29 Must Have Best Cute Girl Gaming Accessories (Headset, Mice etc.)

Girl Gaming Accessories

Are you looking for the best girl gaming accessories?

Well you’ve come to the right place because that’s exactly what we’ll be going over in this post.

We’ll be going over cute pink headsets, console accessories and PC accessories. These are so kawaii!

They must have essential items and make for great gifts.

Let’s get straight into this!

Pink Stereo Gaming Headset with Mic
  • Vocals sound crystal clear and the bass is deep
  • Comfortable
  • Noise cancelling
Turtle Beach Recon Spark Universal
  • Comfortable snug fit
  • Clear sounding mic
  • looks stunning
Over Ear Cat Ear Headphones
  • Super cute!
  • Great sound quality
  • Affordable
Razer Base Station
  • Shows notifications
  • Hang your headset
  • 3 USB ports
Pink ATX Mid Tower
  • looks stunning
  • Window to see components
  • Cable management
Gaming Chair Rabbit Ears
  • Supports your spine
  • Steel frame
  • Super Kawaii!
  • 45.3 inches Wide and 29 inches Deep
  • Cup and headset holder
  • Can hold up to 110lbs!
Razer BlackWidow TE Chroma
  • Easy typing
  • Lights up
  • Wrist rest
SADES Blue Switches Mechanical
  • Faster and satisfying typing
  • Durable construction
Oversized Mongolian Saucer Chair
  • super plush and comfortable
  • Sturdy and will not collapse
Razer Lancehead
  • Incredibly accurate aiming
  • customize the RGB lights
Ajazz AJ52
  • Stunning design
  • Glides across nicely
  • Mouse easily glides
  • 15 lighting modes
Asus Pink
  • Well made
  • Smooth surface allows for pixel perfect tracking
Blue Light Blocking Glasses
  • Keeps your eyes healthy whilst gaming
  • Won’t distort colors
Cat Lamp
  • Cute!
  • Lights up multiple colors
Gamer Decal
  • A great way to personalise your setup
Cute pink gamer socks
  • Cute and comfortable
Cat Dog Paw Thumb Stick
  • Better aiming
  • cute!
Girl hoodies
  • Comfortable
  • Keeps you toasty
Silicone Cover Skin Case for Sony PS4
  • Protects your controller
  • Comfortable
  • Comes with thumbsticks
Nintendo Controller
  • Great for fighting games
  • Inspired by the game cube controller
Neon Lights
  • Cute and hot!
  • Makes you feel at home
  • They’re really cheap!
Low calorie chocolate
  • Lots of options
  • Low calories
  • Organic
Laptop table
  • Relax in bed and play
  • Rubber base
  • Lots of room
Foot rest
  • Insanely comfortable
  • Washable
  • Won’t slip
Cleansing Gel
  • Easliy clean your electronics
Duster gloves
  • Quick and easy way to remove dust from your setup

Girl gaming headset

1. Pink Stereo Gaming Headset with Mic

SOMIC G951s Pink Stereo Gaming Headset with Mic
Check Price of the Pink Stereo Gaming Headset

Do you want a serious gaming headset that also looks super cute?

Then look no further than this headset. I mean… just look at it! It screams absolute cuteness!

These are 40mm high quality speakers. Vocals sound crystal clear and the bass is deep. When you’re shooting or attacking, there’s an ‘UMPH’ behind the impact.

Its large earmuffs make it noise cancelling, blocking the outside noise. This is great when you really want to immerse yourself into games.

These are super comfortable. Its adjustable frame allows it to fit any head shape. Doesn’t matter if your head is big or small, it’ll fit. 

The cushions are skin friendly, really cradling your ears and keeping them comfortable. These won’t leave you with that pulsating pain when you take them off. 

It’s lightweight and designed for comfort and functionality.

This headset is compatible with PC, PS4, Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch.

It’s a beautiful gift for yourself or a friend/loved one.

2. Turtle Beach Recon Spark Universal Gaming Headset

Turtle Beach Recon Spark Universal Gaming Headset
Check Price of the Turtle Beach Recon Headset

If you’re not a fan of the hot pink headsets, then a toned down white and purple headset might be for you.

This headset is super comfortable. If you wear glasses whilst you game, these won’t press right into your face. 

Also, an issue amongst many female gamers is headsets tend slip off because they’re too big. 

But these are just right, they fit on your face super comfortably and are snug. 

Not too snug to the point your ears heat up and when you take them off they hurt.

If you intend to play with your friends, you’ll be pleased to know this has a built-in mic that picks up your voice loud and clear. You can flip it up to mute.

The sound is superb, everything is crystal clear. There’s a good amount of bass but not too much to the point it overwhelms the other sounds. 

It has a nice balance between a thick bass and clarity. You’ll get those crisp highs and thundering lows.

These are compatible with PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices.

3. Over Ear Cat Ear Headphones with LED Light

Over Ear Cat Ear Headphones with LED Light
Check Price of the Over Ear Cat Ear Headphones

These offer a little more in terms of looks than the headphones above because of the LED feature. You can light these headphones up and choose from 7 colors.

You can use these wirelessly for up to 70 hours! That’s more than enough time for a few gaming sessions. And when they run out of energy you can simply recharge them. 

These also work wired in case the battery runs out.

These are lightweight and have soft ear cup padding. Keeping your ears snug but not too tight where they end up hurting. 

Also, there’s extra padding at the top to prevent headaches. These are lightweight and won’t cause fatigue.

After you’re done with these you can easily fold them and put them aside.

There’s a strong amount of bass coming from these headphones and a good amount of clarity. If you’re looking for lots of details, these probably won’t do it for you. 

Overall, the sound is good but not as good as the one listed above.

These come in at a very good price and are affordable.

Headset stand

4. Razer Base Station Chroma Headset Stand

Razer Base Station Chroma Headphone
Check Price of the Razer Base Station

Now that you’ve got a stunning headset, how about a cute place to store it?

We’ve gone with a headset stand that serves multiple purposes.

Razer Base Station Chroma Headphone

When you get notifications from Windows, this will start glowing a certain color. It has 3 USB ports at the front for you to easily plug in your devices.

This stand is sturdy and won’t topple over. The bottom is made from a non-stick rubber. You can customize the lighting and really bring your setup to life.

If you’re looking for an epic headset stand, look no further than this.

Pink PC case

5. Pink ATX Mid Tower Gaming Computer Case

Pink ATX Mid Tower Gaming Computer
Check Price of the Pink ATX Mid Tower

101 Pink ATX Mid Tower Gaming Computer Case with Tempered Glass
There’s nothing that says I’m a gamer girl like a pink PC case.

This case is epic when it comes to appearance and functionality.

You can easily route cables around the case and keep them out of sight and increase air-flow. The power supply can be mounted from the top which helps with airflow, keeping your parts cool.

There are 2 discreetly placed 2.5 inch hard drive mounts. You can admire your PC in its full glory with the clear glass panel. People can easily see all of the parts.

space in case

This case isn’t all pink. An all pink case makes it look childish and a little tacky. That’s why the majority of it is white with elegant strips of pink. Giving it a more mature, modern, and clean look.

Pink chair

6. Gaming Chair Rabbit Ears and Fluffy Tail

Gaming Chair Rabbit Ears and Fluffy Tail-min
Check Price of the Gaming Chair Rabbit Ears

So the majority of your time is most likely going to be spent sitting. So why not get a super comfortable chair?

We’ve gone with a super cute chair which comes with all the best features.

It’s made from leather and cushions your butt nicely, supporting your back very well. You won’t be feeling any pain after long gaming sessions.

It also has adjustable armrests which you can rotate for maximum comfortability. And a headrest with a cushion so you can kick-back and relax.

girl chair

This is incredibly sturdy and supports a maximum weight of 300lbs.

There’s also the super cute bunny ears at the top which brings in a whole new level of cuteness. This has to be the best gaming chair for girls.

7. EDWELL Home Desk Gaming Chair with Footrest

EDWELL Home Desk Gaming Chair with Footrest
Check Price of the EDWELL

Want to tone down the pink? Then check this out…

This chair was designed to support your back in the right position and get rid of fatigue from long gaming sessions. 

The lumbar support as well as the headrest is detachable. You can recline this back up to 150 degrees for a quick nap. The armrests are adjustable and you can choose the height that works best for you.

It’s made out of high-quality steel and shaping sponge. This won’t break down on you anytime soon and is built to last for years. 

If you’re like me, you’re clumsy and tend to spill drinks everywhere. The material used on this chair is waterproof so it’s easy for you to wipe down any spills.

You get a 12 month manufacturer warranty.


8. Mr IRONSTONE White Gaming Desk

Mr IRONSTONE White Gaming Desk
Check Price of the Mr IRONSTONE

So we couldn’t exactly find a pink gaming desk but we did find a desk that would still appeal to female gamers.

This desk is 45.3 inches wide and 29 inches Deep. There’s plenty of space here to fit multiple monitors and your accessories.

If you’re like me you end up spilling drinks all over the place. That’s why there’s a cup holder included, so you won’t spill anything on your expensive equipment. 

IRONSTONE White Gaming Desk

You also get a headphone hook so your headphones are an arm reach away.

This desk is constructed with a high-quality MDF PVC laminated top and is supported by strong metal legs. 

Ensuring the table does not wobble or tip over. It can hold up to 110lbs which is more than enough weight to support some heavy monitors.

Because of the PVC laminated surface, this desk is waterproof and easy to clean. The liquid cannot seep through and cause it to rot.

This desk is easy to assemble and set up. Instructions are clear and it won’t take a lot of effort.

We were surprised at the price of this desk. Usually, desks with the same features as this cost almost double.

Pink gaming keyboard

9. Razer BlackWidow TE Chroma

Razer BlackWidow TE Chroma v2 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
Check Price of the Razer BlackWidow TE Chroma

One of the things which will be taking up a lot of space in your setup is your keyboard. So why not make it a cute girly keyboard?

We’ve decided to go all out and picked the most stunning looking as well as the keyboard with a high-quality rating.

This is a mechanical green switch keyboard. The keys are incredibly tactile and clicky. 

You’ll get a good amount of feedback from them. You’ll be bouncing around the keyboard and rapidly pressing keys. Making you an even bigger threat in games.

Its fully customizable lights take it to another level of epic. There are 16.8 million colors and presets which you can choose from.

There’s also a magnetic wrist wrest which is super comfortable. You can easily take it off and put it back on.

10. SADES Blue Switches Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

SADES Blue Switches Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
Check Price of the SADES Blue Switches Mechanical

Still want the hot pink theme but dial things back a little? Then let me introduce you to this keyboard…

This is a mechanical blue switch keyboard. The key presses sound so crisp and give you a strong sense of rhythm when bouncing your fingers across.

It was built for gamers in mind. With its durable construction this is able to withstand 50 million key presses and still function correctly.

We love how the creators made sure keys would light up. This way you get a cool effect and can game in the dark. You can also customize the lighting effects.

With the set of replaceable keys, you can DIY your keyboard. What I would personally do is take the W,A,S, and D keys and replace them. 

With a different color, you’re able to identify keys better.

11. Oversized Mongolian Saucer Chair

Mongolian Saucer Chair
Check Price of the Oversized Mongolian Saucer Chair

Do you just want to kick-back and sink into a comfortable chair? Do you want to play your handheld and not sit at the desk?

Then we would recommend this oversized saucer chair…

It’s super plush and comfortable. The material is super soft on your skin and does not shed.

With the metal framed legs, this chair is super sturdy and will not collapse. It’s super stylish and comes in multiple colors.

Pink gaming mouse

12. Razer Lancehead Gaming Mouse

Razer Lancehead TE Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse
Check Price of the Razer Lancehead

So you’ve got a pink gaming keyboard, it only makes sense you have a pink gaming mouse.

This mouse has a DPI of 16,000. Making it incredibly accurate and precise when gaming. This is a must if you’re planning on playing first person shooters.

Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse

You can easily customize the RGB lights. There are 16.8 million color combinations with some presets included for you.

The clicks are tactile and there’s a nice amount of feedback. Ultimately, making this mouse satisfying to use.

It’s designed both for left and right handed users. It’s super comfortable and cradles your hand nicely.

So if you’re looking for a cute gamer mouse with deadly features, look no further.

13. Ajazz AJ52 Watcher RGB Gaming Mouse

Ajazz AJ52 Watcher RGB Gaming Mouse
Check Price of the Ajazz AJ52

Not going for that hot pink mouse look? Then how about an ice white and light blue mouse? I don’t know about you but I think the colors on this look yummy… I mean… look nice.

People have been comparing this to the Razer Deathadder. Saying it’s not too far behind in terms of functionality and comes in at a lower price point.

There’s a good amount of weight to this mouse and it glides across nicely. It cradles your hand nicely and won’t slip when you clutch it in those 1vs5 battles.

Its color options are limited to 7 colors by default. But you can change the colors with the built-in software, giving you millions of color options.

This mouse is cheap and you get a massive 2 year warranty.

Pink mouse pad

14. MoKo RGB Gaming Mouse Pad

MoKo RGB Gaming Mouse Pad
Check Price of the MoKo RGB

A nice mouse mat does a lot for your setup.

We’ve gone with a big mouse mat which also lights up.

There are 15 lighting modes. Static lighting modes, gradient lights, flowing light, breathing effects and more.

You get 2 extra USB ports with this. So you can easily plug-in your extras and attachments like a headset, mic etc.

The surface of this is smooth and rip proof. Well not really rip proof. It won’t tear unless you deliberately try to do it like cutting it with some scissors.

It’s easy to use. Just plug it in and you’re good to go! No drivers needed.

15. Asus Pink Mouse Pad

Asus Pink Mouse Pad
Check Price of the Asus Pink

If you want the actual mouse pad to be pink, we’d recommend checking this out…

It’s ultra smooth surface allows for pixel perfect tracking. Your mouse will effortlessly glide across this but still maintain grip and control.

The bottom of the mouse pad is made from non-slip rubber and won’t fold up whilst you’re gliding your mouse across.

You can also hand wash this with some soap if you get it dirty. After washing, just leave it out to dry.

You can comfortably fit your mouse and keyboard on this as it measures at 35.4 x 17.3 inches with a thickness of 0.12 inch.

Blue light glasses

16. ANRRI Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Check Price of the Blue Light Blocking Glasses

If you’re always looking at a screen you’ve probably experienced eye fatigue, headaches, blurry vision, and sleeping troubles.

That’s because of the blue light that comes from our screens. It makes us experience these symptoms.

To solve this we recommend getting a pair of blue light glasses. Something that will block the light coming in. 

By doing this, you’re taking care of your precious health and ensuring your screen time is pleasant.

You’ll be pleased to know these won’t interfere with the colors on screen and there’s no magnifying effect. Oh, and they look cute!

So make sure to get yourself a pair.

Cute cat lamp

17. Cat Lamp

Cat Lamp
Check Price of the Cat Lamp

Get yourself one of these cute cat lamps. This is super cute. Oh and did I mention how cute this is?

You can turn this on to keep you company whilst you’re gaming into the night. 

You can change the color by simply tapping it. It’s a hand held eco design which means it’s small and will fit nicely on your desk.

If you’re afraid of it getting dirty and grimy, the silicone it’s made from is easily washable.

You can take it on the go and it charges via a USB port.


Wall decor

18. Gamer Decal

Gamer Decal
Check Price of the Gamer Decal

A girl styled wall decor let’s everyone know you’re a girl gamer and proud. It’s something that can really spice up your room and bring in some character.


19. Cute pink gamer socks

Check Price of the Cute pink gamer socks

What’s better than wearing a pair of thick, cozy socks?

Thick, cute gamer socks!

These gamer girl socks are just so freaking cute! So many options are available. It’s also the perfect gift for any gamer girl. 

She will love these.

Thumb Stick Grips

20. Cat Dog Paw Thumb Stick

Cat Dog Paw Thumb Stick
Check Price of the Cat Dog Paw Thumb Stick

The whole theme behind this post has been ‘cute’ accessories. And nothing is cuter than these paw print thumb grips.

These controller thumb grips won’t only melt your heart everytime you play with them but also melt the faces of your enemies. 

As these are great when you’re trying to keep precise control when aiming or doing delicate actions in-game.

Comfortable is what these are. You won’t feel any of your thumbs become sore or numb.

The grips are compatible with the PS4/Xbox One/Xbox 360/PS3/PS2. Two of them are included when you purchase.


21. Girl hoodies

Check Price of the Girl hoodies

There’s nothing better than snuggling up in a thick warm hoodie whilst you game.

Amazon has a huge range of hoodies you can choose from.

PS4 controller skin

22. Silicone Cover Skin Case for Sony PS4

Silicone Cover Skin Case for Sony PS4
Check Price of the Silicone Cover Skin Case for Sony PS4

You can’t really make your controller look girly unless you buy a new one or mod your current one.

That’s why a skin is a great alternative if you want a cute design and not have to spend much.

We’ve gone with a water butterfly style skin. It looks super cute, stylish, and modern.

PS4 Controller Skin

If it’s that time of the month or you just tend to rage and throw your controller around a lot, you’re going to want something to protect it.

We’ve gone with a nice silicone grip cover. This isn’t really thick to the point your hands sink in and not too thin where there’s no point in having it.

When your hands are sweating, the last thing you want to do is take your hands off the controller and wipe your pants. 

This will improve your grip and overall gaming experience.

It’s easy to install and take off. Literally takes 5 seconds.


Nintendo Controller

23. Fight Pad Jiggly Puff Edition

Fight Pad Jiggly Puff Edition
Check Price of the Nintendo Controller

Do you enjoy playing fighting games on your Nintendo Switch? Then you should consider getting this fight pad.

If you enjoyed playing the game cube then this will be right up your alley. This controller was inspired by the game cube controller.

You can change out the C stick for a full sized stick. It’s ideal for Super Smash Bros and Mario Kart.

It has a 10 foot USB cable so you can play with ease and comfortably.

Neon Lights

24. Hopolon neon signs

Hopolon neon signs
Check Price of the Neon Lights

Fact: There’s nothing cuter and hotter than neon signs.

You can find a bunch of different signs to choose from and each one’s eye-catching. It really spices up your setup and brings that feeling of awe into the room. Replace your boring lamp desk with one of these.

Pink Moon Neon Signs

They give off a warm light and really makes you feel at home. All cozy and toasty.

All you need is 3 AA batteries or a USB input and you’re good to go. There’s a hook hole behind it and it’s easy to display on the wall.

Unicorn Neon Signs

These are low voltage neon signs so you don’t have to worry about them getting hot or catching fire.

It’s the perfect gift and item for your setup.


They’re really cheap!


25. Low calorie chocolate

Taza Chocolate Organic Mexicano Disc
Check Price of the Low calorie chocolate

So there’s one thing that’s better than gaming and that’s chocolate. It’s no secret we all love eating it when gaming or pretty much.. Anytime.

Unfortunately, when we’re sitting all day and eating chocolate, it’s not good for us.

So to minimize that issue, we’ve gone with some low calorie, vegan chocolate.

These are inspired by Mexican chocolates and they taste absolutely delicious.

You get a variety of flavours to choose from: 

  • Vanilla,
  • Super dark,
  • Salted caramel,
  • Coffee,
  • Guajillo Chilli,
  • Cocoa puro,
  • Cinnamon,
  • Chipotle chilli

They’re different from US chocolates. They hand-carve granite millstones to make these stone ground, organic Mexican style dark chocolate discs. 

These unique rustic chocolate discs are super delicious to eat or to make into hot chocolate.

Per serving there’s 210 calories which isn’t bad when you compare it to other chocolates like Hershey’s and Cadbury.

These chocolates are organic and come straight from mother nature.

Laptop table

26. Superjare Portable Outdoor Table

Superjare Portable Outdoor Table
Check Price of the Laptop table

Do you want to relax in bed and play a few simple games? Then why not get this laptop table?

This won’t be slipping around as it’s got a rubber base for the legs. There’s enough room beneath for you to stretch your legs and get comfortable.

It’s lightweight and can be folded away when you’re not using it.

So if you’re looking to game from the comfort of your bed, we’d highly recommend this.

Foot rest

27. Comfort Office Foot Rest

Comfort Office Foot Rest
Check Price of the Foot rest

So this isn’t exactly an accessory targeted towards female gamers but we know you like to be comfortable when you game.

This is made from pure memory foam. So your foot will sink in but not too much, it’s pretty firm. Your feet are curved in a more comfortable and healthier position.

Its advanced technology reacts to your body heat and the foam molds in accordance with the heat. Providing the right density for you. 

This will support your heels, toes, and all of your feet comfortably.

The bottom is made from a non-slip material and won’t go anywhere when your feet are on it.

It’s also washable. Just throw it in the washing machine and leave it to dry.

You can even use this as a rocker. Just flip it over and there you go.

If anything goes wrong, the manufacturers have given you a lifetime warranty.

So make sure to get comfy with this foot rest.

Accessory cleaner

No, an accessory cleaner isn’t going to blow your mind but it is important to keep them clean.

A dusty, grimy setup will completely dampen your gaming experience. You want to keep everything clean.

28. Cleaning Gel

Cleaning Gel
Check Price of the Cleansing Gel

This may be the most powerful way to clean all the grime and dust from your accessories.

The goop… I mean cleaning gel picks up a lot of residue because of the stickiness. 

Simply take the gel out of the container and start pressing it on the places where there’s gunk built-up.

Because of its stickiness, that gunk will stick on the gel. 

It’s not too sticky to the point where your hands are getting gel on it. And it won’t leave gel or any residue on your accessories.

After use, it will leave a little lemony fragrance which smells refreshing and smells like you’ve actually cleaned. But no one will know you’ve used this cheat.

With this, you’ll easily be able to clean out dust, crumbs, hair, etc. from your accessories.

You can use the gel until it gets dark, then you’ll have to dispose of it and get a new one. That’s the only downside, it can’t be cleaned out.

If you’re serious about keeping your expensive accessories clean, we’d highly recommend this.

29. Duster gloves

Duster gloves
Check Price of the Duster gloves

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to remove dust for your setup, we’d recommend these duster gloves.

Simply put these on and start wiping down your accessories. You don’t need any liquids or equipment, just start dusting.

One size will fit most since the material stretches but there are multiple sizes for you to choose from.

After you’re done with cleaning, you can easily put these in the washer and reuse them.

This will make for a super powerful way to clean when you pair it with the gel above. 

You can use these to wipe down the majority of the gunk and use the gel to clean tight spaces like your keyboard keys.

What should I look for when buying accessories geared towards female gamers?

Is it really for girls?

So this is pretty obvious but I’m going to mention it anyway. If you’re looking for 100% girl gamer gear like pink accessories, we’ve got you covered. 

However, if you don’t like to go fully pink and like variety, we’ve got that as well. Not all of these accessories are pink but still have a female tone to them.

We’ve made sure these accessories look pleasing to the eye and even have a wow factor to them like the neon signs.


So you get your accessory but then it stops working after a couple of weeks. 

That’s money gone down the toilet. To make sure this doesn’t happen, we’ve ONLY listed items with lots of positive reviews. 

And we’ve listed items that have long guarantees that go for months, years or even a lifetime.

Another thing to keep in mind is the material and build quality of an item. So make sure to check out the specifications.


I don’t know about you but I like having my wallet filled with cash. 

That’s why we’ve gone with items that are going to give you a nice bang for your buck. 

But these items aren’t ‘cheap’. It’s better for you to go for an item that’s going to last a lot longer than one which is cheap and break easily. 

If you can’t afford it at the moment we would recommend saving up.

For example, there’s no point in buying a cheap chair that’s only going to ruin your back because you can’t buy a better one at the moment. 

That’s money not well spent because it’s not fulfilling the proper function of a chair. Again, it’s better to save for something that’s going to be worth it in the long run.


Will that item be suitable for the room? For example, we’ve included a desk. Can that desk fit comfortably in your room? Do you have space for another chair? 

This is another important thing to consider when shopping for new gear.

Check out this gamer girl’s setup:


So those were the best girl gaming accessories. We made sure to include a variety of accessories to choose from.

Some of these were hot pink and others were toned down on their pinkness.

We tried to include as much variety and tastes as possible. We made sure to thoroughly research items before including them on this list.

As well as include a variety of different price points. Some items are more expensive than others and some are really cheap.

We play because we love it. It helps us to relax and even brings out our competitive nature.

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