[LOL] How to Get Out of Bronze Super Easily


Do you want to learn how to get out of Bronze super easily?

Well you’ve come to that right place because, in this guide, I’m going to show you exactly how to do it.

Win the lane

Winning the lane is the most important aspect of the game if you want to get out of bronze.


Because this will be the thing which will determine how the rest of the game goes.

The laneing phase doesn’t always determine how the game goes, but…

…I would say 95% of the time it does.

If you were only allowed to take one thing from this guide it would be knowing how to win the lane.

Farm like a perfectionist

You need to have a really good farm rate compared to your enemy.

I’m talking about that minion gold or CS as it’s commonly known as.

So how do you farm?

It’s actually very straightforward… you need to last hit.

It sounds simple and it is simple.


There’s a lot more to it than the last hitting.

What I mean by this is there are a lot of variables that can determine if you last hit or not.

First of all, you can’t just come at a minion with full health and expect to kill it with one hit.

You need to wait for your minions to deal the majority of the damage and then hit it.

This is the most effective way to last hit.

Let your minions do the damage and you can pay attention to what the enemy champion is doing.

When you see that minion on really low health… hit that baby!

PRO TIP: Use your special abilities to secure minion kills.

Freeze the lane correctly

What is freezing the lane?

Freezing the lane is simply dictating where the minion fight takes place. The freeze can take place next to your turret, in the middle of the lane or next to the enemy’s turret.

Why is freezing the lane important?

Freezing the lane is important because it allows you to dictate the pace of the lane. It can make the enemy laner overextend which makes him more prone to ganks. Allows you to be much safer from ganks Also, it allows you to deny your enemy farm which will hinder their gold.


  • If you’re a lot stronger than the enemy laner, you can run next to them to stop them from hitting your minions and getting gold.
  • The enemy laner is also looking to one hit minions. So when you find your minion on very low health, see what the enemy laner is doing.

So how do I freeze the lane?

Freezing the lane is actually very simple. Dealing more damage to the enemy than they’re doing to you will allow you to push your minions forward. Allowing your minions to be killed will push you back further to your turret.

KEEP IN MIND: If the enemy’s minion wave is gigantic and you have no minions to take the damage…

…you’ll take the damage if you’re trying to push the wave. So make sure you back off or able to take the damage.

How do I  make my freeze last longer?

To maintain your freeze longer, you must balance both sides.

If your minion wave is dealing more damage, make sure you only get last hits on minions.

If the enemy wave is doing more damage, then make sure you thin out the wave to reduce the damage done to your minions.

Make sure you’re picking the right freeze.

If you’re constantly getting ganked, behind on CS, kills or predict the enemy will gank you…

…make sure you freeze the lane next to your turret.

If you jungler is about to gank your lane, this is also a good reason to let the enemy wave push towards you. Making your opponent overextend and giving you more time to kill them.

Fight in your minion wave and not theirs

When you first hop into your lane, you will be at very low XP levels, little to no items and very weak early game.

This is perfectly normal.

When you want to get a kill or you’re forced by fight the enemy laner to fight, here’s what’s going to heavily impact your fight…


It blows my mind how very few people pay attention to this.

Minions will be dealing a crap ton of damage early on.

If you get ganked by the enemy jungler and are forced into a 2 VS 1 battle…

…you can win it with the help of your minions.

That’s how much of an important roll minions will play.

When you’re about to dive in and attack your enemy, make sure you can tank the minions and secure the kill without dying.

You can also use this tactic if the enemy laner attacks you. Run to your minion wave and fight there.

This will dramatically increase your odds of winning.

Using your minions is a very simple tactic to secure kills or run safely away.

This tactic is very underused in bronze and no one pays attention to it.

So make sure you’re doing it.

Be incredible at one champion

It’s critical that you pick one champion and master them.


Because it’s going to make your life so much easier.

If you’re constantly picking completely different champions each game, you’re going to be mediocre at best with them.


If you pick one champion and keep playing them, you’ll find you know the ins and outs of them.

You’ll understand what that champion is good at and bad at. You’ll be able to understand which and what kind of champs they’re not very good playing against.

For example, if you pick Vladimir as a champ, he’s weak against Darious because Vladimir needs health to use his spells and Darious deals a lot of bleed damage.

With these two factors, the odds are heavily stacked against you.

Which champion do I pick?

It’s actually simpler than you think.

First of all, don’t pick champions that have in-depth, complicated playing mechanics like Lee Sin.

When I see a Bronze pick Lee Sin, I cringe so hard because I know there’s a very high chance they’re gonna get whooped.

I remember when me and my buddy were in bronze and he picked Lee Sin every damn game.

And guess what happened?

He fed like crazy!

So don’t pick these types of champions like Lee Sin, Zed, Yasuou, Azir, and you get the picture.

Just because your favorite streamer or pro player play them, doesn’t mean you should.

Sure, some of these more complicated champs may do well in some games, but for the most part…

…they’ll be mediocre in low elow and you’ll probably end up feeding.

What kind of player are you? (Picking your lane)

You should also consider what kind of player you are.

This will help choose which lane you should be in.

Do you like to go all in with crazy attack damage?

Then you can go in any lane except for support.

Do you thoroughly enjoy helping your teammates and getting them fed?

Then support may be your best option.

So decide what you enjoy doing first and then pick your champion.

Learn other champions

You’re not always going to be able to pick your main champion.

So you’re going to have to learn other champions and other lanes.

You don’t have to master another champion or incredible at other lanes…

…you just need to learn the basics of each lane and a couple of champions.

Here’s what I’d recommend:

Master 1 champion, be the best out there.

Learn the basics of 2 other simple to play champions and play a few games with them.

Learn every lane and roll. You don’t have to be great at them. Just make sure you don’t feed and get the objectives.

Objectives over kills

This is the main reason you’re in bronze right now.

You’re prioritizing kills over objectives.


Kills mean nothing, it’s all about getting the objectives.

It really is that simple.

Go for the Baron at the right time

Games drag on far too long in the low elos. And this is because no one likes going for the Baron.

And when they do decide to go for it…

…it’s at the wrong time.

First of all, what is the Baron and why is it important?

Baron Nashor is the strongest monster in the game. Killing the Baron will give teammates bonus power, ability power and reduces the total recall time. The Baron also gives you the ability to greatly power up your minions attack damage and health when you’re next to them.

The main reason why you would want to do Baron is to buff up your minions and attack the enemy towers.

If you’re losing your game, the Baron can totally shift the game in your favor.

When should I kill the Baron?

There are many situations in which you should do Baron. The first one is, if you’ve killed all the enemy champions, then you should go and kill the Baron. Since the enemy won’t be able to stop you.

If the enemy is attacking the Baron, you should go and kill the enemy team or try and steal the Baron.


  • Don’t fight the enemy team on your own, make sure your team is coming with you to help out.
  • The best way to steal the Baron is to make sure it’s warded and last hit it. This is best done with the special ability that Junglers carry around called “Smite”.

When should I NOT kill the Baron?

It’s not always the best play to kill the Baron. WHY? Because there may be more important things to do.

For example, if you’ve killed all the enemy champions and you’re in their base, you should focus on ending the game and not killing the Baron.

If you’re already ahead in gold and can easily win team fights, there’s no point in getting Baron. Since the whole point of Baron is to help take down the enemy’s turrets and inhibitors. So if you can easily win in team fights, then kill the enemies and take their defenses down that way.

If you’re in this situation, then you should ward the Baron area and go there if the enemy team decides to take Baron.

PRO TIP: You can force team fights by your team going to the Baron, the enemy team will then follow and you can kill them that way and then take the Baron. Make sure to put the control ward down, this will give you vision and disables enemy wards.

Take the Baron whenever you can get it for FREE. This basically means if the enemy team has not warded the Baron, then you can kill the Baron without them realizing. This strategy is most effective when you’ve got a strong attack damage team to quickly kill the Baron.

If the enemy team is taking your objectives and in your base, then you need to get your ass back there before they end the game!

What if the enemy team takes the Baron?

If the enemy team takes the Baron, you need to kill the enemy champions as soon as possible. By doing this, you would have destroyed their Baron buff as well.

If you’re not strong enough to kill the enemy champions, you must quickly take their minions.


Because by doing this, it will make it a lot harder for them to buff their minions, apply pressure on your team and destroy your defenses.

Don’t waste your ults on certain kills

It’s not always worth using your ultimate move.

If you know you can secure the kill or your team can, there’s no need to waste your ult.

You can go ahead and save it for when you actually need it. This way, you’ll avoid cool down times and allow for efficient plays.

Saving your ults can seem like a minor thing to do but it can make a big difference in games.

We’ve been in a situation where we haven’t got our ult and end up losing the fight or running away. So saving your ult can help minimize situations like this.

Make sure you ward and get rid of enemy wards

It’s incredibly painful the amount of bronze player I see not warding and destroying wards. Unfortunately, many bronze players don’t realize warding can make or break a game. It can be the difference between winning and losing.

I would recommend using the Warding totem at the start of your game and later switch to the Oracle Lens to find and kill enemy wards

You can find more information on wards/trinkets here.

Never ever flame

Do you know one way you can end up throwing games because of a stupid mistake? That’s right, it’s called flaming.

No matter what happens or what’s being said, never ever flame. Flaming will make you mad and you’ll make stupid mistakes because of it.

Be friendly at all times. You don’t have to look cool and calm, others can’t see if your calm because you’re behind a computer. So always put on a friendly mask.

This can even help bring your teammates back from the dead and playing well. Of course this isn’t always going to happen but it can.

If you feel like your teammates have completely lost it, just mute them and do the best you can.

Use the correct runes

Runes are going to give you that extra edge during games and can make a surprisingly massive impact on games.

So make sure you’ve chosen your runes.

How do I choose the correct runes for my champion?

It’s very simple. look at what’s working for people. To do this, check out a site called Champion.gg.

How to get out of Bronze – Conclusion

So that’s how you get out of Bronze in League of Legends.

Just keep in mind, using these tips won’t be able to win every single game.


Because there are too many variables and unknowns when you enter games. Sometimes you just have really bad games and that’s fine. Everyone does, even the best lol players.

Just make sure you learn from these lost games. You could have players who feed like crazy. I remember one time, someone fed Darius like crazy and he was able to 1 hit with his Ult.

He was able to kill every single person on our team instantly and there was nothing I could do about it. You’re going to have these games.

The point of this guide wasn’t to win every game but win the majority of your games. That’s what’s going to allow you to climb out of bronze.

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