10 Best League of Legends Gaming Accessories {Win More Games}

UItrawide monitor
      Gaming Keyboard
          Mouse mat
                Gaming glasses
                  Mini fridge
                    Lap tray

                      Are you looking for the best League of Legends gaming accessories?

                      Well you’ve come to the right place. In this post, we’ll be covering some essentials you’ll need if you intend to win more games in LOL.

                      Let’s get straight into it…

                      Table of Contents

                      1. UItrawide monitor

                      Do you want a loophole? Something that isn’t cheating but will give you a massive advantage?

                      Then you need an ultrawide monitor. An ultra wide monitor will allow you to see much more with what’s happening. 

                      This will give you a massive advantage. You’ll easily be able to see exactly what’s going to happen before your enemies think.

                      We’ve gone with a 30 inch, 1080p, IPS, ultrawide monitor. This will give you plenty of screen, pixels, and the IPS allows for colors to pop a lot more [1].

                      If you’re currently gaming on a standard 60hz monitor, 200hz will make a massive difference in game. 

                      With 200hz, things will render on screen a lot quicker and as a result you’ll be able to react a lot quicker.

                      This monitor also has AMD Freesync technology. This will help you have a smoother gaming experience and get rid of stuttering.

                      Best of all?

                      It comes in at a very affordable price.

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                      2. Mouse

                      A solid gaming mouse is necessary if you plan on winning ranked games. We’d like to recommend the PICTEK gaming mouse.

                      It comes in the classic ergonomic hand shape and has plenty of buttons. But not too many where you start to feel overwhelmed.

                      We think this mouse hits the sweet spot when it comes to ergonomics and mouse buttons.

                      This mouse is accurate, coming in with a DPI of 12,000. It also has a weight tuning set, RGB lights, and it’s the ideal mouse when it comes to competitive gaming.

                      So if you’re looking for a comfortable, accurate, and highly customizable mouse for LOL, then look no further.

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                      3. Gaming Keyboard

                      gaming keyboard

                      This has to be the highest rated gaming keyboard on the web. 

                      This features a mechanical brown switch. Meaning you’ll get good amount of feedback and it’s incredibly tactile. 

                      Your fingers will effortlessly bounce across one key to the next. You’ll be faster and able to react better, improving your in-game performance.

                      The keys have an anti-ghosting feature. Meaning they’ll be no delay from the time you press a key and how long it will take for that action to occur.

                      This keyboard lights up and features 10 lighting modes including colors flashing and more. 

                      It’s highly durable and can take a beating. You can smack it around (wouldn’t recommend) and it will still perform as new. This will last you for years to come.

                      One of the things we really love about this keyboard is it takes the unnecessary right side off. Who even uses it?

                      That side is not necessary and taking it off will save you space

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                      4. Chair

                      I don’t know about you but I’m enjoying myself and gaming my best when I’m comfortable. 

                      We believe you’ll do your best in games when you’re most comfortable. That’s why we’re recommending this gaming chair.

                      I’ve done a lot of research on chairs because I have an issue with my back. 

                      The chair we’ve settled on is one of the highest rated on Amazon.

                      This chair is insanely comfortable, in fact, there are hundreds of reviewers saying this chair is comfortably. They can’t all be wrong. 

                      You get thick padded material which is soft but also firm, it’s a nice balance. 

                      Your bottom is cradled nicely and your back is supported well. 

                      There’s an arm rest so you can get the optimal height between your desk and arm. One thing that chair designers skip is the headrest. 

                      You’ll be pleased to know this has a headrest you can comfortably lean back on. It recline 155 degrees so you kick-back and relax.

                      This gaming chair has a solid build quality. It uses smooth PU leather to help cushion your body, a heavy duty base, and wheels underneath for smooth mobility. 

                      Overall, this is a super comfortable chair that will last you for years to come.

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                      5. Mouse mat

                      You don’t know what you’re missing out on until you get a really good mouse mat. 

                      In this post, we made sure to have the theme of accessories which allow for a smoother gaming experience. And a mouse mat keeps consistent with that theme.

                      We’ve decided to go with a large, oversized gaming mouse mat which will cover your keyboard and mouse. 

                      This way you’ll never hit that awkward position where you’re running out of mouse mat space.

                      This has a non-slip rubber base, so it won’t be getting scrunched up when you’re moving your mouse around. 

                      It’s also waterproof, making it easy to clean.

                      It comes with LED lights. Of course this isn’t going to help you in games but it’s a cool feature. 

                      Something that will help bring your setup to life.

                      And it’s plug in and play. Literally… just plug the USB in and you’re golden! No need for any drivers.

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                      6. Headphones

                      A good set of gaming headphones are a must have essential if you’re looking to immerse yourself in games.

                      We’ve decided to go with the HyperX gaming headset. 

                      If you’ve read our other accessory guides, you may be thinking why do they constantly recommend HyperX headphones?

                      That’s because they’re super comfortable. It’s what separates HyperX from other headphone companies.

                      HyperX is incredibly consistent when it comes to creating comfortable headphones.

                      And these aren’t just comfortable, the sound quality is excellent. It has a 7.1 surround sound, allowing you to hear things from every direction. 

                      These are also noise cancelling. So they drown out the outside sound and allow you to fully immerse yourself in games.

                      If you like chatting with friends when playing, you’ll be pleased to know this has a built in mic.

                      It’s not the best in the world but it will get the job done.

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                      7. Speakers

                      Logitech G560 LIGHTSYNC PC Gaming Speakers with Game Driven RGB Lighting

                      No matter how good your headset/headphones are, sometimes you feel like putting them aside and letting the speaker start blasting.

                      These sound incredible. The bass on these speakers are just insane. 

                      It features a 240 watt subwoofer which is mean and loud. With that sound, you can still hear the other sounds, vocals are crystal clear and detailed. 

                      You get a surround sound 3d experience, so you know when enemies are around. Sound is coming from every angle.

                      I love how the lighting changes based on the audio/what’s happening on screen. The lighting is also customizable if you’d like to change the colors yourself.

                      The only people we believe wouldn’t like these are sound enthusiasts, you get what you paid for, these are a solid set of speakers.

                      The only issue we could find with these speakers is how the sound would jump when you’re turning up the volume. Some users say the progression is too quick.

                      Overall, these are a solid set of speakers that sound incredible and will last you a long time.

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                      8. Gaming glasses

                      As you game away, you’re destroying your eyes. You see, our screens produce blue light and this blue light damages our eyes.

                      It makes use fatigued, irritated, stresses, gives us headaches, and we end-up struggling to sleep.

                      That’s why we’ve picked out these blue light filtering glasses. 

                      They’ll block out 90% of harmful blue light. So you can game for longer without fatigue.

                      What we really love about these glasses is how they don’t distort colors. 

                      You’ll see 0 to minimal color difference on-screen when you put these on.

                      These glasses are suitable for both male and females. The frames are sturdy and won’t break on light impact.

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                      9. Mini fridge

                      Danby DCR032C1BDB Compact Refrigerator

                      Ok, so you’re probably thinking we’re crazy for recommending a mini fridge as a League of Legends accessory. But hear me out…

                      Comfortability is key for a good gaming session, you do your best gaming when comfortable as mentioned above.

                      And a mini fridge is definitely going to give you that comfortability. 

                      Instead of getting up and going to your main fridge, your cool drinks and snacks could be an arm reach away.

                      We’ve gone with this epic mini fridge…

                      So this Mini fridge isn’t huge, because… it’s a ‘mini’ fridge. But it’s not tiny either. 

                      You can fit plenty of drinks and snack at the front of the fridge and there’s room for drinks on the side. It’s compact but the design is so good you can still store a lot in here. 

                      You can fit this besides your desk or maybe in a cabinet.

                      If you are going to be placing this in a cabinet or a tight spot, you’ll be pleased to know the door opens either from the left or right side. 

                      Making it much easier to access.

                      You also get a freezer section at the top. So you can go ahead and store some ice cream and ice pops.

                      According to the manufacturers, this fridge will on average use $26 worth of electricity per year. 

                      That’s a very low energy consumption rate.

                      So if you’re looking to take your League of Legends gaming experience to the next level, we’d highly recommend a mini fridge. 

                      You’d be sorry you didn’t buy one sooner.

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                      10. Lap tray

                      sofia sam lap tray

                      Do you intend on playing League on your laptop? Then we’d recommend a Lap tray.

                      This has plenty of space for your laptop. However, if the laptop is above 18 inches, it’s going to affect how much mouse space you have. 

                      If your laptop is 18 inches then there’s plenty of room to maneuver your mouse.

                      You use this on the couch or lay in bed for a League gaming session. 

                      The top is adjustable so you can lean back and see the screen just fine. If you’re afraid of your laptop falling, don’t worry, there’s a piece to prevent that.

                      There’s an integrated draw for you to store some of your items. You also get a tablet/phone slot to make things easier for you.

                      When you’re done gaming, you can easily fold the legs and put this to aside.

                      Overall, this is a solid lap tray that will allow you to play League on your couch or in bed comfortably.

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                      What to look for in gaming accessories…


                      Does the accessory actually work and is it good enough? 

                      There’s no point buying a gaming accessory on looks alone (unless you’ve got the money to spend). There should be some functionality to it in the least.

                      That keyboard you just purchased, sure it has some nice LEDs but did it improve your gaming performance? 

                      If not, that’s a lot of money you just spent and it may have not improved your performance.

                      Make sure to read the reviews and see what users are saying.


                      Is that gaming mouse giving you hand cramps? 

                      Sure, it may be doing a great job for a little while but what about after a few hours?

                      Sure, we play LOL for the competition but we also play it in our leisure time because we want to relax. 

                      And an uncomfortable accessory or setup defeats the purpose of that.

                      So again, make sure to read around and see what users have been saying before buying.


                      I don’t know about you but I like to get the most for my money and I’m guessing you do too.

                      That’s why price is important when it comes to shopping for League accessories. 

                      Now, this doesn’t mean get the cheapest thing you can find. That can backfire, it could break on you after just a few uses.

                      So it’s better for you to spend a little bit extra for something that will last many years to come. 

                      If you don’t have enough money for an accessory, we’d recommend saving it and shopping another time.

                      It’s also important to keep in mind the type of accessory. For example, you can’t get a monitor for the same price of gaming glasses. 

                      They’re totally different. So don’t expect to get the same price on one accessory as the other. 


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