Is It Safe to Buy OSRS Gold? [2021]

OSRS, the original title launched in 1997, holds the world record for most play time per player. The game continues to maintain serious popularity over time. In a market that is a melting pot of online multiplayer gaming values and styles, OSRS offers the most classic MMORPG experience around.

Or does it? A common problem in the gaming industry today is the pay-to-win mechanic implemented by so many developers. Where in other games you can purchase microtransactions to speed up your progress, you can buy OSRS gold for a plethora of activities in the game.

Ads for OSRS gold for sale are all over the place. But, is it safe to buy OSRS gold in 2021? Read ahead for all the details.

OSRS Gold: Universal Currency

In Old School Runescape you can find a plethora of currencies, whether you see them that way or not. Most of these are more akin to a bartering system where you might trade, perhaps, ten gold bar OSRS units for fifteen leather hides. There’s one item in the game that’s universal in terms of application and buying power. That is, of course, OSRS gold.

Beyond that, however, OSRS gold can provide access to things that other currencies cannot. It’s a direct payment method for gaining access to Old School Runescape memberships, which is also available via Runescape bonds.

Regarding the broad and common economy, if you buy OSRS gold you can then trade it for almost anything. The most common examples are crafting materials, gathering tools, weapons, and armor.

How Players Safely Buy OSRS Gold

Even though many people take a strong stance against doing so, it is generally safe to buy OSRS gold. There are some factors you have to watch out for, though. First of all, the company does take action against players that violate the terms of service. If it’s explicitly mentioned, and you are violating the terms, you do risk losing your account.

There are many ways to get around this, of course. Some people find accounts that sell OSRS gold, create a throwaway account, make the purchase, and then transfer the gold to their primary account at a later date. It’s important to keep in mind, though, that there are no guarantees regarding account safety.

Some entities, like RunescapeGoldMarkt, tend to provide guides on buying OSRS gold safely. Account hijacking and scams are quite prevalent. But, even though there’s always a risk, following their advice is strongly recommended and can keep you quite safe.

Be Careful and Have Fun

People buy OSRS gold as a way to skip tedious grinds, whether it’s because they’ve already done the grinds or are somewhat impatient new players. Possessing gold ore OSRS is a huge advantage in the economy, as well, so the motivations are quite clear. Keeping your account safe should always be a priority, but sometimes the risk can be worth it.

If you stumble upon any ads that sell OSRS gold, perhaps take a minute to consider if making a purchase might make sense for you. And, if it’s something that would work for you, don’t be afraid of taking a chance if you feel you have the right guidance.

Get out there and have some fun! If you have any other doubts or questions, take a peek at some of the other articles on the site.