How to Get Your Girlfriend into Video Games [7 Easy Steps]

girls play video games

So a lot of us guys love to play video games and wish she would join us.

But how do we get her into video games?

Well, you’re in luck.

Follow these quick, simple steps and your partner will be transformed into a gamer girl.

1. Play Games With Amazing Stories

the last of us amazing story

When she’s sitting on the couch or laying her head on your lap. That’s a great opportunity to show her what video games are really capable of.


…she’s warm and comfortable.

You put on a game like The Walking Dead or The Last Of Us. She will fall deep into the story and because of the rich storytelling, she’s intrigued.

And will later ask you “Aren’t you going to play that game again?

2. Make A Trade

take her out to dinner

She will immediately start to play video games once you offer to take her to dinner or go shopping in exchange for her to game.

Making compromises may be annoying but it’s definitely a short-cut into making her a gamer girl.

3. Start Her Off With Easy Co-op Games

Mario co op game

I doubt she will want to play quick pase shooters (at first).

Instead, start her off with easy co-op games like Mario. Throwing her into the oceans of video games can be overwhelming.

Just let her dip her toes in.

4. Be Supportive

be supportive playing games

When she first picks up that controller, she’s probably gonna lose a lot. Praise her efforts, make her feel like she’s improving and don’t snap or call her a “noob” when she isn’t doing well.

5. Show Her How


Getting into video games can be a huge learning curve. Like when you switch from console to PC gaming.

Show her the controls with your hand over hers’ and perform basic actions like moving the camera and action button.

This will make it more intimate whiles getting her use to the controls.

6. Make It Fun

having fun playing games with girlfriend

If she has a good time, it’s only natural she wants more. Make her laugh, show her she’s achieving something and turn your focus to her, not the game at hand.

7. Thank Her

girl gamer

She just did something you really enjoy. Tell her how much fun you had, that you look forward to doing it again and most of all…

…tell her how much you love her.

Remember she’s your partner and wants to get close to you, she’ll realize video games is one way to do it.


So these are 7 proven methods in getting your girlfriend or wife into video games.

Sure there are more female gamers than ever before but let’s make sure that trend increases.

Follow these 7 steps consistently and you’ll be gaming away happily ever after.

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