[VIDEO] What Makes Izuku Midoriya A Lovable Character?


Izuku Midoriya is the main protagonist in the popular manga and anime “My Hero Academia“.

In a world where quirks determined your status, he was born without one and was mocked and bullied by his classmates.


…he met his childhood hero “All Might” the strongest hero in the world, the hero who smiled in the face of fear.

All Might hearing Izuku’s story of being quirkiness, he decides to pass down his power “One For All” and tells Izuku something he didn’t know…

…he was also born quirkless!

All Might then carries on explaining how his power works. One For All is a quirk that’s been passed down for generations and Izuku is now the 9th user of the One For All Quirk.

Determined more than ever, Izuku decides that he will be the greatest hero ever and take the place of All Might.

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izuku screaming

Will Of Iron

We see a ton of tough situations that Izuku is in but he always seems to bail out at the last moment and this is because he never gives up.

Izuku was brought up and seen as a fragile person. Someone that you could take advantage of and hurt.

But this never stopped him from saving a life. No matter the time and place, if someone’s in danger and Izuku is at the scene.

You best believe that he will be coming to the rescue, even if his logical mind said: “turn around you can’t do anything.” That won’t stop Izuku’s legs from running to save you.

Bakugou (Izuku’s bully) applied for U.A High, the top hero academy in the world and so does his fragile victim.

Even though he is quirkless and completely defenseless, Izuku still applies for the top hero academy in the world.

After the class finds this out they all burst out in laughter.

Class laughs

And if the entire class laughing at you isn’t bad enough, Bakugou is also there to give him a tough time. Telling Izuku that he is “worse than all these rejects” (the class).

bakugou hitting izuku

Despite the world mocking him and thinking he’s a joke, Izuku is still aiming for the top.

Sharp Minded

As time goes on Izuku manifests the quirk One For All and builds some confidence and bravery. Since he looks up to heroes and fanboys over them, he’s kept note of their quirks and strategies.

Hero analysis for the future

Revising and studying these notes, Izuku can now take this knowledge into battle and use it as a deadly weapon.

Izuku has always had a thing for analyzing and even over analyzing causing him to mumble out loud.

Developing an analytical mind allows him to form complex plans in just a moment, counter powerful quirks and take advantage of his allies quirks.

Even though Izuku has a powerful quirk named All For One, when used his limbs break and bones shatter, but he avoids directly hitting anyone with One For All because of its power to kill instantly.

All this power yet Izuku’s mind is still his strongest ally.


Yes, being quirkless is one of the reasons we love him.

We can finally relate to someone in a fictional world, surrounded by people who have incredible superpowers.

Even though Izuku gets superpowers, he still partly grows up in a world like a normal human.

At a very young age, he’s jumping around wanting to watch videos of All Might. He can’t wait to finally grow up, get his quirk and go out there saving the world.

watching all might on youtube


…Izuku is told by a doctor he won’t be getting his quirk.

Izuku in the doctors office
izuku’s reaction when told that he’s quirkless. Poor boy.

The doctor goes on to explain why he’s quirkless

“Doctors discovered a link between the bones, a person’s foot and their likelihood of developing a quirk.

People with powers only have one joint in their pinky-toes. Their bodies have evolved into a more streamlined version of the human form.

You can see here the Izuku has two joints in his pinky”.

x-ray of izuku's foot
You can see the pinky has 2 joints

So if you didn’t get that, one of the signs of not having a quirk is two joints in the pinky toe and that’s Izuku’s problem.

Forgive And Forget

Many times throughout My Hero Academia, Izuku held back his power against his bully Bakugou.

Bakugou has beaten Izuku to bruises and tears, enjoying every beat down he gave him.

Now with his new powers, Izuku could easily return the favor with his obscenely powerful All For One quirk, but he never does.

By nature, Izuku has always been a kind and innocent boy, always willing to help others no matter what it took.

When Izuku had no powers and saw his bully getting strangled by a villain, bakugo was helpless and gasping for air.

On the verge of death, Bakugo gives an expression as if to say “this is my last breath” Izuku charges in and can’t stop. He’s asking himself why he’s running?

getting strangled

Even though it’s the person who’s given him cuts and bruises physically and emotionally, Izuku still wants to save him. Running into flames without his mind wanting to and attacking the villain head-on despite having no quirk.

rushing in to help others

Funky Costume

Dark green is its main color, covers head to toe and has long pointy ears. Elbows and knees are heavily padded, a red belt buckle with pockets. The shoes are red and high, gloves are thick and white.

The mask appears to have a smile on it with All Might’s haircut, I believe this costume is trying to resemble All Might and what he stands for.

This is Izuku’s first battle costume.



During a battle with Bakugou,  Izuku’s costume is destroyed and sent in for repair. Leading to his next costume/battle suit. Which is just his gym clothes, nothing fancy.

This is just a tracksuit which is primarily blue with red and white stripes. Padded elbows and knees and thick, white gloved. His shoes are red and high also what appears to be a face mask that only covers half of his face.


Quirk And Abilities

After All might gives him a piece of his hair, Izuku Midoriya then inherits superhuman strength. This strength is so vast that Izuku had to do intensive training for 6 months before he could inherit All Might’s power.

The training consisted of clearing an entire beach filled with mountains of scraps. By time Izuku completed the challenge, even his mentor All Might was shocked by the results.

Because of this intense training, Izuku’s body went from the skinny little nerd to a toned gymnast

At this point of season 2 (episode 20) Izuku can only control a small percent of his quirk and when used it breaks his limbs. This quirk isn’t just for super strength but speed and agility.

Izuku is yet to display the same level control as All Might.

Izuku has 2 main abilities:

  1. Detroit Smash
  2. Delaware Smash

Detroit smash can be a straight and narrow punch or jump into the air delivering a downwards punch.


Delaware smash is a flick of the fingers creating a powerful blast, even if the finger is broken. As long as it’s flicked a strong blast can be created.

Even though he has super-human strength, this alone is not-a-lot in fighting abilities without his intellect.

Izuku’s intellect is arguably his strongest ability, he hasn’t always been a powerhouse and has got out of tough situations without a quirk.

Having a keen eye for every hero he lays his eyes on, analyzing, observing and taking notes.

Planning complex battle plans in the heat of the moment and being able to carry them out under the pressure. Izuku’s intellect has always been a stronger ally than his quirk.

 Fun Facts About Izuku

  • Has the same birthday as Ichigo Kurosaki from the popular show Bleach
  • All-time favorite food is katsudon
  • Despite his sharp mind he ranks 4th in his hero academy class
  • Birthday on July 15th
  • Age 14 on the first appearance


Q: Who is Izuku’s father?

A: This is a typical anime cliche, not many anime shows both parents but this does not mean his father is dead or just ran away. Maybe he’s not important to the plot or maybe he is. It’s still not clear, fan-made theories are out there.

Q: Who is Izuku Midoriya voice actor?

A: Daiki Yamashita

Q: What is One For All full cowl?

A: This is a technique which allows Izuku to trigger his quirk throughout his body. Power not being in one part of the body will allow him to increase in speed, mobility, strength, and agility. Stopping limbs from breaking when activating his quirk.

Q: Izuku has a quirk fanfiction?

A: This is a tough one. We were told Izuku had no quirks and inherited All Might’s power. Izuku’s father could breathe fire and his mother could float small objects. These abilities could develop and combine in the future.

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