12 Best iPad Gaming Accessories You NEED to Have!

best ipad gaming accessories

Are you looking for the best iPad gaming accessories which will massively improve your gaming experience?

Well you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve chosen some accessories which will transform your plain iPad into a more console-like gaming machine at an affordable price.

Let’s get straight into this…

      Long arm stand
        Stylus pen
          Shockproof case
            Neckband Bluetooth Speakers
              Side bag
                Screen cleaner
                  Portable power bank
                    Noise cancelling headphones
                      Thumb covers
                        Blue Light Filtering Glasses

                          1. Joystick

                          Vakili Mobile Phone Game Joystick Game Control Touch Screen Joypad Game Controller for iPad-min
                          Check Price of the Joystick

                          If you’re looking to morph your iPad into a more console experience quickly, then you need this joystick.

                          Using the thumb to move around can tire your thumb out and sometimes you don’t go where you want to. 

                          This joystick will prevent your thumbs from getting tired and give you a more immersive console feel.

                          You can easily install and remove this without scratching your screen or leaving any residue. 

                          The rubber is an anti-slip material and keeps your thumbs from slipping.

                          These are cheap and will dramatically increase your iPad gaming experience.

                          2. Triggers

                          Yaliu Mobile Game Controller for iPad-min
                          Check Price of the Triggers

                          If you’re serious about shooter games, we would highly recommend these triggers.

                          A millisecond can easily be the difference between life or death when playing shooters. 

                          These triggers help you gain a few milliseconds in-game. Giving you a great advantage over other players.

                          A piece at the front is directly above the shoot button. 

                          When you press a trigger, that piece then touches the shoot button, activating that action.

                          These triggers are comfortable and cradle your hands nicely.

                          3. Long arm stand

                          Cellphone & Tablet 2 in 1 Stand Holder
                          Check Price of the Long arm stand

                          If you’ve managed to pair your PS4 controller to your iPad, you obviously can’t be holding both your iPad and controller. 

                          That’s why you need a stand.

                          We’ve decided to go with a long arm stand. This long arm stand will clamp to a table or anything suitable. 

                          You can then adjust the arm to whatever height and angle you’d like.

                          The reason why we went with this long arm stand over a conventional one is because you can easily adjust it.

                          4. Stylus pen

                          Check Price of the Stylus pen

                          If you’re playing drawing games or games which require you to do precise things like cut rope, you need a stylus pen. 

                          We were considering the official Apple stylus but that’s too expensive.

                          Instead, we’ve gone with a 3rd party company that will get the job done.

                          This pen is slim, sleek, and well balanced in your hand. 

                          Its fine tip helps with accuracy and produces a wide range of effects if you’re drawing. 

                          You don’t need to pair this with anything or download some app. Just take it out the box, press the top and begin!

                          5. Shockproof case

                          iPad 7th Generation Case
                          Check Price of the Shockproof case

                          Now, a shockproof case isn’t going give you more frames or improve your shooting. But it will protect your expensive iPad. 

                          Please don’t be that person who flings their iPad in a fit of rage. If you end-up doing something like that, a shockproof case can help minimise the damage.

                          We’ve gone with a classic shockproof case that has padding in all the right places. But it’s not too thick where you won’t be able to hold up your device properly.

                          There’s even a hand strap at the back which allows you to have a better grip of your iPad. 

                          It has a 3 layer screen protector, giving you the ultimate protection against falls.

                           If you’re travelling, there’s a longer strap which you can put around your neck.

                          6. Neckband Bluetooth Speakers

                          Oraolo M110 Neckband Bluetooth Speakers
                          Check Price of the Neckband Bluetooth Speakers

                          Neckband speakers aren’t very popular and we don’t know why. 

                          They offer some of the best and most immersive experience out there when it comes to gaming. But without the speakers blasting your ears off or irritating you.

                          These are super comfortable. It’s lightweight and made from a soft material which comforts your neck nicely and won’t be digging into your bones.

                          You can free up your hands and not have to worry about these falling out somewhere unlike ear pods.

                          This neckband speaker is sweat and waterproof. So when you lay down and start drinking and the drink inevitably spills on you…

                          …you don’t have to worry about damaging this neckband.

                          I love the explosive bass on this. It’s loud and mean, not to mention vocals sound crystal clear.

                          You get up to 24 hours of playback time and 400 hours of standby time. 

                          So you don’t have to worry about these dying in the middle of a game.

                          With all that said, these come in at a very reasonable price.

                          7. Side bag

                          Solo New York Ludlow Universal Tablet Sling Tote
                          Check Price of the Side bag

                          If you’re going to be taking your gaming iPad setup with you on the go, you’re going to need a side bag.

                          Something that’s not a full-on bag but has enough room to store your iPad and a few accessories.

                          We’ve decided to go with this side bag which has lots of room but it’s still incredibly compact.

                          There are padded compartments which will protect your tablet and accessories.

                          These are also able to zip securely. You get an adjustable strap which you can adjust to your liking.

                          You also get a whopping 5 year guarantee!

                          This side bag is stylish, protects your device and is durable. 

                          You can’t go wrong, that’s why this company has confidently given you a 5 year guaranty.

                          8. Screen cleaner

                          ProCase Screen Cleaning Pad Cloth Wipes for iPad
                          Check Price of the Screen cleaner

                          Whilst you’re gaming, you’re going to be dipping your fingers in some snacks and munching away. 

                          And of course, your fingers will be filthy greasy and end up all over your iPad.

                          That’s why we’ve gone with this super convenient screen cleaner. With this, you can easily clean your device.

                          There’s a strap at the back you can put your hand through. 

                          Put your and through, give it a few wipes and the screen is good as new.

                          It’s never been so easy to remove dust, grease, fingerprints, and other residue from the screen.

                          9. Portable power bank

                          Anker PowerCore II
                          Check Price of the Portable power bank

                          If you’re on the go or don’t have access to power. A portable power bank is a must.

                          The power bank we’ve gone with rapidly recharges so it’s available when you really need it. 

                          It has 3 USB connector ports so you can charge multiple devices.

                          It’s lightweight and compact so you can easily take it on the go.

                          10. Noise cancelling headphones

                          COWIN SE7 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones
                          Check Price of the Noise cancelling headphones

                          We went with these noise cancelling headphones because they do so well in blocking out sound. 

                          When gaming, immersion is so important if you want to enjoy yourself. 

                          The last thing you want to hear is a lot of kids outside screaming at each other. 

                          If you plan on gaming in an airplane or in a busy city environment, these do well in blocking out the sound.

                          These are great for gaming because of the low latency. 

                          This simply means there’s no sound delay from what’s happening on screen to your headphones. 

                          It’s a critical feature when playing online FPS games because you need to hear the footsteps of an enemy as soon as possible.

                          Of course, these headphones sound incredible. 

                          You get a good amount of bass but nothing overbearing to the point it starts to distort other sounds. 

                          When you hit things in games with your swords or spraying a bunch of bullets, everything has a good amount of clarity to it as well as some rich bass. 

                          Vocals are clear and easy to understand.

                          COWIN SE7

                          These headphones are brilliant when it comes to build quality. These can be folded, are light on your ears, and built to last for a long time. 

                          When wearing these you won’t experience any headaches or aching ears. These were designed for you to wear all day long.

                          Since these are bluetooth, there are no wires you have to deal with. 

                          Unless you’re charging these up. These will last up to 30+ which is plenty of time for a few gaming sessions.

                          When you see the price, you’ll be pleased to know these won’t break the bank. 

                          They’re super affordable and cover a lot of fantastic features in a headset. 

                          You also get a massive 18 month warranty! You can’t possibly go wrong with these

                          11. Thumb covers

                          Check Price of the Thumb covers

                          We never knew we needed something so badly until we saw these thumb covers. 

                          Our thumbs are the main thing touching our iPad and this causes a lot of grease to be left on the screen. 

                          That’s where these fiber thumb covers come into action and yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like. 

                          These will cover your thumbs and as a result prevent grease from going on the screen.

                          I don’t know about you but I go nuts when the screen is dirty.

                          It’s always got to be clean. And with a clean screen means a 100% clear picture so things will look a lot better.

                          You’ll be pleased to know these are sensitive to touch screens so you won’t have to constantly tap things. 

                          This fits snugly on your thumbs and won’t rip easily. The material is breathable so your thumbs won’t get hot.

                          12. Blue Light Filtering Glasses

                          Check Price of the Blue Light Filtering Glasses

                          I don’t know about you but health is my number one priority, especially my eyes. 

                          You see, if you’re like me you’re constantly looking at a screen. And when doing so, there’s blue light coming from it.

                          This blue light is harmful. It causes headaches, dizziness, stress, sleep deprivation, blurred vision, and the list goes on. 

                          So to prevent this, we’ve made sure to include these blue light filtering glasses.

                          These will block 90% of harmful blue light. When you put these on, there’s no magnifying effect and the colors still appear the same.

                          You’ll be pleased to know the frames are sturdy and won’t break easily. And these are unisex, so they suit both male and females.


                          So those were the best iPad gaming accessories. 

                          We made sure to do a lot and I mean a lot of research when putting this guide together.

                          To bring you the very best accessories for your iPad.


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