[ULTIMATE GUIDE] Getting into PC Gaming – Is PC Gaming for You?

Is Pc gaming for you

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Are you considering getting into PC gaming and don’t know where to start? 

Are you asking yourself:

What do I need to know about moving from console to PC?” Are you looking for the cheapest way to get in? Are you just getting back into PC Gaming?

Overall, you want to know if it’s worth making the switch.

In this ultimate guide, I’ll be showing you how to get into PC gaming and if you should make the switch.

What you will learn:

getting into pc gaming guide
What Makes Me Qualified To Tell You?

I went through the whole process of getting into PC gaming a few years ago and the memories are still fresh in my mind, I can tell you everything I went through, the ups and downs.

I was researching all things PC gaming related, my research would include looking at different generations of computing technology and how well they would benchmark against different games.

Comparing different parts and brands against each other to see which one would deliver the best bang for my buck.

I’ve taken it a step further by having studied computing in College, still to this day I like to keep up with the latest news in the computing world and how the new and older components do against new and older games.

So yes, I’m the person you would want to ask for advice if you are thinking about switching to PC gaming.

Get Into PC Gaming?

Positives of PC Gaming

Cheaper (long term)

So you might be thinking “isn’t a gaming PC expensive?” Well yes, it can be, but over time you would have spent less money on your PC than your console because games on PC are so much cheaper.

You can get games only a fraction of the price on a PC than what it would cost on consoles. Deals can go from 50% to 90% off every week on Steam.

If a component in your PC fails like your Blue-ray drive, then you can purchase another one and swap it out by literally just sliding a new one in and it only takes a few minutes.

Unlike a console, you wouldn’t have to send your PC back to the manufacturer and wait weeks or even months to get it fixed.

No huge upgrades like buying an entire system. Instead, if you want a boost in performance, you can purchase new PC components over time. Giving you decent or drastic changes in performance or you can turn down the game settings to increase performance.


Mods can make a game last forever, take a game like Skyrim and you can literally tweak everything, the graphics like how tall you want the grass to be, how an NPC reacts and you can add entire levels for free.

These are only a few things that mods can do. Super popular games were born from mods like DayZ which came from a game called Arma 3.

Mature Community

Not to say there aren’t immature players you will come across, but the PC community is generally mature and you won’t come across that annoying 12-year-old kid on the microphone who keeps telling you he slept with your Mom.

Different games produce different communities. Playing a game such as Counter Strike, you can get extremely rude players but playing a game like Civilization, the community is a lot more friendly and mature.

Online is Free

No more paying $60 a year just to get on the internet. A console’s lifespan is generally 7 years and by not having to pay a fee you would have saved $420!

You could purchase the latest console for that kind of money or better yet, build a new gaming PC.


Customizing your PC is endless. You can decide what color your keyboard and mouse lights up, if your PC case lights up, what kind of effects you want those lights to have.

The style of your PC case, if you want a nice, sleek, minimalist look, or want a ton of LEDs like you’re at a rave. The Options are endless.

==> Check Out These Customized Gaming PCs

red and white gaming PC
(just put it in the museum it’s a stunning piece of art)

Better Controls And Smoother Experience

You may not know it yet but mouse and keyboard is better. When you get used to the mouse, your movement speed is much more fluid and you land exactly where you want to be.

With the keyboard, you can program every action to any key you like. I remember going back and playing Battlefield 3 on PS3 with a controller and it felt so sluggish and slow.

With the higher frame rate and not being capped like the consoles, this can make your entire gaming experience smoother and overall, more enjoyable.

The eye can’t see more than 30 frames per second is a myth, our eyes are not a camera.

If you ask someone who has been playing on a 144hz monitor to switch back to 30 frame-per-second, they would consider it unplayable.

mouse and keyboard vs controller
(how you will feel)


Of course, the most obvious and you’ve probably heard it so many times “PC graphics are amazing!” And that’s true, I remember playing Witcher 3 for the first time and I was completely blown away, it had the best graphics I’ve ever seen in a game.

In fact, I purchased a new graphics card just to play that game maxed out and it was a damn good experience. There were so many moments where I would just look at the scenery and think “my God, this is amazing”.

You can see graphics comparison videos on YouTube but they don’t do the game justice. Since YouTube compresses the video files and you just see a filtered version of a game.

console vs pc graphics
(looks a little better than console huh?)

Backward Compatible

PC is the only platform where you can play a game from a decade ago whiles playing it on the latest system and never purchase the same game twice. If you purchased Tomb Raider on the PlayStation 1, you would have has to purchase again for the PlayStation 2, 3 and 4.

Sometimes if you purchase a game on the PlayStation Vita, you would not have to buy it again on your PlayStation 4. This isn’t always the case though.

Do More Than Just Gaming

It’s not just a gaming PC, it’s a fully equipped computer! You can do anything, like video editing, Photoshop, multimedia, movies, work and the list goes on.

Here’s a great guide going into more detail on why PC gaming is better.

Negatives of PC Gaming

PC gaming isn’t all sunshine and rainbows if that’s what you were thinking. There are plenty of negatives but I won’t go into too much detail about them because the positives weigh out the negatives so freaking much. (You will encounter more negatives further down this guide.)

What you really need to know if you should buy a gaming computer:

Do you like plug in and play?

What I mean by this is, do you like to press the play button and not have any problems at all?

Are you OK with your games sometimes crashing and doing a tiny bit of research to fix it? If you don’t mind dealing with occasional bugs and looking up how to fix it then PC Gaming is for you! If you like to tweak games to just how you want it then PC gaming is also for you!


If you only like plug-in and play and can’t stand a single hiccup, don’t make the switch to PC. Stick to your good old console. (Damn peasant)

If you want a TRUE guide on the REAL negatives of PC gaming, then you need to check out this post.

This is where I really tear into PC gaming and show people it’s not as great as you may think.

PC Gaming Myths


Probably the biggest myth and what’s preventing people from getting into PC gaming.

You can get a gaming PC for the same price but it will perform just a little better than the consoles. In my opinion isn’t worth switching if you’re not willing to spend a little extra for an incredible experience.

In the short term, sure, a desktop PC may cost more than consoles but in a few years, you would have spent a lot less than if you were on console.

PC games are hilariously cheap and online is free. Adding just these 2 factors up and your console could go over $1000 in its lifetime.

Which platform is expensive now?

pc gaming joker meme
(he maybe crazy be he’s correct)

Using Mouse & Keyboard Is Impossible

Another giant misconception, when you’ve never used a tool then you need to learn how to use it.

When I made the switch to PC, it took me a couple of weeks to get comfortable with the controls and there was a huge skill gap between PC gamers and Console gamers. Not because PC gamers are smarter than console gamers. It’s because the tools PC gamers have are more accurate and easier to control.

If you want to plug in a controller for action games like Batman or Devil May Cry, go ahead, PC accepts that too!

Hackers Everywhere

I’ve heard this one so many times and let me tell you, I have come across so many more hackers on console than I have on PC.

I remember when my brother hacked his PS3 and he could download any game for free and when playing Call Of Duty, he could decrease player progression ranks back to 1 and even freeze someone else’s console.

You will come across hackers on any platform and it all depends on what game you’re playing. I can’t even remember the last time I came across a hacker on PC.

There Are No Noobs, Only Hardcore Gamers

No noobs on PC? That’s hilarious. There are noobs on all platforms.

There’s a big skill gap between PC gamers and consoles gamers and that’s because of the tools they use. I’ve come across noobs all over PC and that’s inevitable. There will be players who are new to a game, they’re coming back to the game after ages, they’re new to the platform and the list goes on why someone could be a noob. The lesson here is, there are noobs, noobs everywhere.

You get the great player who like to have fun and play the objective and you get all the awful players who don’t know what the hell they’re doing.

No Problems At All

Remember what I said earlier? ‘course you don’t. I said “PC gaming isn’t all sunshine and rainbows” it isn’t always perfect, you will come across bad PC ports, crashes, noobs and the list goes on.


If you can look past these issues then PC gaming is for you and you’re going to enjoy it so much. The positives weigh out the negatives.

It’s Impossible To Build A PC

Seems like everyone I talk to about building a computer, thinks I’m a genius, building a computer is like putting Lego together and that’s no understatement.

The way I learned how to build a PC was watching some YouTube videos and I soon became confident and couldn’t wait for my parts to arrive and get stuck in.

You know those guys who have an attachment to their cars? They have built, maintained and even named it! Well you will want to do the same and your PC will become a passion.

PC Parts And What They Do

Motherboard– where components such as your graphics card, processor, RAM, fan are inserted. This allows the components to work with each other.


Processor (CPU)– The brains of the computer, handles mathematical algorithms and in video games will be a huge key to how well your games run.

There are 2 big CPU brands you will be choosing from and that’s Intel and AMD.

A lot of people like to think more cores in your CPU is better. This is simply not true. For example, AMD puts a bunch of cores in their processors and Intel chips which have half the number of cores can perform better.

Same applies with gigahertz, more does not mean better, cores and gigahertz work together. The best thing to do when picking out your processor is to look at benchmarks.

cpu processor

Processor Fan– cools your processor and helps your processor run optimally at all times and can increase the longevity of the processor.

You can choose to cool your CPU through air or water. Water is more expensive but it will cool down your component tremendously. On the other hand, air cooling is inexpensive and still gets the job done, even if you’re overclocking.

With water cooling you can get a standard off the shelf water cooler or have your own full custom loop, which is very expensive, averaging $600 for a full kit.

processor fan

RAM– this stands for random access memory. It will allow your computer to get access to data in an instant. The greater capacity of memory is better, if you plan to just game then I would recommend 16GB of RAM.

If you plan on video editing, I would highly recommend you getting the most amount of RAM you can afford. Video editing can take a lot of resources and therefore you should get as much RAM available.

Ram type depends on what type of motherboard you get, simply check your processor and motherboard’s description and see what type of ram they’re compatible with. It could be either DDR3 or DDR4 type RAM.

The speed of RAM does not matter as much, benchmarks show this. I personally would recommend 1600MHZ or above as this is optimal speed which comes at a reasonable price.


Graphics Card (GPU)– the juicy part of your gaming PC, it will be the main factor in determining how well your games run. Your GPU will basically render pictures on the screen.

Previously when we talked about the CPU and how cores don’t matter, same applies with the graphics card. More cores does not equate to better performance.

GPU memory or VRAM is directed to a game’s texture. Again, the best way to pick out the graphics card is by looking at benchmarks.

The general rule of thumb is, 6Gb of VRAM when playing at 1080p unless you are going to implement a lot of texture mods to your games. If that’s the case then you can and should go above 6GB of VRAM.

8GB or above of video memory is recommended for gamers looking to play at 1440p and 4K.

graphics card gpu

Internal Storage– there are 2 main types of internal storage. It’s either a standard HDD drive (hard disk drive), or an SSD (solid state drive). What you need to know is that the HDD is standard and inexpensive. The SSD, on the other hand, is 7x faster and will cost a lot more.

If you don’t have the money to spend or you put yourself on a strict budget, I would recommend a standard HDD drive which runs at 7200RPM. RPM simply implies how fast the hard drive will load data that’s stored on it. Higher RPM equates to decreased loading times.

There are many brands of internal storage, make sure to go with the more trustworthy brands like Seagate, Samsung, WD and Hitachi.

ssd and hard drive

Optical Drive– this is simply your DVD/Blue-ray disk drive. You can do standard things like save data such as movies and documents. Also how you can install your operating system.

Today you don’t really need an optical drive. You can watch movies easily online, save documents on a USB stick and install your operating system via USB and the USB is much faster.

The optical drive connects via SATA cable which plugs into the motherboard.

optical drive

Power Supply (PSU)– pretty much what it says on the box, it will power up everything. (Make sure to get a good brand, it’s giving life to your PC and you don’t want to get some crappy power supply or else you will be sorry) Make sure to a good reliable brand like Corsair and CoolerMaster.

psu power supply

Case– This will house all your components and assists in cooling your components down. Bigger the case, the more room for airflow. Cases or towers they can be known as, can allow you to mount fans at the front, back, top, bottom, and side.

Depending on the case size, it can hold mini-ITX motherboards which is a tiny case, micro-ATX motherboards which are small sized cases, mid-tower cases which are normal, and full tower cases which house full sized motherboards. Leaving plenty room for airflow and storage.

Some cases come with fans and these fans can be of great quality or not so great quality. You can purchase and even customize your fans separately.

pc case

What I have mentioned above are all the components you will need for your PC to actually function accept from the optical drive, that’s optional.

pc master race meme
(it feels so good to be PC master race)

Building A PC VS Pre-Built

Why You Should Build A PC

Cheaper– you cut out the person who spends the time building the computer. You will save money on shipping and packaging since the computers are heavy and heavily protected. Shipping a weighty product is expensive.

By cutting these few things out you can easily save hundreds and use that money to spend on better components.

Easy To Upgrade And Maintain– By building your computer you would’ve learned everything that goes into it. So, if a component fails you know how to comfortably switch it out for another one.

Or you’re planning to make an upgrade, you don’t have to research it because you did it in the past and there’s no need to send it back to the manufacturer for them to upgrade it for you. You will save not only money but time.

You Will Be More Passionate– Kinda feels like you built your own car, you become proud of what you have built and because your blood, sweat, and tears (not literal), went into it you will have better appreciation.

This may seem kinda weird but trust me, it’s true. Just ask someone who has done it.

Why You Should Buy A Pre-Built PC

No Problems– you don’t have to care about research or worry if the computer will boot up for the first time.

Professionals have built your computer and you don’t have to look up a single thing. (This will be a negative when something fails or you want an upgrade)

Will Look Better– let’s face it, the first pancake we make is never as good as the second, well… at least in my case (no pun intended).

First time builders will generally have pretty terrible cable management and it will likely look messy. But a pre-built computer will look a lot tidier and just cleaner.

Top 10 Games For Beginners

Counter Strike Global Offensive

cs go

The daddy of first-person shooters, having the biggest e-sports events in the world. A twitch shooter that will teach you the giant difference in skill between PC and console and how good you can really get at a game.

League Of Legends

League Of Legends gameplay

The most played game on the planet with millions of active players. I have sunk so many hours into this game because it’s so amazing and addicting.  Your aims and objectives are to destroy the enemy’s turrets and get to their nexus.

This is my most played game of all time.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim graphics

A huge open world game and when adding mods into the game, it’s a whole different experience.

I can’t play Skyrim without mods whether it be graphical or gameplay mods. I haven’t come close to completing this game because I’m distracted by the mods. Have I said mods enough times?

Left 4 Dead 2

Left 4 Dead 2

This will show you how important teamwork really is, you can not survive without being with your team, and trust me, I’ve tried.

The experience is totally different from the consoles, like when I made the zombies turn into brain-eating Teletubbies thanks to mods.

Battlefield Series

Battlefield 1 gameplay

A massive online multiplayer and juggernaut in the gaming industry. Traverse the huge maps whiles getting stuck in the dirt, riding horses and dogfighting. Playing on the PC and looking at everything thinking “Wow… they’ve created a masterpiece.”

Sharp and gorgeous is what the Battlefield series are. By purchasing the previous Battlefield series to the latest, you will get to appreciate how far we’ve come in the gaming industry.

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt

Story rich and insanely gorgeous is the definition of Witcher 3. This is one of the greatest games I’ve ever played, so big and so much to do. Beautiful mods and it’s so much better than the console version because of the frame rate, graphics, mods and the list goes on.

I personally upgraded my graphics card just so I could play this game maxed out, and boy was it worth it.

Grand Theft Auto V

gta v

This is just a blast on the PC with mods and so many of them. When the PC port released, it had much greater visuals and ran so smooth on the systems.

Sit back, plug in your controller and have a blast on the PC version.

Civilization VI

Civilization V gameplay

An amazing strategy game. In fact, the Civilization series is my favorite strategy franchise, and playing it on the PC is the only way to go.

I couldn’t imagine this on the consoles because of the controls. Civilization is one of those games where you say one more turn but you’re still on it 100 turns later. I highly recommend this for anyone who loves the strategy genre.

Crysis Series

Crysis Series gameplay

So we’ve talked about graphics on this list, but we can’t talk about graphics without mentioning Crysis. When the first Crysis game came out it took the most powerful PCs down to their knees and still to this day, Crysis gives powerful machines a run for their money.

An awesome franchise worth playing for the graphics alone. You play a guy named Prophet, he wears a Nano suit capable of increasing his strength, speed, defence and granting him invisibility .

Team Fortress 2   

Team Fortress 2    gameplay

A great example of the skill gap between console and PC player, although it’s not as hardcore as Counter Strike Global Offensive it’s definitely super fun.

The console version of this game sucks because of the controls. It’s a free cartoony game and doesn’t take its self seriously.

Where do PC gamers buy games?

There are lots of places to buy PC games. The most popular has to be Steam.

It’s probably where you will purchase most of your games. And the place where you will be launching your games.

As different games have different launching platforms. For example, if you want to play Ubisoft games such as

The Division, you’ll have to launch it in an application called Origin. It’s nothing complicated, just click it and it will launch.

I purchased The Witcher 3 on the Gog Store and I had to launch that game via the Gog application. So there are many places to purchase your games.

One of the best places has to be G2A. You can purchase many games at a cheap price. It’s simple.

You purchase a game and you will receive a CD key and you activate that CD key via the platform. For example, let’s say you purchased a game on G2A that gave you a Steam CD key.

You’d have to activate and launch that game via Steam. If it had an Origin CD key, you would have to activate and launch it via the Origin application.

So that’s how you purchase a game and launch them. However, there’s one downside to having multiple launchers… your trophies will be earned and shown only on that platform.

For example, if all your friends are on Steam and you’ve purchased a game on the Gog store.

The trophies for that game will only be earned and seen via the Gog platform.

So if you really like earning and showing off your trophies, this is something to consider.

Personally, I’m not fussed. I still get to play the game for cheap. 

Tips, Tricks & Optimisation

Turn Off Mouse Acceleration

Turning this off will give you raw mouse input and improve your accuracy 10,000%. I’m not kidding, it will make a huge difference.

To do this go to:

  • Control panel
  • Hardware and sound
  • Devices and printers
  • Right-click “USB OPTICAL MOUSE”
  • Mouse settings
  • Uncheck “Enhance pointer precision”

Stop Changing Your Set-up

If you keep changing your settings like mouse sensitivity then you’re going to have to keep adjusting the way you play.

Try to play a few games on a sensitivity and decide whether or not it’s for you and then change it. Keep changing your mouse sensitivity/speed, until you find a set-up which you’re comfortable with and you will do well.

Keep Trying

Practice makes perfect, you’re switching to a whole new platform and the controls are completely different.

You have to keep trying to make yourself better and trust me, within 2 weeks you will be so much better than you were on a console.

Find Friends

Friends will make a huge difference and if you have friends who already play on PC, you can ask them for advice. Skype them and have fun!

When I switched to PC, all my friends were on console and I decided to get into chat with the other people on the game I was playing.

Don’t be afraid to talk, remember the PC community is a lot more mature. If you make a forum post on steam that you want people to play with. Most likely you will get positive replies.

Try Controlling The Recoil

When I would play a first-person shooter, I always forgot to control the recoil, but when I decided to move the mouse and stop the recoil. My shots were a lot more accurate. This is an awesome tip for you gamers who are into first-person shooters.


When you make the switch you’re going to want to punch your monitor, but don’t do that. Instead, if you feel like quitting a game, just keep going and you will get better at the whole switch. Think of how you can improve and over time you will become a pro at it.

Here are some more epic tips on how to get better at PC gaming!

What not to do with your gaming PC

Many people don’t talk about what not to do when gaming on PC. I’ll be covering some very important points so pay close attention.

Stop looking at the FPS

One of the worst things you can do for your gaming experience is to constantly look at the frames per second (FPS) counter.

We’re often told to at least get 60FPS constantly in games or you’re going to have a bad experience. Personally, I don’t mind gaming at 30FPS.

I’m not saying people can see a difference between 60 and 30 frames per second but I can’t. And I’ve been gaming on PC for years.

Just because you’ve looked at lots of benchmarks seeing people achieve certain frames, doesn’t mean you have to do that.

I made the mistake of constantly checking my FPS counter and felt like I wasn’t having a good time if I wasn’t getting a certain amount of frames.

That’s completely not true. Stop having the FPS counter on and just enjoy the game already.

Stop being so interested in graphics

Yes, I know I said graphics on the PC are incredible. However, graphics don’t make a game.

Look at Nintendo games, they don’t look amazing graphically. But people absolutely love them because of the fun gameplay and art style.

I would choose art style and gameplay over graphics any day. You can put as much lipstick on that pig as you want but it’s still a pig.

Nothing’s going to change that. CS Go and League of Legends are some of the most popular games of all time and have been for many, many years.

Yet the graphics don’t blow anyone away. The reason why these games are still some of the most played to this day is because of the deep gameplay mechanics.

They’re genuinely fun and interesting, you have to master them if you want to get good. And that’s what gets people coming back.

If The Witcher 3 didn’t have such a great story but still retained the graphics, do you still think it would’ve got 10/10 reviews? Of course not.

Graphics don’t make a game. The Witcher and Crysis series are both graphically beautiful. But The Witcher games are played because of the great story.

Whilst the Crysis series is used as a benchmarking tool and a way to spend a little time admiring the graphics.

There’s nothing wrong with being a graphics snob, just don’t let that be the focus of your attention.

It shouldn’t be an issue that you have to lower the graphics settings. You don’t need to crank everything to the max to have fun.

Think about it… there are lots of photorealistic games out there but only a handful of people have even played them.


You don’t need lots of games

I remember seeing these deals on games all the time. And I purchased game after game.

The majority of them I spent a couple of hours on and never touched them again. There’s really no point.

You’ll be surprised at how easily you can spend lots of money on cheap games.

It’s surprising how the games will rack up in expenses. Buy the games that you really want to play. Not the ones you think you might play.

Stop looking at the latest and greatest PC components

You’ve got your PC, now stick to it. Stop gawking and browsing other components.

It’s nice to keep up to date with things, but there’s really no need.

A lot of the time you just end up wasting a lot of time looking at components and benchmarks instead of playing.

What a waste of time. The components don’t matter as much as the actual games.

If you have to turn down graphical settings, so what? It doesn’t matter.

Get comfortable

You’re going to be gaming at your desk and you’ll be sitting on a chair.

So make sure it’s super comfortable. It’s arguably more important than the actual gaming PC.

If you’re not comfortable, you might not enjoy the game. Or at least get immersed in it.

So make sure you invest in a really good chair. Don’t forget you can connect your PC to your TV.

This way you can play on the couch. If you want to play on the couch with a mouse and keyboard, you can use a lap desk.

Play with friends

If you’re playing online, it’s more fun with friends. If you don’t know anyone on PC, you can just check out the Steam forums.

I posted that I was new and wanted to play with other people and they were more than happy. I made some friends and had lots of fun.

Remember, PC gamers are generally more mature because of the higher barrier to entry.

Be patient

You’ll come across issues with PC gaming, there’s no stopping it.

So be patient. If a game keeps crashing, look it up. There’s probably a simple fix.

I remember when I wanted to play Mass Effect and it wouldn’t scale to 1080p. I Googled it and found a fix.

It took me about 5 minutes to resolve that issue. Most of the issues are minor like the one I mentioned and you’ll come across some that will make you rage. So be patient.

How much should I spend on my gaming PC?

It all depends…

On what?

On the types of games you want to play and the performance.

If you only want to play basic strategy games like Civilization and Total War. You don’t need a super expensive gaming PC. You could get away with a PC for $400 – $500.

If you want to play competitive games like CS Go, Overwatch, Rainbow Six Siege, Fortnite, etc. You’re going to be looking at spending $500 – $600.

Are you looking for an all-out 4K gaming machine? Something that will give you a gamer-gasam? Then you’re going to be spending $2,000+. 

Which Gaming PC should I get?

We would recommend you go with a beginner gaming PC that can play all the different types of PC games out there. And it won’t cost you an arm and leg.

We would recommend going with this prebuilt PC that will run games maxed out and give you buttery-smooth performance.

Skytech Shiva Gaming PC

We’ve managed to stretch every penny and squeeze the most of the money you will spend by going with this PC.


The graphics card (GPU) will be the heart of your gaming PC. It’s what gaming performance will depend on the most. You’ll be pleased to know this has an Nvidia RTX 2060 GPU, it’s a powerhouse when it comes to performance. 

The Witcher 3 on ultra settings at 1080p, you get an average FPS of 93. 

In Crysis 3 on max settings at 1080p, you get an average of 107FPS.

In Assassin’s Creed Odyssey on ultra settings at 1080p, you get an average of 75FPS.

As you can see, with some of the most demanding titles of all time, this GPU can hold its own. And not just hold its own but actually thrive. All this extra graphical power leaves you plenty of power to install lots of graphics mods.

It has 6GB of video RAM. Video RAM (VRAM) is responsible for loading textures. Textures can make or break a game when it comes to graphics. 6GB is plenty even for the most demanding titles.

AMD Ryzen 5 2600

The AMD Ryzen 5 2600 is a 6 core CPU. It has plenty of processing power to handle gaming without an issue. You’ll also be able to do things like video editing, streaming, and rendering without an issue.


The latest blockbuster games these days are using more RAM than ever. Up to 16GB which is the exact amount this PC has. And it’s DDR4 type RAM which means it will give you an extra boost in performance. You’ll easily play your games and have other tasks open in the background with this.


I remember when I first installed my SSD, it completely changed the way I game and used my computer.


Because it sped everything up so incredibly fast. Everything was so much snappier and smoother. In fact, one of the things that really bugs me about console gaming is the load times. They’re just insanely long, it completely kills the experience for me. After you’ve been in an intense battle and now you’re waiting on a loading screen. Well no more of that. Loading times will be pretty much nonexistent. And doing general tasks on your PC like browsing the web has never felt so good.


This PC was built by professionals. People who have been building computers for many years. The cable management is super clean and tidy. Allowing for more air to pass by easily and cooling your components. There are also multiple fans to cool your components.

All the parts you will need

There are plenty of ports on this PC including lots of USB ports, HDMI, Mic, and audio ports. So you don’t need to worry about this section of the computer.


This gaming rig looks gorgeous. It has a crystal white case that looks sleek and modern. The multiple fans light up in a rainbow color which takes the looks to a whole new level.

1 year warranty

There’s a 1 year warranty. So if anything goes wrong, you won’t be there pulling your hair out. Instead, you can just send this PC back and get the issue fixed. Getting rid of the headaches that come with PC gaming.

Money well spent

We spent lots of time researching into many different computers to find the best one for a beginner. Something that will stretch your money to the max. Every component in this computer was well researched so you can rest knowing that your money was well spent. 

With all that said, they’ve even thrown in a free gaming mouse and keyboard that light up. You simply can’t go wrong with this PC. You have nothing to lose.

>Are you finally ready to get your first gaming PC?<


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