9 Best Lap Desks for Gaming on the Couch or Bed

Best Lap Desks for Gaming

Are you looking to combine the comfortability of console gaming with the precision and customization of PC gaming?

Then you’ve come to the right place, because in this post, we’ll be going over the best lap desks for gaming.

We’ve dove in deep with our research and have managed to compile a list of ONLY the very best gaming lapboards.

With one of these, you’ll easily be able to game comfortably on your couch or on your bed.

Top Pick Couchmaster CYCON
  • Super comfortable and cozy
  • Lots of space
  • Internal cable management
Corsair K63
  • Minimal
  • Wrist rest
  • Built in keyboard
Roccat Sova
  • Built in keyboard
  • Plenty of mouse space
  • Pay Xbox One games with this
Budget Corsair LapDog
  • Minimal
  • Durable
  • Dedicated cable compartment
  • Height adjustable
  • Surface tilts
  • 17 inches of space
New Avante
  • Separate laptop and mouse space
  • Built in cooler
  • Storage
Multi Tasking
  • Slide out mouse pad
  • Thick memory foam wrist wrest
  • Comes with USB light
XXL Laptop Bed Table
  • Lots of space
  • Sturdy build quality
  • Comfy
  • Solid build quality
  • Portable
  • Affordable

Here are the best lap desks for your gaming keyboard and mouse:

1. Couchmaster CYCON

Check Price of the Couchmaster CYCON

Lots of space

The last thing you want is to be conserving your space as much as possible. This can be extremely distracting and ruin your gaming experience. 

You’ll be pleased to know there’s plenty of movement space and you don’t need to try and conserve space. 

You can smoothly glide across the surface or make sudden movements. All without the worry of running out of space.

Cushions to support your arm

If you’re worried about aching wrists and forearms, don’t be. 

The Couchmaster has cushions to support and hold your arms in the most comfortable position for you. There’s enough width and length to do this.

5m USB 3 cable

You don’t need a mouse and keyboard with really long wires. Instead, the Couchmaster comes with a 5m USB 3 cable. 

So you can easily hook up your peripherals to it.

Internal cable management

Worried about wires all over the place and tangling yourself? Don’t worry. 

There’s an internal cable management system built into this lap desk. You can simply route your wires into this and have them out of sight and out of mind.


The creators behind this have decided to go the extra mile to include a couple of pockets for you to place your mouse and even a refreshing beverage inside. 

So your most important items are an arm reach away.

4 USB ports

You may have a few accessories you want to use. So there are 4 USB ports you can easily access and hook up your devices.

Overall, this is probably the highest rated lap desk for gamers. It’s a bit more on the premium side but you get exactly what you pay for.



Couchmaster CYCON

Check Price

2. Corsair K63 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard & Gaming Lapboard Combo

CORSAIR K63 Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
Check Price of the Corsair K63

The Couchmaster is a great solution to your couch and in-bed gaming problems. But there was one issue with it…

…and that was the initial setup can be annoying.

You see, you’re going to have to attach a keyboard. 

Which means taking the keyboard from your desk and putting it on the Couchmaster. And when you’re done, you’ll have to put it back.

This lap desk gives you an easy solution. Corsair have attached a high quality keyboard to their lap desk.

As well as some space for your mouse. Only including the absolute essentials.

Wireless and lightweight

This easily connects up to your PC via a wireless connection. Without any disruptions, delays or lagging issues. 

It’s also lightweight, making it super easy for you to carry from one room to another. 

High quality gaming keyboard

Corsair have gone all out with this keyboard. It’s a cherry MX red mechanical keyboard. 

Meaning you’ll get a good amount of tactile feedback. Pressing these keys feels satisfying and rewarding to do so. 

There are also multimedia buttons, allowing for volume control on the fly. You can also adjust the LED lighting, giving the effect you want. 

You can also detach the keyboard.

Easy to replace built-in mouse pad

There’s a built in mouse pad which leaves enough room for you to maneuver around. 

You can also replace the mouse pad if it’s getting dirty.

Lasts up to 15 hours

A full battery will last you 15 hours. 

This is more than enough to last a few gaming sessions. Also, you can recharge it via a USB cable.


This comes with a detachable wrist wrest. 

Allowing for a more comfortable experience and allowing you to game for longer periods of time without straining yourself. 

The last thing you want is to have to get up in the middle of an intense game because you’re in pain. 

I’ve been in this situation many times and it’s not fun for you or your team.

Compatible with the Xbox One

If that wasn’t enough. This lap desk is also compatible with Xbox 

One games that allow for a mouse and keyboard to be used.

Overall, Corsair have decided to go with an essential only approach for their gaming lap desk.


Corsair K63 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard & Gaming Lapboard Combo

Check Price

3. Roccat Sova lap desk

ROCCAT SOVA Gaming Lapboard
Check Price of the Roccat Sova

Similar to the Corsair lap board but this is more of a permanent solution. 

The Roccat Sova lap desk does not allow you to remove the keyboard or mouse pad.

Mechanic or membrane keyboard

You get to pick from a mechanical or membrane keyboard. Both keyboards are a great choice. 

They offer a tactile key press, giving you a satisfying amount of feedback. They illuminate and it offers the right amount of size.

Super comfortable

This lapboard/desk has been rigorously tested for hundreds of hours. 

The designers have ironed out faults and brought you a solid couch gaming accessory. It has a built in wrist rest, allowing you to game comfortably for hours.

Plenty of mouse space

There’s plenty of mouse space for you to glide around and make sudden movements. 

The mouse pad is comfortable and will pick up any mouse even with minor movements. Giving you an incredibly precise aim.

Two integrated USB ports

If you want to attach your headset or charge a device, you’ll be pleased to know this has two integrated USB ports.

Enjoy Xbox One games

You can also play Xbox One games with this. Of course, only the games that allow that.


ROCCAT SOVA Gaming Lapboard

Roccat Sova lap desk

Check Price

4. Corsair Gaming LapDog

Corsair Gaming LAPDOG
Check Price of the Corsair LapDog

Are you on a tight budget and looking for a cheaper option? Then you’re going to want to check this out…


This is pretty much as bare-bone as it gets for a gaming lap desk. 

You get a compartment for your keyboard and an area for your mouse. There are a few other features which we’ll cover. 

Unfortunately, there is a downside. The keyboard compartment is only compatible with Corsair K70/K65 series keyboards. 

You could solve this by getting a little bit a velcro tape and sticking a slightly smaller keyboard in there.

Removable memory foam lap cushion

There’s a cushion for your lap for added comfortability. 

If you find you don’t enjoy the lap cushion, you can easily remove it. 

4-port USB 3.0 hub

There are 4 USB ports for you to connect your accessories. Be it a headset or maybe you just want to charge your phone.


The surface is made from aluminium so this isn’t a flimsy gimmick. It’s sturdy and will last for years to come.

Dedicated cable compartment

Wires is one of the major gaming experience killers. That’s why Corsair has decided to create a cable management system below this lap desk. 


This is the most affordable options on this list. 

Sure, it doesn’t come with the latest bells and whistles but if you’re really tight for cash, it’s a solid option.


Corsair Gaming LAPDOG

Corsair Gaming LapDog

Check Price

What should I be looking for when buying a lap desk for mouse and keyboard


If it’s not comfortable, forget it. One of the reasons why we play video games is to relax, and if you’re uncomfortable whilst gaming, it defeats the purpose.

Cable management solution

When connecting your mouse and keyboard, there can be a lot of mess. 

The last thing you want is a massive eye sore. I don’t know about you but when I play, my desk is clean. 

And if there are cables everywhere, it ruins my concentration. 

So make sure the desk you go with has a cable management solution.


It’s always nice to have a few accessories such as extra USB ports. You can never have enough of them. 

The Couchmaster we mentioned is excellent when it comes to the accessory features.


The last thing you want is for your desk to break on you. 

Whether it’s a sudden snap or a gradual deterioration of the device. You’ll be pleased to know that in this guide, this feature was extremely important. 

We know exactly what it’s like spending your hard earned money on something and having it break.

Lap desks for mouse and keyboard summary 

So those were the best lap desks for gaming. It doesn’t matter if you’re gaming on the couch or in bed, one of these items is for you.

We compiled this list with different people in mind. 

If you want the most comfortable experience as well as functionality, go with the Couchmaster.

If you’re looking for the easiest option with the least amount of hassle, we’d recommend the Corsair K63 wireless. 

Don’t have much money to spend? Then you should probably go with the Corsair Gaming lapboard.

However, we would recommend not going for the cheaper option. Instead, save your money and pick one of the others on this list.

What are the best lap desks for your gaming laptop?

So we’ve gone over some lap desks for your mouse and keyboard to be placed on but what about your laptop?

5. TaoTronics Laptop Desk for Bed

TaoTronics Lap Desks
Check Price of the TaoTronics

Height adjustable

There are 5 height settings. Allowing you to get the optimal height for viewing and arm comfortability. 

You simply press a button and you’re able to adjust the height.

Surface tilts

The surface tilts to 0°, 15°, 25°, or 35°. So you can slouch back on your bed or couch. And there’s no need to worry about your laptop falling. 

There are a couple of clamps which make sure your laptop does not budge. 

Also, you don’t need to keep a hold of your mouse out of fear of it falling. 

There’s a raised piece which stops your mouse from falling if the desk is at a tilted angle.

Folds away

After you’re done with this, you can simply fold it and put it to one side. 


This is 17 inches wide which will give you enough room depending on the size of your laptop.


TaoTronics Laptop Desk for Bed

Check Price

6. New Avante Adjustable Laptop Desk Table

Nnewvante Adjustable Laptop Desk Table
Check Price of the new Avante

Cooling fan

Do you find your laptop overheating? If so, you need to cool it down. 

Otherwise it could heat up to the point where it shuts down. And you’ll end-up losing that game or losing progress on that spreadsheet. 

This cooling fan connects to your laptop via a USB cable. It doesn’t make a lot of noise or consume lots of energy.

Hand made from bamboo

One thing that stands out with this lap desk is the aesthetics. The bamboo design gives it a lovely rustic look. 

It’s also made with the utmost care being handmade.

Adjustable height and tilt

You can adjust the height to your liking. 

Making sure it’s at the exact height and angle you’d like. There’s also a little piece which stops your laptop from falling if you decide to tilt it.

7.1 inch mouse space

There’s a separate dedicated space for your mouse. It doesn’t tilt, in fact, it’s built on a separate board. 

Side draw

If you’ve got a few bits and pieces or small accessories, you can easily store them within the side draw.


Nnewvante Adjustable Laptop Desk Table

New Avante Adjustable Laptop Desk Table

Check Price

7. Multi Tasking Memory Foam Lap Desk

Sam Multi Tasking Memory Foam Lap Desk
Check Price of the Multi Tasking

Slide out mouse pad

With this, you can slide in the mouse pad from the left or right side. 

There’s also a place for you to store your phone. And there’s a little hole, allowing you to charge your phone.

Thick memory foam wrist wrest

Comfortability is important, that’s why you’re searching for a lap desk. You’ll be pleased to know this comes with a thick memory foam wrist rest. 

Allowing you to sink your wrists into a comfortable position.

Comes with USB light

Does your laptop not have LED lit keys. This can be a real killer when gaming in the dark. 

You get the option to choose from 2 models. One with a USB light and one without.

The only downside about this is the mouse space. There’s not a lot. If you plan on playing shooters, you should look for another option. 

However, if you plan on playing games with not a lot of mouse movement such as strategy games, we’d highly recommend this.


Sam Multi Tasking Memory Foam Lap Desk

Multi Tasking Memory Foam Lap Desk

Check Price

8. XXL Laptop Bed Table

Laptop Bed Table
Check Price of the XXL Laptop Bed Table

Sturdy build

The surface is made from polished wood. 

The legs are made from aluminium, and the bottom of the leg is padded with silicone. 

Prevent sliding and ensures stability. So you can place your heavy laptop on this and rest knowing it won’t fall.

Lots of space

This desk lives up to the XXL name. You can fit a 17 inch laptop on here and there’s plenty of room for your mouse to move. 

There’s a storage drawer where you can place some stuff in. It can also be used as a cup/pen holder. 

You also get a little area to hold your phone. There’s a section at the back which allows you to hold a book or tablet as well. 

The book stand is able to hold thick books and is removable if you don’t want it.

Lots of leg space

This desk leaves 11.8 inches of leg space. So there’s enough room to kick-back and spread your legs.


XXL Laptop Bed Table

Check Price

9. Zhimei Foldable Bed Tray Lap Desk

Check Price of the Zhimei

Well built

The desktop is made of MDF, solid wood particle board. It’s thick and will support all the weight you put on top of it. 

The legs are made of aluminum alloy tube. Supporting the top board, making sure it’s sturdy and does not wobble. 

Its surface is smooth, hard to scratch, moisture proof, and high temperature resistant. All this without the material being toxic.

Users have said they’ve used this on a soft plushy bed and this desk is still very sturdy. So if you’re looking to game in bed, consider this.

Lots of space

There’s plenty of space to place your laptop and have enough room to manoeuvre your mouse. 

If you’re worried about leg room, don’t be. This leaves plenty of room for your legs to stretch out.


Not only is this sturdy but also lightweight. You can fold this into halves and store it away or take it with you. 

So if you feel like taking your gaming from the couch to your bed, it’s super easy to do so. 

And if you’re going on a trip, you can fit this in your backpack.

Large card slot

There’s a large card slot where you’ll be able to place your phone, tablet or books. 

It’s a nice feature to have your most important items within arms reach.


This won’t cost you an arm and a leg. It’s pleasantly affordable and will last for years to come. 

Even though this doesn’t come with lots of features, it gets the job done.


Foldable Bed Tray Lap Desk

Check Price

What should you be looking for when buying a gaming lap desk for your laptop?


There needs to be plenty of space for your laptop and mouse. 

We would recommend checking your laptop size and the sizes of the lap boards mentioned above.


To see if they will accommodate your laptop. 

All the desks above would probably have enough room for your laptop but not enough for your mouse. 

If you’re going for the bamboo desk, that has a separate mouse space but it’s still worth checking.


When doing our research we made sure to only list reasonably priced items. 

However, if you don’t plan on buying any of the above just make sure you’re getting a good price.


If you’re not comfortable when gaming, then there’s no point in gaming. 


Because the entire reason why we game is to relax so being uncomfortable kinda defeats the purpose.


If you plan on travelling with your laptop, portability is going to be something you need to consider. 

We would recommend going with one of the lap boards that fold away.

Slot for extra accessories

Let’s face it, we do more than just play. Oftentimes we’re on our mobile devices. 

So it might be worth you going for a desk that has some extra accessory space.

Gaming Lap Desk vs. Gaming Lapboards

A gaming lap desk and lapboard are the same thing. They’re just two different ways of saying the exact same thing.

Why should I get a gaming lap desk/lapboard

If you’re still on the fence on getting one of these, let’s have a little chat…

…if you’re always playing your PC games on your desk, it can become pretty uncomfortable. 

When I first made the switch to PC gaming, I really wanted to go back to console because of the comfortability.

A lap desk/board can solve this problem. You can easily place the board on your lap, sit back on your couch or bed and game away. 

You just need to attach your mouse and keyboard. If they’re wireless then even better.

If you want to game on your laptop, you probably already know that you need more height to be comfortable. 

And a couple of books under the laptop isn’t going to fix the issue. That’s what a lapboard can fix at a small price.

One of these will inevitably transform your gaming experience. 

You’re combining the comfortability of console gaming with the power and customization of PC gaming. 

This is the perfect accessory to combine both worlds.

Best lap desks for your gaming laptop summary

So if you’re looking to game on your laptop, one of these is for you. 

They’re affordable, have the right features and get the job done.


Those were the best lap desks for gaming. 

Whether you want to play games on your desktop from your couch or have a laptop and game in bed. 

These items will get the job done nicely.


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