How Much are Gaming Chairs? [BEST ANSWER]

How much are gaming chairs? The prices for gaming chairs vary depending on the build quality and features. Some go for under $100, some over $100, and some over $1,000. It all depends on the chair. Most gaming chairs on average go for $150. 

These gaming chairs include a variety of features such as being able to recline, adjust your armrest, and sometimes even a mesh build.

What to expect in a gaming chair for under $100

With a $100 gaming chair, you get what you paid for. This doesn’t necessarily mean it’s already a bad chair. 

Just don’t expect it to be super comfortable or come with the latest bells and whistles.

You can expect there to be plenty of padding. Padding is something that gaming chairs are known to have. 

They make sure to include plenty of it. However, not all padding is created the same. Some padding just sinks in whilst others stay firm. 

Make sure to check out the reviews to see what others have said.

It’s pretty inexpensive these days to make a chair out of metal. You can expect the frame to be made from metal and very unlikely to collapse.

And that’s pretty much all to expect from a $100 gaming chair. It’s not a lot but you’re also not spending a lot.

What to expect from a $200 range chair

This is where you start to get a lot more features and a lot more for your money.

You can expect a lot of customization. For example, you’ll be able to adjust the armrests. 

This is important because if the armrest isn’t adjusted properly, you can find yourself leaning in and this can damage your spine.

You’ll also be able to recline backward, this typically ranges from 90 – 180 degrees. At 90 degrees, this is a good angle for when you’re serious about gaming. 

Maybe you’re playing a competitive game of Counter Strike. You can tilt the chair a little backward if you feel like relaxing. 

For example, you could be playing a story game like God of War which doesn’t require a lot of concentration. 

And then you can, of course, go fully backward if you really want to put your feet up.

There should be lumbar support. Typically, this is an adjustable pillow, something that can support your back from multiple heights.

Its material should be an upgrade from the typical PU leather. You can expect a more breathable material such as a fabric. 

Or if you’re lucky and manage to find a good deal, you can find a mesh material. Mesh allows for your skin to breathe. 

So if you’re the kind of person who sweats easily, a high quality material is a must.

Sometimes you can find chairs within this price point with a built-in footrest. This takes comfort to a whole new level.

Heck, some chairs even include a built-in massage pillow that’s powered via USB.

What to expect from a $300 range chair

This is where you start peaking into the high end spectrum of gaming chairs.

You can expect supreme comfortability. A seat that will cushion your bottom well, support your coccyx bone, and cradle you well. 

Your back will be forced into the correct position, making sure to look after your back spine health.

The armrests will be 3D adjustable. Meaning you can tilt the arms at an angle, increasing your comfortability further.

You can expect to have a taller back frame, something that will support larger people. 

It’s also made from a superior metal like aluminum instead of steel. This helps keep the stability of your chair whilst keeping it lightweight.

As a result of the better build quality, it’s able to support more weight. So if you’ve got a big frame, a chair in this price range might be for you.

You can expect a lumbar pillow to support your back as well as a headrest.

What to expect from a $500+ gaming chair

Captain America gaming chair

So if you’re looking to go all out and want everything you can get, then a chair in this price range might be for you.

Supreme spine support. You can expect the chair to be curved in a way your spine is curved. 

Something that will support your upper and lower back.

The chair will be made for heavy duty, something that can take a beating and still function as it’s supposed to. 

The best way of thinking of buying a $500+ gaming chair is as an investment. An investment in your health and gaming experience.

The chair should be able to support between 400 – 500 lbs because of the solid build quality. 

Its back piece is tall and should be able to support someone 6ft 7in tall. The arms rest should be 4 directional. 

Meaning you can adjust it forwards, backward, side to side, at an angle, up, and down. Now that’s what I call customization.

What should I look for in a gaming chair?


First of all, the chair should be comfortable. If it’s not, then how are you supposed to sit in it? 

Make sure there’s enough cushion on the seat. Not too much to the point where you’ll sink in but it shouldn’t be hard, either. 

Firm but soft is the key here.

It should make you sit properly. I had a back issue and it’s because of the chairs I was using, they suck. 

I wish I had just sucked it up and paid for a better chair.

Build quality

The last thing you want is for your chair to break on you. So make sure it’s at least made from metal. 

Luckily, these days it’s very common for chairs to be made from metal as it’s really cheap. 

Also, it’s worth checking if the metal is spray coated, this helps prevent corrosion and rusting.


You never know, your chair could end up being a dud. So make sure they have a manufacturer’s warranty. 

This way you know you’re getting your money’s worth. A lot of the higher end chairs have a 5 – 10 year warranty. That’s plenty if you ask me.


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