11 KILLER Tips on How to Get Better at PC Gaming

Get Better at PC Gaming

Trying to figure out how to get better at PC gaming?

Well you’ve come to the right place. 

Because, in this post, we’ll be going over different tips on how to get used to the mouse and keyboard. 

Improving your aim in FPS games, and just improving your accuracy.

So let’s get straight into it…

1. Rubber keys

rubber keys for keyboard wasd

When you first get into PC gaming, you’re going to mix up a lot of the keys. 

And even if you’ve been gaming on PC for a while, these things just happen. 

What really helped me improve my games on PC was rubber W, A, S, and D keys. 

You no longer have to look down to check if your fingers are on the right keys. 

I would recommend ONLY having rubber W, A, S, and D keys and not any other keys.

Because it could get confusing identifying other keys, defeating the purpose.

2. Control the recoil

overwatch shooting

It’s incredible how many gamers don’t do this, even people who have been gaming for many years. 

When you shoot, don’t just let the gun spray. Control its movements. 

One way to master this is by shooting a gun at the wall and seeing what kind of shape it made. 

For example, if your gun’s recoil ends up spraying bullets in an L shape.

You’re going to want to control the recoil in the opposite direction.

So when the L is being created, you try and control it in the opposite direction.

Of course, this is much harder to do in game when people are moving around. 

In fact, the recoil may end up helping you but that’s not a common situation. 

Stop letting the gun spray, make sure you know the recoil direction of the gun you’re using.

And sometimes you may want to let the recoil go because an enemy could be moving in that direction.

3. Turn Off Mouse Acceleration

Turn Off Mouse Acceleration

This is a little tip for new PC gamers. Make sure mouse acceleration is turned off.

What is mouse acceleration?

“Mouse acceleration is a setting where the cursor distances increases if the mouse is moved quickly.”[1]

This will completely throw off your aim and make it impossible for you to build muscle memory. 

If this isn’t turned off, you may as well quit at getting better with the mouse and keyboard.

How do I turn off mouse acceleration?

To do this go to:

  1. Control panel
  2. Hardware and Sound
  3. Devices and printers
  4. Right-click “USB OPTICAL MOUSE”
  5. Mouse settings
  6. Uncheck “Enhance pointer precision”

4. You’ll do better with a lower sensitivity

mouse sensitivity in game

A lot of people try to play like pro gamers and ramp up their mouse sensitivity. 

Only to get completely destroyed in games. 

It’s much harder to build muscle memory on high sensitivity and you won’t be over or under aiming. 

Start with low sensitivity and if it’s taking a lot of space for you to do a full 360 degree turn, increase the sensitivity. 

A few games later, your aiming would have improved massively.

5. Stop changing your setup

titanfall 2 shooting

You need to get used to your mouse sensitivity so stop changing it all the time. 

This was a mistake I was making all the time. 

Every couple of times I died in games, I went ahead and adjusted the sensitivity. 

This was confusing my brain and not giving my body enough time to adjust. So stop hurting your gaming skills and make sure to stick to one setup. 

Give it a couple of turns and switch to the next sensitivity. 

This way, you’ve given it a really good try on a certain sensitivity. 

If you’re super serious about getting your mouse sensitivity at its sweetest point. 

You can note which sensitivity you’re playing at and give it a rating after you’re done.

It’s worth noting that mouse sensitivities are not the same in every game, they’re different. 

This can be incredibly annoying, however, there’s a simple fix. 

You can go to this site and it will convert your mouse sensitivity from game-to-game.

6. Make sure you’ve got a mouse and keyboard dedicated to gaming

Ajazz AJ52 Watcher RGB Gaming Mouse

If you’re using a normal mouse and keyboard, slap yourself. 

Just kidding… but seriously, you need a dedicated mouse and keyboard. 

And no, it doesn’t have to be a Razor item, they have good stuff but you’re also buying the brand.

What should I look for?

In a mouse, you should check out the shape. 

Does your hand fit comfortably on it? How do you hold the mouse? Is it a claw or palm grip? 

Most people are going to use the claw grip which is why most gaming mice are optimized for it. 

It’s also worth keeping in mind the weight of the mouse. Some people like a heavier mouse over a lighter one. 

I’m somewhere in between. If you’re not sure, you could get a gaming mouse with adjustable weights. 

Also, what games are you playing? If you’re playing MMOs, you may want a mouse with lots of buttons. 

If you’re playing first person shooters, you don’t really need lots of buttons. More buttons does not mean you’ll do better.

There are also lots of different types of keyboards. 

You can get a normal membrane keyboard or a mechanical keyboard. 

Mechanical keyboards typically cost more since they offer tactile key presses and last longer. 

That’s not to say membrane keyboards are not worth looking at, they definitely are. It just comes down to personal preference.

7. Stop rage quitting

This is probably the main reason why it took me so long to get good at PC gaming.

When I was constantly getting killed, I just left the game and sometimes turned the PC off. 

It was incredibly frustrating getting killed all the time when I was trying so hard. And you probably feel the same. 

To fix this, I would highly recommend playing with friends. 

This way, you’re forced to stick to a game even if you’re getting destroyed. 

It would also help if your friends are good players so they can carry you. 

Personally, I didn’t have any friends when I got into PC gaming so I just had to stick it out. 

You can also head over to the Steam forum to see if anyone wants to play with you. I found lots of friendly people who did.

8. Use a controller

AmazonBasics Xbox One

If you don’t want to use a mouse and keyboard then you don’t have to. 

Just plug in a controller and you’re good to go. 

Now that might defeat the purpose of getting better at PC gaming. 

But not all games are supposed to be played with a mouse and keyboard. 

For example, if you’re playing Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor or Devil May Cry. 

You’re going to find it difficult playing with a mouse and keyboard. There are just too many action keys for that.

So bust out that controller and play however you want.

9. Mouse mat

A mouse mat can help your aiming be more consistent. If you have a rough desk, you need a mouse mat. ]

But if you’ve got a smooth desk, it may not make a big difference for you. 

However, I would still recommend getting one because you’ll be more consistent. 

I find a mouse mat helps a lot when it comes to smaller mouse movements. 

When it comes to a desk making a tiny movement that you need, it’s just not as smooth. 

Sure, it still gets the job done but it’s just not as smooth as a mouse mat.

10. Record and watch your gameplay


One of the reasons why YouTubers and Streamers are able to get so good is because they watch their games. 

They can see the mistakes they’ve made. One mistake I kept making when playing shooters was constantly running. 

What I should have done is when I approached a corner, slow down to see who’s there, and then resume running. 

It’s minor things like this that can make a big difference in games. Just seeing your mistakes. 

At first, you’re not going to realize. But when you see yourself constantly make that mistake, that’s when you’re able to improve. 

I can’t stress how important this is. When I was researching this in order to write this post, I found that pros typically watch their replays. 

Because that’s when they see their mistakes, fix that mistake, and become a better gamer.


So those were some simple tips on how you can get better at PC gaming.

Make sure to implement these into your games and upgrade your peripherals if you need to.


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