[VIDEO] 12 Shocking Habits You Picked up From Anime

Habits You Picked up From Anime

So you’ve been watching anime for a while now and even managed to pick up some habits.

Whether these habits are from specific characters or from Japanese culture in general.

These are 12 things you do or say because of anime and Japanese culture.

1. Eating More Ramen Noodles


Well this of course has to do with both anime characters and Japanese culture.

Naruto is always stuffing his face with ramen noodles and we can’t help but follow him. Ramen is a signature dish in Japan and Asia itself.

Seeing colorful plates in the anime worlds has caused us to experiment with different ingredients.

Throwing in all types if spices, sauces, vegetables and meats. Causing our stomach to ache after recklessly experimenting.

But once you get the hang of it, you’re able to make a noodle ramen dish that your taste buds and stomach will thank you for.

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When we see or hear something shocking we often find ourselves saying “Nani?!”

Nani means “What” in Japanese.

This is something you and I have both picked up from Japanese culture and anime.

But I believe we picked it up more from anime.


…we hear many words in Japanese from watching anime but only a few phrases stick out. “Why?” You ask.

It’s because theses words have been empathised a lot in anime. It may not be the same in actual Japan the way the Use “Nani?!” (What).

Often we find ourselves saying “Nani” in shocking moments of our life.

3.Kaneki Finger Crack

kaneki finger crack

Is it me or is the Kaneki finger crack addicting. There’s just something oddly satisfying about watching Kaneki snap and crack his fingers.


…we’ve all tried it.

before tokyo ghoul and after
Finger cracking isn’t anything new but the way it’s now done certainly is new thanks to Tokyo Ghoul

4.Getting Confused on Which Side to Read

confused on which side to read a book
Ever walk into a book store, pick up a book and think to your self “Oh crap, am I reading the right way?”

Well, you’re not alone.

If you’re unaware, Japanese comic books (manga) are read from right to left. But many of us who live in the West are use reading from left to right.


…we kill this habit by reading mountains of manga. Then when we decide to switch back to books we originally read. It can sometimes feel foreign to us.

I know, it’s kinda weird but many of us have been there.

5.Anime Glasses Push

anime glasses push

This one is a classic.

The old anime glasses push up. Old but gold.

When going to anime events and seeing people playing strategic games like Yu Gi Oh. They often push up their glasses even though they don’t need to.

I don’t need to tell you this but I think it’s a habit they picked up from anime. It’s actually quite amusing to watch people do this.

Also, is the anime glass push oddly satisfy or is it just me?



Baka is just too fun to say.

When ever we see our friends say or do something stupid, immediately we say “Baka!”

If you didn’t know already, “Baka” means “idiot” in the Japanese language.

Of-course this phrase grew so much and had us uttering it from our tongs because it’s emphasised so much in anime.

Baka maybe the most common phrase in anime history. It’s actually hard for us to name anime that haven’t used the term “Baka”.

7.Listening to AMV

youtube amv results

AMV stands for “Anime music video“.

We like to watch an AMV of our favourite series because it sums it up in one epic video.

An AMV can also consist of character VS character battles.

Simply put, an AMV is another form of great entertainment.

8.Naruto Run

naruto run

A ridiculous and hilarious habit. We just can’t get enough of this one.

When we’re in the middle of no where and no one is around. Immediately the Naruto run comes to mind.

But in all seriousness, I actually have a friend from school that would run like this all the time. Even if we were in a literal field of people.

naruto run expectations vs reality

9.Anime V-sign / Peace Pose

anime peace pose, v sign pose

What is it with seeing anime peace poses left, right and center.

It’s especially popular with girls in anime. Apparently, it’s a huge thing in real life Japan, where girls like to take these types of poses.

Either way, it’s something that many anime characters embrace and we’ve picked up on.

10.L’s Sweet Tooth

l eating sweets

If you’ve seen Death Note then you know about “L”┬áhaving a serious sweet tooth.

And we picked up on it.

There’s just something oddly satisfying about him squatting and eating his cake. Putting those square sugars into his coffee and stirring it.

In fact, anything L eats, we immediately want to eat.

I’m not going to lie. After watching L eat sweet dish after sweet dish, I started to get a craving for…

..you guessed it “Sweets“.

I guess you could call eating too many sweets a bad anime habit.

11.One Show Per Time Policy

number 1

Ever since watching anime we’ve managed to create this one show per time.


…you watch some shows that only airs an episode once a week. In that case, fair enough, an acceptation is created for something like that.

I guess we only like to watch 1 series per time because we want to be fully invested in the show.

To have your full, undivided attention to that particular story.

12. Healthy Eating

anime physique
Maybe not as much muscle mass as this but we workout for the sculpting and separations of desired parts.

This may sound really weird but hear me out.

By watching anime we’re exposed to so many ripped and beautiful bodies. And as a result, this serves as motivation since we want to look like a particular character.

Or at least come close. This hasn’t simply caused us to eat healthy but additionally exercise.

In fact, I’ve recently found people on forums discussing how anime encouraged them to work out.


We have got into some fun, amusing and even healthy habits because of anime.

And there are only more habits we’re going to develop because of it.

Let’s hope they’re healthy habits :).

If I left out any habits that you personally have.

Make sure to leave a comment!

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