Best GTPoffice Gaming Chair Review (My Honest Opinion)

So you’ve been researching gaming chairs and stumbled across the GTPoffice chair. But you don’t know if you should buy it or not.

Well, you’re in luck because in this post, we’ll be going over a GTPoffice gaming chair review.

We’ve dived in deep with this chair and in this post, we’ll be telling you if this is worth it or not.

GTPoffice Gaming Chair

    Smooth PU leather

    GTPOFFICE Gaming Chair Massage Office Computer Racing Chair for Adult Reclining Adjustable Swivel Leather Computer Chair High Back Desk Chair Headrest and Massage Lumbar Support Cushion

    This gaming chair has a smooth PU leather. PU leather isn’t really leather, it’s synthetic leather. A material that’s designed to be an affordable substitute but still has the same features. [1]

    When you touch it, it’s friendly to the skin because of its soft touch. The leather is also wear resistant and difficult to fade. It has a super plush bottom that cradles your bottom and adjusts to its shape. Cradling it nicely.

    The last thing you want is to be getting up in the middle of a game and limp around because your butt hurts. That problem won’t occur with this chair because of its finely padded material.

    In fact, a common theme you’ll find amongst reviewers is them mentioning how comfortable this chair really is. You can sit in it for hours and not have an issue.

    Strong frame

    I don’t know about you but I’ve been through my fair share of chairs. I hate it when they wear and tear. 

    So what about this chair, how long will it take before it breaks? You’ll be pleased to know this gaming chair is incredibly sturdy. In fact, it has a metal frame. 

    This in turn will keep you in the right position. This is important for your spine health. You see, as time goes on, we tend to slouch a lot. 

    But with a strongly built chair, this problem can be eliminated because it forces you into the correct position. The thick padded back makes it even more comfortable and supports your spine. 

    Reclining and rocking

    This chair can sit at a firm 90 degree angle and goes all the way back to 160 degrees. 

    You can use the firm 90 degree for when you’re in a serious game. It allows you to lean forward and still supports your body. 

    So you can stay comfortable whilst playing comfortably. You can angle your chair slightly backwards from the 90 degrees if you want a more relaxing gaming experience. 

    For example, let’s say you’re playing an open world story driven game. If that’s the case, you don’t need to be at the straight 90 degree tilt. 

    And if you’d like, you can go all the way back to 160 degrees to completely chill out. Although, you probably wouldn’t want to play games at this angle since it can get pretty awkward.

    Adjustable armrests

    One of the things that contribute to your spine health and comfortability is your arms. 

    You see, if your arms rest isn’t adjusted properly, you could find yourself hunching over. This in turn puts a lot of strain on your neck and spine. 

    You can adjust this up and down and even tilt it to an angle for the best arm position.

    Adjustable massage lumbar and head pillow

    This gaming chair comes with an adjustable massage lumbar. You can easily adjust it up and down to help support your spine. 

    One issue that’s found amongst gaming chairs is a thick lumbar support. Oftentimes it’s so thick, it becomes uncomfortable and unusable. 

    You’ll be pleased to know this lumbar support isn’t thick or thin. It’s somewhere in between and will support your back well. 

    There’s a head pillow included which is great when you wanna tilt your head back and take a break.

    Smooth wheels

    OK, so I won’t spend a lot of time talking about the wheels. They do what they’re supposed to. 

    They support your weight and allow you to easily roll around all over the place. And they won’t make those incredibly annoying creaking sounds like cheap wheels do. Overall, they get the job done.

    Height adjustable (good for different height people)

    You can easily adjust the height on this with the little mechanism on the side. Yes, I know what you’re thinking… that’s pretty standard with all chairs

    But I just made sure to include it in here anyways. If multiple people are using this chair and they’re at different heights, for example, one person is around 5 ft and the other is 6ft. A height adjustable chair can really help with this.

    Easy to assemble

    This chair is super easy to assemble. The instructions are clear and detailed. You can put this chair together in 10 – 15 minutes on your own.


    This chair looks modern and sleek. The white and black color will suit many rooms. It doesn’t matter if you put this chair in your bedroom or living room, it won’t be an eyesore. In fact, it’s a joy to look at.


    This is an incredibly high rated item on Amazon and a major reason for that is you’re getting the best bang for your buck. 

    You know your money is being stretched and well spent. The materials are high quality and it looks fantastic. All these features and it still comes in at a very reasonable price.

    Check Price of the GTPoffice Gaming Chair

    What are customers saying about the GTPoffice Chair?

    This gaming chair has received an overwhelming amount of positive reviews on Amazon. 

    Users are loving how comfortable this chair is. It’s great to sit in for hours and you can easily kick-back due to its recline functionality. 

    The black and white color theme looks stunning users have reported and it helps compliment their gaming setup.

    They love that the pricing is very competitive and you get a lot for your money. The back support keeps your spine healthy and comfortable.


    How to choose the best gaming chair


    Comfortability should definitely be a major concern when buying a gaming chair. There are too many and I would dare say that most gaming chairs are uncomfortable. 

    You see, gaming chairs were created to give you a “gaming look”. I’m not sure if it’s a “gaming” look because it’s just a race car driving seat look. 

    But that’s a whole different topic for a different day. The point is, gaming chairs weren’t designed to be comfortable. 

    That’s why you need to pay attention to reviews and see what users are saying. If a lot of people are pointing out how uncomfortable it is, then you should probably stay away.


    There’s no point in buying something that won’t last. This is a major pitfall for a lot of people. Just because something is going at a cheap price, does not make it a good buy. 

    Make sure to check out the materials. If you find it’s got a plastic frame, then it’s probably going to creak a lot and possibly snap. 

    So make sure to check out the specifications. However, specifications alone shouldn’t just do it. Make sure to check out the reviews. Seeing what actual users of the chair have written is what really matters.


    Looks won’t make or break your chair… well… it might do if you don’t enjoy looking at it. You’ve spent a lot on your setup to make it look good. 

    So ideally you want a chair that will go with your setup. If you’ve got a certain color theme going on in your setup, you might want a chair that compliments that. 


    So that was the GTPoffice gaming chair reviews. 

    Overall, it’s a solid chair at a great price. It hits all the criteria you’d want when looking to buy a gaming chair as mentioned in the above.

    It’s comfortable, well built using quality materials, adjustable in many ways, supports your spine, easy to assemble, stylish, and well worth the asking price.


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