setup. You can easily buy 3 of these without breaking the bank.


                      You’re going to be streaming for a long time, so it’s critical to have a comfortable gaming chair.

                      7. Massage Gaming Chair

                      Check Price of the Massage Gaming Chair

                      Plush cushion

                      I don’t know about you but I hate it when my butt gets all numb after sitting on a chair. It interferes with your games and makes you fidget around. The last thing you want is for your viewers to watch you squirm around.

                      You’ll be pleased to know that the seat is plush and will cradle your bottom well.

                      Metal frame

                      This is made from a solid metal frame. So you can expect this to last for many years to come and support your weight easily. The metal frame also helps your body to be put into the correct position.

                      I can’t stress how important this is since I had a problem with my back because my office chair sucked. I’ve switched to a different chair and feel much better.

                      170 degree recline

                      You can easily recline this back 170 degrees. So when you feel like relaxing, just position this back a little and game away.

                      Adjustable armrest

                      The armrests are adjustable and you can angle them at any position you’d like. This helps with comfortability and your posture. A badly positioned armrest can lead to a bad back.

                      Head and waist rest

                      There’s a head and waist rest for you to get more comfortable. The waist rest is adjustable and helps to support your spine. And the headrest is great if you decide to recline your chair back.

                      Foot rest

                      Let’s take comfortability even further. This chair comes with a retractable footrest. So you can get really comfortable during those long hours of streaming. Kickback and relax with this gaming chair.


                      This comes in 7 colors and each one looks stunning. Some of the designs pop and some have a more minimalist look. One of the 7 will fit nicely into your streaming setup.

                      CHECK PRICE

                      Green screen

                      8. Photo studio green screen

                      Check Price of the Photo studio green screen

                      If you’re looking to implement a different backdrop, a green screen is a must.


                      This is 12ft tall and 10ft wide, giving you plenty of space to work with. So there’s no need to worry about running out of the green screen and exposing your room. If that’s what you’re worried about.


                      The last thing you want is for your green screen to rip or collapse in the middle of a stream. That would be extremely embarrassing and a huge turn off for your audience.

                      You’ll be pleased to know this is made from a thick cotton material. So you can rest easy knowing it will never collapse.

                      Machine washable

                      As time goes on, it’s going to get dirty. So do you want to spend time with a brush carefully cleaning it. ‘Course not! This is machine washable and you can easily throw this into a washing machine and call it a day.

                      Soundproof panel

                      Communication is arguably the most important aspect of your stream. You’ve always got to be communicating.

                      That’s why we’ve stressed getting a mic and webcam. To further your communication, soundproof panels work incredibly well, here’s how…

                      9. Acoustic foam panels

                      Check Price of the Acoustic foam panels

                      Get rid of echoes

                      Echoes in a room completely kill the stream. The last thing you want when talking to your viewers is for another voice to talk right on top of you. You want a clean, crystal clear sound coming through.

                      The thickness of these panels help absorb the sound your overall stream outputs. Therefore reducing the echoes.

                      Easy to install

                      These panels are lightweight, making it much easier to install. You don’t need any special tools or materials for the installation.


                      Because of how affordable this is, you may be thinking it’s of a lower quality to other panels. You’ll be pleased to know these are so cost effective because the design these guys use requires less material.

                      So no quality is being sacrificed to bring you lower costs.

                      So don’t skip out on these soundproof panels

                      Stream deck

                      10. Elgato stream deck

                      Check Price of the Elgato stream deck

                      Streaming can be extremely stressful, even for experienced streamers. There’s a lot going on and a lot of things that require attention.

                      Such as letting people know you’re live on different platforms, seeing how many people are viewing, responding to chat, adding funny animations etc. it’s all so overwhelming.

                      You’ll be pleased to know this streaming deck can make everything easy…

                      Programmable buttons

                      With this streaming deck, you get 15 programmable buttons. For example, you can create an action that sends a Tweet out telling people you’re live. You can launch any media you want, adjust the audio and much more.

                      It even allows for chain reactions. For example, you can create a trigger action which starts your intro scene,

                      Tweets that you’re live, and sends a welcome message to your char. A chain reaction can all be created in one button.

                      Customize icons

                      If you’re confused and don’t know which button does what, don’t worry. After you’ve created an action, you can assin that action to a button with a custom icon. This way you won’t be confused with any of the buttons.

                      Integrate with different apps

                      You can easily integrate this with YouTube, Twitch etc, OBS, etc. It’s compatible with so many applications.

                      Easy to use

                      If you’re worried about creating an action, don’t be. To create/program an action, you just drag and drop stuff in an app. It only takes a few minutes to get familiar with the app. Making this super easy for you to use.

                      Store as many actions as you want

                      You can create and save as many actions as you want. For example, you can create lots of actions that have different images pop up in the middle of the stream.

                      If you’re getting bored with them, you can just switch them out in the app. There are no limits here.


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